Swedish Episode Titles

Thanks to Illyria for providing the titles, translations, and notes.

  • 1.01 Pilot (Pilot)
  • 1.02 Leva pâ kredit (Living on Credit)
  • 1.03 Möt John Smith (Meet John Smith)
  • 1.04 Cons vrede (The Wrath of Con)
    [They've translated it like Con is the name of someone]
  • 1.05 Du tror att du känner nâgon (You Think That You Know Somebody)
  • 1.06 Kanes âterkomst (The Return of Kane) or (Kane's Return)
  • 1.07 Granntjejen (The Girl Next Door)
  • 1.08 Like a Virgin (Like a Virgin)
  • 1.09 Blind tro (Blind Faith)
  • 1.10 Familjen Echolls jul (The Echolls Family's Christmas)
  • 1.11 När lammen tystnar (Silence of the Lambs)
    [Like the movie with that same name, but literally it's "When the Lambs Silence"]
  • 1.12 Jättarnas kamp (Battle of the Giants)
  • 1.13 Bling, bling (Bling, Bling)
  • 1.14 Mars mot Mars (Mars vs Mars)
    [more literally it's "Mars against Mars"]
  • 1.15 Rysliga affärer (Ruskie Business)
    [If you don't know the episode has Russian involvment the title could also be "Dreadful Business", but this really translates well to Ruskie Business since Russia in Swedish is "Ryssland".]
  • 1.16 Betty och Veronica (Betty and Veronica)
  • 1.17 Kanes och Ables hemlighet (Kane's and Able's Secret)
  • 1.18 Klassförstörelsevapen (Weapons of Class Destruction)
  • 1.19 Hundjakten (The Dog Chase)
  • 1.20 M.A.D (M.A.D)

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