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I know you guys have been in knots all week waiting for the answer to that all important question: how much taller is Teddy Dunn than Kristen Bell? (Rob Thomas isn't the only person who has a knack for jaw-dropping cliffhangers.) So without further delay...

MI.net: How much taller are you than Kristen Bell?

Teddy: Let's see, I'm six feet and Kristen's 5'1"? Right? I think she's 5'2" or 5'3". It's funny whenever we have to do our kissing scenes, I have to bend down. And Kristen has to get up on her tippy toes.

MI.net: She doesn't have to stand on a box, does she?

Teddy: No, no, no, no. It's not like that. [laughs] It's not like that at all.

MI.net: When the DVDs come out, or if they come out...

Teddy: They will, damn it.

[Editor's note: Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful fan campaign.]

MI.net: Who do we have to contact to get that out?

Teddy: Honestly I don't know. I would imagine that Joel Silver would certainly want it to come out. I think people know that it would be a pretty good seller. I expect we will have a Season 1 DVD, but I read somewhere—I forget who it was, some authority on the issue—that there were no plans to have a DVD as of yet. I think somebody in Warner Brothers television perhaps, maybe they're the ones who distribute it. I don't know. I honestly don't know who to tell you about that. But I think we will get one. I think we will definitely get one.

MI.net: That's cool. So are you going to be embarrassed? Are there any outtakes or anything that you don't want to be on there?

Teddy: We definitely have some really emotionally intense scenes and I just can't get the line out and it's just embarrassing, so...yeah, I don't know. I think it'll all be fun. It would be fun to watch. Hopefully there have been some pretty good outtakes. I hope they got my reaction to Kristen's practical joke; we were taping at the time. I think that would be pretty fun and embarrassing. But yeah, I think it would be all good stuff. It would all be a lot of fun, I think, not only for the fans, but for the whole cast and crew too. So hopefully we'll get some good out takes in there as well.

[Editor's note: Realizing the importance of the case, my men are rounding up twice the usual number of campaign-crazy TWoPers.]

MI.net: Which is your favorite Backup?

Teddy: You know, I've never met Backup. I'm never on the set when Backup is hanging out, I don't think. You know what? I met the first one, so I'm going to have to go with the first one. I was definitely around on the pilot when the first Backup was in the pilot.

MI.net: I read that you guys had running bets to see who could guess the identity of Lilly's killer correctly. Kristen and Michael said they got it right. Were you able to guess right?

Teddy: Yeah, I think we all came to the conclusion around the same time. We were talking about it in hair and makeup one day, and Kristen suggested something to me, and I was like, "Hmm." And then I—actually, I guess I did get her back as a practical joke, sort of. I told her, as she was trying to figure it out, I told her that I knew, that Rob had told me and only me because I had to know for my character. And I had her going for a while that I knew all along. I had no clue whatsoever. But I think I had a pretty good guess as well. And it ended up being right. It was early on. But I don't know if it was around the same time or not, I have no idea. There was a period there in the first thirteen episodes where I just had an episode off, so I wasn't on the set for two, three weeks. So it might have been around there when Michael and Kristen had their Eureka.

[Editor's note: That buzzing sound is the sound of hundreds of TWoPers across the nation rewinding their episodes, trying to figure out what clues they missed, but the cast obviously got, that allowed them to correctly guess Lilly's killer.]

MI.net: During the Christmas episode, why were Duncan and Logan wearing matching underwear?

Teddy: [laughs] Because the show thought it would be funny. The writers thought it would be funny. There's no, you know, innuendo, but you know...

MI.net: Do you know about HoYay?

Teddy: Yeah, what is that? What does that mean, by the way? I really don't understand that.

MI.net: It's short for "Homoeroticism, Yay!," a celebration of textual and subtextual homoeroticism.

Teddy: I know what you're talking about. It's those moments in a show where certain things are like...homosexuality innuendo comes through the text or the joke. [laughs] Okay. Yeah, I think that definitely qualifies as a HoYay moment. There's no reason for it other than we thought it would be a funny little gag. Not we. Jason and I had nothing to do with it. It was just written into the text that we are wearing our little Christmas boxers that, you know, our girlfriends gave us or whoever gave us. I kind of thought it was our moms that gave us those boxers. We hadn't done our laundry in, like, three weeks and we were both down to our last pair or something.

MI.net: Did you guys have to pump up the day before?

Teddy: Oh yeah, baby! [laughs] Everybody on the show works out pretty incessantly. We try to take care of ourselves. Nothing out of the ordinary, I guess. But you always have to do your push-ups right before the camera rolls, you know.

MI.net: I also read you were a big fan of Kyle's before you worked with him.

Teddy: Yeah, growing up, I don't know if you ever watched the show Homicide: Life on the Streets? Oh man, he was....The whole show was phenomenal. And Kyle was my favorite character. It was really the only show I've ever been loyal to in terms of watching television. I really don't watch a whole lot of TV in general, but that was one show that I was just devout about. And Kyle was the one character I really identified with the most: the rookie Homicide investigator, but at the same time, this deep thinker and passionate guy. And for the seven seasons that it was on the air, I was totally in love with the show and I loved Kyle's performance. I thought he was an amazing actor. He was one of those guys that, as I was trying to become a professional actor, when asked, "Who would you like to act with the most?", Kyle was always at the top of my list.

MI.net: And you got to work with him.

Teddy: And in my first professional job, he plays my dad. When Rob told me that over the phone, I literally freaked out. I was just over the moon with the prospect of getting to work with him. And as it turns out, we've had some really great scenes. Actually just finished shooting these last few episodes where I've had some really great stuff with Kyle. He is an incredible joy to work with. I've learned so much from everyone on the show, but from Kyle in particular. We've had this opportunity to talk about the craft, the art-form. And to go to lunch where I just get to pick his brain for an hour. It's been an incredible experience getting to know him, but also getting to work with him and watch him work. I think that's definitely true for the rest of the cast as well. But for Kyle, for some reason, just because I've looked up to him for so long, it's magnified that much more. He's lived up to all my hopes and dreams. He's so gracious with his knowledge and his time. And he really cares about helping young actors along. It's been an incredible opportunity to work with him.

MI.net: Well you were excited, but were you a little star-struck when you found out?

Teddy: I guess I was a little star-struck at first. The first day that I met him, we were shooting a scene in which I didn't even have any lines. It was just this little scene where Kyle comes out to the courtyard steps, when charges against him have been dismissed, and I'm at his side, he's kind of hugging me. He's saying the Sheriff will get run out of town. That we will do everything to rectify this injustice. Right as I met him, before we shot, I was like, "I just wanted to say, I was a huge fan of Homicide, and you're my favorite character." I just got that down on the table right away. And I tried not to do it in that stalkerish, big fan kind of way. I tried to do it like, "Yeah, I'm an actor, you're an actor, okay, great, yeah, loved your work on Homicide" kind of thing. And he was really responsive to it. He was really happy to hear that.

MI.net: You didn't actually call him Bayliss did you?

Teddy: [laughs] No, I didn't call him Bayliss. Tempted, but I didn't do it. And he responded really well to it. He was really great about the whole thing. To this day he will tell me war stories from Homicide. Little insider stuff about the show and all that stuff. He's really an awesome guy. I couldn't be luckier to have him play my dad.

[Editor's note: You're right, calling an actor by their character's name is so stalkerish. Now for the next question, Duncan, but he's the...]

MI.net: But he's the recast Jake, right? They had a different guy in the pilot.

Teddy: Yeah, my dad wasn't really in the pilot. You just kind of see his back, walking up to the hotel or whatever. And for the life of me I can't remember the guy who did that. But I think it was in the cards all along that if the show got picked up, that Jake Kane was going to be a recurring role, and they wanted to get somebody like Kyle to come in and play the role.

MI.net: I think that's the cool part of the show, that you actually get to work with someone that you look up to.

Teddy: It's amazing. I mean, I look up to Rico too, quite a bit. And he's the exact same way. Rico and I have only one scene together where we actually share dialogue. And that hasn't even aired yet. We were shooting that a couple of weeks ago. That's the only scene I've had with him. So I haven't gotten as much of an opportunity to work with him as I have with Kyle. It's one of the things that makes it special, you know, the guy who plays your dad being an idol of yours growing up. It's pretty cool.

MI.net: Didn't you and Jason audition for each other's roles?

Teddy: Yeah, that's a funny story. Jason auditioned for Duncan originally and I auditioned for Logan originally. Which was funny because we both got great responses, I think, on our interpretation of Duncan and Logan. But then, I guess, Jason was just...[chuckles] a kickass jerk. And he definitely came in and swooped up that role. I was in New York at the time, so they were pretty desperate at the end, I think. Duncan was the last character to get cast. They flew me out to audition for it. And things went my way. But yeah, I originally read, went on tape in New York with Logan's sides. And Duncan didn't even have any sides when I showed up to audition for him. Rob went home and wrote a scene for it. That was the scene I was talking about earlier, the scene where I'm asking Veronica to run away with me. So yeah, I think things definitely turned out for the better. I think we were cast in the right roles, the both of us. But I'm sure Jason's Duncan would have been very, very interesting as well.

MI.net: How would you have played it differently?

Teddy: You know I don't think I can even comment on how I would play it differently. I don't know, because I never got the opportunity to really perform the role. And now when I get the scripts, I look at it from Duncan's point of view. So I haven't really thought a whole lot about that. But it would be fun maybe for one time, maybe Jason and I could have a scene together where we could switch roles. At least in rehearsal or something. That would be fun. We actually talked about something like that. You know, how John C. Reilly and Philip Seymour Hoffman did True West in New York, a few years ago, and every other night, they flip-flop their roles. Maybe we could do something a little like that.

MI.net: DVD extra right there.

Teddy: Yeah, exactly. That would be cool. That would be very cool.

[Editor's note: This interviewed occured on Wednesday April 6, 2005. Or as it will be referred to from now on, "National wykbbb Talked to Teddy Dunn Day."]

MI.net: The final scene in last night's episode, you were very scary.

Teddy: I didn't see the episode. Which one was it?

MI.net: It was "Kanes and Abel's" [episode 1.17]. It was the flashback, or fake flashback, where you were throwing the thing at Lilly's head.

Teddy: Oh yeah, Veronica's thinking about how it could have gone down. The last thought she has is of me killing Lilly.

MI.net: Yeah.

Teddy: Oh good, that came out well?

MI.net: That came out well. Fans were like, "Duncan's usually passive," but then that final scene was like "Uh-oh. Did Duncan actually do it?"

Teddy: You want me to answer that question?

MI.net: Oh no.

Teddy: Yeah, that's good though. That's the whole point, right? Just to have all those cards up in the air. And have you guys have just as much fun figuring out who killed Lilly as me, Kristen, and Michael did. I'm glad that came out well because it will add to the mystery, I think. It will add to all the questions.

MI.net: Yeah, the fans are very confused right now. We don't know what's going on.

Teddy: You're confused? Well you guys are exceptionally intelligent from what I've read online and heard people talk about the show. You guys are very, very intelligent with your predictions. And also—[slight chuckle]—with your criticism as well.

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