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Ladies and gentlemen, here's the fabulous Officer Sweetiepie aka Sheriff Don Lamb aka the gorgeous and extremely hot, Michael Muhney.

MI.net: Michael, we really appreciate your taking the time to answer these questions. As you can plainly see from the type of questions we ask, we are rabid fans...

Michael: Wish we had more!

MI.net: ...of the show. We aren't even going to pretend we have any journalistic qualifications or objectivity. We love to hate the evil Sheriff Lamb.

Michael: Me too.

MI.net: Even though after the pilot we all wanted Sheriff Lamb to die a slow and painful death...

Michael: Ummm, not me, I wanted to work.

MI.net: ...we now realize that the show would not be the same without you. Lamb's jerkiness aside, you're so HOT!

Michael: You just made my day!

About You

MI.net: As fans of the show, we just know you're going to say that being on Veronica Mars is one of the highlights of your career, but are there others you'd like to mention?

Michael: Well, of course Veronica Mars is the most amazing show on Earth and I couldn't compare it to anything else, after this show, my whole career will be a dismal "second place" in comparison. I do have a few experiences in my career that go above and beyond and make for great stories but I believe my best stories are yet to come, and besides, you all want to hear about Veronica Mars, let's not fool ourselves.

MI.net: How about low-lights? Any stories about being a waiter/waitress for 20 hours a day and living out of a car you'd like to share? Or crying in your beer over the ones that got away (great part of your site, by the way - can't believe you lost out to Giovanni Ribisi!)?

Michael: Unfortunately I have quite a lot of "near misses," much more than are posted on my website. I am quite often the "bridesmaid" in starring situations. I cannot tell you how many times I have been in the final two or three people to star in a show of my own, much like Kristen Bell. It makes me respect what she has done with her career even more, I am one of a rare few who truly know how hard it is to accomplish what she is accomplishing. I continue to believe there is a wedding out there for me where I won't be the bridesmaid.

MI.net: How do you pronounce your last name? Is the "H" silent?

Michael: If you can rhyme it with "puny" then you are saying it correctly.

MI.net: Not to sound too stalkerish, but when you film in San Diego, where do you stay? [Editor's note: Veronica Mars is filmed in San Diego.] We're assuming you live in L.A. like most other actors. Do you drive home every day or do you have to rent a hotel room?

Michael: Yes, I do live in L.A., Kristen lives almost walking distance from me and we both prefer to come home to L.A. on the weekends after a long week of work (her work weeks are always much longer than mine, as you can imagine.) Sometimes she and I carpool home on the weekends, we gossip for a while and then she usually passes out during the second half of the drive. Poor thing works hard enough for ten people. Regarding the hotel, the production office does a very fine job of taking care of me. They not only put me in a great hotel, but they even take care of certain little extras that I prefer, like being on the top floor, and which direction my windows face, etc. But the best part is, I don't have to pay for it!

MI.net: Any gossip about yourself that you want to get off your chest?

Michael: I have a Playboy-bunny-shaped tattoo on my right shin.

[Editor's note 1: Rob, please work that tattoo into the show.]

[Editor's note 2: Michael now claims the tattoo is actually a birthmark. (See the message board at the bottom of the page.) Yeah, Michael, whatever. We know you and Hugh Hefner are BFF.]

MI.net: Shoe size? Mensa membership?

Michael: Funny you ask about Mensa membership, I am in a family of genius IQ's and I've been fortunate enough to inherit a couple IQ points. If anyone goes to mensa.org you can take the test for fifty dollars (I think) and you can be a Mensa cardholder too.

[Editor's note: He's HOT, funny, AND smart. We luuuv him.]

MI.net: Just to be completely shallow, which do you prefer, the short hair from the pilot, or your current hairdo? Why did you change it?

Michael: The short hair buzz was much easier but it was grown out for other projects and as I have been meeting with producers for other projects I am glad that I have grown it back out...I originally auditioned for the character of Lamb only days after I shaved my head because of a pact I made to myself after a disappointing second place (once again) for a starring role in a Lisa Kudrow-produced pilot sitcom...Obviously Rob liked it, and thankfully he has been quietly supportive of it growing back out.

About Veronica Mars

MI.net: How strange was it to audition for a Rob Thomas show considering the fact that six years ago, your show Turks went head to head with Rob Thomas's Cupid on Thursday nights at 9 pm?

Michael: I wondered if he would have a problem with that, but he is a professional in every sense of the word.

MI.net: Did Rob Thomas hold a grudge against you for "killing" his show?

Michael: I will be the first to admit that my show did not "kill" his show...it was a shame that his show ended too soon. I might add the same sentiment for my show, as well.

[Editor's note: Man, we miss Cupid. Stupid ABC. And Turks was pretty good too.]

MI.net: Did you guys ever meet each other back then since both shows were filmed in Chicago?

Michael: Nope...We never met out there in Chicago but I did hang out with the star of his show [Jeremy Piven] on a couple of occasions...Funny guy, might I add.

MI.net: When they were casting Logan,...

Michael: Extremely talented, I might add.

MI.net: ...Rob said that his chemistry and energy with Kristen was one of the reasons he got the job. During your audition process, which cast members did you test with? We read that Jason auditioned for the role of Duncan and Amanda auditioned for the role of Veronica. Was Sheriff Lamb your first choice, or did you audition for any other roles on the show?

Michael: I was a couple years too old to audition for Duncan or Logan.

MI.net: As you know, we're doing our damnedest to persuade all intelligent life-forms that they need to watch this show. (Actually an oxymoron - if they're intelligent they're either watching or they don't know about it.) Some would call us rabid. How are you coping with the Internet cult status that the show is attracting?

Michael: I love it, I encourage the support!

MI.net: Are you surprised that a group of 12 obsessed fans, spanning multiple time zones and continents, are insane enough to spend the past two weeks working non-stop just to create MarsInvestigations.net?

Michael: I'm not surprised in the slightest, Rob's words and Kristen's acting are enough to get me excited!!

MI.net: Are you being recognized at malls?

Michael: On occasion.

MI.net: Are you surprised? Flattered? Annoyed?

Michael: If you recognize me in public, that means you are watching the show, and I love that.

MI.net: Sometimes fans have a difficult time separating the character from the actor. Have you had any fans want to beat you up for being so mean to Veronica?

Michael: I have had a couple incidents where I get some "ribbing" for being so cruel and narcissistic. I don't have any bruises or broken bones, all is well...so far.

MI.net: Besides this interview, what's the strangest fan encounter you've ever had? What's the best?

Michael: Let me say, first, you guys/gals are great and are far from coming off as anything but wonderful. I'd have to say that the coolest interview I've ever done was on Entertainment Tonight and my interview aired right after the Star Wars cast interviews. That was the closest I've come to being in a Star Wars movie!!

MI.net: Rob Thomas and the writers are avid readers of the TWoP boards. Do you ever visit the TWoP boards or read Couch Baron's recaps? Did you know that your nickname there is one we couldn't print on our family-friendly site?

Michael: It's precisely that that keeps me off the message board sites. If I visit, I might not like what I read. I am afraid to ask what some of my nicknames are.

[Editor's note: We don't care what the other TWoPers might call Lamb, but you're Officer Sweetiepie to us Mi.neters.]

MI.net: What do you think of Lamb's character bio at MarsInvestigations.net? Do you visit the other fan sites? Do you read the fanfic?

Michael: I have been shown a few different fan sites, I have to say, yours is great!!! Stupendous!

[Editor's note: He luuuvs us. SQUEEE!!]

About Your Coworkers

MI.net: Is there any gossip that you want to share about your fellow cast members? Who's the funniest?

Michael: Strangely enough, I might be the funniest, or the goofiest, or the most annoying, depending on how you look at it.

MI.net: Most serious?

Michael: I would say Jason/Logan is the most serious. He is a very intense actor. I really respect his approach to the craft.

MI.net: Most outgoing?

Michael: Kristen is the most outgoing, besides Mr. Bigmouth, yours truly.

MI.net: Most shy?

Michael: Enrico is the most shy. He's a wonderful man, very approachable, very tender, very paternal.

[Editor's note: Awww.]

MI.net: Most like their character?

Michael: No comment.

MI.net: Most unlike their character?

Michael: Geez, I'd like to think me, hopefully.

MI.net: How do you guys say such funny lines without cracking up?

Michael: Oh, there is plenty of cracking up, believe me.

MI.net: How do you guys stay focused on little things like remembering your lines, blocking, and breathing, when the entire cast is so damn HOT?

Michael: It takes a lot of concentration, I find it almost unbearable trying to remain professional among such hot, hot, hot, cool, cool, cool, actors/actresses.

MI.net: It's so funny to hear that you and Kristen get along so well. Did you and Kristen immediately hit it off?

Michael: Yes actually, and we both swore we had met each other some time in the past...We can't remember where.

MI.net: What did you guys bond over?

Michael: Almost everything...She is like a sister to me...She comes to me to vent, I'd like to think I am a good listener, a good hugger, and a good advice-giver.

[Editor's note: Michael's a good hugger? Awww.]

MI.net: Shared musical interest? Similar sense of humor?

Michael: Very similar, at times we non-stop pick on each other and do all sorts of voices and we do a damn good job of making each other laugh.

MI.net: Similar interests? Comparing and contrasting your mutual HOTNESS?

Michael: It's never come up, but if a pimple or something like that is around, we're both sure to point it out to one another, any chance we have to playfully make fun of each other, we do.

MI.net: Pick one word to describe each of your various cast members, both the main cast and the supporting cast.

Michael: Kristen-Meryl Streep. Enrico-lovely. Jason-brilliant. Teddy-pure nice guy. Francis-a character! Percy-flawless.

MI.net: Kristen recently said that she guessed who killed Lilly way back in October. Without giving away any spoilers, who else on the cast was right about who killed Lilly? Since Kristen was right about her guess, does this mean you guys have to start writing "Kristen Bell is smarter than me." on all your money?

Michael: Actually, I'm not sure if Kristen will give me props for this, but actually, she and I put it together. I won't give anything away, but there are things I was able to confirm and there were many pieces that she put together. We spent a couple road trips to and from San Diego discussing our theories but we have known for quite some time now. I would say Veronica Mars is smarter than me, because it was actually a line I had in one episode, and they pay me to say the lines. Nobody can pay me enough to say Kristen is smarter than me; I would challenge her to say that I am smarter than her. We'd probably go back and forth, not giving in, and I would ultimately suggest we arm wrestle for it and she's just the kind of girl who'd be game. However, don't underestimate her, she'd find a way to stack the cards in her favor.

[Editor's note 1: Hee. Hee. We've said it before, but it deserves to be said again, we luuuv Michael.]

[Editor's note 2: Kristen, if you want to refute Michael's claim that he helped solve the mystery, please feel free to drop us an email at .]

MI.net: Everyone in our webteam and all the VM fans at TWoP think Rob Thomas is a freakin' genius. Here's your chance to kiss up to your boss. What's the best thing about working with Rob Thomas?

Michael: I do agree with you about his utter genius, but I will let you in on something that might not be talked about all that much. Not to put it lightly, he is one of the kindest men you will ever meet. It is especially odd to have someone as kind, as honest, and as loyal as Rob Thomas here in Hollywood. In a town of fakers, backstabbers, liars, and cheats, Rob stands out even more than if he lived anywhere else on the globe...I also know that he is a very level-headed guy, which, unfortunately means that there is no amount of kissing up that would put me in a better light with him, so I don't kiss up to him. It's not my style anyway. As long as I remain professional, as long as I bring "it" every day on set, he's happy with me.

[Editor's note: Michael might not feel the need to kiss up to Rob Thomas, but we certainly do. Rob, you are a freakin' genius. We absolutely love Veronica Mars and Cupid. This show's writing, storytelling, character development, continuity, attention to little details, and witty humor has restored our faith in great television. Thank you, thank you, thank you.]

MI.net: Three Questions (a rip-off of Craig Kilborn's Five Questions, but we weren't smart enough to come up with five questions): Firstly, how much taller are you than 5'-1" Kristen Bell?

Michael: Exactly a foot, and I remind her of it every chance I get!

[Editor's note: He's HOT, funny, smart, AND 6'1". SWOON.]

MI.net: Secondly, how embarrassed will you be when we see the outtakes on DVD?

Michael: If they have a bleep machine, you'll see me on a lot of outtakes!

MI.net: Thirdly, who's your favorite Backup (the original pit-bull, the stuffed toy in Veronica's bedroom, or the current dog)?

Michael: Big dogs scare me; it reminds me of a couple "close calls" when I was a little boy.

Chillin' Like a Villain

MI.net: Actors always say they love to play the villain. Is playing a villain really as cool as they say? What do you like about it?

Michael: I once saw an interview where Al Pacino said something to the effect of...If you play the villain, you are not doing your job...no real villain believes he's evil, nobody wakes up and rolls out of bed everyday and says to themselves, "I am going to wreak havoc today! Ha! Ha! Ha!" Instead, you play the character as if you believe there is a reason (however right or wrong) behind all his actions. You have to justify everything your character says and does.

MI.net: How do your parents, family members, and friends feel about your playing such a jerk?

Michael: They give their fair share of jokes.

MI.net: Are they surprised you can pull it off so well, or do they tell you they always knew you had an inner jerk?

Michael: Oh, they love to say I'm a natural!!

MI.net: Since you and Kristen get along so well, do you ever feel bad about having to be so mean to one of your real life friends? Or are you able to separate yourself from your role, and see Kristen as just your enemy Veronica?

Michael: Actually, the way I approach my acting, I need to trust my fellow actor implicitly. I need them to know they can trust me too. There is a certain safety there, if I feel trusted. For example, even a year ago (believe it's been a year) when we were filming the pilot, it really was a necessity that Kristen and I had a bond so that when we filmed that scene in my office right after she had been raped I could really lay into her, let her have it, deliver as much evil as necessary, but she know that I love her and would never say those things. Incidentally, I gave her many hugs after those takes.

[Editor's note: Awww. Michael gave Kristen a hug. He's such a sweetie.]

MI.net: There has been a lot of speculation that Lamb might be involved in Lilly's murder or Veronica's rape. Without giving away any spoilers, did you ever think your character was involved in either of those crimes?

Michael: Fine, I'll go ahead and blow the whole season. Fine. You wanna know? I did it, that's right. I killed Lilly Kane and later I have an affair with Veronica, she gets pregnant, she and I get married in Vegas, the show gets renamed and becomes "Veronica Lamb." It doesn't end there, Lamb decides to knock-off Veronica. Once he's rid of her we have to change the show's name again to "Don Lamb." The show bombs, it gets ripped off the air, and thousands of angry Veronica-lovers hunt me down and kill me for ruining such a brilliant show... at least that's what I hope happens.

[Editor's note: Rob, please let Michael write an episode. He may just be your Darin Morgan.]

MI.net: In "Clash of the Tritons," Veronica says she'll be "chillin' like a villain." Who chills better, Sheriff Lamb or Veronica?

Michael: That's up for debate...hey Kristen, wanna arm wrestle for it?!

[Editor's note: Dear Kristen, you're not going to let a challenge like that slide by, are you? Come on, you can't let Michael get away with something like that. And if do you accept the challenge, I hope y'all will drop us an email at . We would love to hear how this battle turns out.]

MI.net: Sheriff Lamb. Keith Mars. Two men enter, one man leaves. Who?

Michael: I'd like to say that because Lamb doesn't fight fair that he would come out on top, but nobody would be proud of it. On the other hand, Enrico and I are represented by the same agency, I am familiar with his contract on the show, and judging by that, he would kick my butt any day!

MI.net: Rob Thomas has done an unbelievable job of turning Logan from a psychotic jackass in the pilot into a character you can almost root for. Without spoiling us, do you want Rob to soften your character up, or do you want to remain the show's villain?

Michael: As long as I can remain a believable villain, day in day out, and from time to time we give him some humanity so as to make his evilness even more frustrating, that would be cool.

MI.net: It's your birthday. Rob Thomas says he will write you a scene, one scene where your character will do whatever you want. What would it be?

Michael: Well, the scene would somehow have De Niro, Jack Lemmon, Cary Grant, Jack Nicholson, and Ed Norton involved...I would commit some kind of murder, when I absolutely knew nobody was looking, I'd cover my tracks, and only Lamb and the audience would know about his utter evilness. Either that or I would have a scene where I go visit my mom in a senior-care home, I would be by her bedside, tell her how much I love her, tell her how I try so hard to do the right thing but admit that really I'm scared and I feel like I'm in over my head as a sheriff but I'm too scared to admit it to anyone else. I am ashamed of how defensive I become around people. I ask her advice, right before she tells me what I should do...she passes away, end scene...Can you tell I'm a Gemini? Complete opposites, huh?

[Editor's note: Dear Rob, are you listening?]

About You Again

MI.net: Besides being in a kickass show like Veronica Mars, are you working on any other projects? When can we see Disconnect?

Michael: Recently finished filming a Coen Brothers-type indie film where I break into someone's house looking for money, I was told they are out of town, I was wrong. The entire family is home and one by one, as they wake up, I have to take them hostage. Chaos ensues. Disconnect is the indie I shot just before that one and I'm told it's almost completely done editing.

MI.net: What about the future? More TV, Shakespeare, movies, theatre, gardening, politics (if Arnie can do it...)?

Michael: Bring it on! Whatever comes.

MI.net: As a graduate of the Theatre School at DePaul University, do you ever lord your college degree over college dropout Kristen Bell? (We know she's only a few credits shy of graduating, but a little gentle teasing never hurt.) If so, does she remind you that she's the star of the show and you're not, and you have her personal invitation to cram it in your ears with walnuts? If not, are you gonna?

Michael: If you dare me to "lord it over her" I will, but I'll have to admit, I'll rat you out and say that you put me up to it. Any doctor's bills I incur from the walnut-cramming I will send on to you!!

[Editor's note: Michael, the entire team at MI.net would like to officially double dare you to "lord it over her." And unless you provide photographic evidence of Kristen cramming said walnuts into your ears, we ain't giving you one red cent. Especially since all of us are broke.]

MI.net: Kristen is a singer, Brad [Felix] is a rapper, Rob used to be in a band. Do you have any musical talents? With Veronica in her Madonna outfit, Felix in his biker gear, and Lamb in his cop uniform, and Rob being Rob, you guys could be the next Village People! But you might have to fight off Deputy Leo for the spot.

Michael: Deputy Leo can gladly take the spot, I am content to be in the audience and dance to whatever music they make!

[Editor's note: He's HOT, funny, smart, 6'1", and a dancer...I'll be in my bunk.]

MI.net: In your best Lamb impression, what would Sheriff Lamb say to convince people to watch this show?

Michael: Why don't you go see the wizard, ask for another season.

MI.net: We know all actors are big-hearted philanthropists. Is there any particular charity or movement you'd like us to learn more about?

Michael: I am extremely close with my family, and my father has leukemia. I wear the yellow cancer-awareness band from Lance Armstrong's charity "LIVESTRONG" on my right wrist 24 hours a day. I've had it on since they came out last summer. The folks at Veronica Mars are so accommodating that they let me wear it while I work, they just tuck it up my arm under my sheriff sleeve.

MI.net:Is there anyone you would like to give a shoutout to, like your family members, friends, favorite teachers, mentors?

Michael: Thank you, Gary Oldman, for inspiring me. And if you're listening, Mr. Hitchcock, thank you for making me fall in love with movies as a little boy.

[Editor's note: We know we're not the only ones imagining how cute Michael was as a little boy. Awww.]

MI.net: Finally, promise, how painful was this interview?

Michael: Little longer than I expected, but I'd like to consider myself a good sport. And it's for a good cause. And I admire your dedication and hard work (all 12 of you.)

MI.net: One more thing, (our promises mean nothing you know) could you ask Rob who we need to ask/harass/bombard with emails in order to get Cupid and Veronica Mars out on DVD? We wacky TWoPers did the $2 thing, made Kristen a pillow, started this website, and voted like mad during Kristin's Watch it Award and S.O.S poll. With 6 days until a new episode, we are dying to start a new campaign.

Michael: I can ask around where/who should be approached in order to have the show come out on DVD, but I think that, unfortunately, only the ratings gods will make that happen. Trust me, we all want to see it come out on DVD!

[Editor's note: Dear WB executives, the cast wants 'em, Rob Thomas wants 'em, all the fans are dying to buy 'em. What's it going to take to for you guys to release Veronica Mars season 1 DVDs? We want our VM DVDs!!!]

MI.net: Thank you once again for taking time to grant us this interview. You have no idea how happy this makes us. Keep up the good work. Please tell the entire cast and crew that we can't wait to see what you guys have in store for the rest of this season, and hopefully for many more seasons to come.

Michael: I will pass on the sentiments.

MI.net: Sincerely, The entire team from MarsInvestigations.net

Michael: P.S. I haven't reread any of my answers so I'm sorry if I made any spelling errors, grammatical mistakes. I'm sorry if any of my answers were too long, and I'm sorry if I was repetitive with any of my answers. I'm sorry if I was repetitive with any of my answers. I'm sorry if I was repetitive with any of my answers.

[Editor's note: Dear Michael, after receiving your answers, we have one final question for you. Will you marry us and have our babies? Please?]

Visit Michael Muhney's official site at michaelmuhney.com.

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