April 13, 2013: VeronicaBars Kickstarter Celebration

Who doesn't want to go to Austin for 12 hours just to attend a VERONICA MARS Kickstarter party? That's exactly what I'm doing today

Apr 12, 6:01pm
Memles @Memles

@ReelVixen Have fun! Also, in case you don't know, he's really not kidding about the size of that patio.

ReelVixen @ReelVixen

@Memles Yeah, it's tiny and I'm sure I will not like being touched by that many people

#veronicabars #veronicamars @ Austin celebrating Veronica mars movie beating the most kickerstarter backers record. pic.twitter.com/8CaVB3curV

Apr 12, 10:21pm
katehailey @katehailey

what fun projects or outings are you up to this weekend?

columnsovsleep @columnsovsleep

@katehailey at Veronica Mars Kickstarter party at the Dog and Duck Pub in Austin, TX. Great beer and killer cheese fries #veronicamarsmovie

2 hours away from VERONICA MARS party with Rob Thomas! He promised he'd bring his laptop, so I'm expecting excitement

All these people are also going to party with VERONICA MARS instagram.com/p/YBa8aUygyz/

Apr 12, 10:58pm
jennspiller @jennspiller

@ReelVixen He does know that if VM & Logan don't end up together in the movie, there will be bloodshed, right? I mean, he'll get his "noir."

ReelVixen @ReelVixen

@jennspiller Also, can Mac ever get a brake

Apr 12, 10:59pm
jennspiller @jennspiller

@ReelVixen I am green with envy. On my first ever watching of VM. A few eps into season 3. Going slow now that I know it will end soon. :(

ReelVixen @ReelVixen

@jennspiller I know, it's the sweetest feeling. I love the show so much

@RobThomas wow this is actually not a big place at all is it? ...this is going to be crowded.

Hey! We're on our way to Austin to celebrate - save us a seat! :-) #veronicabars

who else in Austin is going to hang out w/ @RobThomas & countdown final #VM @kickstarter hours??!! see ya there! $5.6 mil & counting!

VERONICA MARS adventure, party time with Maria! @ Dog & Duck Pub instagram.com/p/YBircsyg-C/

Apr 13, 12:13am
van_riper @van_riper

Veronica Mars kickstarter party! With @IsaacMoreno (@ Dog & Duck Pub - @dogandduckpub w/ 10 others) 4sq.com/ZRMnGA

IsaacMoreno @IsaacMoreno

At the Veronica Mars kickstarter party @Dogandduckpub with @van_riper #Marshmellows

@AustinsCalendar @BoRoar We're driving in from Houston, and I swear the trip is taking FOREVER! #veronicabars

@legallyblonde I'm here, it's packed! There are no tables.

yfrog.com/odokyajj @pdaggsIII Enjoying the Wallace Fennel Burger at Dog and Duck!

@neptunerising Petunia gets to be in the documentary!

Wooooooo Veronica Mars!! (@ Dog & Duck Pub - @dogandduckpub w/ @futureshox) 4sq.com/12Tr9Zt

@MrsLagerfeld it's pretty packed, but manageable! Met Rob Thomas and had him sign out boxed set! Very nice guy!

Apr 13, 12:34am
IsaacMoreno @IsaacMoreno

@RobThomas Is it cool that I brought my VM S1 DVD set for you to sign? #InLineForBeer

IsaacMoreno @IsaacMoreno

@robthomas FTW pic.twitter.com/A45iaj9mv9

At the Kickstarter countdown for the #veronicamarsmovie Exciting to see so many fans. And @RobThomas was worried we wouldn't fill the patio!

Amy @van_riper and I meeting @RobThomas at the Veronica Mars Movie Kickstater party #austin pic.twitter.com/mT7aZ8adcQ

Latest addition to the koozie collection! Veronica Mars kickstarter party! @ Dog & Duck Pub instagram.com/p/YBm2pyvKrj/

At the Veronica Mars @kickstarter countdown at Dog & Duck. The movie is being made bc the people wanted it! Over $5 million raised. So cool.

Apr 13, 12:57am
NeptuneRising @NeptuneRising

@phendricks71 That's awesome Petunia. I want to hear how it goes.

phendricks71 @phendricks71

@NeptuneRising looks like they are setting up a movie for us! Rob is so cool!

Just got interviewed for the #veronicamars movie with @olsonkayla and @seecoreywrite!! Squee!!

Just did a group interview with @olsonkayla, @ChinaDeSpain, & the #VeronicaMars documentary crew!

At the Kickstarter Countdown for the #veronicamarsmovie -- welcome to Neptune High! instagram.com/p/YBpj5jq1U-/

Found @ayetortuga in this crazy crowd @ Dog & Duck Pub instagram.com/p/YBqDDOyg4f/

@neptunerising Look at the crowd, there are many more people to the left and right! pic.twitter.com/UkwtEP2Awm

@neptunerising Guys! I just got filmed for the documentary, and gave a shoutout to NeptuneRising! Sweet!

Awaiting the end of the record-breaking Veronica Mars Kickstarter with the creator. @RobThomas. pic.twitter.com/erM0KLWlrx

@NeptuneRising 300 atleast, at the dog and duck. More at satelite pubs.

I'm @veronicamars Kickstarter party. The beer is cold but sadly only the koozies are free! #veronicamarsmovie pic.twitter.com/eLUsx7ERJj

Apr 13, 1:32am
NeptuneRising @NeptuneRising

@phendricks71 How does it feel to be surrounded by other VM fans?

phendricks71 @phendricks71

@NeptuneRising It makes me feel 18 again!

Just hanging out w/ @RobThomas at the official Veronica Mars Kickstarter Party @ Dog & Duck! #veronicabars #arewehavingfunyet

At the @veronicamars @kickstarter party! @RobThomas is here chatting with the huge crowd: pic.twitter.com/d7cLGI9wXd

Mrs. Moody and I @ the #VeronicaMars movie party in Austin. Many nerds here! instagram.com/p/YBufpvjMO3/

Neptune High School cafeteria menu. #veronicamarsmovie @ Dog & Duck Pub instagram.com/p/YBuiGhxhmv/

Ok this crowd is large! At the pub, Rob is talking to as many as possible. VeronicaBars.com #veronicabars #veronicamarsmovie

@RobThomas Thanks for hosting us at @Dogandduckpub! Congratulations!

At the Dog and Duck Pub for the Veronica Mars Movie Kick starter Party! So exciting! #VeronicaMars

Embracing my inner nerd. :) veronicamarsmovie instagram.com/p/YBvn0YQzA9/

@lilithia @veronicamars yep. You get it once you sign the release form to be in the documentary. :)


With my fellow Marshmallows at Dog 'n' Duck. Logan Echolls just walked in. For reals. #veronicamars

Rob Thomas says the 500+ fan turn out tonight was beyond his wild expectations.

Rob Thomas also promises "those who love Veronica and Logan, will not be disappointed in this movie"

Ok...I am freaking out right now! Jason Dohring just showed up!!!!!! This is crazy!!! #VeronicaMars

#veronicamarsmovie party turnout is pretty good. Rob Thomas is speaking now and I can't even see him. pic.twitter.com/5wLSmLvp3I

Rob Thomas and Jason Doring welcoming the fans #veronicabars instagram.com/p/YBw_6bygyh/

Apr 13, 2:08am
lilithia @lilithia

@columnsovsleep @veronicamars Hot damn! They better sell'em! What's the environment like there? I'm so excited right all the way over here!

columnsovsleep @columnsovsleep

@lilithia @veronicamars I know Rob said no one famous was gonna be here but this actor named Jason Dohring just showed up....

@robthomas YES that's Rob Thomas AND Logan Echolls, Jason Dohring! AHHH. #veronicamars instagram.com/p/YBxcOxnVXU/

Jason Dohring just showed up to the #veronicabars party. BEST NIGHT EVER.

At Veronica Mars Austin party! Jason Dohring aka Logan Echolls is here! #Veronicabars #excited

Apr 13, 2:18am
lilithia @lilithia

@queenkandis Yup! Monitoring the pledges all the way here in Australia lol.

queenkandis @queenkandis

@lilithia We just let out a big cheer here in Austin for something :-)


@lilithia @thatjenncheng just here 4 support. This place packed did get to chat with this nice fellow #veronicabars pic.twitter.com/QzVyXPd9fk

@ayetortuga are you still standing next to Jason? Can we talk about his moustache?

At Veronica Mars Kickstarter Party! Rob Thomas just spoke, said his wildest dreams came true! #veronicabars #loganecholls @IamKristenBell

Apr 13, 2:25am
MInet_VM @MInet_VM

@AustinsCalendar What's your estimate on the number of people there?

AustinsCalendar @AustinsCalendar

@MInet_VM at least 500 here. Cant tell. #veronicabars #veronicamarsmovie

OMG OMG I JUST FUCKING MET LOGAN ECHOLLS!!! #teamlogan4eva #veronicabars

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