Brad Bufanda (Felix Toombs)

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Brad Bufanda

He's a tertiary character
A secondary rapper
(It's not his main career...yet)

He's hot.
Who's not?
In a cast that drives us insane.
This cool
Proves the actor should play main.

About You As fans of the show, we just know you're going to say that being on Veronica Mars is one of the highlights of your career but are there others you'd like to mention?

Brad: The highlight of my career so far has really been working with Foxy Brown on that MTV Duets gig. From the first audition, to getting the call, to jetting to New York, to writing and recording, it was the most special to me, so far. How about low-lights? Any stories about being a waiter/waitress for 20 hours a day and living out of a car you'd like to share? Does it have anything to do with how you got your "senior wild child" rep?

Brad: No low-lights for me. But I have no idea how I got that wild child rep in high school though...I guess it was all the partyin'...I didn't act at all while I was in high school, so there was plenty of time to be entertainin' the class and getting into all kinds of trouble, LOL. Bufanda is an uncommon surname. What is its origin? Have you ever thought of changing it to something more Hollywood like Brad Buff?

Brad: LOL...Well, I'm Italian and one thing I knew for sure is that I always wanted to represent my real last name. No stage names for me.

[Editor's note: Mmmm...Italian.] Any gossip about yourself that you want to get off your chest?

Brad: Yes, I do want to get something off my chest. I am not sneaking around with Paris!! I wish her and her man the best.

[Editor's note: Thank gawd, because Paris is such a...Paris.]

About Veronica Mars During the audition, while it obviously went well, did you sweat it or walk it? We read that Jason auditioned for the role of Duncan and Amanda auditioned for the role of Veronica. Was Felix your first choice, or did you audition for any other roles on the show?

Brad: Actually, I auditioned for Weevil, but my man Capra beat me out...LOL. No, once I read the pilot script, I was dying to say Felix's lines. I enjoy Rob's humor. As you know, we're doing our damnedest to persuade all intelligent life-forms that they need to watch this show. (Actually an oxymoron - if they're intelligent they're either watching or they don't know about it.) Some would call us rabid. How are you coping with the Internet cult status that the show is attracting? Are you surprised that a group of 12 obsessed fans, spanning multiple time zones and continents, are insane enough to spend the past two weeks working non-stop just to create Are you being recognized at malls? Are you surprised? Flattered? Annoyed?

Brad: I think what you guys have done is great. And everything the fans are doing for the show is amazing. You got us 56% of the E! Save One Show vote....VM beat out all those other shows because of the fans, right? Hey I say, keep it comin'. Being's always flattering. I've been acting since I was a kid, so I'm pretty well adjusted when it comes to wild fans and such...personally I love all the fans, so it never bothers me.

[Editor's note 1: We MI.neters and TWoPers like to think we are personally responsible for 55% of that 56%. Not that we would ever do something as "unethical" as ballot stuffing; it's just we have tens of thousands of family members and friends who each voted once and only once.]

[Editor's note 2: Okay, who has photos of cutie-pie Brad in those early roles? Because we wanna see them.] Besides this interview, what's the strangest fan encounter you've ever had? What's the best? Do most or people recognize you from Veronica Mars, Cinderella Story, or your rap duet with Foxy Brown?

Brad: The strangest thing that ever happened to me in this business is the time I had a crackhead ask me to autograph his I signed mine instead and gave it to him. I hope he's a size 12. I do get recognized a bit. a lot for the MTV stuff and with the younger fans for a Cinderella Story.

[Editor's note: Dear Brad, you can have your shoe back if you want it.] Rob Thomas and the writers are avid reader of the TWoP boards. Do you ever visit the TWoP boards or read Couch Baron's recaps? Do you visit the other fan sites? Tertiary status aside, what do you think of Felix's character bio at Do you read the fanfic?

Brad: Yeah, I try to stay current on what everyone's sayin'. I like to hear what the fans of the show think. I especially like reading the predictions, the gossip, what have you. And by the way, you all did a nice job on the Mars Investigations site. I was impressed. And the Felix bio too. Thanks for that. Can I get a better pic though??...J/K.

[Editor's note 1: After granting us this interview, we had to change Felix's bio picture. Do you have any more requests Brad? Do you want our kidney, our liver, our firstborn...whatever you and your Mmmm...Italian heart desire.]

[Editor's note 2: Dear Rob, can you please include a better close-up shot of Felix in the upcoming episodes? Twenty percent of his beautiful, Mmmm...Italian head is missing in the current bio photo.]

About Your Coworkers Is there any gossip that you want to share about your fellow cast members? Who's the funniest? Most serious? Most out-going? Most shy? Most like their character? Most unlike their character?

Brad: Okay no gossip but how about this? Enrico is the funniest. Kristen is the hardest working. (She's a great actress.) Teddy for most serious. Francis most outgoing. Percy second most outgoing. Jason for most unlike his character. Ryan Hansen for most like his character Dick. And me, I'm the most shy! LOL. How do you guys say such funny lines without cracking up? How do you guys stay focused on little things like remembering your lines, blocking, and breathing, when the entire cast is so damn HOT?

Brad: Are you kiddin'? The cast/crew does crack up...all the time. We just have to wait for the director to yell "cut." That is one fun cast/crew. Indeed, the cast has good looks but everyone tries to keep a certain level of professionalism on set...everyone's really focused on the work. Everyone's really dedicated. We all just want the show to look good. We prefer to think the entire cast and crew love each other to bits, but who are the guys there that most rock your boat?

Brad: No one rocks my boat. I got love for the whole cast/crew.

[Editor's note: Awww.] Francis was bringing the bling at the Paley Festival. Do you guys rap together, if you know what we mean? Who's the bigger playa, you (the rapper) or Francis (the one wrapped in jewelry)?

Brad: Yeah, Francis and me...all we do is rap. He's sitting next to me right now. Francis is a great rapper too! As far as a bigga playa, I'ld have to say... me...or else Agnes Bruckner (Francis' girl) would get mad at him. But...ya never know, he might tell ya otherwise.

[Editor's note 1: Dear Rob, we've heard Veronica sing. We've heard Duncan "sing." What about Weevil and Felix? Come on Rob, show 'em some love.]

[Editor's note 2: Dear Francis, if you ever want to tell us otherwise, drop us a email at .] How do you see the Felix/Weevil dynamic? Is it kind of an Othello/Iago thing or more of a Jafar/Iago thing?

Brad: Weevil/Felix's kinda like "Harry met Lloyd"...LOL...nah, I dunno. I just wish we could get more Weevil/Felix onscreen time, ya know? Pick one word to describe each of your various cast members, both the main cast and the supporting cast.

Brad: One word...
Kristen- sharp
Enrico-Da Man (read as one word =))

[Editor's note: Enrico "Da Man" Colantoni...we like the sound of that.] Everyone in our webteam and all the VM fans at TWoP think Rob Thomas is a freaking genius. Here's your chance to kiss up to your boss. What's the best thing about working with Rob Thomas?

Brad: Rob Thomas is brilliant. Rob is single-handedly revolutionizing scripted television. And he throws the best parties at his mansion...LOL. Nah...seriously though, Rob is great. His writing and his direction of the writing make the show what it is. Three Questions (a rip-off of Craig Kilborn's Five Questions, but we weren't smart enough to come up with five questions): Firstly, how much taller are you than 5'-1" Kristen Bell? Secondly, how embarrassed will you be when we see the outtakes on DVD? Thirdly, who's your favorite Backup (the original pit-bull, the stuffed toy in Veronica's bedroom, or the current dog)?

Brad: I'm 13" taller than Kristen. I don't get embarrassed. My fav is the original Backup from the pilot.

[Editor's note: Brad's Mmmm...Italian, a rapper, AND 6'2"...Whoa.]

About Your Character What do you think about your character? Love him? Hate him? What sense would you knock into him if you could?

Brad: Felix...he's OK. But we never know what to expect from him. That's the best part of him. I can't wait to see what Rob has in store for Felix. It's your birthday. Rob Thomas says he will write you a scene, one scene where your character will do whatever you want? What would it be?

Brad: Ha ha ha...uummmm...if it's for my birthday, I'd want it to be a surprise so, I'd probably leave it up to Rob. Great question though.

[Editor's note: Go Felix, it's your birthday. Go Felix, it's your birthday. Go, go, go.] Without spoiling us, how would you like to see your character develop in the future?

Brad: I'd like to see the kid go to class, once in a while anyway. LOL ...I don't know, but again, I would leave it up to the pros who write for us.

About You Again Besides being in a kick ass show like Veronica Mars, are you working on any other projects?

Brad: Actually I just wrapped a film that shot in San Diego called Stone and Ed. It looks really funny. Check out my website for info on that project.

And the film I did, called Debating Robert Lee, should be released soon. There's a link to that film on my website as well. What about the future? More TV, Shakespeare, movies, gardening, politics (if Arnie can do it...)? Do you plan on continuing both acting and music? In one of your interviews you mentioned you wanted to go to college. Is that still the case?

Brad: I wish I had time to go back to college. Guess I'll have to settle for Internet college courses like the Duff sisters. LOL...uhhm yeah, I've got many projects in the works...but keep a watchful eye out for my album cuz that's on the way soon!! In an effort to show off your mic skills and convince more people to watch Veronica Mars, can you create a rap about why people should watch this show?

Brad: Well no rap...LOL...but I would tell everyone just hold on till the end. Just wait cuz it's filled with suspense. And till we meet again in another season... We know all actors are big-hearted philanthropists. Is there any particular charity or movement you'd like us to learn more about?

Brad: Is there anyone you would like to give a shoutout to, like your family members, friends, favorite teachers, mentors?

Brad: My family knows I luv em.

[Editor's note: Awww.] Finally, promise, how painful was this interview?

Brad: It wasn't too bad...nah. It was good. I like your questions. =)

[Editor's note: Brad likes our questions...SQUEE!] One more thing, (our promises mean nothing you know) can you get the Powers That Be to identify the bloody music because we love it and want to get hold of it and make Veronica Mars cds and... yes, we're getting scary now but if you could just pass the word.

Brad: Nah, you're not scary. I'll check on that music thing for U guys. Keep doing what you're doing. We gotta get a season 2. Keep sending in dem cards and letters.

[Update: Mission accomplished. Woo-hoo!!] Thank you once again for taking time to grant us this interview. You have no idea how giddy this makes us. Keep up the good work. Please tell the entire cast and crew that we can't wait to see what you guys have in store for the rest of this season, and hopefully for many more seasons to come. And our offer still stands, one plane ticket for a face to face interview is all it would take to promote you from a tertiary character to a primary character. Sincerely, The entire team from

Brad: Thanks to everyone at This has been fun...and who knows, I might be seein' you real soon!! Okay one question for can I be a secondary...nah just kidding.

[Editor's note: Dear Rob, Brad wants to be a secondary character, his talent agent wants him to be a secondary character, we want him to be a secondary character. What's it going take for you to give Felix more screen time? We want more Weevil and Felix action!! (Well, maybe not that kind of action...but then again...)]

Brad: PS: Francis gives his love...
Brad Bufanda

[Editor's note: Dear Francis, we love you and your beautiful gangsta eyelashes too.]

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