Veronica Mars ComicCon 2013

Hey Marshmallows! See an exclusive vid from @veronicamars actor, Jason Dohring from the VM #SDCC After Party…

How adorable is @IMKristenBell gushing about her baby girl Lincoln and the #VeronicaMarsMovie?!

Kristen Bell Talks Veronica Mars Movie and Motherhood: "It's Almost Too Much Joy if That's Possible!"

The Veronica Mars SDCC Samsung Party! Jason Dohring! Enrico Colantoni! Kristen Bell! #VeronicaMarsMovie #KristenBell

Veronica Mars at Comic Con - Part 3 Here is my AlternaCon article. A few days earlier than planned. Enjoy! : )

Veronica Mars Returns to Comic Con - Part 2. Please stop by and leave a comment or two. : )

Working on Part 2 right now, which covers the meet & greet. Part 3 will likely not occur until the weekend and that will cover AlternaCon.

Veronica Mars Returns to Comic Con - Part 1.

So, my little Veronica Mars article is already up to 3 pages and I only just got to the start of AlternaCon. Lots of editing or 3 articles?

Can't describe the feeling I had. ALOT of tears (happy tears) were shed @veronicamars #VeronicaMars #SDCC #SDCC2013

All of the Comic-Con pics I will be sharing on my blog are now posted. The exception being Veronica Mars, as it deserves a full write-up.:-)

Jul 23, 1:44am
Crazy4ComicCon @Crazy4ComicCon

Ok all, putting a post together of your favorite Comic-Con moment. Plz note, no repeats will be posted, ready...go! #SDCC

socaldad @socaldad

@Crazy4ComicCon A guy gives up his Hall H bathroom pass so a 1st-time-attendee teenage girl, he did not know, could see Veronica Mars panel!

@lexalicious Rico said the same thing earlier. When Kristen hugged me Rico asked who smelled so good & sniffed his way to me. LOL

@LOVEJasonwd He did & he signed them, too. Chris saw the LoVe one & was not pleased. LOL He signed it, though.

@lexalicious @HiRyanHansen As fabulous as you think he is. And, he said I smelled really good, so bonus points for him. ; )

@LOVEJasonwd That she LoVed them and then she picked up the LoVe one that's mostly all Veronica & Logan kisses to view more closely. Cute!

Here is the hilarious pic of me & @HiRyanHansen. Looks like we're doing a dramatic attack scene. Too funny!!

Marshmallows get their first look at the #VeronicaMars movie at #ComicCon! Check it out: #SDCC

PopWrapped Hits The Veronica Mars Fan Event (STORY) @veronicamars

Jul 21, 2:41am
Rafaela_Nunes @Rafaela_Nunes

@_clarisse_ My two loves <333. YOU MET TATIANA <33333. They say the panel was awesome.

_clarisse_ @_clarisse_

@Rafaela_Nunes I didn't go to the panel because it was at the same time of the Veronica Mars fan event (AMAZING, btw) but I'll try to...

@LOVEJasonwd @lexalicious LoVe Percy! :-) I brought a special pic for him to sign and he tried to keep it.

Now that I'm home from Comic Con, I'd like to get some work done. If only I could stop watching the Veronica Mars trailer.

@lexalicious @LOVEJasonwd I think they all look even better now. And they're all the sweetest people. Amazing!!

Oh @IMKristenBell wasn't at the signing sad face. Someday i'll get her autograph. Someday somewhere Bell I'm comin for u. #VeronicaMars

last but not least @PDaggsIII he's Wallace. Why can't I have a Wallace. I had to stop myself from asking him to be my new BFF #VeronicaMars

@LOVEJasonwd @lexalicious Actually everyone looks great! :-)

tina majorino is so freaking cool and badass. And soooo tiny. #VeronicaMars #sdcc

Next @franciscapra . Meeting him has just solidified my crush. I want to see him in more things. I demand it! #VeronicaMars #SDCC

@lexalicious @LOVEJasonwd In one of my pics it looks like Ryan is attacking me. Very odd & I have no idea what we were actually doing. LOL

Oh @HiRyanHansen I can't not love him. it doesn't matter what the show or movie is I'd watch just to see him. #VeronicaMars #SDCC

Jason Dohring so not his character. Somewhat soft spoken. Still beautiful and stil made my heart stop and go "hey" #VeronicaMars #sdcc

Oh @ricocolantoni I want to cuddle him like a stuffed animal. I always wanted Keith 4 a dad #VeronicaMars

So @RobThomas was super cool & was actually thanked us for standing in line. As if we wouldn't go to even more links for those guys. I<3 him

It's here!! The Veronica Mars preview trailer. It's kind of funny to watch my aunt get decked by Kristen Bell.…

So meeting the cast of #VeronicaMars mars was awesome. #sdcc just let me describe each person in a few words

Genuinely excited RT @fangsbites: Awesome! Trailer is there too! The Official Veronica Mars SDCC Sneak Peek:

Watch the First Footage from the New ‘Veronica Mars’ Movie

Oh this is AWESOME RT @lynnecholls: i loved you then and i love you now #otp #veronicamars #imNOTok

Interviewed @IMKristenBell last night at #SDCC RT @CNNshowbiz: Kristen Bell: 'Veronica Mars' fans are my boss

Couldn't make it to Comic-Con? The #VeronicaMars teaser trailer has arrived online:

It's so amazing to watch the sizzle reel & remember exactly where I was when the scene was filmed & recall my own perspective. #VeronicaMars

Now that the #VeronicaMars sizzle reel has been released I feel like I can tweet about a few more of my set experiences without spoiling ppl

Does anyone know if my Hall H buddy Gage Skidmore posted his #VeronicaMars pics from yesterday?

You guys! Have you seen the VERONICA MARS trailer yet? I'm losing my shit

Comic-Con 2013: Parties toast Action Comics No. 1, Superman and a pirate ship?

I'm thinking of all the NR tweetathons we had trying to get #VeronicaMarsMovie and #VeronicaMars to trend. I can't stop smiling.

Someone got a screenshot of #VeronicaMars trending yesterday right? Please share!

Comic-Con: Kickstarter sensation 'Veronica Mars' debuts first clip of fan-funded footage

I feel everyone should know that before leaving the #VeronicaMars #SDCC after party last night (cont)

Veronica Mars Trailer & Behind-the-scenes Footage Released at SDCC (STORY & VIDEO)

COOL! Just got this #VeronicaMars sticker. Check out my 201 other stickers on #GetGlue #SDCC, #VeronicaMars, #wbsdcc

COOL! Just got this #VeronicaMars sticker. Check out my other stickers on #GetGlue #SDCC, #VeronicaMars, #wbsdcc

@scgirl_at_heart Lots of people did, no doubt. :) But we’ll have SDCC’s official video feed from the screens for you sometime soon.

@ricocolantoni Thank you, all the #SDCC #VeronicaMars events were fantastic. We can't thank you enough for being Papa Mars. @epictrueLoVe

The Veronica Mars trailer and checking your (fake) weapons #SDCC:

V: "Hey, it's your life." Wallace: "SINCE WHEN?" #VeronicaMarsMovie (cont)

'The Veronica Mars Movie' fan event extravaganza aka my favorite night ever… #veronicamars

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