What Is Alicia Hiding?

Status: Her past is murky and now she's almost gone.

Alicia Fennel deceived.

She deceived her son Wallace by letting him think Hank Fennel was his father.

She deceived Keith Mars by telling him that the man who was stalking her was an old boyfriend.

She deceived herself when she thought she could go back to Chicago for a weekend with Keith and not be faced with her former life.

Alicia Fennel was born and married Nathan Woods, an undercover cop who went too deep. His descent into heroin addiction and crime ended their marriage. She remarried, and Wallace grew up believing a lie.

Even now, Wallace does not know the truth. Alicia says that she gave Nathan a choice between Wallace and the life he was leading. Nathan says she never even told him she was pregnant and that he tried to find Wallace. He has letters to prove that he wrote to his son, letters that Alicia does not want him to see.

What was Wallace to believe? His mother (who has lied and perhaps continues to lie to him) or Nathan, a man he doesn't know with a history of violence and drug abuse? Wallace decided to make up his own mind when he went to live with his father in Chicago for a while, much to his best friend's despair.

Wallace returned to Neptune, resuming his life there after an incident in Chicago, an incident which his father encouraged him to continue to cover up, despite the injury caused to an innocent homeless man. It was Veronica who put things right for Wallace, who has little reason to trust either of his parents now. In keeping with this, both appear to have disappeared off the planet, although Alicia did turn up to watch her son graduate. Wallace wasn't that impressed. Rather than stop and receive her congratulations, graduation gift, or whatever else Alicia may have planned, he ran away, heading for Paris to join his girlfriend Jackie Cook. Perhaps now that he is heading home, his relationship with Jackie over, he and his mom can discuss the question of why the women in Wallace's life keep lying to him.

Mystery Summary as of 2.22 "Not Pictured"

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Clues for What Is Alicia Hiding?

  • 1.01 "Pilot"
  • Alicia, Wallace and Darrell Fennel arrive in Neptune in the summer of 2004. It is not known from whence they came.
  • 1.06 "Return of the Kane"
  • Wallace refers to his father being dead.
  • 1.08 "Like a Virgin"
  • Alicia tells Wallace that Neptune was their chance for a fresh start.
  • 1.18 "Weapons of Class Destruction"
  • Wallace tells Veronica that Alicia hasn't found a decent guy since his dad died.
  • 2.03 "Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang"
  • Alicia seems less enthusiastic at her boyfriend's decision to run for sheriff than he is and gently tests his decision.
  • When Keith first suggests a weekend in Chicago, Alicia needs a little bit of persuasion.
  • At the Rossmore Hotel in Chicago, a man thinks he recognizes Alicia, calling her "Sherry" or "Cheri". Alicia does not acknowledge him and indeed, runs from him as well as she can without alerting Keith to her actions. She fails.
  • The man has a badge and with it, it is assumed, secures a name "Alicia Fennel," and a location, "Neptune".
  • The man turns up in Neptune. A quick scan of the telephone book discloses Alicia's address.
  • 2.04 "Green-Eyed Monster"
  • Alicia sees the man driving by her home. He does not stop.
  • Alicia asks Keith for a gun. He refuses but decides to sleep at her house as an alternative form of protection.
  • Alicia tells Keith the man is from her past, an old boyfriend that she dated before she was married. She adds that he was crazy.
  • Keith confronts the man, saying that he knows he is Carl Morgan, a man with a criminal record. The man does not deny it. Keith tells him to leave town. How has Keith identified him? Did Alicia tell him this? Did he take her at her word without further investigation or was his investigation faulty? Does the man have multiple identities for some reason? Is he really Michael Vaughn?
  • The man tells Keith he will not leave until he gets back what Alicia has taken from him.
  • Keith informs Lamb that Morgan is wanted for armed robbery. Lamb checks and discovers that the man is Nathan Woods, a decorated police officer.
  • Keith looks into Alicia's background and a birth certificate that states that she was born Cherie Parker Saunders in Chicago on March 9th, 1968. He also investigates her by the name of Cherie Woods, a name she used to secure a rented property for a year in May 1985. Were Alicia and Nathan married?
  • If Wallace is eighteen in 2005, it means he was born in 1987. On the rental application, Cherie Woods declares that she will live in the property alone. Did she and Woods, if married, briefly reconcile?
  • Woods approaches Wallace and tells him that he is his father. Wallace is shocked.
  • 2.05 "Blast from the Past"
  • Alicia tells Wallace that she was married to Nathan Woods when she was twenty-one.
  • Alicia tells Wallace that Nathan was an undercover cop who went so deeply undercover that he started coming home high and stashing heroin and guns under her bed.
  • Hank Fennel proposed to Alicia the day he signed Wallace's birth certificate.
  • Keith has ascertained that Nathan is Alicia's ex-husband.
  • Alicia tells Keith that she didn't tell Wallace to protect his childhood, implying Keith sold out Veronica's.
  • Wallace tells Nathan that Alicia has told him that she gave Nathan the chance to chose contact with his son over the life he was leaving and that he chose the latter.
  • Nathan denies this, stating that Alicia did not even tell him that she was pregnant. Nathan says Alicia's mother told him.
  • Nathan says he tried to find Wallace, sending letters through Alicia's mother, letters that were marked "Return to Sender." Nathan gives the letters to Wallace. The letters are addressed to Wallace from N. Woods. This would suggest that Nathan knew Wallace's address when he wrote the letters. So if he is telling the truth, why didn't he go to see Wallace?
  • Alicia reacts badly to Wallace's having the letters and takes them from her, telling him to stay away from Nathan.
  • Alicia doesn't respond when Wallace says he knows she lied when she said gave Nathan a choice. Does this mean that what Nathan says is true?