What Are the Three Season Three Mysteries?

Status: It's anyone's guess...well, at least two of them are.

It's college. It's all change.

New network the CW, not to be confused with our CW, demands viewers. Lots of 'em. So Veronica's first year at Stanford Hearst will see an end to the season-long mysteries that perhaps made the show less assessable to the flibbertigibbet, remote-zapping majority of the American public. Instead, there will be three consecutive big mysteries resolved over fewer episodes, with each mystery being uninterrupted by repeats or long hiatus...ses...hiatii...gaps. What's the betting that the first two mysteries will be done and dusted in the first thirteen episodes? The third mystery, over nine episodes, is only going to excite us IF WE GET TO SEE IT. (Bums on seats, bums on seats, Nielsen bums on Nielsen seats.)

We can take a fair guess at one. The Hearst College rapist will no doubt strike again. As for the others, who knows? Perhaps Hector will spring Weevil from jail and save him from years of community soap. Maybe we'll finally find out who Sally was. It could be that Bright and Hannah come to Neptune, only to be drowned by an angry Aquaman. Who knows? Who cares? Just give us some more of that LoVe! Just give us some more of that shirtless Lamb! Just bring back and give us some more of that murderous Duncan Kane! Just give us some more!

Mystery Summary as of 2.22 "Not Pictured"

All summaries: 2.22

Clues for What Are the Three Season Three Mysteries?

  • 2.16 "The Rapes of Graff"
  • Veronica clears Troy of suspicion of being the Hearst College rapist who drugs his victims and cuts off their hair.
  • 2.22 "Not Pictured"
  • Lilly advises Veronica that she will be expected to have a female lover in college.