Ryan Hansen (Dick Casablancas)

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Ryan Hansen

Dick Casablancas. He's the blonde bully boy of the 09er crowd without Humphrey Bogart's charm. For Dick is...a dick. But unlike his character, the real Ryan Hansen has the inner beauty of Ingrid Bergman. And luckily for us, we got to talk to Ryan just before he disappeared to Africa (really) to help children (yes really). So, Ryan. Here's looking at you, kid.

About You

MI.net: As fans of the show, we just know you're going to say that being on Veronica Mars is one of the highlights of your career but are there others you'd like to mention?

Ryan: Yea, being on Veronica Mars is the highlight of my professional career...so far, especially the Episode, "A Trip to the Dentist"...just wait till it airs and you'll see why. It's my favorite episode.

MI.net: Michael Muhney (Sheriff Lamb) has a whole page on his site devoted to the roles that got away. Do you have any just-misses?

Ryan: Well, yes I do actually...but who wants to relive that agony...J/K

MI.net: Michael Muhney and Brad Bufanda have a website. Why don't you? Do you want one? Because we know a group of obsessed Veronica Mars fans who could totally hook you up with an awesome website in less than two weeks.

Ryan: Really, obsessed fans would make me a website, WOW. Yea, Bro, call my Manager. 

[Editor's note: We'll have to wait until summer for this. We're kinda of busy right now updating this site, trying to guess Lilly's killer, and squeeing over the Veronica-and-Logan kiss.]

MI.net: Dude, you totally, like have that gnarly surfer look. And you have played one on TV. Are you are surfer?

Ryan: Uhhh...Yea, I am. Born and raised in San Diego Dude!

MI.net: Not to sound too stalkerish, but do you live in San Diego or L.A.? If you live in San Diego, how cool is it that one of the best shows this season is filming right in your backyard? If you live in L.A., do the producers hook you up with a cool hotel room?

Ryan: I'm a dual residence kinda guy. My wife Amy and I have a place in L.A. and when I'm working in San Diego, I either stay at my parents' or Amy's parents'. And I love that the show shoots in San Diego.  I'm so proud  to be representin' for my home town.

MI.net: Any gossip about yourself that you want to get off your chest? Shoe size? Mensa membership? Have you ever seen Casablanca? Just to be completely shallow, when did you go Blondie Bear? Most of the headshots on your manager's website show you with short, spiky hair.

Ryan: Well,  when I first started acting, right outta high school, I had the spikey hair thing going on. But for a while now my hair has looked like it does now. You likey?  

[Editor's note: Likey? We lovey! *swoon*]

MI.net: Why are you going to Africa? The rabid Veronica Mars fans haven't driven you out of the country for being so mean to Veronica, have they?

Ryan: My wife and her family are already in Africa and I am joining them. We are part of a mission for The Invisible Children. My brother-in-law Jason Russell is a filmmaker, trying to bring attention to the plight of the kids there who are being forced into war.

[Editor's note: Ryan's in Africa helping out the kids...now we feel all guilty for writing such a mean bio. Sorry Ryan. But you have to admit it, Dick totally deserved it.]

About Veronica Mars

MI.net: During your audition process, which cast members did you test with? We read that Jason auditioned for the role of Duncan and Amanda auditioned for the role of Veronica. Was Dick Casablancas your first choice, or did you audition for any other roles on the show? Did you know your character's name was Dick when you auditioned? If so, how did you stop yourself from laughing at the name?

Ryan: I first auditioned for the role of Duncan. Afterwards when they were casting one of Duncan's '09er friends, I was brought in to read for that. And it turned out to be Dick Casablancas. I know...we laugh at that name too. Maybe you can find out why my name is Dick Casablancas.

[Editor's note 1: Jason, Teddy, AND Ryan auditioned for the role of Duncan? The next thing you know, we're going find out that Percy also auditioned for that role. Are we the only ones who's imagining Duncan as a full of pimp-juice brutha'?]

[Editor's note 2: Dear Rob, if you would like to explain why his name is Dick Casablancas, please feel free to email us.]

MI.net: As you know, we're doing our damnedest to persuade all intelligent life-forms that they need to watch this show.  Some would call us rabid. How are you coping with the Internet cult status that the show is attracting? Are you surprised that a group of 12 obsessed fans, spanning multiple time zones and continents, are insane enough to spend the past two weeks working non-stop just to create MarsInvestigations.net? Are you being recognized at malls?  Are you surprised? Flattered? Annoyed?

Ryan: I think what you 12 are doing is so cool. You're getting the word out and that's great. I would never get annoyed at being recognized, are you kidding?  I went to a Fan Event in L.A. with Kristen Bell and the fans were so cool. I couldn't believe it. Lotta love there.

MI.net: Besides this interview, what's the strangest fan encounter you've ever had? What's the best? Have you ever been mistaken for your character? Has some Marsaholic told you to be nicer to Veronica?

Ryan: No, but my wife wants Dick to be nicer to Veronica. Hey I don't write this stuff, ya know?

[Editor's note: Hey Rob, in case you read this, you should listen to Ryan's wife. You don't want to cause any strife in the lives of these helping-kids-in-Africa newlyweds, do you?]

MI.net: Rob Thomas and the writers are avid reader of the TWoP boards. Do you ever visit the TWoP boards or read Couch Baron's recaps? Are you aware of your TWoP nickname? What do you think of Dick's character bio at MarsInvestigations.net? Do you visit the other fan sites? Do you read the fanfic?

Ryan: I have a nickname? What is it? Well, your Bio at marsinvestigations.net is cool. I get it.  It's Dick you hate, not me. But, you love to hate him, dontcha?

[Editor's note: We love to hate Dick Casablancas, but if it turns out that he's guilty of either the murder or the rape, grrrr...]

About Your Coworkers

MI.net: Is there any gossip that you want to share about your fellow cast members? Who's the funniest? Most serious? Most outgoing? Most shy? Most like their character? Most unlike their character?

Ryan: No, no gossip from me. VerMars cast and crew are the best. No kidding. Every single one of them. And Kristen is the most hard working actress and the sweetest person. She and Jason especially just put everyone at ease. I always love coming to work on the Veronica Mars set. It never feels like work. It is just so much fun being with everyone there.  

MI.net: Michael and Brad said the cast is always cracking up. What's harder: keeping a straight face with scripts this great or keeping a straight face when playing Pilot #3 in Power Rangers?

Ryan: Aawww....that's mean. Hey, I had to shave my head for that Power Rangers role. I was always so cold after that, till my hair grew back. But Brad and Michael are right, we are always cracking up.

[Editor's note: Okay, who has photos of a bald Ryan, because we want to see them.]

MI.net: We prefer to think the entire cast and crew love each other to bits, but who are the guys there that most rock your boat?

Ryan: That whole cast/crew I'm telling you, are the best. After I had been off the show for a while, I came back for Episode 19 (previously "Tit for Tad" and now renamed "M.A.D."). Anyway, when I walked onto set, I saw that every crew member was wearing a tee shirt that said, "I HEART DICK".  It was so cool.

[Editor's note: Everyone keeps saying that the entire cast is great. We're a little skeptical of that claim. I guess the only way we can know that for sure is if we get invited to visit the set during next season. *cough* Hint, hint, hint. *cough*]

MI.net: Pick one word to describe each of your various cast members, that you work with the most.

Ryan: Kristen: awesome
Jason: smart
Teddy: serious
Percy: funny
Francis: cool

MI.net: Everyone in our webteam and all the VM fans at TWoP think Rob Thomas is a freaking genius. Here's your chance to kiss up to your boss. What's the best thing about working with Rob Thomas?

Ryan: I think Rob is great. He watches out for the show and all the cast. His writing is awesome, very real.   

MI.net: Three Questions (a rip-off of Craig Kilborn's Five Questions, but we weren't smart enough to come up with five questions): Firstly, how much taller are you than 5'-1" Kristen Bell? Secondly, how embarrassed will you be when we see the outtakes on DVD? Thirdly, who's your favorite Backup (the original pit-bull, the stuffed toy in Veronica's bedroom, or the current dog)?

Ryan: 1. a foot.
2. won't be embarrassed
3. original Backup, cept my dog's cuter (Freddy the French Bull)

[Editor's note: Photos, Ryan, photos.]

About Your Character

MI.net: Dude, what's with the 'tude? Is Dick really a total dick?

Ryan: Well, yep he is. (I'm not) 

MI.net: On the headshots you look nice and smiley. And according to your manager, you're a swell guy. Where did you get Dick's dickness from? Brad said you were most like your character. Would you like to confirm or deny that?

Ryan: LOL...Hey, Brad and I go back a long ways...we used to be room mates! ( I hear the VM theme song...) And Dick's 'dickness'....Method Acting Man!

[Editor's note: Felix and Dick as roommates? Oh, sounds like the perfect spinoff to us.]

MI.net: What did your friends and family members say when you told them that your character's name was Dick Casablancas? Does your mom go around bragging to all her friends that her son plays a "Dick"?

Ryan: Well, they wanted to know if I could get the show to re name me...something like Chip or Skipper or Dusty or some other surfer name...no dice though! And yes, my Mom is very proud of me. It's fun for my parents to see me on TV. 

MI.net: Dick and Felix are the Barneys to Logan and Weevil's Fred Flintstone. In a battle of the tertiary sidekicks, if Dick and Felix were to have a throw down, who would win? Who would fight the dirtiest?

Ryan: Yikes...Well, Felix is a bad ass.  Dick is a dick.  I dunno, what do you think?

[Editor's note: Since you're doing the interview, of course we are going to say you would win. We're total suck-ups, we admit it, and we're [bleeping] proud of it!]  

MI.net: It's your birthday. Rob Thomas says he will write you a scene, one scene where your character will do whatever you want? What would it be?

Ryan: Hmnn...........I would like a scene where Dick wins a Surfing Championship.

About You Again

MI.net: Besides being in a kickass show like Veronica Mars, are you working on any other projects?

Ryan: An Independent Feature I did, Death by Engagement,  just had its screening. It's the story of how death comes to all the girls who wear this mysterious engagement ring.  Kinda like Scream. They have a website www.deathbyengagement.net.

MI.net: What about the future? More TV, Shakespeare, movies, theatre, gardening, politics (if Arnie can do it...)?

Ryan: Once I return from Africa, I'll be back at it!

MI.net: According to your manager's site, you are a dancer. When did you start dancing?  What kind of dancing do you do? Hip-hop, ballroom, interpretive dance, ballet? And if it is ballet, is there anyway to work that into the show. We would love to see Dick in a tutu.

Ryan: I love to Dance. I have been dancing since I was a kid. I can dance.........Yea Dick should dance. Hey, why wasn't Dick at that 80's dance anyway? No way, no TuTu Bro!

[Editor's note: Dude, we offered to make you a website. The least you could do is wear a TuTu.]

MI.net: Michael Muhney has turned down our offer to be part of the next Village People. Since you were in a few musicals, would you like take Michael's place? We think a  Dick as a surfer jerk would be a perfect addition to the lineup of Veronica in her Madonna outfit, Felix in his biker gear, and Leo in his cop rocks uniform, Rob being Rob.

Ryan: Yea I'm in!! Y M C A!

[Editor's note: Sounds like a great idea for a second season musical episode. Y M C A!]

MI.net: You're an active member of CYT.  Did you grow up in the church or are you recent convert? Has  it been  tough being a Christian in Hollywood?

Ryan: CYT is a big part of my life. I love the people there and the values they teach. I grew up in the Church and my Dad is a Pastor. Over the years I have had a chance to meet so many great young people in CYT. I have worked the Summer Camp Programs with kids. I love the Musical Theatre productions we do there, it's so much fun. Being a Christian in Hollywood is different, I'll tell you that. There are not a lot of us, but you know my wife Amy and I are convinced that we can stay true to our values and morals and live good lives in spite of what anyone else does. So, it's all good.

[Editor's non-note: We're not dumb enough to snark about God. Next.]

MI.net: In your best Dick Casablancas impression, what would Dick say to convince people to watch this show?

Ryan: Dude....dduuddee....ddduuudddeee.....watch VerMars, K?

MI.net: We know all actors are big-hearted philanthropists. Is there any particular charity or movement you'd like us to learn more about?

Ryan: I am working really hard with www.invisiblechildren.com.

MI.net: Is there anyone you would like to give a shoutout to, like your family members, friends, favorite teachers, mentors?

Ryan: There are sure a lot of people that I can thank for helping me in my career, but the most important shoutout goes to my wife Amy and my family.

[Editor's note: Aww, what a good hubby.]

MI.net: Finally, promise, how painful was this interview?

Ryan: This was cool Dude. Actually you're my first...so see I'll always remember you...uh, what's your name?

[Editor's note: Ryan just snarked at us. Hee.]

Ryan, thank you once again for taking time to grant us this interview. Keep up the good work. Please tell the entire cast and crew that we can't wait to see what you guys have in store for the rest of this season, and hopefully for many more seasons to come.

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