Reaction to the WB's VM movie email address

November 10, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Rob Thomas Calls WB's 'Veronica Mars' Movie Email Address a 'Glimmer of Hope'

"I was surprised as anyone that Warner Bros. set up a 'Veronica Mars' email address," the show's creator Rob Thomas told TV Squad via email. "No one has talked to me about it."

"I was happy to see it," Thomas said of the email. "It gives me a glimmer of hope, but I'm just like everyone else wondering, 'What does this mean?' I hope it means it's under consideration, but I have no insider knowledge on that front."

The fact that no one from the WB talked to Rob about the email and Rob has no idea what's going on is not the most inspiring of signs.

'Veronica Mars' movie: Closer to reality?

WB Sets Up Email For Veronica Mars Film Petitions

Unfortunately for this production, cash-fountain Miley Cyrus has just signed on to star in So Undercover about a "tough, street smart" kid who gets hired by the FBI to help solve a case. As a rough comparison, this is pretty much how Veronica Mars operates, although she'd now be in her 20s. So Undercover is slated for next year so all Veronica Mars fans, PLEASE send your request for a big screen adaptation to ASAP and get this thing rolling before it's too late.

The Hopeless (Yet Admirable) Veronica Mars Film Campaign: A Movieline Timeline

It is a truth universally acknowledged among die hard Veronica Mars fans that every time one ‘09er comes to terms with the fact that Neptune's favorite female super sleuth — immortalized by Kristen Bell — will have to settle for solving crimes in the television afterlife, another hopeless ‘09er tries to rally the fans to plead with Warner Bros. one more time for Veronica's silver screen adaptation.

Conclusion From the Above Timeline: Thanks for giving the Veronica Mars Movie an actual email address but, no, this still means nothing. And it would probably be healthiest for all of us Neptune ‘09ers, as much as it pains me to say it, just…move…on.

Celebrity Sentry

Warner Bros. decided it was as good a time as any to create an official e-mail address where you can send your pleas for a Veronica Mars movie. While this is surely better than sending pro-Mars letters/e-mails/objects into the WB void, the entirely random timing leads us to believe Warner Bros.' main aim here may have been to create a quarantine zone for Veronica Mars obsessives, so they stop filling random WB employees' in-boxes. But, on the off chance that this might actually help get a movie made, well, you know what to do.

Indie Wire

Considering the tweet was sent last Friday night (though to be fair, that was probably the worst time WB could have chosen to broadcast that info) and has gained pretty much no traction since, it doesn't bode well for the potential of a feature film. If Warner Bros. really wanted to make a film they would put it into development, but it seems like they're waiting for a deluge of emails that we don't think they're gonna get before deciding to do something.


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