Rewatch: 3.14 "Mars, Bars"

Marshmallows! Heads up that tonight's ep won't start until 5:15pmPST/8:15pmEST #VeronicaMarsRewatch

@FanBoyBrandon is stuck in some traffic and running late 5:15pmPST/8:15pmEST 3x14 will start #VeronicaMarsRewatch

We're starting the episode in 15 minutes Marshmallows! #MarsBars #VeronicaMarsRewatch

#VeronicaMarsRewatch "Oh didn't you hear, was the kid" Vinnie being obvious

So glad it's a #VeronicaMarsRewatch night so I can avoid #TVD spoilers! #MarsBars #MarsPi

Hey guys, sorry I’m late. LA traffic sucks. Thanks for waiting for me! #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"His plan was to take advantage of my kindness." "That's gotta be the first time that's worked for anybody." #VeronicaMarsRewatch

@FanBoyBrandon Were you disappointed that you weren't the new sheriff in the movie? #askvm #VeronicaMarsRewatch

I finally get to do #VeronicaMarsRewatch "Mars, bars" 3x14

Cliff: "Anybody want to know what I think?" SILENCE Oh Cliff, sure they do. @golfstoomuch #VeronicaMarsRewatch

And he bribed one of your deputies with said cookie...such great snark #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Reminds me of the pilot, when Keith says something about "the buck stops......there" :-) #VeronicaMarsRewatch

@FanBoyBrandon What did you enjoy the most about being Deupty Sacks? #AskVM #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"Think Sheriff, where did you have him last". I hate Sheriff Lamb, but I love everyone's interactions with him. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Vinny Van Lowe's address is on Finder's Way! #VeronicaMarsRewatch

@NeptuneRising Badasss Veronica in jail. With tatoos. and stuff. LOVE IT! #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Love the braids and tat. "I've had some free time" #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"Yo pops check it out this girl at gonna be nobody's bitch you better recognize!" #VeronicaMarsRewatch classic scene. :D

@FanBoyBrandon what's the craziest thing you'd do for a peanut butter cookie? #AskVM #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"Yo pops check it out, this girl ain't gonna be nobody's bitch" BEST LINE. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"I just remembered I need to return 'Caged Heat' to the video store." #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Cliff! I don’t think you guys know this, but @golfstoomuch used to be Beetlejuice at Universal, just like I am now! #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"Anyone wanna know what I think." #VeronicaMarsRewatch everybody does Clifford! :D

I got to see him perform when I was a kid. We talked about it once we were on @veronicamars together. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Of course Lamb's gonna keep Veronica in jail as long as he can. He's enjoying this. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

What Dad? It's currency on the inside. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Cliff is seriously one of the best characters. He makes me lol. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"Anyone want to know what I think?" Of course, Cliff! #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"I thought this sight would be more traumatic for me, but..." #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Veronica can do two more pushups than I could ever do. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Just I thought this sight might be more tramadic. Smirk #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"I just thought this sight would be more traumatic for me." hahaha #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Awww, Vinnie. I miss watching @KenMarino on The State. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

@FanBoyBrandon I love you Ten/nant cosplay. Have to say it! So excitef you are a whovian! #AskVM

Keith: "She does have a lot of initiative." I love that proud smile Papa Mars has when he says that. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

We won't be needing THIS name anymore. **Scraping noise we all hate** #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"I found this bug in my cell phone..." Never the start of a good conversation. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Deputy Sacks so adorbable. Still trying to do his job when he knows Keith is right. @fanboybrandon #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Feb 28, 1:21am
jason_dohring @jason_dohring

.@kellykitchen To play: Weevil & Logan go to detention. To watch: season 1 & 2 finales. #AskVM

KellyFurgalToye @KellyFurgalToye

@jason_dohring: .@kellykitchen To play: Weevil & Logan go to detention. To watch: season 1 & 2 finales. #AskVM” 1&2 finales are the best!!!

I can't get over the prison braids and tattoo. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

It was so intimidating to work with @ricocolantoni at first. He was the dude from Galaxy Quest!!! #VeronicaMarsRewatch

@FanBoyBrandon what's your favourite episode in VM? and your favourite quote? #AskVM #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Holy scene shot, Batman! All these angled shots & we've time travelled to the Penguin's Lair in the Batman TV series. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"That's something I gotta see!" #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Feb 28, 1:22am
NeptuneRising @NeptuneRising

"I found this bug in my cell phone..." Never the start of a good conversation. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

susanmichelin @susanmichelin

@NeptuneRising Really? That's how all my conversations start. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

What does constitute Lamb looking busy? #VeronicaMarsRewatch

So if I'm hearing you right you are calling me a dumbass. You know we are think YES - total DUMBASS! #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Oh that's something I gotta see. Good line Keith. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

There was an episode where Keith yells at me. I remember I actually felt bad, like I had disappointed @ricocolantoni. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

I liked this guy better on SBTB The College Years. Where his inappropriate relationships were just w/the students. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Fun fact: I have never even @MrChrisLowell. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Too bad I won't be rewatching along woth every1 tonight. Gotta go to class! But have fun everybody! @NeptuneRising #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"So if I'm hearing you right, you're calling me a dumb ass." Hmm, yes, that's about it, Lamb. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Veronica May want to consider being a tattoo artist if the whole lawyer gig doesn't work. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Did Deputy Sacks give Veronica cell B? It has the best light. @fanboybrandon #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"I don't know Keith, he looks kinda busy." "This I gotta see" Lamb busy? No.... #VeronicaMarsRewatch

@FanBoyBrandon B - where do you land on the Dandy Warhols remix? There is a correct answer to this question #VeronicaMarsRewatch #askVM

@VMepicLoVe She has talent. I don't think I could draw that well on the side of my arm #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Initiative is a great euphemism for persistent annoyance. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

You know after all the times Keith helped lamb you'll think he would be more receptive to receive help #VeronicaMarsRewatch

@FanBoyBrandon If you could have played a different character on the show who would it be? #AskVM #VeronicaMarsRewatch

#VeronicaMarsRewatch This is the Valentines day episode! so epic! even I hate Parker so much...

I love how Veronica has 1/3 of her hair in cornrows haha #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Feb 28, 1:24am
bellwetherevent @bellwetherevent

@FanBoyBrandon B - where do you land on the Dandy Warhols remix? There is a correct answer to this question #VeronicaMarsRewatch #askVM

FanBoyBrandon @FanBoyBrandon

.@bellwetherevent I always like remixes. You can always go back to original to hear it again. Remixes keep it fresh. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Nothing like showing up just to see your ex in jail #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"So, if I'm hearing you right, you're calling me a dumb ass" - you said it not me Sheriff @NeptuneRising #VeronicaMarsRewatch

When Sacks watches Lamb interrogate, is he thinking he could do a better job? Because I bet he could. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

With the remix, I feel like I can smoke hookah to it! #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Maybe it's just me, but LoVe sure did move into "courteous friends" rather quickly. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Slumming it in a PI office? Rude, much? #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"That's just why I'm in jail, to avoid Valentines Day." Same. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Why the heck is there a green light in the police station? #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Jailed Veronica is the easiest to get a hold of. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Parker: "Logan, any chance we could, like, borrow you?" Logan: "Will I be returned in my current pristine condition?" #VeronicaMarsRewatch

@FanBoyBrandon - Is there a count on how many times you are standing in a corner throughout the series? #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Ahh, the Mach 3 Glue-On Moustache in this episode! (I grew one out for the movie, so it’s the real deal.) #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Why does Hearst College keep every old computer, ever? #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"Performing a favor from a jail cell, girl has serious friendship skills" #VeronicaMarsRewatch

The scavenger hunt & Parker & Logan "connection.' Uggghhhh. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

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