March 21, 2013 Twitter Chat

Live tweeting today w/ @RobThomas at 11am PT/2pm ET! Send us your questions w/ hashtag #veronicamarsmovie :)

Live Twitter Chat with me and @IMKristenBell starting now- use hashtag #veronicamarsmovie to ask questions.

Mar 21, 6:01pm
Ionamojo @Ionamojo

@IMKristenBell @RobThomas What tv shows have you especially enjoyed that have come out in the past 5 years or so? #veronicamarsmovie

RobThomas @RobThomas

.@Ionamojo @IMKristenBell Love Breaking Bad. Love Freaks & Geeks. Love Game of Thrones. There are many. Digging The Mindy Project. Love 30R

Veronica mars is smarter than @RobThomas !! live chat starts now! #veronicamarsmovie

Mar 21, 6:01pm
CRGlynn77 @CRGlynn77

@IMKristenBell @RobThomas Since VMars has been out of the PI biz, maybe Vinnie's been running amok in Neptune? #veronicamarsmovie

RobThomas @RobThomas

.@CRGlynn77 @IMKristenBell I'm planning on Vinnie running amok.

Mar 21, 6:02pm
hannahlefler @hannahlefler

@IMKristenBell @RobThomas will the #veronicamarsmovie still have the same snarky humor as the show did? & will Weevil be making an apperance

RobThomas @RobThomas

.@hannahlefler @IMKristenBell Yes to the first. And I sure hope Francis/Weevil will be in it. I'm planning on it.

yep- @robthomas is almost finished writing it! "@FranceLovesSel do you already know what's gonna be the plot story? #veronicamarsmovie "

Mar 21, 6:03pm
Ionamojo @Ionamojo

@IMKristenBell @RobThomas Is there a script for the movie yet?If not,do you know at this stage what direction it'll take? #veronicamarsmovie

RobThomas @RobThomas

.@Ionamojo @IMKristenBell Movie is outlined. First 40 pages are written. I definitely know the direction.

Mar 21, 6:04pm
MasterBofSweden @MasterBofSweden

@IMKristenBell #veronicamarsmovie How do you guys going to address the international fanbase? Any plans of shooting abroad?

RobThomas @RobThomas

.@MasterBofSweden @IMKristenBell No plans to shoot abroad. We are trying very hard to get international solved. Soon.

weve always been plotting for a movie...since about 1 yr post show "@heyyfeliciaa #veronicamarsmovie When did u decide 2 do a movie?

Mar 21, 6:06pm
KateB222 @KateB222

#veronicamarsmovie Chances of seeing Duncan & Meg's kid? Duncan?

RobThomas @RobThomas

.@KateB222 Odds on Meg's kid? Zero. Unknown odds on Duncan.

Mar 21, 6:07pm
Kristina47 @Kristina47

@RobThomas Were Logan& V always going to end up together or did @IMKristenBell & Jason's chemistry determine that choice? #veronicamarsmovie

RobThomas @RobThomas

.@Kristina47 @IMKristenBell Never sposed to be together. Decision made because of chemistry. Those were our fave scenes.

.@lilsushigirl @IMKristenBell That's the plan. Again. No actor deals done, yet, but I want Wallace in it.

Mar 21, 6:08pm
miazapanta @miazapanta

Please tell me there will be some use of We Used To Be Friends! #VeronicaMarsMovie @IMKristenBell

RobThomas @RobThomas

.@miazapanta @IMKristenBell Yes. This is definite. Hope to do cool stuff with the song. Possibly get Courtney Taylor Taylor in movie.

Absolutley! maybe w/some new faces too! "@Pasparda the cast on #veronicamarsmovie will be the same as in the series, right? x

.@alyssainfash @IMKristenBell There will be a couple great roles for new faces, but planning on many, many returning characters.

Nancy drew&Veronica from Heathers @PSawyerSchue Any Real/Fictional Peeps u Were Inspired By When u First Played Veronica? #VeronicaMarsMovie

Mar 21, 6:10pm
Kamujii @Kamujii

So did you @RobThomas found a way to bring back Lily in the movie ? #veronicamarsmovie

RobThomas @RobThomas

.@Kamujii I will probably do my best to avoid too much mythology. Want to welcome new viewers. I'm not planning on flashbacks to teen days.

Mar 21, 6:11pm
flakeyjakey0o @flakeyjakey0o

@RobThomas @IMKristenBell not really a question but a Krysten Ritter cameo would be my ultimate dream! xox #veronicamarsmovie

RobThomas @RobThomas

.@flakeyjakey0o @IMKristenBell Why just a cameo? I want more than that.

Im over the moon. "@meg2386 How excited are you to be playing such an empowered female role again? #veronicamarsmovie "

ABSOLUTELY ! " @nxtom If I donate the $1,250,000 left to hit 5 million can I tase @Robthomas myself? #veronicamarsmovie"

Mar 21, 6:13pm
mhumie @mhumie

#veronicamarsmovie will the movie span years and continents, have lives ruined, blood shed and overall be epic? @IMKristenBell @RobThomas

RobThomas @RobThomas

.@mhumie @IMKristenBell I wish I had written that. (I didn't. Diane Ruggiero, perhaps.) It will be epic. It won't span continents.

Mar 21, 6:14pm
ImperfectSong @ImperfectSong

@RobThomas @IMKristenBell Will Veronica's new honey be played by Kristen's real-life honey? #veronicamarsmovie

RobThomas @RobThomas

.@ImperfectSong @IMKristenBell I have already written the Dax cameo in the movie. It's a funny one.

not unplesant-but super wierd 2 kiss @HiRyanHansen "@MooN_413 What scene was the most unpleasant 4 u in Veronica Mars? #veronicamarsmovie"

Mar 21, 6:14pm
indiesarah @indiesarah

@RobThomas @IMKristenBell Are you excited for the soundtrack? Any artists you hope you can include? #VeronicaMarsMovie

RobThomas @RobThomas

.@indiesarah @IMKristenBell I want Tegan & Sara. Can someone get me their number?

Mar 21, 6:15pm
WorthErin @WorthErin

@RobThomas What has Logan been up to since the end of the show? Please tell me it doesn't involve Madison Sinclaire #veronicamarsmovie

RobThomas @RobThomas

.@WorthErin That will be a surprise. I know. But I'm not telling.

Mar 21, 6:16pm
BackoftheHead @BackoftheHead

@RobThomas @IMKristenBell As a Kickstarter Associate Producer, can I eat at the 'cool table' with the Oh-Niners? #veronicamarsmovie

RobThomas @RobThomas

.@BackoftheHead @IMKristenBell We will have an 09er table for everyone who went with the signed poster and above.

4me the pilot-when VM wakes up to find shes been raped "@Kattressa What was the most emotional scene you guys ever filmed?#veronicamarsmovie

Mar 21, 6:17pm
NotOctavioDotel @NotOctavioDotel

@RobThomas @IMKristenBell Duncan & Clarence ever made to answer for taking out Aaron? Kendall gonna be in the film? #veronicamarsmovie

RobThomas @RobThomas

.@NotOctavioDotel @IMKristenBell They both went scott free. Like Woody Allen's Crime and Misdemeanors.

Mar 21, 6:19pm
britdanielle22 @britdanielle22

I don't think I have ever been this excited for a show to become a movie! Logan Echols was my first tv character crush! #VeronicaMarsMovie

RobThomas @RobThomas

.@britdanielle22 Hey, Brit. We both have rock star doppelgängers.

Mar 21, 6:20pm
kerrberr @kerrberr

RT @IMKristenBell: ABSOLUTELY ! " @nxtom If I donate the $1,250,000 left to hit 5 million can I tase @Robthomas myself? #veronicamarsmovie

RobThomas @RobThomas

.@kerrberr @IMKristenBell @nxtom You can taze @ThisisRobThomas

I plan on it! with live tweets! "@msholymonster @RobThomas Are you guys still planning on doing the show rewatch?! #veronicamarsmovie

.@AdamScottFans @mradamscott half of them are already VM characters. Tough explaining why Adam's disgraced teacher at 10yr reunion.

Mar 21, 6:22pm
flucky83 @flucky83

#veronicamarsmovie is the movie based in present time or will it be a sequel to the series?

RobThomas @RobThomas

.@flucky83 The years have passed. The NHS 10 year reunion serves as middle of movie set piece.

.@peppermintish @IMKristenBell That's my plan. I hope they both say yes.

the same! but we hope newbees/teens/new fans will like it too! @princessgleek will the film be aimed as the same audience rather then teens

TROY: Flat? VM: im just as god made me. "@VMarsthing @RobThomas Veronica's favorite quote? #veronicamarsmovie "

.@CommonQuestion I will be directing this one, I'm happy to say.

.@swiftyfan19 @IMKristenBell She will open the movie with a boyfriend. What happens in the movie will be rough on her love life.

Thanks, everyone. This was fun. We'll have to do it again! I must keep some secrets!

an honest to god tie! @DigiRanger1994 Which event made u more excited:#VeronicaMarsMovie reaching its goal or finding out u were pregnant?

thank u to every single marshmallow who participated in the #veronicamarsmovie live chat! it wasnt long enough! lets do it again soon- ok?

YES. "@BarrySolow: @RobThomas, It occurs to me that the VM movie would benefit from the brief appearance of a rental-car clerk."

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