MI.net's reaction to the Veronica Mars movie

From: wyk (webmaster of MI.net)

To: MI.net webteam

Subject: VM Movie Kickstarter project!!!

Date: March 13, 2013 7:47 AM

Howdy former MInetters,

In case you haven't heard, Rob is doing a Kickstarter project to fund a VM movie.



Initial reaction

Polter-Cow: Holy crap, this actually looks like the first legit chance. The video is awesome.

funky-donut: OMG!!!!!!!

(passes out)

(wakes up)


Well, first I'm going to pledge as much money as I possibly can, which is sadly NOT $10,000.

The second thing I'm going to do is share on facebook.

The third (well, first, because it's the first thing I thought of) thing to do is to lament the fact that facebook wasn't as huge as it is now when we were doing Mars Investigations, because if all the people who visited our site back in the day (I can't believe how long it's been!) were following us through social media, we could really get the word out.


I'm only donating if one of the awards is Adam Scott coming to my house and appearing in a video with me to say "Are we having FUN yet?" Seriously, based on the video plea, I'm now desperately hoping that this is a movie with the characters and storyline of VM but made with the tone of Party Down.

Okay, seriously seriously (seriously), I find this whole thing pretty interesting. I'm not jumping up and down in hysterical anticipation -- the last three times I watched VM, it was "The Girl Next Door," "Silence Of The Lamb" and "Meet John Smith" to check out baby Jessica Chastain, baby Aaron Paul and not-quite-baby Melissa Leo now that I know who those people are -- but I'm certainly keen to see where this is going. Since this is almost literally catering to fans, I'm a little worried about fanservice (which has historically been a problem with this show) reaching epidemic proportions, but I'm also a little jazzed about the possibility of this being the VM equivalent of Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing, a movie where the quick-and-cheapness of it works to its advantage by giving it an energy that a bigger budget and window of opportunity might squelch. (I haven't seen Much Ado yet, but you get the idea.)

So. That's your official MI.net curmudgeon's take on this. I hope it works. I hope it works like crazy. But there'd better be some Moustache Cop in there or so help me God.

As I hit "send," the tally is up to $842,712. So.

wyk: Wait. I forgot. What's the name of the moustache cop? *runs to MI.net* How could I forget about Sacks?!

spadada: When I first read $2 million in 30 days I shook my head. But shit, they are almost halfway there IN ONE DAY. I am stunned.

The video was fun and I am interested but not sure it is my fight anymore. I will probably donate at a low level to support and then kind of watch it play out.

wyk: I LOVED the promo video. I haven't seen Veronica Mars in a while, and that video reminded me of all the reasons I loved the show.

Polter-Cow: I was going to donate at a low level to support, but then my friends bought tickets to the premiere, so I did too. Fun times on the red carpet!


funky-donut: If I didn't have to travel to CA to do the red carpet thing, I would have seriously thought about it. Instead I went for the option that let me get the most swag without having to break the bank. The comment section on the kickstarter is blowing up with outrage/sadness over lack of international shipping options - I think they'd have twice what they have (ALREADY HOLY SHIT I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S HALFWAY FUNDED) if they were sending t-shirts etc overseas.

I seriously can't believe it's at almost a million! AMAZING!

Polter-Cow: Past a million! New Kickstarter record!

wyk: Rob contacted me about this iteration of kickstarter project a couple of weeks ago. The night before the launch, I mentioned that the fans would be disappointed about no international shipping. Maybe they will reconsider after seeing all the comments.

FYI, over 50% of the visitors to MI.net are outside the U.S.

If they raise enough $$$, maybe they can do a sequel!

spadada: So glad you weighed in, Wyk. Hopefully they will change it for the international people. They have 29 days to tweak it...

funky-donut: Wyk, I was wondering how you were so on top of it as soon as it started! Glad Rob contacted you and got your input. I have been totally useless at work today, just watching those numbers go higher and higher!

spadada: The international fans could get together and all have their awards sent to one address in the US and some nice fan could send their swag to them...

grim squeaker: I'm sure where there is a will there's someone to collect the swag. And send it on, hopefully.

It's $1,191,929 right now...

funky-donut: I just got to watch the video for the first time - I was at work all day til now and our stupid computers won't allow us to stream fucking video like it's 1987 or something - and I got a little teared up when the theme music came on at the end!! Plus I laughed out loud when Jason said that Enrico had been in character for 8 years and played the character in Flashpoint as Keith Mars playing that character. That's totally how I watched that show the few times I attempted to watch it!

PS: It's close to $1.9 mill right now!

spacecitymarc: And there, at 8:55 p.m., is your movie, folks.

spadada: Holy. Effing. Crap.

wyk: It took the WB over 5 years to approve a movie, and it took fans less than 11 hours to fund it. Veronica Mars fans are smarter than the WB.

spacecitymarc: Guys, at this rate, the movie's budget's going to be $60 million.

BepperGirl: I am very excited by this news. #threeseasonsandamovie

chris1010: Hi everyone. Can't believe they made their target already!

wyk: 24 hours after EW.com broke the news:

43,057 backers


1 Veronica Mars movie

Did you ever think a VM movie would ever happen?

wyk: I kinda gave up hope on a VM movie after Rob and Kristen repeatedly said while they would love to do a movie, but the WB nixed the idea. Most of my all-time favorite shows end up being canceled due to low ratings, and with the exception of Firefly and Cupid, none of them came back.

After the first Kickstarter attempt fell apart in early 2012, I didn't think that a movie would ever be made. There are so many legal and financial issues that have to be dealt with. I'm so glad that Rob didn't give up after that first attempt.

grim squeaker: I expected this as much as getting my own miniature triceratops, to be honest. Still waiting for that one...

spadada: Never. I was always part of the chorus of people saying the series finale was a great noir ending and opening it back up would feel cheap. I TAKE IT ALL BACK! (Except the part about the finale ending beautifully.)

Polter-Cow: I'm with spadada. I loved the noir ending, and I figured that if a movie were going to happen, it would have happened a long time ago, given Rob and Kristen's obvious enthusiasm about the idea. As more time passed, although their enthusiasm remained, any passion from potential investors would have to have declined, right? Serenity was made only a couple years after Firefly was canceled, and Veronica Mars has been off the air for almost six years. I felt like it was a pipe dream to begin with, and it was just pipe-ier the more people brought it up. This just doesn't happen.

wyk: This does happen...to Rob...like twice. First there was the Cupid remake 11 years after its initial cancellation, and now there's the Veronica Mars movie 5+ years after its cancellation. The Cupid remake was less than spectacular. What will happen this time? Will the movie be like Godfather II like Rob wants or Godfather III?

According to Rob, they are currently writing a script for a Party Down movie. If that happens, Rob will be like the king of undeading dead shows.

Random fact #1: It has been 5 years, 9 months, 20 days from the series finale to the Kickstarter launch.

funky-donut: I did not think there would ever be a Veronica Mars movie. Ever. In fact, I was despairing of even really liking anything the cast or Rob did again, save Party Down, which I saw years late and adored. I have enjoyed few of the movies KB has done since (the one major exception being that one with Jason Segel where she was the villainess and not in a starring role), I haven't watched any of the (crap) shows Jason Dohring has been on, I tried to watch Flashpoint for Enrico but found it too formulaic, etc. etc. In fact, the major exception is New Girl, and it took me half a season to figure out the reason I knew who Schmidt was! (I was so friggin' excited when I realized he was Deputy Leo, though!)

Longwindedly, what I'm trying to say is that it kind of felt like VM was just a magic moment in time. Part of that may come from how special it was to work with all of you on marsinvestigations.net (she says sappily). I can't imagine investing the kind of time and effort we put into that site into anything on the internet ever again. But I loved doing it, you know? I haven't felt like that about a show since, although there's certainly been a lot of TV-watching in the F-D household in the last 6 years. The show that's come closest for me was Terriers, which actually reminded me in tone and awesomeness of VM, but was sadly canceled after only a season.

spadada: funky-donut, I loved that show too! Did you see Shawn Ryan's tweet?


Very interested to see how this Veronica Mars kickstarter goes. Could be a model for a Terriers wrap up film.

I would donate to that! Terriers and Life were the two shows that came the closest to filling the VM-sized hole in my heart. I love a good mystery.

funky-donut: spadada, I DID see that, and it made me SO EXCITED! Because of Terriers, I actually tried to watch The Shield, which I had never seen before. I liked the first season of it but grew bored in the second. Someday I will go back and watch it, because I do love Walton Goggins. (Justified is awesome!)

wyk: Random fact #2: Terriers was filmed in San Diego and several former VM crew members worked on it.

Random fact #3: Walton Goggins was in the pitched-but-never-happened season four Veronica Mars FBI.

Speaking of Terriers, it's interesting that while some media outlets and posters have made negative comments about this Kickstarter project, several showrunners and stars of low-rated shows (Shawn Ryan, Bryan Fuller, Joss Whedon, Kevin Williamson, Zachary Levi) have been supportive of the project.

Why did you donate? Shouldn't we spend our money feeding the hungry instead of donating to a movie?

wyk: I miss the show. I miss the characters. I miss the words. So if I can play a small part to help bring them back, then all I have to say is "Yay! Here's my donation."

Me giving xxx amount of dollars to the movie isn't all that different from me paying xxx amount of dollars to see a movie or buy a DVD. So the criticism that "VM fans should donate the money to charity!" would be tantamount to saying "Why are you seeing a movie? Donate to charity!" "Why are you going shopping? Donate to charity!" "Why are you on your smartphone, watching your paid subscription to Netflix, while eating that overpriced meal? Donate to charity!" If I have some extra money to spend, I will spend it.

spadada: Great quote from TVLINE on this topic: "Stand on a soap box and question the dissemination of discretionary income all you want, but do not dare rob other people of their self-defined joy." A Veronica Mars movie brings me joy. Being part of something bigger than myself brings me joy.

I've seen a few people up in arms about Kickstarter being used to fund what will ultimately be a big studio movie. I see what they are saying--this could be turned on desperate fans very easily, forcing us to pay before and at the box office--but this is such a special situation. The VM movie would not be made if not for this effort and it is unlikely to make much money in theatrical release. It took over 45,000 people to get donations to $3 million. While that's an ASTOUNDING amount of cash, it's not a lot of butts in movie seats. So the way I look at it is, Warner Brothers is "renting" the rights to these characters to the fans and we are giving them to their creator so he can make us the movie we want.

Polter-Cow: I am a geek with disposable income. In fact, this is the time of year where I get a raise and a bonus, so I have even more disposable income, and I have to choose how to spend that money. And sometimes I am in the mood to donate to charity, and a friend happens to be raising money for charity, so I donate. Sometimes I am in the mood to buy people dinner, and we happen to be out to dinner, so I pick up the check.

But I have always, always, always been in the mood to support Veronica Mars. For three years, this show was my life. I watched it, I loved it, I wrote about it, I did everything I could to keep it on the air so I could have more. Some people don't understand how important television shows can be to people, how much we relate to these characters and need their stories. I am not as overtly passionate about the show as I once was because I have new loves, but it will always have my heart, so when you give me an opportunity to show my love in monetary form, I will do it. And if I also get to go to a Hollywood premiere? All the better!

Finally, because all I want to do is copy spadada, here is a quote from Seanan McGuire's excellent blog post: "Life is not a zero-sum game. Kickstarter is not a zero-sum game. The money I am willing to shake out of the couch cushions for Veronica Mars is not the money I am willing to shake out of the couch cushions for anything else. Living in a capitalistic society means I get to pay for what I want, and saying that it was tacky of Rob to even ask, when there was no better funding channel available, is missing the point."

funky-donut: You all have said very well what I was thinking. I just want to say that literally, I do feed the hungry - it may be hungry animals, not hungry people, but a non-profit animal shelter would be considered by most of those critics to be a worthy charity, no? I spend 40+ hours a week literally working in the charity business, and I also donate some of my meager pay to charity - the one I work for and to other causes. The pledge I made to Veronica Mars will not take away from my charitable giving. It will come out of my entertainment budget, it will be not getting the new pair of shoes I need for a couple more months, etc.

Had I been successful at getting two of the last three tickets to the New York premiere, less than one hour after that new reward was posted, that $750 would have come out of my vacation budget. A trip to NYC to see the Veronica Mars premiere would have been a fantastic vacation indeed. (Rob Thomas, if you're reading this, PLEASE FEEL VERY BAD FOR ME THAT I MISSED THAT REWARD!!!! I think I was beaten out by seconds on getting those tickets.)

wyk: The criticism that fans are being snookered into financing a big studio movie doesn't make any sense to me.

1) Umm, did these naysayers ever see the ratings for the show? Veronica Mars ratings were always low. That's one of the reason why the WB didn't want to make the movie in the first place. The only thing more shocking than raising $2 million dollars in 12 hours would be if the movie ends up a big hit.

2) And even if the movie ends up making tons of money, why is that a bad thing? Do you know what happens when a film makes lots of money? The studio makes a sequel. And as a fan, that's a good thing.

Polter-Cow: I think what's going on with the international fans is the clearest argument: they are either donating a little or nothing at all because they can't get the rewards. We're not "donating" our money in the way we would donate to a charity. We are buying a product. We are pre-ordering DVDs and downloads, buying T-shirts and tickets to premieres, and, if it is our wont, paying Rob and Kristen to follow us on Twitter. The fact that we also get a movie is a bonus. Or it's the other way around. In any case, funding a creative project by exchanging your money for goods and/or services is not the same as donating to cancer research. They're not comparable, so stop comparing them.

funky-donut: That's a very good point, P-C, and why I am trying to say "pledge" and "fund" instead of "donate." I would also like to point out that I have seen a lot of people in the comments section of the Kickstarter site mention that they had never heard of Kickstarter before and would now be checking out other projects and funding other things. I think it would be very interesting if Kickstarter could track how many first-time funders of the VM movie then went on to fund other projects in the coming weeks and months.

wyk: Random fact #4: As of March 23rd, roughly 34,600 of the 58,500 Veronica Mars movie donors (59%) are first time Kickstarter donors.

Polter-Cow: That's very cool! I think it's clear that this is good for all independent creators in general. Like this 9-year-old girl building an RPG to prove her brothers wrong: "My goal is to raise $829 to cover the cost of RPG Camp. But my Mom just told me about the Veronica Mars campaign so now I'm secretly hoping to raise more." As of March 23, she has over $21,000. That's more.

funky-donut: That's so awesome! I pledged $2 to my second project ever after the VM Kickstarter - a senior lady making Happy Canes! In all the media coverage of the VM movie, I saw an article about this lady, and I was like, "aw, that's so cute! She's fully funded and thus doesn't need my money!" And then I saw the fine print on the project that said that funds would go towards her living expenses and medical bills and I was like, you know what? I can spare two freaking dollars for this neat lady!

$2 million in 12 hours...huh? Why? How? Huh?

wyk: I was skeptical about reaching $2 million in 30 days, so to reach $2 million in under 12 hours, and $2.6 million in 24 hours is just...huh?

Why do you think VM was able to reach the goal so fast?

It's amazing how fast social networking is now. Thanks to Twitter and the like, VM fans heard about this project in hours instead of weeks and months. Even people who didn't want to hear about the project kept hearing about it from their friends who are VM fans.

I think part of the reason why fans were able to reach this goal so fast is that Rob and Kristen have both said many times during the 5+ years since the cancellation that they want to do a movie. Their enduring desire to continue Veronica Mars gave an itty-bitty glimmer of hope that somehow, someday, maybe something would be done if the WB gave the ok. As a fan, it's so cool when the star and creator love the show as much as the fans. That doesn't always happen.

spadada: I had zero faith that they would reach their goal. I think I was afraid to want it. And since we were so few back when we were working to save the show while it was on, I guess I just didn't believe how much the fanbase had grown. It is so cool to watch the ticker just go up and up. I went out for a few hours today and when I came back it was over $3 million. It's awesome to have been part of the history of these efforts and to donate now to the new project.

Polter-Cow: At 8:04 AM, I e-mailed Rob and congratulated him on already having $17,918, saying that $2 million was chump change in Internet terms and I was sure he'd be able to raise it, having seen the Machine of Death game hit its funding goal of $23,000 in under 24 hours (it's now up to $384,384). I admit that afterward I realized that $2 million was actually a hell of a lot of money, and I didn't feel as confident. At 10:20 AM, just after I donated, the total was almost $600,000. This thing spread like wildfire all over the Internet thanks to social media, and what I hadn't counted on, as spadada pointed out, is that the more time that passed since the show ended, the more fans the show has gotten. All of us original fans were hugely passionate about the show, and it seems the new fans share our passion (as they should because the show is awesome). In fact, a friend of mine just finished watching the show last week, and now he's going to get the movie we've been waiting for for six years. The game has changed, and now fans have a voice.

wyk: So in summary, our group of "superfans" had no faith that a movie would ever get made and was skeptical that the Kickstarter project would raise $2 million. Geez, I think we might be more cynical than Veronica. Whatever happened to "hope springs eternal"?

funky-donut: I think it's a case of "been burned too many times," wyk. I know for my part, seeing your e-mail immediately put me back in the mindset of, like, the dollar-bill Save our Show campaign - "must get the word out!" "Need to tell people about this!" "There's not enough of us!" I went on Facebook and shared and I went to a local-to-Pittsburgh messageboard I'm on and made a thread about it - but I don't think VM needed that help. Having been in the trenches the first time around, it was hard to be optimistic.

wyk: Yeah, being optimistic is tough. But you know what? "Make a move, get in the game. What, you gonna get hurt? Have a beautiful train wreck." [A box of snickerdoodle to anyone who gets that reference.]

Movie wishlist

wyk: Rob jokingly threatened to kill off Logan and he pretty much said Backup is with Old Yeller. I hope none of the main characters die in the movie. We already lost all these characters when the show was canceled; I don't want to lose them again. I was so pissed that Joss Whedon killed off Wash and Book in Serenity.

funky-donut: If I may interject, word to that. I still don't think I'm over that.

wyk: Word to your word.

Dear Joss, I love you but what the [bleep]?!

Dear Rob, please don't follow Joss's example of rescuing the show just to kill people off.

Anyways, it will be interesting to see if the VM movie has a slightly different tone than the show. Veronica is older now, and according to the spoilers Rob gave, it sounds like Keith had a rough time. Veronica was pretty persnickety before, so I'm curious what she will be like now.

And please, I hope they don't cast big name guest stars just to say that they cast a big name guest star. Remember Paris Hilton in the second episode? Grrr...

The fans fell in love with the characters from the show, so I hope Rob brings as many of them as he can to the movie instead of introducing a bunch of newbies.

grim squeaker: Speaking of guest stars and characters we would like back, I don't know how likely it is to get Amanda Seyfried, whom Rob - jokingly? - mentions in the trailer, but if there is any chance for Percy and Tina Majorino to be in the movie, it would be great. I can't imagine it being the same without Wallace and Mac.

wyk: Rob has confirmed he was joking about bringing back Amanda. He also said Veronica has kept in touch with Mac and Wallace.

spadada: Mac! Mac has to come back. And I am OK with Piz. I know the internet is against Piz as a general rule but I adore Chris Lowell and want to see him reprise his role. My biggest hope is that the writers and the actors are true to the characters and don't get caught up in caricature or wink, wink, nudge, nudge jokes to the audience. VM is best, IMO, when it is real. When the jokes come in to cut the weight of the drama. I don't want a snarkfest. I want a character study of this girl I came to care so much about who has gone through so much.

wyk: Forget about character study. Rob promised full-frontal and he should deliver on his promise! He must take advantage of KB's post-pregnancy boobs while he can!

Polter-Cow: Hey, she's not the same girl who did Pootie Tang.

It is pretty much universally agreed upon that season one was the best season of the show, so I would hope that the movie goes back to those noir roots. That was one of its major strengths. Veronica needs to solve a mystery, people should betray her, there should be some flashbacks and pulp-y voiceovers, and, in the end, even if our heroes are triumphant, they still lose. Because as Rob is fond of saying: it's noir, baby.

funky-donut: Yes, please. I want more noir than noir. Noir-er than space.

spadada: Percy says he's in, grim:

wyk: Glad to hear that Percy is in, but it's kinda strange that 1) TMZ broke the news and 2) TMZ contacted Percy.

grim: I'm sadly far less surprised that TMZ is still around than you are that they broke the news. Yay for Percy though!

funky-donut: Give me some Cliff, give me some Vinnie Van Lowe, give me some Deputy Leo Schmidt, please! But seriously, as much as I would love bit parts for all my favorite irregulars, I just need Veronica, Keith, and Wallace.

spadada: I'm in on Cliff and Vinnie. They are Neptune tone-setters. They remind us of the noir. I'd also like to see what not-so-Deputy Leo's been up to. He got such horrible treatment in his last episode... I also want to see Gia Goodman. Krysten Ritter cracked me up in that role and she would be a freaking hoot at a high school reunion. AND HOLY CRAP, THEY NEED TO GET THE EXTRA WHO PLAYED SHELLY POMROY TO COME BACK.

funky-donut: YES TO KRYSTEN RITTER! I absolutely loved her on Breaking Bad. And I actually really liked Don't Trust the [Biscuit] in Apartment 23...

wyk: Yes, to the season one button-nosed Shelly extra! What does she have to do to get a friggin' line? Donate $10,000?

Krysten tweeted that she would like to be in the movie.

krysten ritter @Krystenritter
"@shempzine: Hoping @Krystenritter will be part of the #VeronicaMars movie..we ever find out what happened to her character?" I hope so too!

spacecitymarc: I have to assume that Gia fled for New York City and changed her name to Chloe. I HAVE TO BELIEVE THAT.

wyk: The movie might need another million just to bring back all these characters for a cameo appearance.

Reaction to Rob's interviews

Polter-Cow: Rob has an interview that describes some of his ideas for the movie, so you can stop wishing for Mercer, for instance. I'm a little disappointed that he was considering a cool noir thriller but is going for a "give the fans what they want" approach—I'm a fan! I want a cool noir thriller!—but I'm sure he realizes that the fans love the show's noir elements so at least if he's not going to try something superdark and different, he's going to bring out the best of the show. I don't know what Piz and Parker would be doing at a Neptune High 10-year reunion, though, and I think fans would be more excited to see Madison Sinclair than either of them. I just hope that the movie is a really great movie and not just scene after scene of shout-outs and fanservice (I know people criticized some of that when the show was airing). In trying not to disappoint the fans, he may end up disappointing the fans! Just make something awesome; we'll love it.

grim: After reading that interview, I want to high-five Ryan Devlin's Dad for trying to get Mercer into the movie. That's some paternal dedication.

wyk: If my parents ever called a former employer about rehiring me, my reaction would not be a high five.

Maybe Piz is in the movie because he is Veronica's hubby. [Grabs some popcorn and watches as the fandom explodes and demand that Rob/Kickstarter refund their money.]

I don't necessarily need the movie to be really great. I'll settle for good.

Polter-Cow: I demand that it blow me completely away and win twenty Oscars. That was the reward I paid for.

spadada: That line made me nervous too, P-C. My advice would be, "Do what you want and if it is true to the characters and the world you established, we will love it."

spacecitymarc: So, okay. This "give the people what I think they want" business is understandable but plays into my worst fears about this whole project. I worry that it'll just be two hours of Veronica and fucking Logan kissing and making schmoopy eyes at one another, with Keith popping in once or twice to make a hilariously stern but loving fatherly comment. And it's going to be the worst.

Tailoring it to the fans is the very thing that tripped up the show in the first place. It's a lesson that Rob seemed never to pick up from Joss Whedon: You have to give the audience what it needs, not what it thinks it wants. I understand that Rob feels like he might be beholden to the people who ponied up the dough that's allowing him to make the movie in the first place. But he needs to trust that staying true to the characters and the voice of the show, while ignoring the real and imagined demands of the audience, is going to result in the best movie. Which will, funnily enough, satisfy the fans more than if he, you know, just satisfied the fans.

But apparently, we're just going to get two hours of Veronica and Logan kissing instead. Great.

funky-donut: marc, I fear you're right, that it's just going to end up being a fanservice movie.

But you know what, I'm still going to go see it. I still love the show, even though looking back, Season three was not.......up to the standards of what I expected from the show. I have to think that even if it is fanservice and Veronica/Logan being schmoopy, being in that universe again with Veronica, Keith, Wallace—that's going to be good enough for me.

grim: Hopefully, he'll still find a satisfying middle ground. Rob is not a beginning storyteller, he'll hopefully know when to put in fanservice, and when to serve the story itself. (It also depends what he means of course. Inserting a Cliff cameo is definitely as much fanservice as a one-and-a-half hour makeout session between Veronica and Logan. I know which one of these two I'd prefer to see, and I think that goes at least for part of the people who actually paid. I hope?)

funky-donut: If Cliff isn't in this thing, all bets are off for me. ;)

wyk: I think Daran Norris is a friend of Rob's, so Cliff and Cliff's voice better be there. Since the plot is centered around the 10 year reunion, I'm waiting to see if Mr. Wu will be in. If for no other reason than Kristen's internal monologue knows the lack of diversity reflects badly on Kristen Bell.

I think all of y'all are overreacting to Rob's interview.

Polter-Cow: The comment definitely gave me reservations, but I think it's more about not trying something wildly different stylistically than giving us two hours of fanservice. I hope.

wyk: The quote didn't bother me because I think he was talking about the broad outline of the movie. There are many paths he could have taken, and he decided to go with the one that is most familiar to fans of the show. I don't have an issue with that.

I was never a LoVe shipper, but I don't have an issue with LoVe being part of the movie. While some fans thought the show revolved around LoVe, that wasn't how things played out onscreen. I don't expect that to change.

funky-donut: You know, although I wasn't a shipper either, I feel I've done a bit of disservice to the character of Logan by not mentioning him as a must-see. Although I didn't particularly like the way their relationship ate the show and fandom, a large part of the draw of season one for me was Logan's character—his charisma, his fucked-up-edness, his snark and wit, and yes, the banter, angst and romantic tension with Veronica. So I DO want Jason Dohring back, and I DO want to see those aspects of his character that I always enjoyed. If there can be some fun HoYay with Weevil (who I also really hope is back, even if not as a major player), all the better! I just don't particularly want it to be a two-hour schmoopfest.

spacecitymarc: I have zero problem with Logan returning. This is about getting the band back together; he's a crucial part of the band. I just have little interest in him as a love interest for Veronica. He always seemed to me to be the type of boy that girls swoon over when they're teenagers and can't believe they swooned over once they become adults. Which, I hasten to add, makes for ideal high-school reunion fodder. Their interactions would be incredibly rich and nuanced, much like, well, their relationship at the start of the series. Logan reentering a post-collegiate Veronica's orbit is gold. I just don't see them being a present-tense couple, not do I want to.

spadada: I just want Neptune to feel real again. That was what it was about for me in S1-S2, visiting Neptune. (Cue Twin Peaks comparisons.) I want it to feel like a place that exists even when I am not watching it and fan-pandering takes away from that experience.

funky-donut: YOU GUYS I JUST HAD AN AMAZING IDEA!!! What has Dick Casablancas been up to since we last saw him? Cater-waiter! To the stars! Wearing a pink bow-tie!! And OMG, maybe Vinnie gave up private-detecting TO RUN THAT COMPANY! Okay, maybe it would be a horrible idea to try to wedge too much Party Down into the movie (THEY COULD BE THE ONES CATER-WAITERING THE 10-YEAR REUNION omg) but it's still cracking me up to think about it. GET ADAM SCOTT IN THIS MOVIE PRONTO!

spadada: Mr. Rooks and Carrie Bishop are married now. He's a cater-waiter and she's the Queen Bee of Neptune aristocracy. Cue VMVO filling us in on what's been up with them that ends in XOXO.

wyk: Mr. Rooks is happily married to Leslie Knope and Carrie Bishop is happily married to Chuck Bass, so leave those newlyweds alone!

Why, oh, why are y'all encouraging Rob to add more random shoutouts? Blah!

funky-donut: Not random, wyk! Party Down!!

wyk: Yes, but if Rob includes Party Down shoutouts, then I demand a Cupid shoutout.

Speaking of random shoutouts, what are the odds that the movie will make references to The Big Lebowski?

Polter-Cow: A hundred percent. That's all the percents there are.

Let's all stop freaking out! This recent interview confirms the interpretation that his comment was about the style of the movie in general, not a desire to please every individual fan. Plus, some tantalizing tidbits about Veronica post-finale. She hasn't worked a case since! She went to law school! And just when she thought she was out, Neptune pulls her back in!

wyk: Veronica wants to be a lawyer? My opinion of Veronica and Rob just dropped a hundred percent.

What do you think of the fandom reaction?

Polter-Cow: Personally, my favorite thing about this whole thing right now is that it's brought the fandom back together. I'm hearing from people I haven't heard from in years, like all of you MI.netters, and it's brought back so many good memories. Veronica Mars changed my life in so many ways, and it wasn't necessarily because of the show itself: it was because of all the wonderful people I met because of the show. And, let's be honest, fandom was not a fun place during season three, so I did not know that people still loved the show this much, and, to use Rob's two favorite words, I'm thrilled and jazzed to see tens of thousands of people so excited about the show again. I hope it leads to even more people discovering the amazingness that is Veronica Mars.

spadada: I was just on the forums and there are tons of people posting who weren't around when I was active in this fandom and that is really cool for me. It's like visiting your high school again and seeing the new kids. Gives you a sense of peace and relief that you made it out to go with your warm fuzzy nostalgic feelings. I also have enjoyed re-connecting with fandom friends. Having real conversations about our lives and how they've changed since the show was canceled instead of just trading likes over Facebook.

funky-donut: I have missed you guys so much. Working on MI.net was crazy and I can't believe how much time we all put into it, but it really got me through a very rough patch in my life. It is the fact that VM and MI.net happened to almost directly coincide with that rough patch that means I haven't gone back and rewatched the series since—the theme song alone tends to bring me to tears. The illness and eventual passing of my nephew that happened to directly follow the end of the show was the capper on it all—and a huge shoutout to my fellow MI.netters (both present in this document and absent) for getting me through that. But it all means that a lot of my feelings for VM are directly tied in with the sadness and grief of that time in my life.

Again, longwindedly, but I know I'm not the only person who specific instances in their lives correlating to their feelings for Veronica Mars. It was a fun show, but it was also an intensely personal show, if that makes any sense. And it's actually nice to revisit those feelings right now—it's still painful for me to think of Alex's death, but it's something I can actually talk about now, which I couldn't for many years. I only hope that for others, revisiting fall 2004-spring 2007 is also a happy/nostalgic/bittersweet thing.

But rest assured, I will be rewatching now, in anticipation of the movie!

There have been a few times that I've gone back and read portions of marsinvestigations.net, and I came across that book we all edited together and read most of it, and the feeling of nostalgia was so intense—it was almost too much. I can only imagine how this must feel for Rob and Kristen and Rico.

wyk: It is fun getting excited about Veronica Mars again. Since Veronica Mars hit the $2 million mark, I keep thinking about the day we visited the VM set when Dan Etheridge pointed to the crew and said they were family. As a fan, I'm happy to have the chance to spend a couple of more hours with these characters. But more importantly, I'm glad that the VM folks who tried unsuccessfully for so many years to get this movie project off the ground will finally have the chance to do so.

I think one of the reasons why there is so much positive energy about the show now vs. during season three is that only the die-hard fans are donating to the cause. The people who hated the last season and retroactively hated seasons one and two probably aren't going to post about the movie.

Polter-Cow: I have seen at least one post that was basically, "Well, it can't be any worse than season three." But I think despite people's feelings about how the show ended, people seem to still love the show and are at the very least cautiously optimistic about the prospect of more.

wyk: I think making twenty-two good episodes is much, much harder than making one good movie. With a movie, the writer doesn't have to worry about things like: keeping the details straight for month-long arcs, do we leave an actor out of this episode because we need to save them for later episodes, how can we sneak this line past the post-Janet-Jackson-Nipplegate censors. Hopefully the pressure of having only one shot at the film after 5+ years of pleading and negotiating, 58,000+ fans donating $3.8+ million, and the entire entertainment industry watching the outcome of this crowdfunding experiment will bring out the best in Rob's writing.

Fan money + Rob's vision + KB = …TBD

Dun dun dun.

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