Freshman Year

2002 or 2003

Apollo Bukenya meets his mentor. (3.18 "I Know What You'll Do Next Summer")

unknown date

Lianne tells Veronica, "High school is something that you have to get through."
(2.09 "My Mother, the Fiend")

Fall 2002

Veronica's freshman year at high school.

Veronica buys Mamamax from an infomercial. (2.05 "Blast from the Past")

Piz has a job washing dishes at a nursing home. His boss talks about bar fights and weird sexual encounters. My Pretty Pony's More Problems gets Piz through the worst year of his life. (3.17 "Debasement Tapes")

Veronica tries to convince the dance team to do a routine to "We Threw a Touchdown", a modified version of My Pretty Pony's "Why You Shot Me Down"
(3.17 "Debasement Tapes")

unknown date

Ciaran and Padraig Fitzpatrick are expelled from Neptune High for drug dealing. Gustavio "Reaper Gus" Toombs, Felix's older brother, decides to get into the drug business in order to fill the void the Fitzpatrick left behind. A couple of months later, Gustavio disappears.

Weevil becomes the leader of the PCHers. (2.11 "Donut Run")


Jackie's grandmother dies. (2.05 "Blast from the Past")


Danny Boyd gets in a bar fight at the River Stix. Dr. Griffith, a "friend of the family," closes the gash across Danny's abdomen with 45 stitches. Danny's niece Molly sees the blood, gets freaked out, and calls the cops. Danny gets three months in county.

Dr. Griffith is reprimanded, receives probation, and is fined $5,000 for "Inappropriate Off-Site Practice" against Danny Boyd. (2.08 "Ahoy, Mateys!")

before Spring 2003

Lianne burns the waffles when Veronica tells her she is dating Duncan. (1.05 "You Think You Know Somebody")

Spring 2003

Veronica and Duncan attend the Spring Dance. (1.15 "Ruskie Business")

Veronica and Duncan attend the prom. (UPN photo gallery)

unknown date

Eli and Lilly have a secret relationship. When Lilly and Logan break up, she swears to Eli that she would never go back to Logan. As soon as she and Logan get back together, she suddenly acts like she and Eli don't even know each other anymore. Eli writes her a letter that said, "You tore my heart out. You can act like what we had together meant nothing to you, but you can't stop me from loving you. For the rest of your life, wherever you go, I'll always be there. Just out of sight, in the shadows." Lilly showed Ms. James the letter to prove one of the boys in her P.E. class was bothering her and to request a transfer. (It's unclear if this occurred during the freshman or sophomore year) (1.12 "Clash of the Tritons")

unknown date

Veronica writes Duncan with a heart on Lilly's shoe. (It's unclear if this occurred during the freshman or sophomore year) (1.06 "Return of the Kane")

unknown date

Logan wants to impress the group with his diving skills. Duncan lets nerd sit at his lunch table. (It's unclear if this occurred during the freshman or sophomore year) (1.06 "Return of the Kane")

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