Rick Pickett (Graphic Designer)

Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, addendum, and comments. (November 29, 2005)

Career Advice

After reading Rick's interview, a couple of people have expressed interest in becoming a graphic designer for TV shows. Rick offers this piece of advice for people who want to pursue this as a career.

Rick: Well, my position in the industry is a bit rare. Not too many shows are this graphics heavy, besides sci-fi and maybe CSI. Lots of the design work I do is usually done through the prop master and they buy their stuff through prop houses of vendors who are graphic design businesses. The art director, assistant to the production designer, does a lot of the signage work in addition to drafting for sets and construction.

As far as pursuing a graphic design career...Be interested in art. Always look for "fresh" stuff, push the envelope, explore new possibilities and know as many graphic design programs as possible (a good start is Adobe Illustrator). I never aimed to be here, but, looking back, I can easily see how I arrived to my position. I did this type of work in my spare time at college because I enjoyed it. I never pursued it as, "This is going to be my job some day."

Do what you love, and all else will follow.



The fans fell in love in with the "We'll Never Forget" logo that made its world premiere in "Driver Ed." Rick was kind enough to share his sketch for an Alternate Bussy logo.

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