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You know how we like to fawn over those lovely cast members who are gracious enough to let us interview them. We’ve heard some of you think it’s a bit too much so we’ve thought about it and decided that perhaps we should rein it in a bit, be a little more professional. I mean, we’re six months old, now. We should start to grow up. We’ll start with our next guest.

What? WHO!?

Ladies and gentlebeings, we present, Jason Dohring. Without the fawning.

Yeah, right!

Also, he told us who's at the door. Reeeeally. This is not just a cheap ploy to encourage more read-throughs. We swear.

Don't worry, spoilerphobes, you have to click to see the answer.

[Editor's note: We sent Jason the questions April 26th when we thought he wasn't busy, but apparently he was overburdened with fan mail (THANKS A LOT, GUYS), and then he had to start filming the second season. But he was kind enough to make time for us anyway.]

About the Show

MI.net:: Three Questions (a rip-off of Craig Kilborn's Five Questions, but we weren't smart enough to be able to count): First, how much taller are you than 5'1" Kristen Bell?

Jason: I am six feet tall.

MI.net:: Secondly, how embarrassed will you be when we see the outtakes on DVD?

Jason: Not much. I feel there will be a lot of cursing.

MI.net:: Thirdly, who's your favorite Backup (the original pitbull, the stuffed toy in Veronica's bedroom, or the current dog)?

Jason: I liked the first Backup from the pilot.

MI.net:: And one more that has quickly become another standard: did you correctly guess Lilly's killer? Why is it that the cast was able to guess the killer's true identity early on, yet all the fans were confused throughout the season? Is the Veronica Mars cast smarter than us?

Jason: I think Rob told me who the killer was around episode two. So, I didn't have much chance to guess. We are "so smart" because Rob told us. :)

MI.net:: What's your favorite sarcastic smackdown of Logan's?

Jason: I like all the comments to Weevil. Pool skimmer, leaf blower, "was gonna?", etc.

About Your Character

MI.net:: Your character has evolved quite a bit over the course of the season. While there were some twisted fans who loved you from day one, jackass or not (we have straitjackets on standby), for most of us you've gone from the jerk we all love to hate to...well, less of a jerk we all just love. Was Logan's gradual transformation planned out from the very beginning, or did Rob Thomas and the writers decide to take this direction as they saw your interpretation of Logan (and your obvious talent at portraying him)?

Jason: I did get some help from the writing staff as to where the character was heading.

MI.net:: Did you know about any of these developments in advance — for example, Logan's abuse — or did you have to adjust your view of Logan as you got each new script?

Jason: I did know he was abused from the beginning.

MI.net:: Did you know the Killer Kiss was coming or was that a response to the popularity of the character?

Jason: I was told of Rob's plans to make LoVe (used your term) a thing around episode six.

MI.net:: In a similar vein, the fans love the continuity on the show. One of the prime examples is Logan's "Now there was a woman who could drink" insult in the pilot. The fans had a total "Eureka" moment when Lianne turned out to be an alcoholic. Did you know when you said that line that would be the case?

Jason: I was mainly playing the first scene to get at Veronica, insult her. I don't think it mattered particularly to Logan that her mother was a drinker.

MI.net:: Amanda Seyfried recently said that she would have played a few scenes differently now that she knows how the story plays out. Without spoiling us, are there any scenes that you would have played differently had you known the answers?

Jason: I would've liked to make the romance between Veronica and Logan a bit smoother (more gradual). However, I was happy that it was believable.

MI.net:: Some viewers were uncomfortable with Logan's racial slurs toward Weevil. Were you, the writers, or the studios concerned about the reaction to Logan's racial jokes? Did the writers have to tame down some of the racial putdowns?

Jason: Yeah, I heard about this too. I noticed they have toned it down somewhat since then. It was quite fun to play such snappy writing, but I do understand them toning it down.

MI.net:: It's your birthday. Rob Thomas says he will write you a scene, one scene where your character will do whatever you want. Most of the show's fans have already had their wish fulfilled after that first smoking hot Logan/Veronica kiss, but what would your ultimate scene for Logan be, if you haven't had it already?

Jason: I would like to have a scene of Logan singing a punk song to Veronica. [laughs] Tight!

MI.net:: Teddy mentioned some scenes he really liked that didn't make it onto the show. Did you lose some that you would really have liked to have aired?

Jason: I think any scenes of mine that were cut (and there were some) were cut with good reason.

MI.net:: How would you like to see your character develop, if Logan has a future? And would Logan's ability to reference everything from Brigadoon to Jump Street continue?

Jason: I would like to see him go unexpected places. Always great to try new things, and it comes as a great challenge for an actor to make it smooth and believable.

MI.net:: The Echolls family. Imploding or exploding?

Jason: Exploding.

MI.net:: Between the belt scene, the conflicting stories about the tenth birthday at the zoo, and Trina's assertion that the cigarette burns and nosebleeds were just stories, the fans are very confused about what to believe. Some feel it's a clear case of ritualistic child abuse, while others feel it's a form of parental discipline. Did Rob tell you and the other actors which character was telling the truth, Logan or Aaron? Or did he leave it as an "open door" where the actors could decide for themselves who was telling the truth? If he left it as an "open door," how difficult is it to play a scene with Harry, not knowing whether or not he is a child abuser or just a very strict dad?

Jason: I always try to play that my character is right. So I play his father IS abusive and that what Logan says is not made up. Hope it's right. I think so, anyway.

MI.net:: We have heard that all the guys started pumping iron when they heard the show was picked up so why, oh why, after all that effort for which the female fans — and some of the male fans (hey, Couch Baron) — are grateful, don't we ever get to see Logan's killer arms? How much can you bench press?

Jason: How do I answer this tactfully...? I can bench more than Francis. Enough said. :)

MI.net:: Aaron Echolls makes $20 million a picture. According to the credit card receipts shown on Veronica's computer, Lynn Echolls spent $50,000 on clothes in December. If that's the case, how come Logan Echolls is always wearing the same shell necklace and coral shirt?

Jason: I think the necklace has some significance. I don't know about the coral shirt. I think Ronnie out-dresses everyone IMHO (another one! — I'm getting good at this).

About You

MI.net:: You've made such an impact with this show, we figure your calendar must be filling up pretty damn fast. What projects have you got on the go during the break?

Jason: I'm working on a few things. I don't like to talk about them until they're done deals. But some good stuff coming up.

MI.net:: You've done television. You've done movies. Do you want to be Aaron Echolls, without the violent streak? What about theatre? Any yen to play Shakespeare at Stratford-upon-Avon?

Jason: I would love to do theater. I think I miss that sometimes in my work. I would love the freedom!

MI.net:: Any ambitions to try the other side of the camera? (Although the loss of hotness on our screens would be a blow.)

Jason: Yeah, I might like to direct. As I learn more about acting, I see that I could help other actors, and that is probably how and why I would want to direct. I would like to make comedies, shorts with friends, etc.

MI.net:: If wishes could come true, what director would be calling you tomorrow to offer you a part in his/her film?

Jason: Ideal director: A director that would show me things and help me learn.

MI.net:: Who would be in the cast?

Jason: Ideal cast (past and present): Marlon Brando, James Dean, Montgomery Clift, Kevin Kline, Gary Oldman, Meryl Streep, Ian McShane, Ben Kingsley (whose name in Sexy Beast is incidentally "Don LOGAN").

MI.net:: Rob has talked about the noir nature of the show and is obviously a fan of the noir films of the '40s and '50s. What sort of genres are your favorites?

Jason: I more care for certain actors as opposed to genre. I DO enjoy a good comedy. And anything with any of the actors mentioned above is a must-see.

MI.net:: Word from the set about you is that you are very smart. So, smartypants, perhaps you can explain why the answer to life, the universe, and everything is 42. Or why Fox cancelled Firefly. Huh?

Jason: E=mc2.

MI.net: Is there any particular charity or movement you'd like us to learn more about?

Jason: Yeah, I have very strong opinions about the psychiatric drugging of children. Pisses me off that we prescribe a drug to kids (Ritalin) that is in the same class as heroin. This site gives all the info.

MI.net:: Is there anyone you would like to give a shoutout to, like your family members, friends, favorite teachers, mentors?

Jason: Shoutout to my wife. So beautiful.

MI.net:: Last question — promise — how painful was this interview?

Jason: Not at all. Sorry I took so long in getting it to you.

MI.net:: Thank you so much for taking time to grant us this interview. We are so thrilled and we know the visitors to the site will be too. Please remind the entire cast and crew that we are all aquiver about the next three weeks, next season, and hopefully for many more seasons to come.

Jason: Thank you. I look forward to meeting you again in the future. Enjoy the show!

And that concludes our interview with Jason. Jason, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. It took a while to get your answers, but hey, you're Jason Dohring, so we ain't gonna complain.

Oh, did we say he told us who's at the door? We lied. Just like all the actors who "figured out" Lilly's killer.

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