Senior Year

unknown date

Cervando hustles Liam Fitzpatrick out of $3,000 at the River Stix and then brags about it.
(2.04 "Green-Eyed Monster")

unknown date

Cervando Luna was sent to Clemmons' office during summer school as a reprimand for shoving Cassidy Casablancas up against a wall.

Veronica meets Lucky following a makeout session with Logan in a car in Neptune High's parking lot. Lucky comes across them. Dick is present as well. (2.18 "I Am God")

unknown date

The Fitzpatricks start violence to get their money from the PCHers' drug trade. (2.19 "Nevermind the Buttocks")

unknown date

Dean O'Dell has a student aide place bets on boxing matches with Mercer.

Dean O'Dell and Chip Diller rack up gambling debts with Mercer.
(3.07 "Of Vice and Men")

unknown date

Ed Doyle has a history of mental illness and marital problems. There was a previous attempt at suicide. He is prescribed antidepressants, but he never fills the prescription. (2.02 "Driver Ed")

Ed writes this note on his computer: "I'm sorry to leave you this way, but I truly believe in my heart that it's for the best. I can't go on like this. I can't stay just for the kids, even though they mean more to me than anything. This isn't good for them." (2.02 "Driver Ed")

unknown date

According to Terrence, he has a final fling with Miss Dumass before his wedding.
(2.13 "Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough")

The fling then becomes a Fatal Attraction. Miss Dumass gets the teaching job in Neptune and moves there. She tells Terrence about her relocation and threatens to tell his fiancée about the fling. (2.13 "Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough")

Terrence's fiancée cancels the wedding after Miss Dumass tells her about the fling. (2.13 "Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough")

unknown date

Leslie tells Terrence she is writing a tell-all story about the gambling, the debt, and thrown playoff game.
(2.20 "Look Who's Stalking")

Two Fitzpatrick goons break into Terrence's place to collect some money while Leslie is there. She overhears them talking about the thrown playoff game, and she threatens to sell that story to a magazine if Terrence ever leaves her. (Note: It's unclear if this break-in occurred before or after Leslie moves to Neptune and talks to Terrence's fiancée.) (2.13 "Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough")

unknown date

Three days after marrying Kendall Casablancas, Richard Casablancas takes out a life insurance policy on Dick and Beaver. They are worth more dead than alive. (2.18 "I Am God")

unknown date

The beneficiary if both Dick and Cassidy Casablancas died at the same time, according to the life insurance policy Richard Casablancas took out three days after his most recent marriage, is Kendall Casablancas. The payout is over eight figures. (2.19 "Nevermind the Buttocks")

unknown date

Kendall Casablancas gets a secret house. (2.19 "Nevermind the Buttocks")

unknown date

Jeff Rattner gets a job working at the Neptune Grand.
(3.06 "Hi, Infidelity")

Fall 2005

Veronica starts her senior year. (2.01 "Normal Is the Watchword")

unknown date

A group of female Hearst students tries to sue The Castle for admissions, but they cannot figure out exactly who to sue.
(3.20 "The Bitch Is Back")

Fall 2005

Weevil's Anarchist Cookbook is taken from him in a random locker search by Clemmons. In it, there is a recipe on how to make bombs in one's basement. (2.19 "Nevermind the Buttocks")

September 2005

GrrlLover joins the S.H.I.P. (2.14 "Versatile Toppings")

September 13, 2005

Logan Echolls received three calls from Kendall Casablancas on the day of the bus crash.

Logan was not with Kendall at the time of the crash. She had kicked him out earlier.

Weevil was travelling behind the bus to look out for Cervando, who was being sought after by the Fitzpatricks. (2.19 "Nevermind the Buttocks")

September 13, 2005

Terrence Cook meets a group of kids out at the park. He talks with Woody Goodman and signs some stuff.

around 5 pm

Terrence Cook leaves the ballpark.

Between 5 pm and 11 pm

Terrence calls his agent, his brother, his assistant, Hank Melton, and more. (2.14 "Versatile Toppings")


Some guy moons Gia Goodman from a green Barracuda on Pacific Coast Highway, passes the limo with the rich kids.

Gia is on the phone with her dad, Woody Goodman at the time of the mooning. He wants to make sure she can pick up her little brother Rodney from piano practice. (2.19 "Nevermind the Buttocks")

7:01 pm

A casino surveillance camera catches Terrence Cook leaving a private meeting with Leonard Lobo.

7:03 pm

The bus goes over the cliff.

Peter Ferrer, a.k.a. MIZZ P on S.H.I.P., is one of the kids on the bus.

7:06 pm

A casino surveillance camera catches Terrence Cook at one of the cards table.

around 11 pm

Terrence Cook turns on the TV and learns about the bus crash. (2.14 "Versatile Toppings")

Betina Marone is the last of the victims on the bus crash. She was Dick's "booty buddy." He was indifferent to her and all she wanted was for him to knock her up so she could shout it from the roof top.

Dick gives Betina his Shark memorabilia gift package and the ticket package that was raffled off. He didn't win these. Peter Ferrer did, but Peter tossed them in the trash and Dick picked them up.

Before leaving a message on Michelle's cell phone, Rhonda calls Michelle at home. All the kids are laughing on the bus. Dick Casablancas's voice is heard on this message. This is due to Betina playing a CD with Dick's messages on the bus's CD player. Veronica is now in possession of this CD.

According to a dream of Veronica's, the bomb only killed the bus driver Ed. All the others died because they drowned later. To take out the bus driver, he can be taken out at any point along the route. To kill the whole bus, the person had to be close enough to see exactly where they were. (2.18 "I Am God")

September 13, 2005

Lucky blows off work. He was in a padded cell at a VA hospital. (2.21 "Happy Go Lucky")

before September 14 or 21 2005

Terrence Cook and Miss Dumass are together at a restaurant. (Since we don't know when Terrence and Miss Dumass arrived in Neptune, it is unclear when this meeting occurred.)
(2.12 "Rashard & Wallace Go To White Castle")

Wednesday September 14 or 21, 2005

(In 2.02 "Driver Ed" Wallace reads a newspaper article about the crash that is dated Saturday, September 24, 2005. It's unclear if the events in Driver Ed occured right after the crash (September 21st to September 24th), which would put the bus crash on September 21. Or if Driver Ed takes place the following week, which would put the bus crash on September 14.)

Woody Goodman invites students from newspaper, yearbook, and broadcast news class to visit his baseball team's stadium. Baseball star Terrence Cook confronts Woody, the team owner, and says, "you did this to me." Dick orders a limo to pick them up from the stadium because of the strong stench on the bus.

(2.01 "Normal Is the Watchword")

Terrence goes to the stadium to talk to Woody about doing the color commentary for the Shark broadcast this year.

Terrence signs a bunch of baseballs and jerseys for the Neptune High students. (2.13 "Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough")

Dick orders a limo because the bus stinks like something had died. Beaver thinks this is the first good idea Dick has ever had. (2.12 "Rashard & Wallace Go To White Castle")

Woody tells Gia not to get on the bus, so she gets in the limo with the other 09ers. (2.12 "Rashard & Wallace Go To White Castle")

Meg decides to ride the bus, instead of the limo, to avoid Veronica and Duncan. Veronica decides to ride the bus so that she could talk to Meg. (2.01 "Normal Is the Watchword")

Meg tells Miss Dumass that everyone is aboard the bus, thereby leaving Veronica behind at the gas station. (2.01 "Normal Is the Watchword")

All the 09ers—except Meg—get off the bus. (2.02 "Driver Ed")

around 4 pm

Duane Andrews, a convenience store clerk, is the last known person to speak to Ed before the crash. Ed buys a Monster Glug and a bag of peanuts for $1.98, goes to leave, and stops. He comes back to the counter, buys a St. Christopher medal for $0.25, and then throws it away. (2.02 "Driver Ed")

4:05 pm

Ed uses the $0.75 change from the St. Christopher purchase to make a four-minute phone call to Carla Cotter, his mistress, who lives in the same apartment complex. He calls Carla to say that he'll see her later. (Potential goof: While in the sheriff's department interrogation room, Veronica inquires about phone calls made from 4:15 pm to 4:30 pm. Later she says the call was made at 4:05 pm.) (2.02 "Driver Ed")

4:20 pm

Veronica's theory/Beaver's flashback: While riding in the limo that is behind the bus, Beaver uses his cell phone to detonate the bomb on the bus.
(2.22 "Not Pictured")

Rhonda calls Michelle right before the accident. Michelle is painting her nails, so she lets the message go to voicemail.
-"Hey, about next weekend..."
-[loud noise] [screaming] [tire screech]
-"Oh, God."
-[loud noise] [phone static...] [loud noise] (2.05 "Blast from the Past")

The bus goes over the cliff. (In 2.02 "Driver Ed", Veronica says Ed called the Cotter apartment about 15 minutes before the accident.)

The bus plunges off the cliff. "It just went straight off the cliff. It didn't even slow down." "This is Neptune. Nothing happens accidentally."
(2.01 "Normal Is the Watchword")

Cervando Perez (PCHer who was on the honor roll), four other students, Miss Dumass (teacher), and Ed Doyle (bus driver) die in the bus crash. Meg is the only survivor.
(2.02 "Driver Ed")

Marcos Oliveres is one of the students killed in the crash. (2.08 "Ahoy, Mateys!")

There are no drag or skid marks at the scene. (2.02 "Driver Ed")

unknown date

None of the families of the bus crash victims made money on insurance. Just barely enough to cover the funerals.

Rhonda's family won a separate lawsuit with a $2 million payout. Woody Goodman paid it. Woody's Burgers paid Rhonda's family a secret $2 million when Mrs. Landers supposedly found a finger in her ribwich. (2.18 "I Am God")

Veronica's theory: Curly figures out that Beaver caused the bus crash.
(2.22 "Not Pictured")

Saturday September 24, 2005

Logan throws a "Life's Short" party at his house in memory of the those lower-middle-class students who died in the accident. Weevil and the PCHers crash the party. Lamb and half-dozen deputies break the party up.

Someone makes a two-minute-and-twenty-three-second call to Weevil's cell phone from the number 619-555-0162. The mystery caller tells him that the Fighting Fitzpatricks hired Curly to cause the accident in order to kill Cervando. Weevil does nothing because he doesn't believe the Fitzpatricks would kill a bus full of kids to get back at Cervando.
(2.04 "Green-Eyed Monster")

Veronica's theory: Beaver knows that Cervando bragged about hustling Liam Fitzpatrick. Because Curly suspects that Beaver is behind the crash, Beaver calls Weevil and tells him that Cervando was Curly's motive for causing the crash.
(2.22 "Not Pictured")

Before late September/November 2005

Curly works on Big Dick's Aston Martin. Big Dick usually takes Dick to the garage and leaves Beaver behind because cars are "man stuff." Beaver meets Curly.

Curly is the only mechanic at the garage who can fix Gia's Fiat. (2.12 "Rashard & Wallace Go To White Castle")

Late September 2005

Meg is in a coma, relying on a machine to breathe. (2.02 "Driver Ed")

Duncan goes to the hospital every day and sits outside Meg's room.
(2.04 "Green-Eyed Monster")

Parents question the district's commitment to provide new, well-maintained buses in a town where only poor kids take the bus. (2.02 "Driver Ed")

Sheriff Lamb announces at a press conference that they are investigating all possibilities, including whether the bus crash was a suicide attempt by Ed Doyle. Jessie, Ed's daughter, asks Veronica to prove that her dad didn't commit suicide. Lamb finds Ed's "I'm leaving you" note and concludes that was a suicide note. Veronica discovers that Ed was having an affair with Carla Cotter. Carla tells Jessie that Ed wasn't planning on killing himself; he planned on seeing her later that day. Even though Jessie confronts Lamb about the fact that her father was having an affair, he stands by his decision to close the case, and by the suicide ruling. (2.02 "Driver Ed")

Someone records Weevil beating Curly Moran. (2.12 "Rashard & Wallace Go To White Castle")

A diamond earring is left outside the Road Hog, a biker bar up the PCH. It's the last place David "Curly" Moran was seen. (2.03 "Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang")

Curly Moran tells Weevil he knows who is behind the bus crash but before Curly can reveal the information, the lights of a vehicle flash at them. Thumper and the other bikers gesture for Weevil to get out of there. (2.17 "Plan B")

Veronica's theory/Beaver's flashback: Beaver watches as Weevil pummels Curly at the Roadhog parking lot. A biker spots Beaver's car, Beaver turns on his engine and flashes his headlights, and the PCHers flee. Beaver hits Curly with his car and writes "Veronica Mars" on Curly's hand to focus the investigation in a new direction. Beaver then pushes Curly's body off the cliff.
(2.22 "Not Pictured")

Late September/November

The school district and their lawyers Simon and Stern make settlements offers to those involved in the bus crash. The Olivereses insist on suing. (2.08 "Ahoy, Mateys!")

A body of a Hawaiian-shirt-clad mourner washes up on the beach. "Veronica Mars" is written on his left palm. (2.02 "Driver Ed")

Late September/Early October (2.03 "Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang")

Lamb brings Veronica in for questioning to find out her connection with David "Curly" Moran, whose body washes up on the beach. He was beaten to death and had "Veronica Mars" written on his palm. Veronica discovers that "Curly" was once a stuntman who crashed his career in the '80s. He and Aaron are buddies who worked together in the 1982 film The Long Haul. A teary-eyed Veronica tells Duncan, "The bus crash, it was meant for me. They all died because of me."

Veronica's theory: Beaver knows what his father is up to, and he hires Veronica to expose his dad in order to punish him for the way he treated him. (2.22 "Not Pictured")

Unknown date

Amelia calls Wiedman to extort an additional quarter million dollars.
(2.06 "Rat Saw God")

Lamb interrogates Dick, Beaver, and Gia about the bus crash and Curly Moran. Dick and Beaver say Dick got a limo because the bus stank. They met Curly because Curly worked on Big Dick's Aston Martin. Gia says she knew who Curly was because he fixed her Fiat. She also says Woody told her not to get on the bus. (2.12 "Rashard & Wallace Go To White Castle")

unknown date

Lamb's forensic specialists find baseball and cell-phone fragments embedded in Ed Doyle's body. (2.16 "The Rapes of Graff")

October 2005

KISSNKUZN joins the S.H.I.P. (2.14 "Versatile Toppings")

October 2005 (2.04 "Green-Eyed Monster")

Lizzie asks Duncan to help her break into Meg's laptop and erase her personal information because her parents would pull the plug on Meg if they saw what was on her computer. Mac breaks into the computer, removes Meg's emails, and gives a copy of the files to Duncan.

Veronica finds out that the call Weevil received about Curly originated from the Echolls house. The Echolls house has five registered phone numbers, but Veronica doesn't recognize the one the call came from.

Richard Casablancas gives Logan a gun because of "his situation."
(2.08 "Ahoy, Mateys!")

October 27, 2005

Amelia uses Margot's ID to rent a white LeSabre from Lariat Rental Car at the San Diego Airport. (2.06 "Rat Saw God")

October 2005 (2.05 "Blast from the Past")

Lamb reveals that in 1989 Keith let Ed Doyle off the hook for driving under the influence. If Keith had arrested Doyle for DUI, the school district would never have hired Ed.

Michelle lets Veronica hear the message Rhonda left on her voicemail just as the bus went over. Veronica tells Keith about the message. Keith then gives Lamb a copy of that message.

Madame Sophie, a psychic, tells Veronica that Lilly has a message for her: She should have stayed away from her boyfriend.

Lamb learns that baseball star Terrence Cook owes millions in gambling debts and Lamb uses that information to blackmail Terrence. Veronica overhears this conversation through a bug she planted in Lamb's office.

Alicia admits that Nathan is Wallace's biological dad. She claims Nathan was a user who chose his job instead of Wallace. Nathan shows Wallace all the letters he wrote to him that were marked "return to sender." Wallace runs away and drives off with Nathan.

unknown date

Lamb catches the Fitzpatricks loitering outside Terrence's house. They are there to deliver a message from Leonard Lobo that Terrence's payments are overdue. (2.14 "Versatile Toppings")

unknown date

Lamb catches the Fitzpatricks loitering outside Terrence's house. They are there to deliver a message from Leonard Lobo that Terrence's payments are overdue. (2.14 "Versatile Toppings")

Late October/Early November

Amelia calls from a payphone across the street from Kane Software to arrange for a pickup of the money. Wiedman gives her the money in marked bills under the condition that she disappears until the Kane's legal issues are settled.

Amelia and Carlos Mercado get a room at the Palm Tree Lodge in Waverly, California. A week after the pickup, marked bills start showing there. (2.06 "Rat Saw God")

November/December 2005 - February 2006

Terrence spends three months talking to the minority population on behalf of Woody's incorporation plan.

Under the incorporation plan, Lamb would lose a great deal of his power and would become the hayseed who hands out speeding tickets on the way out of town. (2.13 "Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough")

November/December 2005

Someone tapes the Goodmans having dinner without their knowledge around 5:30pm. (2.17 "Plan B")

November 2005 (2.06 "Rat Saw God")

Lamb defeats Keith in the election for sheriff.

Logan is arrested for Felix's murder after the witness, who says he made the anonymous call from the bridge, comes forward. The witness tells the police that Logan was ranting like a manic with a bloody knife in his hand over Felix's dead body. After Logan makes bail and is released, Weevils vows to do something about Logan. Logan's house burns down. In retaliation, Logan buys Weevils's grandmother's house and then evicts them.

Aaron tells Logan that he's not a murderer. He claims that when he left the Kane estate, Lilly was alive and a furious Duncan was ranting and raving.

The police recover the bus from the ocean to check out the front end, the brakes, everything to check out the possibility of sabotage. Lamb tells Keith that a body washed up on the beach with Veronica's name on his hand. Aaron laughs off Keith's suggestion that there's a connection between him, his former employee Curly, and the bus crash. Keith finds a rat duct-taped underneath a seat on the bus.

Veronica agrees to help a dying Koontz locate his daughter Amelia. Veronica finds her body in the ice machine at the Palm Tree Lodge. Veronica and Wiedman discover that Carlos Mercado, son of an Argentinian diplomat, is the killer and the marked bills are showing up at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. Veronica tells the dying Abel, who only has a day or two left, that Amelia is happy and is coming soon.

Wallace attends Trevor Hale High School in Chicago. He's a star player on the basketball team. (2.11 "Donut Run")

November 5, 2005

After missing her bus, Anissa Villapondo hitchhikes a ride from Robbie McKinnon and Hunter Hayes, two 21-year-old guys from well-known Neptune families. They end up in a hotel room, and Anissa is physically assaulted. She fires two shots into the ceiling. Twelve minutes after the shots, the hotel manager sees a young black man with a gun run across the hotel parking lot and leap over a six-foot fence.
(2.10 "One Angry Veronica")

November 6, 2005

The police pick up Robbie and Hunter based on Anissa's description and the hotel security camera. They are charged with aggravated assault. (2.10 "One Angry Veronica")

November 2005 (2.07 "Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner")

Woody discusses his plans to incorporate Neptune with Keith, and asks him to be chief of police.

Logan tells Veronica that Dr. Tom Griffith, the man who claimed to be the anonymous caller, isn't the man who was on the bridge. Logan lied about not being able to identify the caller because he didn't want the man found. Veronica follows Dr. Griffith to a cigar shop that is notorious for dealing drugs.

Duncan asks Veronica to help find out which of the kids that Meg babysat is being mentally tormented. They break into Meg's room looking for a book written by the abused kid. Duncan finds the book in the air vent. Unbeknownst to Veronica, Duncan also finds a letter in the vent and puts it in his pocket.

unknown date

An 09er pays a "brown" PCHer for some coke. (2.08 "Ahoy, Mateys!")

November 2005 (2.08 "Ahoy, Mateys!")

Duncan dreams about Meg. She says, "You promised me. You made promises. You can save me. All you have to do is want to." Duncan's jaw drops when he reads the letter that Chris Talley wrote to Meg.

Veronica goes undercover as "Laurie" to find out more about Dr. Griffith's "Inappropriate Off-Site Practice" reprimand. Danny Boyd brings her to the River Stix. He tells her that Dr. Griffith, "a friend of the family," sewed up the long gash he received in a bar fight.

An 09er asks Weevil for the coke he bought from a PCHer. Veronica confronts Weevil about the fact that the key witness against Logan is a Fitzpatrick puppet. She accuses Weevil of lying to her and working with the Fitzpatricks. Weevil angrily confronts the bikers about whether one of them started doing business with the Fitzpatricks in order to make some extra cash. Thumper admits he didn't see the caller the night Felix was killed because he left the scene before Felix was stabbed. A couple of hooded bikers kidnap Logan and play Russian Roulette with his hand and...other bits, trying to find out what happened the night Felix was killed. Logan swears he doesn't remember anything. Logan wants revenge when he finds out that Weevil was behind the kidnapping.

Late November 2005 (2.09 "My Mother, the Fiend")

Logan and his friends jump Weevil and duct tape him to the school flag pole. Afterwards, Weevil tells Logan he knows he didn't kill Felix. Weevil suggests that they work together to find Felix's killer.

After Abel dies, Veronica picks his belongings from Neptune Memorial hospital.

Veronica walks into Meg's unguarded hospital room and discovers that Meg is pregnant. Meg opens her eyes after Veronica leaves the room.

After November 2005

Tom Griffith tells the cops that he saw three bikers, one of them bleeding to death, and a knife in Logan's hand. Tom says Logan was not in peril when he stabbed Felix. (2.15 "The Quick and the Wed")

Late December 2005, the last day of school before Winter Break

Meg asks Veronica not to let the Mannings send the baby away or keep the baby in case anything happens to her. (2.10 "One Angry Veronica")

Woody asks Keith to be in charge of a special independent inquest to find out who stole both the originals and copies of the Aaron/Lilly sex tapes from the sheriff's department's safes. Keith thinks the theft will put a huge dent in the prosecution's case. (2.10 "One Angry Veronica")

Late December 2005

Veronica is the jury foreman for the Anissa Villapondo trial.
(2.10 "One Angry Veronica")

December 14, 2005

Wallace, the star basketball player Rashard Rucker, and a couple of teammates attend a house party. Rashard, who had a couple of beers, and his friends leave the party in his red Hummer around 2 a.m. (2.11 "Donut Run")

Five minutes before the accident, Rashard stops at the White Castle drive-thru. The cashier, Guy Abruti, gets Rashard's autograph. (2.12 "Rashard & Wallace Go To White Castle")

Five minutes before the accident, Rashard stops at the White Castle drive-thru. The cashier, Guy Abruti, gets Rashard's autograph. (2.16 "The Rapes of Graff")

A convenience store clerk witnesses a red Hummer with spinning rims hit a homeless man. Rashard drives to his uncle/agent's house after the accident. The uncle says they probably hit a dog. The homeless man is paralyzed.

Wallace decides to return to Neptune. (2.11 "Donut Run")

December 18 or 19, 2005

Mayor Goodman writes a memo to Sheriff Lamb informing him of Keith's investigation.
(2.10 "One Angry Veronica")

December 25, 2005

Tad Wilson calls Carmen Ruiz to try and apologize over the whole popsicle debacle. (2.14 "Versatile Toppings")

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Someone using sends an email to people at sheriff's department offering $50,000 for the stolen tapes. Keith offers to buy the tapes, but the emailer replies that he has already bought them. Logan watches the tapes and then erases them. A weepy Logan tells Keith, "All that matters is that the World Wide Web won't be hosting MPEGs of my old man defiling the love of my life." Logan says he saw the tapes and can testify against Aaron. (The emails are dated December 29.)
(2.10 "One Angry Veronica")

(Note: December 30th is missing. Either the writers just left that day out when they were breaking the story, or the date for the emails is a little off.)

December 31, 2005

Leo confesses he stole the tapes to pay for private school for his sister who has Down Syndrome. Leo claims the theft won't hurt the case since several people including Veronica can testify they saw the tapes. Leo turns in his badge and gun.

Someone writes "Muchas Gracias Bitch!" on Veronica's windshield after the jury finds the two 09er defendants guilty.

Dick Casablancas throws a New Year's Eve bash.

Meg dies when a blood clot dislodges and makes its way into her heart. Her baby girl survives. (2.10 "One Angry Veronica")

December 31, 2005

Dick Casablancas claims a girl left a lasting impression with her fingernails. (2.14 "Versatile Toppings")

final minutes of December 31, 2005

Wallace returns and spends the final moments of 2005 with Veronica. (2.10 "One Angry Veronica")


Local bar owner gives money to the sheriff's department to fund their baseball team. (3.16 "Un-American Graffiti")

January 2006

Duncan buys a boat.

Veronica sells a pair of earrings from Duncan for $80,000. (2.11 "Donut Run")

January 2006 (2.10 "One Angry Veronica")

Logan and Weevil hatch a plan to find out if Bootsy or Hector have ties to the drug-dealing Fitzpatricks. Hector sells 10 hits of E to Dick, making him the prime suspect. However, he got the drugs from Sean, not the Fitzpatricks. When Weevil confronts Sean, Sean says he's not dumb enough to go into business with the Fitzpatricks. Weevil finds out that Felix and Molly Fitzpatrick had a relationship.

Veronica and Duncan set up an elaborate ruse to kidnap his baby from the Mannings. After Duncan "dumps" Veronica in front of the whole school, he kidnaps his baby. Veronica denies being involved with the kidnapping and "cooperates" with the authorities to find Duncan. Before Duncan leaves and breaks off all contact with Veronica, he tells her, "I love you. Always have. Always will." Keith tells Veronica he no longer trusts her after he finds out that Veronica lied to him. Duncan meets up with baby Lilly, Astrid, and Vinnie — who gets a $30,000 bribe from Duncan — in Mexico.

February 2006

The detailer from Magic Tough details Terrence's car. He does not see any explosives in the tall cabinet.

Terrence currently only owns eight cars. (2.15 "The Quick and the Wed")

Someone rapes Dawn, a student at Hearst College, and then shaves her head. (2.16 "The Rapes of Graff")

February 2006 (2.12 "Rashard & Wallace Go To White Castle")

After Wallace talks to a reporter about Rashard's hit-and-run, Rashard and the other passengers claim that Wallace was the one driving. Veronica, Wallace, Jackie, and Nathan work together to track down Guy Abruti, a White Castle cashier who can testify that Rashard was driving the car five minutes before the accident.

Keith steals the bus crash interrogation tapes from the sheriff's department evidence room. He learns that Dick ordered a limo before the crash because of the stench in the bus, and Curly was a mechanic for the Casablancases and Woodmans. He also learns that Woody told Gia not to get on the bus. Keith tells Veronica that the dead rat on the bus might have been placed there to drive anyone who could afford another ride off the bus.

Veronica finds a photo of Terrence and Miss Dumass together at a restaurant. She shows the photo to Keith and tells him that Terrence owes millions in gambling debts. Lamb questions Terrence about the bus crash.

Molly Fitzpatrick admits to Weevil that she and Felix met each other at St. Mary's and were dating. Weevil tells Logan the PCHers and Fitzpatricks are using the church for drug dealing. Hector's cousin, a maintenance worker at the Neptune Grand, sees Weevil leave Logan's room. At Weevil's and Logan's urging, Veronica bugs the St. Mary's confessional and discovers that Thumper and Liam use the confessional as a drug drop-off/pickup point. Weevil confronts Thumper about doing business with their enemies, the Fitzpatricks. Thumper brings up the fact that Weevil was seen being buddy-buddy with the piece of trash who killed Felix. The gang jumps Weevil and make Thumper their new leader. Thumper orders Hector to drive Weevil's bike into the ocean. Weevil angrily asks Thumper if he killed Felix. Thumper warns Weevil to keep quiet about his accusation; otherwise he will give the cops the video of Weevil beating up Curly.

February 2006 (2.13 "Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough")

Terrence asks Keith to help him prove that he wasn't responsible for the bus crash. Lamb thinks Terrence planted a bomb in the back of the bus and detonated it by calling a cell phone. Terrence suspects Lamb is after him because he was a vocal supporter of the incorporation plan. Terrence tells Keith about Miss Dumass, his gambling problem, and the thrown ALCS game only after Keith confronts him with a photo of him and Miss Dumass and a recording of Terrence and Lamb talking about his gambling problem. Keith is completely devastated when Terrence tells him about the thrown playoff game, but he agrees to take the case. Keith: "You're Terrence Cook. You wouldn't kill a bus full of kids. I still believe that." (2.13 "Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough")

unknown date

Dr. Tom Griffith says nothing to his daughter Hannah after the carnival about his being the mystery witness in Logan's mystery case. (2.14 "Versatile Toppings")

February/March 2006 (2.14 "Versatile Toppings")

Logan continues to see Hannah, albeit secretly. They make plans for him to come over to her father's house on Saturday. While there, Logan and Dr. Griffith have a confrontation as Logan comes out of the bathroom. Dr. Griffith tells Logan to get out of his house and never talk to his daughter again; Logan tells Dr. Griffith to rethink what the Fitzpatricks told him he saw. After Logan leaves, Dr. Griffith tells Hannah everything. Hannah shuts Logan out due to this news, but Logan tells her that her dad is lying about being a witness because he is a cokehead in deep with the Fitzpatricks. He swears he had no idea who she was at the carnivale. After finding "Fitzpatrick" and "River Stix" on the caller ID, and drugs in the bathroom, she tells Logan he was right about her dad. Veronica gets wind of the fact that Logan is dating Dr. Griffith's daughter.

Lamb turns Terrence's house upside down, but he has yet to press any charges. Terrence claims he has no memory of anything he did between 5 and 11 pm on September 13th, the day of crash. When Keith questions him about a call to Hank Melton, he admits he might have been at the Seven Rivers Casino owned by Leonard Lobo during that time. Leonard gives Keith photos that show Terrance at the casino at 7:01 pm and 7:06 pm; he does not give Keith photos at 7:03, which could have cleared Terrence. Keith learns that the casino jams all cell phone signal within a one hundred yard radius, which means Terrence could not have made the call that denoted the bomb from his cell phone. Keith brings the photos to Lamb. Lamb refuses to clear Terrence, even after Keith threatens to release the recording where Lamb is blackmailing Terrence.

Veronica finds some explosives and detonators in the hangar where Woody Goodman lets Terrence Cook keep his cars. (2.14 "Versatile Toppings")

March 2006

The Entertainment Network releases its next installment of Tinseltown Diaries, this time focusing on the life of Aaron Echolls. Aaron still denies that he killed Lilly Kane and insists that people look at her brother, Duncan, saying that he has fled the country and is wanted for kidnapping. Aaron says he doesn't think the sex tapes exist; his representatives have asked for copies from the prosecution, but they have yet to receive them. It is revealed that he is currently in custody at Balboa County Prison. Kendall visits Aaron in prison. While there, they flirt and Kendall agrees to do something for Aaron at Logan's.
Later, she goes into Duncan's bathroom and uses tweezers to do something to the shower drain.

Veronica tells Keith that she found detonators and explosives marked C4 in the hanger. She says Jackie did not see anything. Keith immediately goes to the sheriff department to tell Lamb about the explosives. The next morning, Lamb and the bomb squad search the hangar. Keith goes to the hangar on his own and meets Lamb, who tells Keith that he has to wait just like everyone else for the press conference. While Keith is at the hangar, a man in a truck that says Magic Touch Custom Detailing comes up to the hangar space.

10:17 am

A warrant is issued for Terrence Cook's arrest, charging him with eight counts of murder in the first degree.

During the press conference, Lamb announces that that the explosives and detonators in hangar space used by Terrence Cook to house his automobiles were found matching the same ones at the bus crash. They do not have Terrence in custody at this time. Keith talks with the detailer from Magic Touch and learns that the detailer has a standing appointment every month with Terrence Cook. They only allow him to use the stuff in the cabinet where the explosives were found and the detailer did not see them there last month.

Leslie Dumass's father catches Terrence breaking into their family home in San Francisco and shots him.

The Kane house is going up for sale.

Logan meets with his lawyer, Cliff McCormack. Cliff tells Logan a trial date has been set: 60 days from today. The prosecution has offered a one-time deal: plea bargain. If Logan accepts, the charge will be involuntary manslaughter and he'll only spend four (not 11) years in jail, two if he gets probation for good behavior. Logan is shocked at the amount of time and tells Cliff there's no deal. Logan goes to a convinence store and is spat in the face by a future PCHer. Logan writes an email to Dr. Griffith, implying it's from Hannah's mother, Steph Denenberg, saying that condoms were found in Hannah's room. This is enough for Dr. Griffith to come over to Logan's hotel room and agree to withdraw his testimony if Logan stops seeing Hannah. Logan stops by Java the Hut and admits to Veronica he's done something horrible.

Cassidy continues to run Phoenix Land Trust with Kendall's name as a front. Kendall says all the investors think Big Dick is pulling the strings and Cassidy lets them believe it. He has gotten some amazing deals in South Neptune.

57% of Neptune is in favor of incorporation. (2.15 "The Quick and the Wed")

Spring 2006

Lilly Kane's murder trial is set to begin. (2.15 "The Quick and the Wed")

March 24, 2006

Stacy is raped. (3.07 "Of Vice and Men")

Mercer hosts a call-in radio show. (3.07 "Of Vice and Men")

unknown date

Curly teaches Beaver how to blow things up.

Hart and Beaver make war movies together. Beaver is charge of blowing things up. (2.22 "Not Pictured")

Before March 2006

Wallace scores 1140 on the SATs.
(2.16 "The Rapes of Graff")

Wallace has low standardized test scores. (3.06 "Hi, Infidelity")

March 2006 (2.16 "The Rapes of Graff")

During the convention for the South Coast OBGYN Society at the Neptune Grand, a guy calls Sugar Jones and offers her triple rate if she picks up Cliff and swipes his briefcase.

5:53 pm
Sugar Jones checks into the Neptune Grand.

Around 9:15 pm
Cliff and "Doctor Daphne" (AKA Sugar Jones) start talking, and she invites him up to his room.

10:15 pm
An elevator surveillance camera catches Cliff motorboating "Daphne."

"Daphne" handcuffs a shirtless, pant-less Cliff to the bed and leaves.

2:01 am
An elevator surveillance camera catches Lamb and Madison making out.

2:11 am
An elevator surveillance camera catches "Daphne" entering the elevator with Cliff's briefcase. Lamb greets Daphne as she enters.

"Daphne" gives the briefcase to a man in the garage, and then she splits.

Someone roofies and rapes Stacey Well, a student at Hearst, and then shaves her head.

Logan's case is dismissed. He dumps Hannah because he's "not a sweet guy." They reconcile after he admits he started seeing her so that Dr. Griffith would drop his testimony. Her parents ship her off to a boarding school in Vermont after Dr. Griffith catcher her and a shirtless Logan making out in Logan's penthouse suite.

Cliff tells Keith that the files for a drunken assault, a lewd conduct, a fraud, a divorce, and the Logan Echolls's murder case were in his stolen briefcase. After Keith and Cliff show Lamb photos of him and Madison in the elevator, Lamb admits the woman who entered the elevator is a paid escort. Keith and Cliff confront "Daphne" and she tells them some guy paid her to swipe Cliff's briefcase.

Veronica visits the Shark Field demolition site and the construction foreman tells her that they will use some dynamite, but mostly C4 to demolish the stadium. Danny Boyd is part of the construction crew.

April 2006 (2.17 "Plan B")

Logan wins an essay contest where he gets to be assistant deputy mayor under Woody Goodman for a week. The winner also gets to push the plunger when Shark Field is demolished next Saturday. Logan finds a video in the midst of sorting out the mail for Woody. The video shows the Goodman family having dinner from inside their home, the Goodmans blissfully unaware. This video was made in November or December, before Woody made the news about the incorporation, thus assuming the video has nothing to do about the incorporation plans. Woody tells Keith it's his ex-gardener who was fired a few months back.

Weevil tells Veronica more of the mystery call he got about Curly, Cervando, and the Fighting Fitzpatricks. Weevil and Veronica work together to bug the Fitzpatricks through a truck that Weevil gives to Molly. They then bring the information to the sheriff. Lamb scoffs it off. Weevil mugs Thumper and takes his drug money, making the Fitzpatricks very upset with Thumper. The Fitzpatricks tie Thumper up in an empty bathroom at Shark Field.

Terrence Cook is getting slowly better. He's no longer on suicide watch. He will move from his guarded hospital room to a cell at county jail once the doctors clear him.

Mac asks Cassidy to the FBLA-sponsered Sadie Hawkins dance. They've been dating for four months with only hand holding and kissing action and this makes Mac worried.

Logan tells Veronica the mystery 911 caller was Mexican and was driving a San Diego Seafood truck. Later, they seek out the mystery caller, whose name is Luis, who lives in a rough side of town with the PCHers going up and down his street every night. He won't speak up because he's got his family to think about and believes Logan wouldn't be convicted anyway with his movie star father. Eventually, however, he decides to talk to the sheriff after Veronica talks to his wife. He tells Lamb that he saw one PCHer stab another PCHer and put the knife in Logan's hand. The PCHer then got on a bike that Lamb recognizes as Thumper's and drove off.

Woody Goodman is determined to clear Terrence Cook's name. He speaks for the quality of his character.

When Logan pushes the plunger to demolish Shark Field, he kills Thumper. (2.17 "Plan B")

Mid-April to May 2006

Felix Toombs's murder trial is set to begin. (Cliff says the trial will begin in 60 days in 2.15 "The Quick and the Wed.")

April 2006 (2.19 "Nevermind the Buttocks")

With Cliff at her side, Veronica meets with Aaron Echolls' lawyer who questions her about the Lilly Kane/Aaron Echolls sex tapes.

The Cook family's assets are frozen.

Weevil blackmails the Fitzpatricks with a list of Liam's high-profile clients, which saves the PCHers' butts.

Keith finds Kendall's not on the up and up: she has a secret house, she was arrested for wire fraud, and by all appearances is a grifter.

During construction at the Kane house, workers find the Lilly Kane murder weapon buried near where Lilly's body was found. It was Aaron Echolls' Oscar statue which has some of Lilly's blood as well as Duncan's hair on it. (2.19 "Nevermind the Buttocks")

mid May (2.20 "Look Who's Stalking")

Veronica is shocked when her doctor tells her she has chlamydia. She doesn't have any symptoms. According to Logan, Duncan only mentioned being with Meg and Veronica.

Kendall visits Keith's and tells him if he returns her harddrive by Friday, she won't press charges.

Keith asks Veronica to mail to all of their business contacts a sketch of the man who hired the escort to steal Cliff's briefcase. Logan says the sketch looks like the guy that AAron shared a cell with.

Woody calls Keith to the Camelot motel. Keith arrives and finds Woody and a passed-out, undressed woman. Woody asks Keith to take the "campaigner staffer" to the hospital to avoid "Mayor brings mistress to ER" headlines. The manager of the hotel photographs Keith with the woman. Goodman tells the reporters that Keith was hired to investigate campaign leaks and Keith plied Jennifer Stansfield with alcohol to get information. Off-the-record Woody implies Keith tried to taking advantage of her. Jennifer disappears after Keith takes her to the hospital. Keith tells Lloyd that he worked for Woody, but not to plug campain leaks. Lloyd tells Keith that after he dropped Jennifer off, she left the hospital without being treated and no one can track her down. On the day of the election, Lloyd publishes Keith's side of the story. Lloyd also reports that Woody used campaign funds to pay for an escort. Many cite the scandal as the reason the incorporation measure is voted down by 3% margin.

Gia asks Veronica to help catch the guy who is stalking her. Veronica learns that Gia's "stalker" is Leo. Leo tells Gia and Veronica that he's following Gia because he works for the private security firm that Woody hired. Leo was never told why Woody hired them, but he assumes there's been some sort of threat. Gia asks Woody about the security, and he tells her that the security is a normal election precaution. After Woody pulls the security, Gia arrives home and finds a DVD containing footage of her brother's soccer game. Veronica shows Keith the footage, and then Keith shows Veronica the video footage that someone shot inside the Goodman's house. Keith warns Veronica to stay away from the case. Veronica discovers that Lucky is the one who videotaped the soccer game. A knife-wielding Lucky tells Veronica and Gia that he "has some pretty crazy stuff" that he could tell them and that he knows Woody. Keith tackles Lucky, and when Keith asks him the reason for stalking Gia, the breakins, and the videos, Lucky replies "He deserved it. He deserved it!" Keith handcuffs himself to Lucky to get more information from him. Lucky says Keith doesn't know what Woody really is. Stewart Manning posts Lucky's bail.

Friday May 13th 9pm
Logan holds the alternative prom in the penthouse. A tipsy, teary-eyed Logan tells Veronica that if he's sorry about last summer.

As a result of the blackmail threat, Woody uses Keith to set up the whole girl-in-the-motel thing in order to kill incorporation.
(2.22 "Not Pictured")

Late May (2.21 "Happy Go Lucky")

Lucky brings a gun to Neptune High, giving the entire group of people sitting outside at the time a scare. These people include Wallace, Jackie, Veronica, and Gia. All scatter at the sound of the gun going off. Veronica and Gia hide together. Jackie and Wallace are separated from each other and Veronica and Gia. Jackie tries to call for help, but Lucky spots her and frightens her. Wallace tackles Lucky to the ground and Lucky shoots at Wallace. Luckily, the gun is only filled with blanks so Wallace remains unharmed. Lucky, however, is shot from behind by a security guard and is killed instantly.

That night, on the news, there is a press conference in front of the Sheriff's department where Woody explains what happened at Neptune High that day. He tells reporters that he has no idea who Lucky was after, but the press thinks it's Gia due to the stalking from last week. Woody brushes this off. Keith and Veronica were watching this story. Keith tells Veronica he made it into Lucky's apartment and found that Lucky sent several emails to Woody from different email addresses. Veronica investigates this on behalf of her father as she has agreed to go the Goodman house to study with Gia.. She finds a "Kill incorporation or else" email with a recording and later identifies two of the three people on the tape as bus crash victims Peter Ferrer and Marco Oliveres. Keith and Veronica bring this information to Lamb who initially blows it off. There's no way he's going to let Keith make him look like a laughingstock. Again.

The Aaron Echolls trial is getting underway. Aaron repeats his story of Duncan being the real killer of Lilly Kane. Logan meets with his father at the jail. Aaron advises his son to not tell the DA what he saw on the tapes, saying it's in his best interest. Logan scoffs. Aaron is confident that he is going to win a not guilty verdict, and thinks there's no point to his son risking being accused of committing a felony. Veronica gives her testimony, but is rattled when Aaron's lawyer asks her about undergoing treatment for her STD. Veronica answers that she just completed the treatment. When Keith is on the stand, he loses it as well. Logan gives his testimony, saying what he's seen on the tapes. He's been granted immunity for his testimony. The verdict comes in and Aaron is found not guilty for all the charges.

Mr. Lobo comes forward with the fact that there's no way Terrence Cook could have been behind the bus crash as Terrence was with Mr. Lobo at the time. Lamb is still not sure. The jury will find out with his dealings as Mr. Lobo's with a casino. But Mr. Lobo brings forward two more respectable gentlemen, his corporate attorney and his chief financial officer willing to cooperate in this story as they were also with Terrence at the time of the crash. Due to this, Terrence is able to come home. But at a cost: He has to work for Mr. Lobo.

The Goodman household is evacuated due to the bomb threats and a bomb is found under Woody's car. The same type of phone-activated bomb that was found on the bus.

Two kids come forward with the knowledge they saw someone with Thumper the day before he went missing. The kids identify the guy as Weevil.

Woody disappears on his private plane. (2.21 "Happy Go Lucky")

Beaver plants a bomb under Woody's car because he no longer has a use for him.

Beaver plants another bomb in Woody's plane.
(2.22 "Not Pictured")

May 10, 2006

Woody receives an email with the subject line "kill incorporation or else." The email contains an edited recording of a conversation between Marcos, Peter, and a third person who has been edited out.
(2.20 "Look Who's Stalking")

June 2006

After his acquittal, Aaron regains control of his purse strings.

Stewart Manning offers $20,000 for the capture of Woody Goodman. After Vinnie is arrested for breaking into Woody's house, Vinnie and Keith agree to work together and spilt the reward money 50/50. With the help of the tax, medical, and corporation records stolen by Vinnie, Keith and Veronica learn Woody was treated twice for chlamydia and takes daily medication for heart arrhythmia.

June 3, 2006

During the graduation ceremony, Lamb arrests Weevil for the murder of Eduardo Orozco minutes before Weevil is set to walk across the stage.

Keith plans a week-long trip to New York as graduation present for Veronica.

Keith tracks down and captures Woody at Quail Creek Lodge 20 miles outside Reno. Woody tries to justify his actions with the boys. He says the boys were ignored and mistreated by their fathers; he listened to them and cared about them.

Veronica discovers that Beaver was in the Little League team with Marcos and Peter. She connects her chlamydia with Woody through Beaver and realises he raped her. She calls to warn Mac. After Hart tells her that Beaver was in charge of blowing things up for their war movies, Veronica figures out that Beaver also caused the bus crash.

June 3, 2006 8:12 pm

Beaver intercepts a text message that Veronica sends to Mac: "Get away from Beaver. Now. He's a killer."

8:15 pm

Beaver send a message "from Mac" to Veronica: "Meet me on the roof now."

Aaron taunts Veronica that the best thing about smashing Lilly's head in with an ash tray was that he knew she would finally shut the hell up.

Beaver meets Veronica on the roof and threatens her with a gun. Veronica confronts Beaver about 1) causing the crash because Marcos and Peter wanted to come forward about being molested by Woody, 2) setting up and killing Curly because Curly suspected him, 3) hiring her to expose Big Dick's business dealings, and 4) raping her at Shelly Pomeroy's party. Beaver tells her he planted another bomb on Woody's plane. Veronica crumbles after Beaver detonates the bomb on plane that Keith was supposed to be on.

8:21 pm

Unseen by Beaver, Veronica manages to forward the text message Beaver sent her to Logan.

Beaver tasers Veronica and attempts to force her to jump off the roof. Logan arrives and he, Beaver, and Veronica struggle over gun. Veronica grabs the gun and points it Cassidy. Logan tells her she's is not a killer and talks her into giving him the gun. Cassidy jumps off the roof.

Kendall and Aaron enjoy his freedom in his hotel room. Clarence enters the hotel room shoots Aaron twice from point-blank range. After the hit, Clarence calls Duncan in Mollymook, Australia. Duncan, "CW." Clarence, "It's a done deal."

Jackie confesses to Wallace that she her mom isn't a model living in the Upper West side. Her mom is a waitress who had a one-night stand with Terrence 18 years ago. She tells him that she has to stay in NYC to raise her two-year old son, and that he has to go back to Neptune.

Veronica is overcome with emotion when Keith tells her that Lamb had them take him off Woody's plane at the last minute because Lamb didn't want the press to see Keith when Woody arrived in Neptune.

Big Dick's lawyer tells Kendall that Cassidy's death will probably be ruled a suicide, therefore the insurance is going to be a wash. He also tells her that she has earned $8 million from the Phoenix Land trust.

Logan drives Veronica to the airport so they can talk. Just as Keith is ready to leave for the airport, Kendall tells Keith that she needs him to do something for her right now. Kendall shows him the contents of her briefcase; Veronica is left stranded at the airport by herself. (2.22 "Not Pictured")

Kendall showed Keith a briefcase that contained Vincent Van Gogh's Two Lovers. (3.02 "My Big Fat Greek Rush Week")

Monday, July 4, 2006

Veronica's graduation. According to the August 28th, 2004 diary entry, there are only 674 days until graduation. (Minor quibble - it's highly unlikely that graduation day would fall on July 4th, but I'll give the writers who wrote Veronica's diary a break since I like the symbolism.)

Day after graduation

Jackie's scheduled date of departure for the Sorbonne in Paris. (2.19 "Nevermind the Buttocks")

Summer 2006

Weevil plea bargained his arrest for attempted murder down to a case of assault. He's been working at Jumbo's Clown Wash ever since. (3.03 "Wichita Linebacker")

A Hearst student is raped. (Only four victims have been revealed so far, so assuming that there have been only four victims, Nancy would be the summer rape victim.) (3.06 "Hi, Infidelity")

Logan is with Mercer the night of the rape.
(3.06 "Hi, Infidelity")

August 13, 2006

Nancy is raped. (3.07 "Of Vice and Men")

Mercer and Logan party all night in Tijuana. While making flaming DPs, Mercer accidentally sets the room on fire. The whole motel goes up in flames, and Mercer and Logan flee without sticking around to help.
(3.07 "Of Vice and Men")

The third person for that conversation is Beaver.
(2.22 "Not Pictured")

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