Rewatch: 2.16 "The Rapes of Graff"

"I know...a lawyer" - V on our special guest (@golfstoomuch) for tonight's #VeronicaMarsRewatch 8/7cst send ?s to #AskVM @VeronicaMars

Tonight at 8/7cst, Daran Norris (@golfstoomuch) joins @NeptuneRising for live #VeronicaMarsRewatch + Q&A. Tag your Qs for Cliff w/ #AskVM!

My job is really interfering with my #VeronicaMarsRewatch

I am so happy that work got canceled tonight so I can join the #VeronicaMarsRewatch with @golfstoomuch and @NeptuneRising

Must leave office so that I can get home before the #VeronicaMarsRewatch with @NeptuneRising and @golfstoomuch!

I'm gonna run him over with my Karma! <3 #VeronicaMarsRewatch

so excited for @golfstoomuch to be the guest in tonight's #VeronicaMarsRewatch. i just love cliff a lot. @NeptuneRising

Less than an hour & well be watching #RapesofGraff & Neptunes resident lawyer @golfstoomuch aka Cliff Mccormack will be live tweeting along

Feb 8, 12:17am
allihop @allihop

I cannot stop thinking about @veronicamars movie. I need to slow down my rewatch to last me until 3/14 @NeptuneRising #VeronicaMarsMovie

NeptuneRising @NeptuneRising

@allihop @veronicamars Don't forget - we're doing "Best of" eps the week leading up to 3/14 - take our survey here:

Feb 8, 12:18am
allihop @allihop

I cannot stop thinking about @veronicamars movie. I need to slow down my rewatch to last me until 3/14 @NeptuneRising #VeronicaMarsMovie

NeptuneRising @NeptuneRising

@allihop @veronicamars Join us every night for 1 ep a night and you will make it to 3/14 were also doing a best of VMars

Feb 8, 12:21am
allihop @allihop

@NeptuneRising @veronicamars already did! I have been rewatching all 3 seasons, but have been going too fast!

NeptuneRising @NeptuneRising

@allihop OH gotcha - you're ahead of our schedule? It's all right - something about @veronicamars - it never gets old! LoVe it!

Less than 30 minutes Marshmallows! Get your questions ready cause after the ep @golfstoomuch Q&A #AskVM @veronicamars #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Feb 8, 12:39am
Lisa_Fav @Lisa_Fav

@NeptuneRising @golfstoomuch Will we get to know the colorblind stripper's story ?

NeptuneRising @NeptuneRising

@Lisa_Fav @golfstoomuch after the ep Daran will be doing a Q&A you can ask him then with the #AskVM @veronicamars

Missed last night's ep but managed to get all caught up for tonight's #VeronicaMarsRewatch with @golfstoomuch and @NeptuneRising

Hello marshmallows! Sorry I missed last night, but I'm glad to be back and looking forward to Cliff @golfstoomuch #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Make sure you have your snack, DVD or Amazon ready, last minute potty breaks. #VeronicaMarsRewatch is starting in 10 minutes

Feb 8, 12:51am
thatstormygirl @thatstormygirl

Missed last night's ep but managed to get all caught up for tonight's #VeronicaMarsRewatch with @golfstoomuch and @NeptuneRising

NeptuneRising @NeptuneRising

@thatstormygirl @golfstoomuch Awesome! Glad you could catch up in time! :D

@golfstoomuch How does one acrobatically dial Keith's number? I'm sure he's under "contacts" but still... ;) #VeronicaMarsRewatch #askVM

Feb 8, 1:01am
golfstoomuch @golfstoomuch

Ahoy, Marshmallows. Cliff McCormack, present & accounted for. I believe it’s almost time for a… #VeronicaMarsRewatch?

ELSchaaf @ELSchaaf

@golfstoomuch #AskVM #VeronicaMarsRewatch Are you gonna be at any of the premieres? Which one(s)? What's your fave cookie? Must know! :D

Freedom! Logan can look forward to that topic again in the #VeronicaMarsMovie! #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Come on Logan if you ditch Hanna then you can get back with Veronica! #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"Now I totally wish I could write good." - lol, Dick is hilarious! #VeronicaMarsRewatch @HiRyanHansen

I'm in the minority but I liked Hannah and Logan together.... #unpopularopinion #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Really don't like those Fitzpatricks. Bad crowd...and not in a tawdry way. #VeronicaMarsRewatch @golfstoomuch

"your lack of opinion concerns me." #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Can't join in on tonight's #VeronicaMarsRewatch :( But want to give a huge shout out to @golfstoomuch , YOU ARE AWESOME!!! #VeronicaMars

I got an 1140 on my SATs too. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"I know how he does it and I wish I didn't" and I love the hair making a moustache thing veronica #VeronicaMarsRewatch @NeptuneRising

Nothing good on TV tonight so it's #VeronicaMarsRewatch night for me!

I think it's because @jschramer just plays Hannah adorably... #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"I'll go but just to skip school...which excites me" me too veronica <3 #VeronicaMarsRewatch @NeptuneRising

Wasn’t a fan of Hanna but I felt really bad for her in this scene #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"W:Sorry I don’t know her." Wallace and his lady friends! #VeronicaMarsRewatch

V: I once shot a man in reno just to watch him die #VeronicaMarsRewatch

V: So if someone were to have sex with me they’d walk away with 210 point. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

@jacobdiemer No, I read them in my voice too. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Feb 8, 1:09am
bloodshedepic @bloodshedepic

logan sporting the purple/black/orange stripes and rolled up sleeves, my brain is crying #VeronicaMarsRewatch

BriannaBell @BriannaBell

@bloodshedepic It looks a little like the Freddy Krueger sweater, huh? #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Amen! @MInet_VM: For a social outcast, Veronica sure did date some hotties. #VeronicaMarsRewatch"

Madison is dating someone more Mature. It makes me cringe knowing whats coming #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Actually, I read my tweets in Richard Burton’s voice. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Best cake ever. I want a friend to go on trial so I can make them one. Except I can't bake. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

This guy is gross. Seriously."I am. Inside." Hahaa #VeronicaMarsRewatch @NeptuneRising

"grow a sense of humour you crazy bitch!" "i would if something funny would ever happen" bless bless bless #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"She met someone more mature." "Where? Legoland?" Logan is so funny! #VeronicaMarsRewatch

#VeronicaMarsRewatch "It's fun but it's getting a little old".

"It's fun, but it's getting kinda old." LOL #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Veronica dumping the 2nd beer is the best thing ever. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

I've always wanted to throw a drink in someone's face! #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Hey! It's Michael Cera's sister from Arrested Development! #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Another unpopular opinion: I could not get into @arresteddev no matter how much I wanted to.#VeronicaMarsRewatch #arresteddevelopmentreunion

Feb 8, 1:11am
h_cartoooooon @h_cartoooooon

@golfstoomuch I'm college student from Japan. I love your voice and acting soooooo much! weeee!!!

golfstoomuch @golfstoomuch

@h_cartoooooon Thank you kindly! Weeeee!!!! #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"It's fun but it's getting kind of old" #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Remember Rob said Dean was going to be the Hearst rapist? But Michael Cera was too busy to come back. @NeptuneRising #VeronicaMarsRewatch

I'm pretty sure I love Troy even more now than I did then. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"Jane Austen. But he dissed Pride and Prejudice so I had to throw a beer on him" #VeronicaMarsRewatch

CM: I believe a copy of Elle magazine but I forget why #VeronicaMarRewatch @golfstoomuch

K: Is that what the kids call motor boating #VeronicaMarsRewatch

#VeronicaMarsRewatch @golfstoomuch Fun fact if ya don't know already @AaronRAshmore is a twin. But ye all probably know already.

"@golfstoomuch: You should of gotten in more shenanigans on VM that would of be awesome... #VeronicaMarsRewatch"

Feb 8, 1:17am
golfstoomuch @golfstoomuch

Those weren’t aspirin. They were Altoids, which were even worse to chew than aspirin. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

JennM14 @JennM14

@golfstoomuch: They were Altoids, which were even worse to chew than aspirin. #VeronicaMarsRewatch” Oh! They burn so bad!

It took me several rewatches to catch the foreshadowing in this scene #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"Oh my god I know her. She goes to my school. Her name is Madison Sinclair...." #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"I have a zest for life, so sue me." Whenever I'm caught doing things I shouldn't be, this will be my response. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"Her name is Madison Sinclair" Great delivery #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Veronica can't even say Madison's name without some extra sass. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"Lamb appears to know your gynecologist." That sentence is so weird. @golfstoomuch #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Pretty sure Lamb proves that Madison has the worst taste in men ever. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Feb 8, 1:19am
Emtifahp @Emtifahp

@bloodshedepic Mercer was an upperclassman in S3 so he must have already been a student there during the tour #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Emtifahp @Emtifahp

@bloodshedepic Mercer and the RA met during that sociology prison experience the year prior to Logan & Wallace doing it #VeronicaMarsRewatch

I am a loyal subscribe to "Modern Squallor" magazine - aren't you? @NeptuneRising #VeronicaMarsRewatch @golfstoomuch

Now its time for me to clinch that emmy nomination #VeronicaMarsRewatch

As a fan of other undercover show, it's too bad that Veronica didn't wear more wigs during the show's run. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

“Please shes my sister.” “Im sorry this girl was Hawaiian” Oh! Classic scene #VeronicaMarsRewatch

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