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MI.net: So do you take the criticism personally or just as a part of being in a show?

Teddy: You know what, I heard in an interview and I think it was Al Pacino, that no matter what anybody says, you are never as good as you say you are, and you are never as bad as they say you are. I was in high school or something at the time, and I just really remember that hitting home. You can't ever let any of it really go to your head too much, whether it's negative or positive. You need to be able to take the criticism and understand that everything that anybody says is totally valid. It's totally, totally valid. I may disagree with it or I may agree with it. And I may have a difference of opinion. I don't find Duncan to be dull. I don't know how I could play a character that I did find dull, but it's a totally valid point if people do.

MI.net: Well maybe dull is the wrong word.

Teddy: And I have no problems accepting that, because once I give a performance, it's out there. And it's for everybody else to view, and to take in, and process it how they will. And that's out of my hands. Anything that people take away from it, or don't take away from it, it is what happens. I'm certainly disappointed when people say things like "I hate Duncan. He's really dull."

MI.net: I think it's dull relative to the other characters.

[Editor's note: Please refer to the first Editor's note on page 1 as I go to the hospital and try to surgically remove my foot from my mouth.]

Teddy: Yeah. Well sure.

MI.net: Less vibrant I guess.

Teddy: Less vibrant or whatever. People say things like "I can't stand him. I want him off the show" or whatever. That hurts a little bit, but at the same time it's their opinion. And it's totally their opinion. It's totally warranted because they are the ones who watch the show. They're the ones who I do this for anyway. So I give that performance, and it's out there, just like everybody else, and once it's out there, there's not a whole lot I can do about it. So you have to just learn to take what people say, and take it for what it's worth, which is a great deal. Like I say, it's quite warranted, but at the same time, you can't let it hold you back. So I try not to think about it a whole lot, to be honest. But it's all welcome. And the fact that people feel as passionately as they do about the show in general is a great thing. Like I said, I'm excited for people to see the end of the season. I don't know if it will change opinions, but I think it will definitely explain a lot.

MI.net: I think that's one of the great things about the characters. From just the pilot, people were like, "Why is he here? Get rid of him. He just sits there and does nothing. And just kind of rocks back and forth." And then as more episodes are shown, and you get the backstory, people are like, "Wait, let's keep him. He's kinda interesting."

Teddy: Yeah, right, good. And hopefully that will continue.

MI.net: Fans are just impatient for the backstory.

Teddy: Right. And I am too, you know. I am too. But I think it will be clearer and clearer as the season unfolds. And like I said, people's frustrations are...you know. I definitely had my share this season as well. I understand where people are coming from when they say the things they do. And like I say, I just try to put it all into perspective and just be happy I'm a working actor to begin with and that I'm moving forward with my career. At the same time, for all the negative criticism out there, I've had just as much positive criticism too, that maybe aren't posted on the web, but I've had that from my colleagues and my superiors as well. I've been affirmed as much as I have been criticized, so it's all fair. It's all good.

MI.net: Fans can't tell if it's the acting or the character that's supposed to be like that.

Teddy: Well I'm playing the character as I see it. So maybe it's the acting, or maybe it's the character. It's probably a combination of both. And if it's not what people enjoy, in terms of the show, then maybe I just don't fit into the show.

WARNING: This part might be spoilery since Teddy talks about his hopes for the next season. For you spoiler-free people, skip to the next question. Click to see his answer.

MI.net: Well, don't leave!

Teddy: I'm not going anywhere. I'm going to be there in every episode next season if we get a second season. So people will either continue to hate me or things will change. Things are going to change for Duncan anyway, as the season resolves. There are going to be different sides of him that you're going to get to see. I mean things will change a lot, just like they do in life.

Teddy: But as I've said the kid has gone through a lot. He's processing a lot. And I think a lot of what he does is not on the air; the life that he lives is not on the air. I think the important thing to remember about all of the supporting characters and the secondary characters, is they are all seen through Veronica's eyes for the most part. And what she is able to see at any given point in time can be actually limited to what is going on with the actual person. And that's part of the genius of Rob's writing. I mean, I think that's part of the beauty of it. You find out what's going on with people as they unfold. People hated Jason's character when he was a jerk in the pilot, but then all this backstory about his parents and his family life unfolds, and it starts to all make sense as it continues to progress.

MI.net: We're just waiting for Duncan's backstory. We're waiting, waiting, waiting, fifteen episodes in.

Teddy: Right and then they give it to you, and it's like "Well, yeah. Wow. That makes sense." I predict, or my hope is that the same thing will happen [that happened with Logan] for the people who are following and waiting for the backstory on Duncan to come out.

MI.net: That's good to know. Because we have been waiting. "Well, come on."

Teddy: Yeah, yeah, me too. [chuckles] But it will be there. It will be there. I know Rob doesn't leave anyone hanging by the end of the season. So it's fun. It's going to be fun...especially to see how you guys respond to each of the...what, we have six left? Six episodes left? Five?

MI.net: Five.

Teddy: Five left. It will be fun for the next five weeks to see how it goes and see how you guys react because I really think you are going to get a kick out of the final five episodes.

MI.net: They've been pretty good this season so we are really looking forward to it. And tonight is your final day?

Teddy: Not me. I wrapped on the season last night. I'm just back at home trying to pack for this trip to New York. Kristen and Rico, tonight is their last night.

MI.net: Wow.

Teddy: Yeah. That's a whole season.

MI.net: That's a lot of work.

Teddy: Yeah it is. Especially for Kristen. Man, I don't know how she does it. She's a remarkable talent. Everybody sees that. But she's a remarkable person in how she deals with shooting every day, and all the publicity stuff, and she does it with such grace and humility, it's really pretty amazing to watch and be around. She's really an incredible person. I'm happy for her. She's a phenomenal person. Everyone in the cast, we have a really, really incredible group of people. And I said it all pilot long that I hope we get picked up just so I could continue to work with these guys and get to know them as actors and as people because we have a really, really interesting group. Whenever we do these little trips, these publicity tours and stuff, it's always a good time. We have such a diverse group and yet we get along. We all come from such different places, but we all get along so well. It's really great. It's great to be a part of.

[Editor's note: It's great that the cast is so "remarkable," "interesting," and "diverse," but Teddy, you forgot to mention how incredibly HOT the cast is. Hell, I'll work in raw sewage treatment center if it meant I got to work with people as superfine as you guys.]

MI.net: Speaking of the cast, who do you think is the funniest?

Teddy: The funniest? I've gotta go with Percy on that. Percy cracks me up. I don't know, maybe it's because we hang out so much off the set. We just know each other really well. He's a funny, funny guy. The things he brings to the show too, I mean he really brings that lightheartedness to the show which we desperately need in the film noir, teen noir show.

MI.net: He's the only happy one.

Teddy: Yeah, exactly. I mean he's got a lot going on too. The things with his backstory and his parents don't get dwelled on. He obviously lost his dad before he was supposed to. And you're right, I mean he brings this light with him, in any scene that he is in. He just lights up the camera, and he lights up the scene. Kristen and him have such great chemistry that it's just so much fun to watch. It's definitely a nice breather when they have their moments together in an episode. But you should see him on the set. He cracks everybody up. He's pretty funny.

MI.net: Who's the most serious of your cast members?

Teddy: I've got to go with Dohring on that one.

MI.net: Other people have said that too.

Teddy: Jason's funny too. He's a good guy. We hang out a lot on the set when we're working together. We'll play chess or whatever. And he's a big poker player too. So it's not like he's all work and no play. That's definitely not how Jason is at all. But when it comes down to his character, and preparing, and all that stuff, he's definitely a true professional in that regard and he takes it very seriously. My experiences with Jason have been mostly at work so I guess my experience with Jason has been mostly serious.

MI.net: Not much joking.

Teddy: Nah, but he's fun too. I mean we joke around. Especially in some scenes, like the poker scenes for instance, where everybody's there, and we're all goofing around and messing around. That was a blast to shoot. We were there all night. That was some 14-15-hour shoot. That was a fun moment for Jason and me because we really got to play off each other for the first time and just have fun, just go with it. Nick Marck directed that episode. He was really great about letting us feed off each other, and having some fun moments. A lot of those didn't make it into the episode, but it was fun just to lighten it up, and do a kind of a different style of scene with Jason because most of the time we're talking about serious stuff.

MI.net: Who's the shyest cast member?

Teddy: Shyest? I guess it would probably be me. I don't know. Shyest? Yeah, it's probably be me. Even though I appear outgoing and all that stuff in an interview like this, there's that side of me that when I know I have to do an interview or something like that, I know I can turn it on and be that guy. But I think I'm probably the most introverted. Rico is pretty shy, but he's so warm and kind that it really doesn't come across as shy. It comes across as paternal almost.

MI.net: Describe your cast members in one word or in a few words.

Teddy: Okay.

MI.net: Kristen.

Teddy: Okay, Kristen. Well, you want one word?

MI.net: Or a few words. What's the first thing that comes to mind.

Teddy: Grace, with Kristen. It's grace with her, for sure.

[Editor's note: Okay everybody, say it with me..."Awww."]

MI.net: Rico.

Teddy: Rico, I guess, it's a combination of things. I don't know the exact work for it. His wisdom and his generosity. If there is a word that encompasses both of those, I think that's the word.

MI.net: Jason.

Teddy: Jason...ah...this is like word association. It's not intense. It's something else...hmm. You know with Jason I think it's loyal. Or maybe it's his...no, no, no, it's not loyal, it's devoted. It's devotion because he's so devoted to the show. And he's so devoted to his character. But he's devoted to everyone around him too. He's really devoted to us as cast members and making sure we get what we need from him. And he's really devoted to the crew and everybody around him. Loyal obviously applies, but I think devoted is even the better word.

[Editor's note: And this is when my computer crashed so I lost the last ten minutes of the interview. So from memory…]

Teddy: For Percy the word is family. Percy is my boy. He's been like a brother to me. When I moved from New York I didn't know anyone, and Percy really took me under his wing. In fact Percy's entire family has been really kind to me. Amanda: She's magnetic. Whenever she comes on the set or on screen, everyone is just drawn to her. Kyle: He is just such a great force.

MI.net: Any final words?

Teddy: I just want to thank all the fans for watching and their great support.

Done done DUNNNNNNN! This concludes our with interview Teddy Dunn. Thanks once again to Teddy for agreeing to this interview and not hanging up on me when I called Duncan "boring." Sorry about that. Unless Teddy was lying, it sounds like the upcoming episodes are going to be great. So sit back and relax, and enjoy the final four heart-wrenching, jaw-dropping, gut-busting, fist-pumping, Rob-is-my-TV-god episodes of this absolutely kickass first season.

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