Veronica Mars: We could never.

Lilly Kane: Fashion consulting Open Mon-Fri 9-5 Appointments by request

Aaron Echolls: His Name Was Aaron. He was just trying to be a better person. He did not succeed.

Lynn Echolls: Beloved mother, cheated-on wife On collagen and booze, floated through life Faced with the women her mate had screwed Floated no more, becoming fish food.

Meg Manning: Meg's dead, baby. Meg's dead.

Abel Koontz: Why, Abel, you're worth more dead than alive!

Sheriff Don Lamb: He's gone to see the wizard.

Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas: His name was Cassidy!

Felix Toombs: Hey, is this H-Town any good? I know my big brother lives there, but then again, he likes barbies!

Amelia DeLongpre: Her life deShortbe.

Katherine Wills: Where there's a Wills, there's a die.

Stella Koontz: Stella! Hey, Stelllllaaaaaaaaaaa!

Amy Polk: Goodbye, Cleveland!

Marisol Reyes: No cameras, no grief counseling, no fountain. Being poor sucks.

Andrea Sims: She's now playing SimsAfterlife.

Woody Goodman: Neptune will be a cleaner, safer place without him.

Kendall Casablancas: A dame to die for.

Leslie Dumass: America's Next Top Corpse.

Ed Doyle: Hail Hell to the bus driver, bus driver, bus driver man!

Cervando Perez: Now he's late/perished/expired.

David "Curly" Moran: Veonica Mars

Rhonda Landers: Pretty White Trash, noisome and brash. Gone in a flash in school bus crash.

Hank Fennel: He didn't live forever. Baby, remember his name.

Eduardo "Thumper" Orozco: We're sure he's crushed.

Marcos Oliveres: He walked the plank.

Gustavio "Reaper Gus" Toombs: Now that's irony, bitch.

Peter Ferrer: He may be dead, but he's still pretty.

Tommy "Lucky" Dohanic: You know how fat men are sometimes called "Tiny"?

Betina Marone: That's what you get for loving Dick (Casablancas).

Cormac Fitzpatrick: So much for brotherly love.

Kendall Shiflett: She was one of a kind and no one could ever take her place.

Apache: The best friend a boy plastic-deer-hating pyscho could have.

: $80 million and all I get is this lousy tombstone? Where's my mausoleum, Casey?

Dean Cyrus O'Dell: Now he's a Saint, elsewhere.

Mindy O'Dell: Femme fataled

Steven Batando: In case of organ requirement, break tombstone

Coach Tom Barry: