Freshman Year

unknown date

According to Selma's brother Roger, Budd becomes more clingy after his accident. According to Selma, Budd has something to prove after his accident and he begins to have sex with as many women as possible. (3.08 "Lord of the Pi's")

unknown date

Mindy tells Cyrus that she's attending Junior League meetings, when in actuality she is meeting Hank Landry at the Neptune Grand.

Landry is stoned during his trysts with Mindy.
(3.09 "Spit & Eggs")

Professor Landry uses the alias Rory Finch to check into Neptune Grand a few times for one-night stays. (3.06 "Hi, Infidelity")

unknown date

Mindy and Hank are tired of all the sneaking around, and Hank suggests they spend a week at Papa's Cabin, a hideaway in Cabo San Lucas that Ernest Hemingway visited. (3.15 "Papa's Cabin")

Summer 2006

After helping Kendall flee the country, Keith shows up to New York three days after Veronica leaves for their vacation.

Dick crashed with his dad in the Caymans.

Betina Casablancas remarried to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's business manager. (3.01 "Welcome Wagon")

Late Summer/Early Fall 2006

GQ has a cologne sample in the back-to-school issue.
(3.07 "Of Vice and Men")

Late Summer/Early Fall 2006

Veronica, Wallace, Mac, Logan, and Dick start attending Hearst College. Veronica, Logan, and Dick are commuters, whereas Wallace and Mac live in the dorm and have roommates, Piz and Parker respectively. Parker has hooked up with a different guy each night since orientation.

There is a Take Back the Night rally one day in the first week of the semester at 4pm. Mac attends, and Veronica stops by as well. Dick gets on stage during the rally and makes a fool of himself.

Keith helps Cormac Fitzpatrick get in touch with Kendall again.

Cormac Fitzpatrick apparently shoots Kendall according to several shots witnessed by Keith and tries to kill Keith in a double-crossing move to get Kendall's money.

Dick moves in with Logan.

Parker wakes up one morning to find her hair shaven off. (3.01 "Welcome Wagon")

The Fitzpatrick hire Vinnie because they think Keith knows where Kendall hid their money. (3.07 "Of Vice and Men")

Mr. Chase hires Vinnie because he thinks his wife Harmony is being unfaithful.
(3.07 "Of Vice and Men")

September 30, 2006

Parker is raped.

Mercer hosts a call-in radio show.
(3.07 "Of Vice and Men")

Late Summer/Early Fall 2006

The last thing Parker remembers before getting raped was being at the Zeta Theta Beta rush party. She doesn't remember how she got to her room. It is later learned Moe, Wallace and Piz's RA, brought her to the room. Another girl, who was sober, helped.

Parker was raped around 11:45 p.m., give or take a couple of minutes. When Veronica entered the room around 11:45, she heard sexual noises and a buzzing sound that she thought was a vibrator, but was in actuality a hair trimmer. Parker woke up the next morning with no clothes on.

Wallace and Logan participate in an experiment for their sociology class.

Veronica attends the Zeta Theta Beta fall rush social in an attempt to get to know more about the behind the scenes ongoings of the sorority. She makes such an impression that she is invited to a party that night at 10pm. At the party, which is also attended by Zeta Theta Beta's brother fraternity, the Pi Sigs, she pretends to be drunk and is eventually asked to leave. Chip Diller is in attendance at the party. Veronica eventually does find out what's in the secret room at the Zeta Theta Betas: marijuana. Karen, the den mother, is growing it to help with her chemotherapy.

Liam Fitzpatrick kills his brother Cormac his brother Cormac when he fails to receive what he feels is his cut of Kendall's money. (3.02 "My Big Fat Greek Rush Week")

Timothy Foyle keeps a press clipping board about the rapes at Hearst.
(3.06 "Hi, Infidelity")

September 14, 2006

Lilith House protests the serial rapes at the football game.
(3.03 "Wichita Linebacker")

September 18, 2006

Hearst Free Press reports on the Lilith House protest. (3.03 "Wichita Linebacker")

Mid-September 2006

Veronica is called in to see Dean Cyrus O'Dell. He asks her to give up her source on who gave her the information that the Theta Beta den mother was given the seeds to grow pot by a Hearst staff member and who the staffer was.

Veronica won't give up her source. Either she tells him or he'll have her expelled from Hearst College. She doesn't give it to him and he gives her a week to change her mind.

Weevil loses it at his job at the car wash and thus becomes unemployed. Veronica gets her father to hire Weevil to do some work for him. After successfully solving a case for Keith, Keith places Weevil on a case to check on the daughter-in-law and grandson of a couple. The couple thinks the daughter-in-law is abusing the grandson. It turns out there is abuse, but Weevil loses it and the couple loses their chance of getting custody of the grandson. Veronica then gets him a job working as a full-time janitor at Hearst.

Logan is hiding things from Veronica and it's eventually revealed he is participating in some illegal gambling. However, Veronica eventually works through her issues with this.

Claire, "the blonde in the middle" in a satirical piece put out by a group on campus, is raped. Claire is a member of Lilith House. (3.03 "Wichita Linebacker")

after mid-September 2006

Eli spends his lunch break napping in his car. (3.19 "Weevils Wobble But They Don't Go Down")

Fall 2006

The night of Parker's rape, Dick shows up at Logan's saying he's all screwed up. When Veronica asks Dick about it, he brushes it off.

Claire was raped the night of the Pi Sig fraternity's Haunted House. The last thing she remembers is buying a drink outside the frat house. Hsaing "Charleston" Chu was serving drinks that night.

After tips reached $500, Charleston brought the money up to Chip's room because he's in charge of the money. The room was locked and he heard noises so he started knocking. Eventually Chip whips the door open all pissed off and out of breath. Chip was buck naked and sweaty like he was in the middle of having sex. He was having sex with Charlotte, but she won't admit to it because she is dating Charleston.

The feminist organization dressed up as rats and puts traps on all of their gropable parts when they went to the Pi Sig Haunted House. It takes all of three seconds before Dick gets caught in one of Nancy's traps. Later, Nancy thinks she saw Claire on the street outside of a convenience store the night of Claire's rape. Veronica checks with the store owner and he confirms Claire was there. She was so drunk she could barely stand and came in with a guy. The guy gets all mad because he can't use a credit card unless he spends fifteen dollars so the owner sends the guy to the ATM next door. They come back later and the guy buys the condoms. At 2am, an ATM shot was taken and Claire is still with hair. The guy she's with is not one of the Pi Sigs. At 5am, she wakes up alone with her head shaved. (3.04 "Charlie Don't Surf")

Mid-October 2006 (3.04 "Charlie Don't Surf")

Mac's great aunt passes away.

Harmony Chase asks Keith to see if her husband is cheating on her. A woman her husband is working for makes a pass at him but he can't go through with it.

Logan asks Veronica to find out where money from his trust fund is going. Thanks to Keith's accountant, she finds out that $10,000 each month is going to Aaron's Kidz. Aaron's Kidz is still in business and Avi Kaufman, Aaron Echolls' business manager, is the chairman. Veronica thinks Kaufman's embezzling the funds, but eventually figures out that the money is going to one man: Charlie Stone. Charlie is Logan's older half brother and a teacher at Calvert Academy in San Juan Capistrano.

The Pi Sigs are absolved of the rapes. (3.04 "Charlie Don't Surf")

October 17, 2006

Hearst Free Press releases an issue with the front page story about how the Pi Sig frat being a common thread in the campus rapes.

Dick, on behalf of the Pi Sigs, asks Veronica to investigate the Hearst rapings to clear the frat's name because a hearing is being scheduled to kick them off campus.

The feminist organization has a rally outside of the Pi Sig frat house, chanting "Women's safety first. No more rapes at Hearst."

Veronica notices bruises on Dick's hands and eventually finds out the feminist organization, who dressed up as rats and put traps on all their gropable parts, was behind it. (3.04 "Charlie Don't Surf")

Late October 2006 (3.05 "President Evil")

Veronica asks Claire if she knew the guy in the ATM photo with her. Claire denies knowing the guy and says she can't read the logo on his shirt. Veronica scans the pic and sharpens the image. She finds the logo is for a Camp Waterloo. Planet Zowie gives her a link to, the website for a summer camp in West Virginia. She follows the link and speaks with someone on the phone about organizing a camp reunion in an attempt to discover the identity of the suspect. After a few days she gets an email from Camp Waterloo, and learns one Asian male former camper, Wang Yi, lives in southern California. She visits his house and while he is not home, she talks with his roommate. The roommate calls Claire Wang's girlfriend.

Veronica gives an oral presentation in her intro to criminology course. Weevil is an audiovisual aid and tells one of Veronica's classmates that he misses the criminal life.

Wallace fails a retest for his mechanical engineering course, and a friend suggests he visit a "tutor." The "tutor" tells Wallace it's $100 for the exam and another $100 for the answers. At first Wallace takes just the exam, but he returns to take the answers as well. Wallace gets busted by the professor.

Veronica attends a Halloween party at the Benetian for Logan, but the party is held up by masked robbers, who steal the necklace Lilly gave to Veronica. Later, Veronica accuses Weevil of taking it. Lamb arrests Weevil because a pizza delivered to his place was paid for with one of the stolen credit cards. The pizza was an internet order and was made from one of the internet hubs on campus. A coworker of Weevil's finds the masks and guns behind Bennis Hall; they were props. Veronica takes a trip to the theater department and finds they don't do guns, but they tell her to check with the film department. At the short film festival she discovers that one of the films, The Italian Submarine, features a hold up and the robbers wear the same masks as those used in the casino caper. Apparently the film department had all of their props stolen about a week ago. Everything was recovered by the campus rent-a-cops except the guns and the masks. Veronica eventually figures out that it was the rent-a-cops that held up the casino. She snatc6er necklace back from the bratty daughter of one of the perps.

Keith takes on a case to track down the ex-husband of Dean Cyrus O'Dell's wife because her son is dying of cancer and the ex-husband can save him via a bone marrow transplant. He finds the ex-husband after impersonating a member of the L.A. police department. Keith gets busted for this after the ex-husband goes missing. Dean O'Dell tells Keith that his wife kidnapped the ex-husband to Mexico, but it's all a ruse to throw Keith off the scent. Instead, she is at the Sisters of Mercy hospital in San Diego, arranging for her son to receive the transplant. (3.05 "President Evil")

Before November 2006

Theta Betas hold a car wash and raise enough money for another round of chemo for Karen, their cancer-stricken den mother.

Someone takes photos as Hallie seduces Selma. (3.08 "Lord of the Pi's")

November 3, 2006

Veronica turns in a paper for her criminology class. (3.06 "Hi, Infidelity")

After November 3, 2006

Professor Landry, AKA Rory Finch, and Mindy O'Dell check into the Neptune Grand for a one-night stay. (3.06 "Hi, Infidelity")

November 2006 (3.06 "Hi, Infidelity")

Weevil attends his cousin's wedding.

Timothy Foyle sets up an elaborate frame-Veronica-for-plagiarizing ruse in order to show Veronica who Professor Laundry really is. Foyle submits her criminology paper using the email to a website that offers term paper in hopes that she would discover her would-be-faculty-advisor Professor Laundry, AKA Rory Finch, is having an affair with Mindy O'Dell.

Dean O'Dell expels Claire for lying about being raped, and then he fires Nish as editor of The Free Press because she does not run a story about Claire's fabricated rape. Nish warns Dean O'Dell and Veronica that they will regret this.

Timothy Foyle tells Veronica that there has been no DNA evidence, no semen, and no hair in the rape cases.

Parker remembers that on the night of her rape, someone used the same cologne that Mercer wears. Veronica finds a a bottle of cologne and hair clippers in Mercer's room. Lamb tells Veronica that two vials of GHB, the drug used on two of the victims, were found in the cash box stolen from Mercer's gaming room. Lamb arrests Mercer for the rapes. Logan tells Veronica Mercer is innocent because he was with Mercer during the night of the summer rape, but he doesn't tell Veronica where they were. (3.06 "Hi, Infidelity")

November 2006

Pi Sigma Sigma fraternity kicks off its SexQuest '06.

Brant throws a teacup at the wall when Budd asks him to help with his tenth-year-anniversary party.

Veronica tells Keith about being drugged but doesn't tell him the attacker shaved off a chunk of her hair. (3.08 "Lord of the Pi's")

November 2006 (3.07 "Of Vice and Men")

Mercer tells Veronica that he thinks Chip Diller or Dean O'Dell planted the GHB in the cashbox to set him up for the rapes. They want to get rid of him because of their gambling debts. Veronica helps exonerate Mercer by discovering that he was doing his call-in radio show during the 2nd and 4th rape and was in Tijuana during the 3rd rape.

Landry gives Veronica an application for a summer internship at the FBI and tells her that his pal from college can make sure her application ends up in the small pile. Veronica's accuses Landry of offering her the internship so that she would keep quiet about his affair with Mindy O'Dell. He denies the accusation and says he offered it to her because she is by far his strongest student.

Vinnie shows Keith surveillance photos of Keith and Harmony in her hotel room. Vinnie tells Keith he won't tell his client Mr. Chase that about Harmony's infidelity if Keith pays him $4,000.

Liam puts Veronica in a bear hug and menacingly rocks her around because he is angry that Keith helped Kendall check out of Neptune with millions in his cash.

Someone drugs Veronica's drink. She staggers into the parking lot, sees someone who she suspects is the rapists watching her, and activates her car alarm just as she passes out. Logan sees the alarm going off and heads towards Veronica's van. Someone with a latex glove deactivates the car alarm. Logan finds a passed-out Veronica, who has a chunk of her hair shaved off. (3.07 "Of Vice and Men")

Moe drugs Veronica and shaves her head in order to provide Mercer an alibi during one of the "attacks."
(3.09 "Spit & Eggs")

November 16, 2006

Selma disappears during a Board of Trustees reception after Hallie calls and tells her that she seduced her so that Budd could blackmail Selma into postponing the divorce until after their 10th anniversary so that he can get a more lucrative divorce settlement.

Someone shaves Chip Diller's head, shoves a plastic egg with Scrabble tiles that spell out the Roman numeral CXI CMIII up his butt, and leaves him on the Hearst quad wearing nothing but his underwear. (3.08 "Lord of the Pi's")

November 17, 2006

Two students find a passed-out Chip on the Hearst quad.

After Selma's disappearance, Hearst-Mart stock skyrocketing on the assumption that Hearst-Mart will continuing selling Asian-made products. (3.08 "Lord of the Pi's")

unknown date

Cyrus O'Dell writes an additional letter of recommendation for Veronica's application to the FBI internship. (3.13 "Postgame Mortem")

late November 2006

Veronica wonders if any of the rapes were real after Nish, Fern, and Claire tell her what happened between Patrice and Chip three years ago.

Keith and Veronica help Selma thwart Budd's blackmailing scheme. Selma, who has the swing vote on the Hearst board of trustees, votes to kick the Greeks off campus.

Veronica is angry that Logan hired a bodyguard to protect her after she refused to back off the rape case. (3.08 "Lord of the Pi's")

Before November 2006

Cyrus considers sending Gram to a teen discipline school.
(3.12 "There's Got To Be A Morning After Pill")

December 2006

Sheriff Lamb rules Cyrus O'Dell's death a suicide. (3.10 "Show Me the Monkey")

December 8, 2006

Two days before the Pi Sig party, December 2006

Logan realizes things aren't working and breaks up with Veronica now to avoid unbearable pain later.

Mindy takes Cyrus's Volvo, and he takes her minivan for the weekend because she is going to stay over night in Sacramento with her associate Wally to meet with the Helm's people. (3.09 "Spit & Eggs")

After the Greeks are kicked off campus, Mel visits Cyrus. He tells Cyrus being in a frat was his favorite part of attending Hearst, and reminds Cyrus that he has been very generous over the years. Dean O'Dell casts the tie-breaker vote to keep the Greek system because one of the board of trustees' votes was nullified. (3.09 "Spit & Eggs")

(Potential goof: In [309] Mel visits Cyrus two days before Pi Sig party. In 3.14 "Mars, Bars", Mel visits Cyrus on the day of the Pi Sig party.)

Cyrus asks Keith to investigate Mindy because she doesn't kiss him like she used to. Cyrus thinks she is having an affair with her associate, Wally Wernkey. (3.09 "Spit & Eggs")

December 9, 2006

One day before the Pi Sig party

The Pi Sigs throw a party to celebrate the vote. Someone places an ad in the newspaper. "I'll choose my next victim at the PI Sig party tomorrow night. You've been warned." The people at the newspaper think the change was made at the printers. (3.09 "Spit & Eggs")

Because the Dean voted to keep the Greeks, the ladies from Lillith house pelt O'Dell's car with eggs, call him a rapist and a traitor, and attack his car. (3.09 "Spit & Eggs")

Keith tells Cyrus that Wally is gay and that Mindy spent the night alone in her room. (3.09 "Spit & Eggs")

Veronica discovers that Tim has a photo of the 2006-2007 Pi Sigs posted on his board. Dick, Chip, and one other guy is circled. (3.09 "Spit & Eggs")

Veronica tells Keith that Mindy and Professor Landry are having an affair. (3.09 "Spit & Eggs")

December 10, 2006

(Potential goof: Dean thanks Cora for coming in on a Saturday in 3.09 "Spit & Eggs". December 10, 2006 actually was a Sunday.)

Saturday, Day of Pi Sig party

(Massive confusion: It is unclear if Keith telling Cyrus about Mindy and Hank, Mindy getting the pills, Mindy and Hank checking into the Grand, Cyrus being killed happened on December 10th/11th or December 9th/10th. It's unclear if the writers are being literal or figurative with the phrase "the night of December 10th." If they are being literal, that means the Dean was killed on December 10th 1:30 am, and all that other stuff happened on the 9th. If they are being figurative, that means the Dean was killed on December 11th 1:30 am, and all that other stuff happened on the 10th. Since the prescription was phoned in on December 10th, I'm assuming that that the other stuff happened on the 10th and the Dean was killed on the 11th.)

Keith tells Cyrus that Mindy and Landry are having an affair, and Hank checks into the Neptune Grand using the pseudonym Rory Finch. The check in dates coincide with the nights of Mindy's junior league meetings. (3.09 "Spit & Eggs")

Mel Stoltz's shows up at the Dean's office without an appointment. His visit seems to agitate Cyrus. (Potential goof: In 3.09 "Spit & Eggs", Mel visits Cyrus two days before Pi Sig party. In 3.14 "Mars, Bars", Mel visits Cyrus the day of the Pi Sig party.) (3.14 "Mars, Bars")

Cyrus is out of Xanax, and his assistant Cora calls in for the prescription refill. Because Cyrus is stuck at the college all day and the pharmacy closes at 7:00, he couldn't pick it up. Mindy picks it up instead. (3.14 "Mars, Bars")

Bob Reed from Pepperdine calls Hank because Tim put him as a reference on his job application. Hank tells Bob that Tim is a loyal, linear-thinking, no-imagination kiss-ass, and that Pepperdine can do better. (3.15 "Papa's Cabin")

7:30 pm

According to Hank, he checks into the Neptune Grand and watches the Clippers game in his room while awaiting Mindy. (3.14 "Mars, Bars")

8:15 pm

According to Hank, Mindy arrives at the hotel room. The rest of the evening is occupied by the usual business. (3.14 "Mars, Bars")

According to Mindy, she has the Volvo parked at the Neptune Grand all night. (3.09 "Spit & Eggs")

unknown time

Veronica, Wallace, Mac, and Piz uses coasters that can test for GHB and Rohypnol at the Pi Sig party to locate any potential rape victims. (3.09 "Spit & Eggs")

11:30 pm (time comes from a timeline posted in the writers' room)

Tim confronts Bonnie at the Pi Sig party about every knuckle-dragging frat boy she's given a free ride. He tells her for every guy that she's been with, he's been with someone else, and then he storms out of the party. (3.09 "Spit & Eggs")

just before midnight

A room service charge for crème brûlée is made to Mindy and Hank's room at the Grand. (3.13 "Postgame Mortem")

11:45 pm (time comes from a timeline posted in the writers' room)

Mindy is dressed and ready to leave, but Hank asks her not to go. Mindy tells Hank, "maybe someday we'll have sex and you won't be stoned." (3.09 "Spit & Eggs")

An inebriated Cyrus takes a gun out of his office desk, goes to the Neptune Grand, and walks into Landry and Mindy's room. (3.09 "Spit & Eggs")

According to Mindy, a furious Cyrus enters the hotel room holding a gun. He threatens to end Landry's career at Hearst and blackball him at every reputable college in the country. Landry's career means everything to him, so he freaks out over Cyrus's threat. Mindy leaves the hotel to talk Cyrus down and to plead for Hank. (3.15 "Papa's Cabin")

According to Hank, Cyrus not only threatens to end his career, he also threatens ruin Mindy. Cyrus tells her that they are done and she will get nothing because of their prenup. Mindy leaves the hotel to talk Cyrus to save herself. (3.15 "Papa's Cabin")

Jeff Ratner goes to deliver the crème brûlée, overhears a fight between two men and decides to come back later. When he returns later, a woman opens the door. (3.13 "Postgame Mortem")

December 11, 2006

12:00 am (time comes from a timeline posted in the writers' room)

Veronica discovers Carrie Kaiser was drugged. When Mercer's call-in show experiences playback difficulties, Veronica realizes the show is prerecorded and Mercer's alibi for the rapes is blown. (3.09 "Spit & Eggs")

12:30 am (time comes from a timeline posted in the writers' room)

Veronica enters Carrie's dorm room, switches places in the bed with her, and listens as Mercer arrives and brags about his intention of raping Carrie. Veronica stabs Mercer in the leg with a unicorn horn and runs out of the room. Moe finds Veronica and takes her to his room where he drugs her drink. A drugged Veronica sees a photo of Mercer and Moe from Dr. Kinny's prisoner experiment, finds hair in his closet, and overhears Moe and Mercer arguing about what to do with her. Veronica blows the rape whistle. Parkers hears the whistle and yells, "Rape!" when she sees Mercer in the hall. Other students come out of their rooms, and Mercer and Moe leave the scene. Parker finds Veronica in Moe's room. (3.09 "Spit & Eggs")

1:32 am

A call is made on Mindy's cell phone to Hank Landry's cell. (3.13 "Postgame Mortem")

According to Mindy, she calls Hank from the hotel lobby to find out what brand of toothpaste he prefers. He doesn't want to go downstairs himself because he knew one of his students works at the Grand. (3.13 "Postgame Mortem")

During a phone call, Hank tells Mindy to come back to the hotel room because Cyrus isn't in control of himself and he has a gun. She tells him that she has to go and she won't let Cyrus take everything. Hank promises that he will take care of this and tells Mindy not to worry. (3.15 "Papa's Cabin")

1:51 am

According to valet records, someone takes out the O'Dell Volvo from the Neptune Grand. (3.13 "Postgame Mortem")

(Potential goof: In 3.15 "Papa's Cabin" Keith says, "But at 1:30, your car is checked out of valet.")

2:02 am

Mindy and Hank's room has a charge for a movie, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. (3.13 "Postgame Mortem")

unknown time

According to Mindy, she goes to their house, but Cyrus isn't there, so she goes to his office. (3.15 "Papa's Cabin")

(In 3.14 "Mars, Bars", Veronica discovers that channel 9 pushes their programming back an hour for Clippers game, which means the 2:20-2:30am time frame from 3.12 "There's Got To Be A Morning After Pill" is inaccurate.)

around 2:20 am

After leaving the Pi Sig party, a drunken Anthony Martin hears a gunshot while walking past the administration office on his way to his dorm. (Veronica assumes it took Anthony ten minutes to walk from the administration building to the dorm.) (3.12 "There's Got To Be A Morning After Pill")

around 2:30 am

Anthony watches an episode of Space Ghost after he returns to his room. (3.12 "There's Got To Be A Morning After Pill")

unknown time

Fern, Claire, and Nish from the Lilith House do an egg raid on the Hearst Lampoon, the Pi Sigs, and one of the campus statues. (3.11 "Poughkeepsie, Tramps and Thieves")

2 am (time comes from a timeline posted in the writers' room)

Fern and Claire, egg the dean's office window, but Nish isn't present when that happens. She was egging the dean's Volvo. (3.11 "Poughkeepsie, Tramps and Thieves")

Cyrus is asleep in his office and is awaken when someone starts throwing eggs at his office window. Someone enters, and O'Dell says, "What are you doing here?" (3.09 "Spit & Eggs")

According to Mindy, she enters Cyrus's office, and he asks "What are you doing here?" She asks him to be merciful. She gives him the bottle of Xanax to calm him down, and he takes three pills. She is there for five minutes: he yells, she leaves. (3.15 "Papa's Cabin")

Between 1:51 am - 2:59 am

A phone call is made between Mindy's cell phone and Landry's between the time the Volvo was checked out of valet and checked back in an hour later. According to Mindy, Hank calls her to see how things went, and Cyrus wasn't in a good mood because his windows were just egged. (3.15 "Papa's Cabin")

(Potential goof: Keith only questions Mindy about one phone call to Landry; he doesn't mention a second phone call. However, in 3.13 "Postgame Mortem" Keith says the call was made at 1:32 am, and in 3.15 "Papa's Cabin" Keith says a call was made after Mindy left the hotel. Since Mindy hadn't yet talked to Cyrus in the phone call that Tim and Veronica listened to and she knew that Cyrus's windows had been egged when she talks to Hank, this means either there was a second call, Mindy lied, or the writers screwed up the timeline...again.)

unknown time

According to Hank, he leaves the hotel and drives home alone.
(3.15 "Papa's Cabin")

2:59 am

According to valet records, the O'Dell Volvo is returned to the Neptune Grand. (3.13 "Postgame Mortem")

According to Mindy, when she returns to the hotel, Landry isn't there. (3.15 "Papa's Cabin")

around 3 am

According to Hank, he stops at a convenience store for cigarettes. He didn't charge them so, there isn't a credit card receipt. He gives a couple of cigarettes to a brunette women in her late 30s-early 40s in the parking lot. (3.15 "Papa's Cabin")

Strip City, a strip joint across the street from the convenience store, has a shift change at 3 am. (3.15 "Papa's Cabin")

Tim listens to the bug in Landry's phone, and he realizes that Landry Hank shot down his job opportunity, O'Dell caught Hank and Mindy at the Neptune Grand and threatened then, and O'Dell was drugged on Xanax. (3.15 "Papa's Cabin")

around 2:20 am

After leaving the Pi Sig party, a drunken Anthony Martin hears a gunshot while walking past the administration office on his way to his dorm. (Veronica assumes it took Anthony ten minutes to walk from the administration building to the dorm.) (3.12 "There's Got To Be A Morning After Pill")

Tim murders O'Dell and frames Landry to destroy Landry.
(3.15 "Papa's Cabin")

around 2:30 am

Anthony watches an episode of Space Ghost after he returns to his room. (3.12 "There's Got To Be A Morning After Pill")

7 am

Weevil walks into the Dean's office and finds Cyrus's body slumped over his desk with a bullet wound in the temple. (3.09 "Spit & Eggs")

At first, Weevil thinks the dean is just sleeping, but then he finds blood and a memo on the computer screen: Goodbye, cruel worldzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (3.10 "Show Me the Monkey")

Anthony reads about O'Dell's "suicide" in the paper and realizes the noise he heard was O'Dell's gunshot. He does not report the shot to the cops because he does not need another alcohol infraction on his record. (3.12 "There's Got To Be A Morning After Pill")

December 2006

Keith tracks down Moe and Mercer. Veronica tells Wallace, Mac, and Piz that Moe dosed the victims and gave Mercer the master keys to get into their rooms. Logan smashes a police car with a baseball bat with the intention of being placed in a jail cell with Mercer and Moe. (3.09 "Spit & Eggs")

unknown date

Anthony tells a bunch of people about hearing the gunshot. (3.12 "There's Got To Be A Morning After Pill")

unknown date

Tim questions Anthony about the night O'Dell died. Anthony never met Tim before, so he assumes Tim heard about it through the grapevine. Anthony tells Tim he didn't see anything, and he had no idea what time he heard the gunshot. (3.12 "There's Got To Be A Morning After Pill")

December 2006

Sheriff Lamb rules Cyrus O'Dell's death a suicide. (3.10 "Show Me the Monkey")

December 2006

Madison Sinclair and Logan hooked up in Aspen over the holidays. (3.13 "Postgame Mortem")

Mid-January 2007 (3.10 "Show Me the Monkey")

Mindy O'Dell asks Keith to look into her husband's death because she believes it wasn't a suicide. Keith is skeptical, but eventually agrees to take on the case after he finds an unopened bottle of scotch in the dean's office.

Veronica tells her dad that in her "Plan a Perfect Murder" paper for Landry, she had the killer write a cliched note on a computer screen so it wouldn't be studied and the handwriting couldn't be traced. The example was "Goodbye, cruel world."

Keith meets with Hank Landry in a bar, trying to get him to admit to killing the dean because he wants the dean's wife. Landry doesn't take the bait. (3.10 "Show Me the Monkey")

Late January 2007

Keith puts in a request for the sheriff's report on the dean's "suicide," and a week later he gets the information he requested. The report says the dean's minivan was in the parking lot. There's no mention of the dean's Volvo, which Mindy was driving that night. Mindy never mentioned anything to Keith that would explain why the Volvo was at Hearst. (3.11 "Poughkeepsie, Tramps and Thieves")

Late January/Early February 2007 (3.12 "There's Got To Be A Morning After Pill")

Mindy stops the payments to Steve Batando and the payments on the Porsche because of financial difficulties. As a result, the Porsche is repossessed.

Keith questions Mindy and discovers that she and Cyrus had traded cars the weekend he was shot. Mindy hears someone wandering around her house and she asks Keith to come over because he is only 10 blocks away. Keith catches Steve in the O'Dell house. Since Mindy stopped the payments and the Porsche was repossessed, Steve says he broke into the house to take what he is owed. Keith finds a small piece of eggshell stuck on the Volvo wind shield wiper. (3.12 "There's Got To Be A Morning After Pill")

February 2007

Max stops going to class because business has been booming. (3.18 "I Know What You'll Do Next Summer")


Keith is cited six times for infractions ranging from impersonating a police officer to withholding evidence. (3.19 "Weevils Wobble But They Don't Go Down")

week of February 14, 2007 (3.14 "Mars, Bars")

Lamb investigates further into the O'Dell death when Keith brings him more information. Keith tells Lamb that Cyrus had run out of Xanax on December 10th, and Mindy picked up the prescription. Lamb confiscates the stuff in the Dean's office to dust for prints and brings Mindy in for questioning.

Mindy tells Lamb that she did not leave the hotel room that night and she doesn't remember the movie that was playing because she fell asleep. When asked about the possibility of pills missing from the December 10th refill, Mindy says she took some of the pills because Cyrus's death left her with a certain amount of anxiety.

Veronica realizes channel 9 pushes their programming back an hour for Clippers game, which means the ear witness saw Space Ghost at 3:30, not 2:30 and the shot occurred at 3:20. Mindy's car was returned to the hotel at 2:59, which means Mindy was at the hotel when Cyrus was killed.

Forensics find Batando's prints on the keyboard from the Dean's office. When Lamb tells Batando that his fingerprints are on the keyboard, Steve says that Mindy is setting him up. Later, Lamb investigates a break-and-enter at the O'Dell home and is killed by Steve Batando. Keith resumes as sheriff.

In the basement of Hearst College, Weevil finds a bag in the flue. Inside the bag, there is a shirt with blood and a pair of blood-stained gloves. Sheriff Mars brings Mindy in for questioning, shows her photos of Hank's bloody shirt, and tells her, "Either you're covering for him, or he's covering for you."

Mid February 2007

Mindy tells Keith that she hired him to investigate Cyrus's death because she knew Cyrus didn't kill himself. Until Keith showed her Hank's bloody clothes, she did not believe that Hank killed Cyrus. Based on Mindy's statement that Landry was panicked about losing his career and that he wasn't at the hotel room when she returned, Keith arrests Landry. When Keith questions Landry about the gloves and shirt covered in O'Dell's blood, Landry accuses Mindy of setting him up. Landry tells Keith he stopped at a convenience store for cigarettes and he gave a couple of cigarettes to a brunette female at the time of O'Dell's murder.

Hank asks Tim to find out who bugged his phone and to find the convenience-store brunette. Since Veronica is good in the field while he is just a thinker, Tim asks Veronica to help him clear Landry. Veronica finds "the brunette." "The brunette" tells Sheriff Mars that she bummed a cigarette from Landry around 3:30 am. Hank is released, and Veronica and Tim tell him that Mindy skipped town after getting the insurance money. Veronica and Tim break into Batando's place and find recordings of Hank's phone calls. Veronica and Tim find out that "the brunette's" son knew Hank from the juvie board. "The brunette" recants her statement and tells Sheriff Mars that "Hank" called her and threatened to take her son off probation unless she backs up Landry's convenience store alibi. Veronica hands over the recordings to Keith and tells him that she thinks Mindy did it. Keith tells her that Landry disappeared.

Mindy gets a check from Regency Life Insurance. She buys a boat, sends her kids to her parents in England, and skips town. Hank tracks Mindy down to Papa's Cabin in Cabo San Lucas and sneaks onto her boat. Keith and the Mexican police find Landry on the boat. He tells Keith that Mindy killed Cyrus and he planted Batando's keyboard to cover for her. He tells Keith that he just wanted to talk to Mindy to find out how she could turn on him, but they fought, he hit her, and she fell overboard. Mindy body's washes ashore and Landry is charged with manslaughter.

Tim takes over Hank's classes while the college finds a replacement. As Tim is explaining to the class how Landry killed O'Dell, Veronica finds a bug in her phone and realizes that Tim murdered Dean to destroy Landry. Tim set up the false confession of "the brunette" to taint Hank's alibi to make sure Hank went down. Tim is arrested and confesses to murdering the Dean. (3.15 "Papa's Cabin")

unknown date

Big Dick Casablancas turns himself in. (3.18 "I Know What You'll Do Next Summer")

April 2007

Jake Kane buys a house in Pemberton Estates. (3.20 "The Bitch Is Back")

May 2007

Mars Investigations has been shut down for a while.

Logan hosts a birthday party for Parker at the grand and invites Veronica. Veronica and Piz kiss at the party. Mac and Max enjoy each other's company, finding common interests. Dick invites two girls from myspace to the party, but ends up being shot down by both of them.

Keith investigates underage drinking in Neptune after a 19-year-old walks out of a bar, gets hit by a car, and may never walk again. He finds some of his deputies corrupt and fires them. (3.16 "Un-American Graffiti")

May 2007

Keith hires Leo as deputy after Leo's tip helps him nab Danny Boyd stealing guns from the Sports House. Because of the publicity Vinnie received from helping nap the Sports House thieves, Vinnie decides to run for sheriff.
(3.17 "Debasement Tapes")

May 2007 (3.18 "I Know What You'll Do Next Summer")

There have been seven house burglaries in the last 13 days. Keith does some investigating and believes the Fitzpatricks and Vinnie Van Lowe are behind it to ensure Keith won't win election.

The sheriff election is in two weeks.

Veronica takes her PI exam and scores a 95. (3.18 "I Know What You'll Do Next Summer")

Wednesday, May 2007 (3.19 "Weevils Wobble But They Don't Go Down")

Eli injures his knee while moving a busted washing machine across campus. (3.19 "Weevils Wobble But They Don't Go Down")

May 2007

The Castle plants a hidden camera in Wallace's room.

Gorya Sorokin emails the "Emission to Mars" video of Veronica and Piz to Domonick Desante, Domonick emails it to Chip Diller, Chip emails it to Dick, and Dick emails it to his entire address book.
(3.20 "The Bitch Is Back")

May 2007 (3.19 "Weevils Wobble But They Don't Go Down")

Unbeknownst to Veronica and Piz, a hidden camera records them while they are making out in Piz's room. Logan beats up Piz after Dick shows him the video of Piz and Veronica.

A guy who has been following Wallace around campus, invites him to join The Castle.

Weevil is arrested after two students identify him as the person who sold them fake Hearst IDs. Veronica clears Weevil by discovering that the two accusers and their friends are behind the fake IDs.

May 2007 (3.20 "The Bitch Is Back")

A few days before the election, Keith is leading in the polls.

The sex tape makes Veronica infamous at Hearst. Wallace tells Veronica that he thinks the hidden camera that caught her and Piz was planted by The Castle to keep track of him. Veronica follows a Castle pledge to a house, and discovers the house is owned by Jake Kane. Veronica breaks into Jake's house and steals his hard drive. With Mac's help, Veronica recovers 20 years of transcriptions, 30 years of audio, and 30 years of video concerning the Castle members from Jake's hard drive.

Sheriff Mars investigates the stolen hard drive and discovers a thread in the doggie door and a neighbor whose security cameras/DVR recorded a blonde girl climbing over the gate. When Veronica refuses to answer Keith's questions about the theft, Keith erases the DVR before handing it over to the county prosecutor.

Veronica gives Nish the list of every member of the Castle.

The day of the election, the prosecutor files charges against Keith for the missing evidence. (3.20 "The Bitch Is Back")

August 2007

Big Dick will be incarcerated. He will spend one year in the big house. (3.18 "I Know What You'll Do Next Summer")

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