Who Killed Felix?

Status: Logan Didn't Do It!

On the night Aaron Echolls was unmasked as the killer of Lilly Kane, Logan Echolls teetered drunkenly on the edge of the Coronado Bridge, the site of his mother's suicide. When Weevil, who thought that Logan had killed Lilly, showed up with his PCH biker gang, Logan got in the first blow, knocking Weevil unconscious with a well-aimed kick. Like any good lieutenant, Felix Toombs gathered the troops and set upon the apparently suicidal 09er, dragging him off the edge and giving him a sound beating. But what happened next?

When Logan regained consciousness at the urging of a bystander, there was a bloody knife in his hand. Felix lay dead next to him. Logan threw the knife in the water and ran. He told the sheriff that he remembered nothing, not even the bystander.

Logan was arrested, and there was a preliminary hearing. The bikers claimed they saw Logan do it, but they were no match for Logan's high-priced lawyers, especially since the bikers, or at least some of them, were lying. The case was dropped and Logan was free, for a while. Then a man stepped forward claiming to have witnessed Logan ranting and raving over Felix's body. That man lied, for he was not the bystander on the bridge. Why would someone lie? Someone other than Logan, that is. After some encouragement in the form of Logan dating his young daughter, the evidence of the false witness, and his daughter, went away. The case against Logan collapsed again.

Weevil's conviction of Logan's guilt evaporated as the covert activities and lies of his gang and the shadowy presence of the local crime family, the Fitzpatricks, become known to him. Torturing Logan persuaded him that the arrogant 09er was innocent. Behind the scenes, he worked with Logan to try to uncover the truth. It's a decision that cost him his position as the gang's leader.

Weevil was convinced that Thumper did it, but Thumper could produce a video of Weevil pounding on the subsequently murdered Curly Moran. If Weevil talked, the video would go to the sheriff's department. So Weevil turned to Veronica to find proof, so he could do the right thing and turn Thumper over to the authorities. They bugged the River Styx where Liam Fitzpatrick all but...all BUT confessed to having Felix wasted for fooling around with and dissing Molly. Say it ain't so! Weevil swears that Felix was planning his future with his Juliet, so whoever told the Fitzpatricks that Felix said those things was a lying scumbag. The mysterious man on the bridge, the real one, finally came forward and told Lamb what he saw — one biker stab another, put the knife in Logan's hand, and ride away on a red bike with a black spider on the side. Thumper's bike.

Sadly, this real evidence came too late for Weevil, who set in motion Plan B when he mugged Thumper and stole his drug money, planting it on Thumper's bike for the Fitzpatricks to find. As Weevil must have known, the Fitzpatricks did not take kindly to being short-changed by their stooge and left him in the men's room at Shark Field stadium, just in time to have an inside seat when Logan pushed the plunger that turned it into dust. Thumper is an ex-rabbit.

But was Thumper really the killer? And since Weevil was seen mugging Thumper, is he going to pay for an execution he didn't commit with his own hands?

The Suspects

Cervando Luna - Cervando, who died in the bus crash, defied stereotypes. According to the glowing obituary provided by his fellow students — who may have been exaggerating — at 17, he was a long-standing member of the PCH bike gang, yet he was on the honor roll. He had a love of biology and billiards. He was a biker, but was not there when the bikers attacked Logan — if Thumper's account of the night on the bridge was accurate in terms of Felix's deployment of the bikers. He was collected later by Sully with instructions to come to the bridge to ride the unconscious Weevil's bike home. Or maybe Thumper took Weevil's bike, to get the feel of power that the leader's bike might give him, and Cervando was left to ride the red bike with the black spider. The bikers on the bridge lied at Logan's preliminary hearing when they said they all saw Logan stab Felix, assuming that Logan killed Felix because they left the two of them alone and Felix ended up dead. If Sully dropped Cervando at the bridge, what did he see? What did he do? Cervando is well placed to be the killer or a witness to the stabbing. Whilst any motive to kill is currently difficult to discern, the fact that he was a long-standing member, one who would have served under the leadership of Felix's brother, may indicate that he had a hand in the Reaper's disappearance or in the encroachment by the Fitzpatricks, something that Felix may have discovered. However, Felix's apparent comfort in calling for his presence would appear to contradict this. But if he was a witness, why didn't he step forward? Who would he protect? Would he succumb to intimidation or peer pressure? His death in the bus crash makes the answers to these questions harder to come by.

David "Curly" Moran - There is no obvious connection between Moran, a former stuntman, and Felix. However, Moran was an old biker and was last seen alive outside a biker bar. We don't know anything about his current bike, but the one shown in a picture to Veronica by Lamb wasn't red and there was no sign of a spider. The bar was where Weevil's earring was found. It was also the place where Weevil nearly kicked Curly's head in after an anonymous phone call claimed Curly sabotaged the bus at the behest of the Fitzpatricks, although Curly denied it. Felix was involved with the Fitzpatricks, at least to the extent of dating and planning a future with Molly Fitzpatrick. This is surprising because the Fitzpatricks allegedly killed his brother. What was Felix doing? Was it only love? The Fitzpatricks found out and were not happy. If Moran did dirty work for the Fitzpatricks — or for anyone else, for as a mechanic of luxurious and foreign cars, he knew the 09ers, too — then who is to say that the bus was his first commission?

The Fighting Fitzpatricks - As a collective, with Liam Fitzpatrick at their head, they are the first family of crime in Neptune. They seem to have cornered the drug market, a territory they take so seriously that two of their number failed on purpose in order to stay in high school to keep their trade going, and which they allegedly defended by murdering Felix's brother when he attempted to take their place. Molly Fitzpatrick didn't doubt that she and Felix would have been killed if her family knew about their affair. But they did know, and she's still alive. They are glad he is dead. They almost admitted to doing it, but not quite. They believed that Felix was using Molly as a whore and mocking her behind her back. But Felix was planning a life with the good ship Mollypop, a life of trucking their brains out. So who told them that and why? The Fitzpatricks have made inroads into the PCH bike gang, suborning Thumper, and he's brought the rest of the gang along with him, except for Weevil. But when? Was Thumper a dirty rabbit before Felix died? Could he have let Liam borrow his bike and leathers? Did Felix find out, maybe when he was flirting in church with Molly? Or did Thumper want to be Weevil's Number Two in order to influence the rest? All the above would be motives for the Fitzpatricks to arrange for Felix to disappear. Add to that the reasons why the Fitzpatricks may want to see Logan convicted of the crimes. If they were responsible, then it may simply be to obfuscate the truth. It may be at their behest that Dr. Tom Griffith, a "friend of the family," came forward with perjured testimony against Logan. Certainly, Griffith's frequent telephone conversations with the Fitzpatricks after Logan began dating his daughter point that way, and Griffith doesn't deny Logan's charge that he is the tool of the Fitzpatricks. Furthermore, the Fitzpatricks aren't just into drugs. Their visit to Terrence Cook to recover gambling debts for Leonard Lobo indicates that they either have their own masters or are thugs for hire for the powerful. Could they be orchestrating the conviction of Logan for someone else? And where does family friend Kendall Casablancas fit in?

[Dr. Tom Griffith - A famed plastic surgeon, there is little to connect Dr. Tom Griffith with Felix's death, except for his statement, which he has now withdrawn, that he was on the bridge the night Felix died. Was he on the bridge at all that night? If he was, what did he actually see? If he was there, he could have killed Felix, either for the Fitzpatricks, who claim him as a friend of the family, or for some other reason, perhaps to do with the true nature of the business of the tobacco store he frequents. On the face of it, Dr. Griffith was a patsy who gave false testimony against Logan. Yet Dr. Griffith is, in all other apparent respects, a decent man, one with a Humanitarian award from Children First Medical Safaris, one who steers a young woman away from unnecessary surgery, and one whose only reprimand relates to his giving medical attention to someone who needed it. Was Dr. Griffith pressured or blackmailed into his perjury? Whether or not it is drug addiction, as Logan tells his daughter, Hannah, it might have been less open to question if Hannah hadn't found the white powder hidden in the bathroom after Logan's visit. Griffith didn't deny that he was a cokehead when facing Logan. Griffith's failure to confide in his family — albeit his marriage ended amidst arguments about money — left the door open for Logan to start a romance with Hannah, with the intent of forcing Griffith to change his testimony. Griffith was reluctant to do so until pushed beyond his limits at the indications that Logan and Hannah are having sex. So whatever was driving him, it was powerful; but not so powerful for him to stomach his daughter in Logan's thrall, whatever those controlling him may do to him.

Danny Boyd - "It was a little bar fight. Man, you should see the other guy." Danny is one of the Fighting Fitzpatricks and is Molly Fitzpatrick's uncle. In 2003 (if the site Veronica and Logan checked was accurate), Dr. Tom Griffith was fined for inappropriate off-site practice, such activity being sewing up Danny's wound after that fight. The other guy was either in a worse state then or is in a worse state now, a condition which could describe Felix. Felix was dating Molly. Did Danny don biker gear and break them up permanently? Certainly Danny's not past a little murder, as he and Liam Fitzpatrick disposed of Thumper with a chuckle. See also the Fighting Fitzpatricks.

Liam Fitzpatrick - Liam currently heads the Fitzpatricks as the older generation appears to be in jail. He is particularly angry about the fact that Felix was supposed to have bad mouthed Molly and treated her like a whore. See the Fighting Fitzpatricks.

Hector Cortez - Hector was on the bridge and was, according to Thumper, one of the last to see Felix alive, together with Bootsy. But Thumper is a disloyal subordinate, diverting Weevil from the truth about the bikers as he erodes Weevil's position. In the story Thumper told, Hector reports that he actually saw Logan stab Felix. Hector lied, but why? Was it simply that he assumed it to be true and, as all the bikers on the bridge later did, made it up to try and ensure justice against Logan? Another explanation might be that his evidence was coerced by intimidation or money, of which he is fond, by person or persons unknown. Another could be that he killed or was an accessory to the killing of Felix. Was he assisting Thumper in his devious endeavors? Whilst all bets as to the truth are off after the coup d'etat in the biker gang, it appears that Hector was not selling drugs for the Fitzpatricks, instead working independently as a middleman between the 09ers, a fact he has admitted in front of Thumper, who is working with the Fitzpatricks. It's a fact that could put him and his supplier, Sean Friedrich, at risk. Hector made little secret of his dissatisfaction with Weevil's leadership, but he wasn't the one looking to take over. The hint of reluctance in his eyes on being told to drive Weevil's bike into the ocean may indicate that he doesn't entirely approve.

Bootsy - Nothing is known of Bootsy except that he was one of the bikers on the bridge. He had the same opportunity as Hector to lie, to kill Felix, or to witness what happened.

Thumper - Did he or didn't he? Thumper fits the bill. According to Luis, the passing trucker who interrupted events on the bridge, Felix was stabbed by a biker who drove off on a bike remarkably similar to Thumper's. But was that always his bike? What's to say that it wasn't another biker or somebody dressed to look like one of the bikers? Thumper certainly had motive. He appeared to take over Felix's position as Weevil's second-in-command. To all appearances, Thumper was loyal to Weevil, but he was playing his own variation of Iago. According to his story, Felix assigned Thumper and Doddie the job of getting the unconscious Weevil home. Did Thumper go back to the bridge? If the account of Felix's instructions was accurate, both Thumper and Doddie, once they dropped off Weevil, were free to go back alone. Thumper was in league with the Fitzpatricks, selling drugs for them, which they supply via a hymnal left at St. Mary's Church, the one place where the two groups mix without violence. How long had it been going on? Did Felix, who met his own forbidden fruit in the form of Molly Fitzpatrick at the church, see the exchange and challenge Thumper? Or did Thumper do the deed at the behest of the Fitzpatricks? Certainly, Thumper had the means, the motive, and the opportunity to kill Felix and is the current leading suspect, a position that his failure to deny Weevil's denouncement supports. He died for it, so let's hope so.

Doddie - Nothing is known of Doddie except that he was one of the bikers on the bridge and that he was charged with taking Weevil home. He may have gone back alone afterwards to kill Felix for reasons unknown.

Sully - Nothing is known of Sully except that he was one of the bikers on the bridge and that he was given the job of going to get Cervando. Like Cervando, he should have returned to the bridge. Did he drop off Cervando and leave? If he returned and stayed, then he would have had the same opportunity as Cervando to kill Felix. Equally, Sully could have been a witness and/or accessory.

Ciaran Fitzpatrick - See the Fighting Fitzpatricks.

Padraig Fitzpatrick - See the Fighting Fitzpatricks.

Gustavio "Reaper Gus" Toombs - Gus was the PCH bike gang leader before Weevil, and he was Felix's older brother. Unlike Weevil, he was happy to deal drugs at Neptune High once Ciaran and Padraig Fitzpatrick were expelled. He allegedly died for it at the hands of the Fitzpatricks, and his body was never discovered. Is he really dead? If he made a fresh start, forsaking his own family, how would he react if, say, he stopped at a scene on a bridge and found himself face to face with an angry brother? Okay, so this is a bit way out there, but you never know.

Molly Fitzpatrick - Either a member or dependent of the Fitzpatrick gang, she is certainly one of the family and niece of Danny Boyd. She ratted out Veronica on the latter's visit to the River Stix and stood by while Veronica was terrorized by Liam Fitzpatrick. She was also romantically involved with Felix before his death. Why was Felix dating one of the clan that supposedly murdered his brother? Was it true Romeo-and-Juliet style love, or was something else at play? Were they still an item when Felix died? Coming from a family of thugs, Molly may take being dumped even worse than Veronica.

Father Patrick Fitzpatrick - One of the Fitzpatrick boys, he has supposedly shed all his wild oats and taken to the priesthood. His history makes him as prone to violence as the rest of his family, and he may have done terrible things before finding God, like make Gustavio Toombs disappear. His current occupation would seem to absolve him of involvement, but he is a presence that can't be ignored. Felix and Molly met in his church, and Thumper and Liam dealt drugs in his church. His vocation is a convenience. Is that all it is?

Person or persons unknown - Yeah. Or them.

Mystery Summary as of 2.21 "Happy Go Lucky"

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Clues for Who Killed Felix?

  • 2.01 "Normal Is the Watchword"
  • When Logan reached Veronica, he was bruised and bloody and had broken ribs consistent with a beating.
  • Felix and five other bikers, in helmets, beat Logan. Each of those five will have evidence of what happened that night. Who are they? Where are they?
  • Felix has always been quick to defend the biker boss against any threat.
  • Logan does carry a knife, as was seen in 1.20 "M.A.D." The knife in Logan's hand does not appear to be the knife he had in that episode.
  • The passing motorist who found Logan and Felix's body did not wait for the sheriff's department. Who is he? Will he come forward? If he does testify that he found Logan with a knife in his hand, will Logan go down?
  • The case was dropped against Logan for lack of evidence at the preliminary hearing stage. It can be resurrected.
  • Jake Kane swore to destroy Aaron's family. If Logan was framed, was Jake involved?
  • "Like father, like son." Logan's father is a murderer. Duncan's father swore vengeance.
  • 2.02 "Driver Ed"
  • With Logan still under suspicion of Felix's murder, he is more likely to be a suspect again.
  • If the bus crash was murder, one of those who were on the bus, or who should have been on the bus, may have been the target. Cervando Perez, another PCH biker, was on the bus and the second biker to die over the course of a few months.
  • 2.03 "Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang"
  • David "Curly" Moran may have been a biker. He was pictured with a motorcycle and he was last seen at the Road Hog, a biker bar up the Pacific Coast Highway. He is certainly dead. If he is another dead biker, is that a connection with Felix's death or coincidence?
  • An earring was found outside the Road Hog. The earring looks like the one Weevil was wearing when he gave Veronica a ride and they came upon the bus crash.
  • Moran was beaten to death and marked with the name "Veronica Mars."
  • Moran was a mechanic at Symbolic Motor Car Company and Logan has access to many Symbolic-worthy cars. They may know each other, although Logan denies it.
  • 2.04 "Green-Eyed Monster"
  • Someone called Weevil, on September 24th, with information about Moran's alleged involvement in the bus crash. Weevil judged the information unlikely to be true. The call was made from Logan's house.
  • Logan claims that September 24th was the night of his Life's Short party. Many people were present at the Life's Short party including 09ers, the bikers, and the sheriff and his deputies.
  • The flier Logan showed Veronica to verify what he was saying does not, for it dates the party as September 20th. There are three possibilities. Logan is innocently mistaking the date. Logan is deliberately seeking to mislead Veronica. Somebody behind scenes messed up. Pay your money, take your choice.
  • Logan claims not to know Moran or of his association with his father, whose birthday, coincidentally or not, is September 24th.
  • 2.06 "Rat Saw God"
  • A man has come forward to say that he is the one who made the anonymous call from the bridge. If Logan's account to Veronica in 2.01 "Normal Is the Watchword" is accurate, this is not the same man who spoke to Logan when he regained consciousness.
  • If Logan's account to Veronica in 2.01 "Normal Is the Watchword" is accurate, the man who spoke to Logan when he regained consciousness said that he called an ambulance but made no reference to calling the sheriff's department.
  • It is unclear as to if the man who came forward is a second witness, one who made an anonymous call to the sheriff's department?
  • The man alleges that Logan was raving over Felix's body, bloody knife in hand.
  • The man alleges that Logan threatened to kill him, using his father's money to do so.
  • On June 27th, Logan gave testimony, saying that he couldn't remember a thing about the events on the bridge.
  • If the witness's story holds, Cliff advises Logan that he will go to trial.
  • It may only be hearsay, but Veronica's evidence is relevant to the case against Logan, specifically his admission that he had a bloody knife that he disposed of. Such evidence would be damning.
  • The PCH bikers have no doubt that Logan killed Felix and intend to take action against him.
  • Clarence Wiedman is still in place as the Head of Security for Kane Software, to all appearances unfettered by charges as to his actions the previous year.
  • 2.07 "Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner"
  • Logan asks Veronica for help. He says the witness is lying about the events on the bridge and he needs to know why.
  • Veronica gathers information about the witness. He is Dr. Tom Griffith, a noted plastic surgeon.
  • On seeing a picture of the witness, Logan tells Veronica that it is not the man who was on the bridge.
  • Logan admits that he lied when he said he couldn't remember. He did it because he was free and clear if the witness was not found. Veronica was unaware of this.
  • Veronica's initial assessment of Dr. Griffith is that he is a good man. This is based on his treatment of her as a potential patient for plastic surgery, surgery he refused to perform as she does not need it.
  • Veronica's initial assessment is revised when it appears that Dr. Griffith may have deliberately avoided further contact with her, and instead leaves his office.
  • Veronica follows Dr. Griffith to Liberty Cigars & Pipes. She is suspicious when he fails to reappear after half an hour. She goes into the shop, pretending to be a customer. She sees Dr. Griffith leave with a paper bag in his hand.
  • Keith tells Veronica that Liberty Cigars & Pipes on Ocean Avenue was notorious for dealing drugs, and that he tried to close it down when he was sheriff.
  • As a doctor, Griffith would have easy access to drugs.
  • Drugs have come up a few times in the show. There's Corny with his little bag of herbs and his permanently dazed expression. There are the 09ers, who pick stuff up on trips to Tijuana. There's Veronica, who once claimed to know a man. More recently, there are the Fighting Fitzpatricks, the meth-head lunatics with a bone to pick with Cervando Perez. There is also Stuart Fuller, who may be linked to the Boatloads of Fun Corporation.
  • 2.08 "Ahoy, Mateys!"
  • Tom Griffith was disciplined for inappropriate off-site practice when he stitched up Danny Boyd, a member of the Fighting Fitzpatricks, after a bar fight. To all appearances, Griffith is a friend to the Fitzpatricks, and attempts to gain information about that relationship are not welcome.
  • An 09er has ordered drugs from a member of the PCH bike club. He assumes Weevil is privy to the deal and approaches him. Weevil denies selling cocaine and checks the 09er for a wire. The 09er cannot identify the specific biker.
  • Logan has an unloaded gun in the glove compartment of his car.
  • Logan pulls his gun on Liam Fitzpatrick to rescue Veronica from the River Stix.
  • Logan is unaware of anything he has done to make him a target of the Fitzpatricks. This would be prior to the incident in the River Stix. Logan's actions there have no doubt angered the Fitzpatricks.
  • Veronica concludes that the Fitzpatricks have provided their puppet, Tom Griffith, to help the PCH bikers, who do have a grudge against Logan. She assumes it is because the bikers are working with the Fitzpatricks. Weevil denies that the bikers are in league with the Fitzpatricks.
  • Weevil gathers the bikers to confirm his authority as leader. All the bikers deny having any dealings with the Fitzpatricks and deny selling drugs.
  • Thumper tells Weevil what happened on the Coronado Bridge. The bikers lied to the police. They were not all there when Felix was stabbed. They said they were to strengthen the case against Logan.
  • The only bikers on the bridge at the time Felix was stabbed were Hector and Bootsy. Thumper repeats the story he was told: Felix was reaching over Logan's prone body into his pockets, searching for the keys to the Xterra, when Logan pulled a knife and stabbed him. Hector and Bootsy ran because a truck was bearing down on the scene.
  • Logan is kidnapped. He is held by two men in ski masks. He sees the men call and take their orders from someone on the phone, a person who stays on the line to listen to what Logan says. The men subject Logan to a game of Russian Roulette to force him to tell the truth about what happened on the bridge. Terrified, Logan insists that he doesn't remember. Logan sees them stop after speaking to the person on the phone and one of the men returns the phone to his pocket.
  • Logan is taken to an isolated location to be dumped. As the two men carry him out of the van they are using, Logan picks the pocket of the man with the phone and takes it.
  • Once alone, Logan uses redial. Weevil answers and asks if they are done. Logan swears vengeance.
  • Weevil's search for the truth about what is going on in his own gang may be diverted by his battle with Logan.
  • 2.09 "My Mother, the Fiend"
  • Weevil was responsible for Logan's kidnapping.
  • Weevil does not deny setting fire to Logan's home.
  • Weevil is now satisfied that Logan did not kill Felix. He tells Logan so. He also says that they now have something in common: they both need to find out who killed Felix.
  • Weevil needs to shore up his leadership of the bikers by punishing Logan for taping him to the flagpole, a circumstance Logan appears to understand and accept.
  • Hector is unimpressed with Weevil's treatment of Logan, believing Logan should be dead for what he did.
  • 2.10 "One Angry Veronica"
  • Thumper seeks to intimidate Veronica into finding two 09ers guilty of assaulting a Mexican girl.
  • 2.11 "Donut Run"
  • Hector is dealing drugs. However, he claims that he is not being supplied by the Fitzpatricks. If this is true, then the theory that the Fitzpatricks supplied a false witness against Logan as a favor to a biker dealing drugs for them is weakened, particularly as the Fitzpatricks are notoriously protective of the drug market.
  • Hector is being supplied by Sean Friedrich who denies any association with the Fitzpatricks.
  • Felix's brother was Weevil's predecessor as leader of the PCH bike gang. His efforts to deal drugs at the high school ended when he disappeared, popularly believed to have been been killed by the Fitzpatricks. His body has never been found.
  • Felix was dating Molly Fitzpatrick before he died and was planning on having a tattoo of her.
  • 2.12 "Rashard & Wallace Go To White Castle"
  • Weevil questions Molly Fitzpatrick. She confirms that she and Felix were romantically involved. She states that if the Fitzpatricks had known, they would have killed them both.
  • Molly met Felix at St. Mary's Catholic church, a place where both the Fitzpatricks and the bikers worship. Her uncle Patrick Fitzpatrick is the priest there and in a position to observe their meeting.
  • Weevil believes that whichever of the bikers is involved with the Fitzpatricks, the church is the perfect place for them to meet/interact. He asks Veronica to bug the confessional.
  • Veronica places a video camera without sound in the confessional.
  • Video from the confessional shows Liam Fitzpatrick leave something for Thumper in a hymnal in the confessional, which Thumper then collects.
  • Weevil challenges Thumper who admits that he and the gang have been dealing drugs through the Fitzpatricks.
  • Weevil is ousted as the gang's leader when it is revealed that he has been working with "the enemy" who killed Felix — Logan.
  • Weevil accuses Thumper of killing Felix. Thumper does not deny it but tells Weevil that if he makes the accusation public, Thumper will forward a video he has on his cell of Weevil beating up Curly Moran to Sheriff Lamb, who is investigating Moran's murder.
  • 2.13 "Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough"
  • Tom Griffith has a daughter at Neptune High who is seemingly unaware that her father has stepped forward as a witness against Logan.
  • Logan is courting Tom Griffith's daughter, Hannah, and has ensured that Dr. Griffith's is aware of this.
  • 2.14 "Versatile Toppings"
  • Dr. Griffith has been separated from his wife for one year. Hannah reports that they used to argue about money.
  • Logan visited Hannah at her father's house. Dr. Griffith confronted Logan as Logan left the bathroom and asked him to leave Hannah alone. Logan refused unless Dr. Griffith rethought his evidence.
  • Dr. Griffith did not tell Hannah that he had stepped forward as a witness against Logan until Logan refused to end his relationship with Hannah.
  • Hannah intended to end her relationship with Logan in the belief that Logan had used her. Logan tells her that her father is a liar, spent his money on coke and is in deep with Fitzpatricks. He asks Hannah to search the house and keep an open mind.
  • Hannah checks the phone and notes recent calls include the Fitzpatricks and the River Stix.
  • Hannah checks the bathroom and find a bag of white powder hidden in a box of band-aids in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom.
  • Hannah tells Logan that he was right about her father. They continue and make public their relationship.
  • Veronica ascertains that a young Latino, Arturo, is responsible for the Pizza Boy Muggings. Arturo devised the plan to impress and thereby join the PCH bike gang who are now "back in charge."
  • 2.15 "The Quick and the Wed"
  • Logan's trial is in sixty days.
  • The District Attorney is offering Logan a plea bargain: four years for involuntary manslaughter, out in two with good behavior. Logan declines, against the advice of his lawyer.
  • Dr. Griffith's evidence is that he saw three bikers, one of them bleeding to death, and a knife in Logan's hand.
  • Dr. Griffith's evidence contradicts the original evidence given by the bikers when they claimed that they had all seen the stabbing. This is likely to devalue any fresh evidence they proffer.
  • Cliff's advice to Logan is based largely upon the evidence of Tom Griffith, and in particular on his evidence that at the time of the stabbing, Logan was not in peril, which scuppers a claim of self-defense.
  • The broadcast of a Tinseltown Diaries piece on Aaron also featured Logan in a negative light and would have been seen by the potential jurors, who may be predisposed to convict a "smug rich boy."
  • Cliff states that no one in Neptune, from which the jury will come, likes Logan, a fact underlined when Arturo spat on him.
  • Without explicitly confirming that he is a cocaine addict or that he is in league with the Fitzpatricks, Tom Griffith agrees to make his evidence go away if Logan stays away from Hannah. Logan appears to reluctantly agree, despite the appearance of developing feelings for the girl who defends him and who has probably slept with him.
  • Without Griffith's evidence, the case against Logan is much weaker.
  • 2.16 "The Rapes of Graff"
  • Tom Griffith has dropped his testimony against Logan.
  • The case against Logan has collapsed again.
  • Cliff's briefcase is stolen for reasons unknown. The contents included the files on the case against Logan and a key to a storage locker that contains "everything else." However it also included files on cases of a drunken assault, lewd conduct, a fraud, and a divorce, any one of which may have been of more interest to the instigator of the theft.
  • In relation to the Logan Echolls murder case files, Cliff describes one of the keys that was stolen as being the one to "their storage locker." Is the "they" the Echolls? What is in the storage locker and why would anyone want to access it?
  • 2.17 "Plan B"
  • Weevil remembers that Felix was making plans for the future, intending to become a truck driver. He mentioned getting married, settling down, and cranking out a couple shorties.
  • Weevil tells Veronica that Thumper killed Felix. He wants her help to get proof or else he is going to deal with Thumper himself.
  • Veronica and Logan find Luis, the truck driver on the bridge who stopped and spoke to Logan when he regained consciousness
  • Veronica puts a bug in a toy truck. Weevil gives Molly the truck, which she takes back to the River Styx.
  • Liam Fitzpatrick tells Molly that she should be glad Felix is dead because she's just the dumb blonde piece o' tail he shot his mouth off about to all his buddies. Molly says it is not true.
  • Liam Fitzpatrick says that if Molly's father hadn't been in jail, he would have killed Felix himself.
  • Lamb refuses to act on the recorded conversation because it was illegally obtained and, in any event, it did not amount to a confession.
  • Weevil acts on his threat and takes matters into his own hands. He sets Thumper up so that it appears to the Fitzpatricks that Thumper attempted to steal their drug money.
  • Luis, having initially refused to come forward due to fear of reprisals by the PCHers, is persuaded to do so by his wife after Veronica visits her. He testifies that he saw one biker stab another biker and then put the knife in Logan's hand while he lay unconscious. He did not see the biker's face, but did see the bike he drove away on. The bike he describes — red with a black spider on the side — is immediately recognized by Lamb as belonging to Thumper.
  • Prior to being gagged and left bound in the toilet of the soon-to-be demolished Shark Field stadium, Thumper said he had something on Liam.
  • Thumper kept the dirt on Weevil on his cell phone. It is not known what happened to Thumper's cell or whether that was location of the dirt he had on Liam as well.
  • 2.22 "Not Pictured"
  • Weevil knows that Thumper was crushed when the Shark Field stadium was demolished by explosives.
  • Weevil saw the paddle in Thumper's locker when he planted the carnival money there. He recognized that it was engraved with license plate numbers and believes it to be some form of insurance policy. He wants to recover it for the leverage it affords against the Fitzpatricks.
  • Liam expects the PCH bikers to work harder to sell drugs in the school and create demand. He suggests they throw a rave on the beach and sell to students who need to stay awake and need to study for finals.
  • Weevil and Veronica track down the owners of the license plates from the list kept by Thumper. It comprises lawyers on speed, coked up pro athletes, and celebrities kids' rolling on E at the least.
  • Weevil tells Liam that the Fitzpatricks' association with the PCHers is over or else the list of his customers as shown on the paddle will be made public. Weevil also confirms that he has copies and that should Weevil disappear, the list will also be made public. Liam is forced to acquiesce.
  • Weevil is arrested and charged with the murder of Thumper.
  • 2.21 "Happy Go Lucky"
  • Thumper's body has been recovered from the rubble of Shark Stadium and identified.
  • The two boys who saw Weevil mug Thumper come forward and identify him to Lamb.