Reasons Why You Should Watch Veronica Mars

A non-fan: What's the show about?

A fan: It's a show about a teen detective...

A non-fan: Wait, it's a teen detective show? That sounds stupid.

A fan: Yes, the premise sounds stupid, but the brilliant writing by Rob Thomas....

A non-fan: Wait, why is the lead singer from matchbox twenty writing a TV show?

A fan: Not that Rob Thomas, the other one. You know, the guy who wrote Rats Saw God, Cupid...

A non-fan: Cupid? Never heard of it.

A fan: Well, neither did the Nielsen gods. Stupid ABC. As I was saying, Rob Thomas and the entire cast and crew have done an amazing job creating a whip-smart, snarky, broken-hearted heroine in this witty, layered show that constantly rewards the fans for paying attention to little details. Every little line, and every little scene offers clues about the mystery of the week, the overarching mysteries, the characters and their relationships with each other.

A non-fan: Well if it's as good as you say it is, why haven't I heard of it?

A fan: Well, it aired on UPN and The CW...

A non-fan: UPN!! Ha! HA! HA! You expect me to watch a UPN show? That network isn't even around anymore.

A fan: I know, I know. I felt the exact same way. If someone would have asked me, which is more likely to happen: the Red Sox winning the World Series, one of the best shows ever airing on UPN/CW, or scientists proving yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, I would have, without any hesitation, picked the fat guy in the big red suit.

A non-fan: Come on, do you honestly expect me to watch a show about a teen detective?

A fan: I know, I know. But Kristen Bell, who plays the title character of Veronica Mars, is just absolutely phenomenal. She can make you bust a gut laughing one minute, and break your heart the next, just by tilting her head.

A non-fan: But it is a show about a teen detective.

A fan: I know, I know. But the dialogue on the show is the wittiest since Buffy.

A non-fan: Wait, is this the show that all the critics said was the next Buffy?

A fan: Yes. Many reviewers compare this show to Buffy. Diehard Buffy fans at admitted that if they had to choose between saving Veronica Mars or Marti Noxon's Point Pleasant from cancellation, they would overwhelming, and without any hesitation, choose to save Veronica Mars. Joss Whedon even said it was the "Best. Show. Ever."

A non-fan: Then I'm definitely not going to watch it. I hated Buffy.

A fan: Oh...then...uh...the show is nothing like Buffy. Nothing at all. The only reason the critics made all the Buffy comparisons is because both shows have a blonde, high-school age, not-part-of-the-in-crowd, female lead. Other than that, these two shows don't have anything in common. There aren't any vampires, or demons or witches. Unless of course you count Trina Echolls but she's not so much a witch, as she is a...not-so-nice person.

A non-fan: But it's a show about a teen...

A fan: Okay, listen, do you like witty, snarky humor?

A non-fan: Yes.

A fan: Do you like flashbacks that advance the storyline instead of stall it?

A non-fan: Yes, of course I do. Who doesn't?

A fan: daytime snark, primetime snark, old primetime snark

Well, James E. Reilly for one, but that's besides the point.
Well, J.J. Abrams for one, but that's besides the point. (Dear Sally J.J., I love Felicity and Alias. And I'm happy that Lost is a modest hit. And it's real swell that Hurley was a multi-millionaire, but what about the POLAR BEAR?!)
Well, David Lynch for one, but that's besides the point. (Dear Diane David, I loved Twin Peaks. And I'm happy you finally got a hit. And it's real swell that Leland Palmer was the killer, but what about BOB?!)

A fan: Do you like consistent character development?

A non-fan: Yes.

A fan: Do you like a writing team that rewards the audience for paying attention to subtle little details?

A non-fan: Yes.

A fan: Do you like mystery shows that actually have character development?

A non-fan: Yes.

A fan: Then what are you waiting for? I know the premise sounds silly but you should really give the show a chance. TV Guide once called Veronica Mars the best show you're not watching.

How will this story end? Will our hero succeed in converting a new fan or will the non-fan just file a restraining order against this nut? Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion of "Fan vs. Non-fan: The Quest for Another Season."

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