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Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas was born into a family of dicks. Daddy Big Dick, who thought little of his youngest son, was a gun-toting, ruthless business man who traded in wives for younger models and built his fortune out of conning small investors. Tiny Dick was the apple of Big Dick's eye and strutted in the same moral wasteland. Mom wasn't a dick, but she was, contently, M.I.A. in her boys' lives. When the dicks nicknamed the neglected runt of the family "Beaver," they did more than chip away at his masculinity. They laid the groundwork for turning the littlest Casablancas into a clever, deceitful, cold-blooded psychopath.

As a youngster, Beaver was tender meat for Woody Goodman, the Little League coach who gave a sympathetic ear to the pretty, neglected boys under his care in exchange for satisfying his lust for them. He abused Beaver, leaving him with chlamydia, and two other boys on the same team — Marcos Oliveres and Peter Ferrer. Beaver didn't say anything. The dicks would not have reacted in a way he could bear. Beaver was determined instead to prove he was a man. So when Tiny Dick offered him the opportunity to rape the unconscious Veronica Mars, he took it, even though it made him sick to his stomach. The chlamydia found yet another home. It was lucky that Veronica wasn't tested after that night, otherwise she might not have believed Beaver's story that nothing happened between them.

Beaver got on with his life, taking an interest in doing the special effects for the filmic efforts of his friend Hart, learning about and obtaining explosives from his dad's mechanic, Curly Moran, a former stunt coordinator for Aaron Echolls. Things got a little crazy in Neptune after Aaron was arrested for the murder of Lilly Kane. That same night, PCHer Felix Toombs was murdered on the Coronado Bridge, and Logan Echolls, whom the bikers had attacked as he stood on the edge contemplating his fate, was charged with that crime. The perpetrator was probably Thumper, another biker who was looking to get ahead, who died himself when Weevil, having grasped the truth, set him up as a victim of the notorious Fitzpatricks, Neptune's local drug lords, but only after Thumper had displaced him as leader of the gang. But in the summer, when everyone assumed that Logan had done it and the case against him collapsed for lack of evidence, a war between the 09ers and the bikers broke out. Logan played his part, and he lost Veronica, who went back to steady, reliable Duncan. Tiny Dick played his part, as did Lucky, the church-going, ex-military, ex-Woody victim, ex-09er school janitor, who was courting the dumped-but-pregnant-with-Duncan's-baby Meg Manning with the approval of her Bible-thumping parents. Beaver played his part, but he was in fact facing a different battle. With Woody's rise to prominence in running for county supervisor (mayor by any other name), Marcos and Peter decided the time had come to expose Woody for the pervert he was. They approached Beaver in language lab, the conversation recording. They wanted Beaver to stand with them, determined to name him even if he didn't agree. Beaver didn't agree and he wouldn't let it happen.

Beaver planted a rat on the school bus that was taking all three boys, and many others, on a trip to Shark Field. Using the C-4, he planted a bomb near the driver. The rat was the excuse not to get on the bus for the return journey. Following behind in a limo with a few select 09ers, like his brother and Duncan, Beaver detonated the bomb with a cell phone as the bus approached a cliff, killing the driver and sending the bus and its passengers over the cliff to their immediate deaths — save for Meg, who lived in a coma long enough to give birth to a daughter before finally succumbing to the consequences of her injuries. Duncan, to save his child from the plans the Mannings had for their granddaughter, kidnapped her and went into exile, leaving Veronica behind forever.

Beaver had some covering up to do. Curly was a dangerous loose end, knowing about Beaver's access to and knowledge of explosives. Curly was a link to Aaron and Aaron was a link to Veronica, who survived the crash though a twist of fate that took her off the bus before it happened. Using information he had learned at school about the bad blood between PCHer Cervando, one of the victims, and the Fitzpatricks, he tried to set the bikers on Curly, calling anonymously from Logan's house, telling them that Curly sabotaged the bus on behalf of the drug lords, in the hopes the bikers would kill him. To make sure, he watched, and when they didn't, he did the job himself, using the car as his weapon. He wrote Veronica's name on Curly's dead hand before depositing the body over a cliff. Beaver created so many false trails, topping up planted evidence on suspects where necessary, that he was safe. For a while.

Big Dick's new wife and her penchant for adultery gave Beaver, now a remorseless mass murderer posing as a gentle put-upon victim, the opportunity to repay his father for years of neglect and ridicule. A budding competent businessman himself, he knew that his father's property empire was a sham and that his stepmother, Kendall, was sleeping with someone else. He set Veronica up to expose both, to the ruination of his father, who was forced to flee the country. This gave Beaver access to his trust fund.

When Woody announced incorporation, Beaver thought to increase his fortune and created Phoenix Land Trust, making Kendall its figurehead, unaware that her history as a con artist and connection with the Fitzpatricks made her cannier than the dumb trophy wife he took her for. In the process, he and Mac started a relationship that went smoothly until sex reared its ugly head.

As soon as Beaver learned that the property deals he was making would be worthless if Woody succeeded in persuading the town to vote for incorporation, Beaver dug out the audio clip of Marcos and Peter, edited out his own voice and blackmailed Woody to stop incorporation. Woody did it, setting himself up to be caught with a woman in a motel, using Keith as a scapegoat to shoulder the blame and salvage what Woody could of his political career. It was enough to sabotage the incorporation vote and make Beaver rich on the undervalued properties he'd bought.

It was time for Woody to die. Beaver planted bombs under Woody's car and in his private plane, confident they would be blamed on the mentally unstable Lucky, who was stalking the Goodman family.

So it was that Veronica learned the truth on the rooftop of the Neptune Grand Hotel. En route, she faced the freshly-acquitted, soon-to-die-by-the-hand-of-Clarence-Wiedman-on-the-orders-of-Duncan-Kane Aaron. Then she faced Beaver, who took a sadistic delight in sending the signal to the bomb in Woody's plane, the plane in which Veronica erroneously believed Keith was bringing Woody back to Neptune to face accusations of child abuse and murder of the bus crash victims. Beaver tried to talk Veronica over the edge of the roof after she witnessed the destruction of the plane, but Veronica and Logan, who came to find her, were too strong for him. Faced with exposure and a lifetime, albeit a possibly curtailed one, of being called Beaver, Cassidy jumped off the roof to his death.

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