2.11 "Donut Run"

Aired Jan 25, 2006


Neptune Grand Hotel: Logan is in the elevator. As he presses the button, Veronica blocks the closing doors to enter. They ride up to the suite together. They are snippy with each other, using Snow White references, but the crux of the matter is that Duncan has been moping in his room over the loss of Meg and the baby that he is not allowed to see.

Neptune Grand Hotel: Presidential Suite: Veronica and Logan enter the suite. Veronica heads for Duncan's room as Logan settles down on the couch. Veronica comes to a halt when she sees Kendall emerging from Duncan's shower. Unembarrassed, Kendall tells Veronica that she was invited. Veronica storms out. Logan, who has witnessed this, questions whether Kendall is lost. Kendall says that she is not satisfied with his 2 a.m. calls for her to come over. Logan points out that she always does, in fact, come.

Neptune High School: lunch area: Veronica waits for Duncan. Dick stands next to her, watching out for him. Dick discloses that Logan has told him what happened and advises her to let it go — heirs to billions are bound to sleep around. Veronica brushes him off and spots Duncan. She hurries to meet him. She confronts him angrily, asking where he was the day before. He lies and says he was at home. When challenged, he adds that he went for a drive and turned off his cell phone. Their fight is very public as Duncan asks Veronica what her problem is. She starts with finding Kendall in his shower, which he brushes off as Kendall having got the bedrooms confused. Veronica accuses him of lying, saying that she isn't a fool. Duncan furiously shouts that Meg is dead and he can't see his daughter, yet Veronica wants things to be all about her. Veronica reminds him that she is alive and that she is his girlfriend. Duncan responds, "Not anymore" and stalks off, leaving Veronica and the crowd behind her in shock.

Mars residence: Veronica mopes about the house, playing sad songs day and night. Keith watches her with understanding and sympathy until woken by the music in the early hours of the morning. He enters her room and asks if she is okay. She tells him that she and Duncan have broken up, something he had already discerned. He asks if he can do anything. She tells him she just needs time.

Neptune Grand Hotel: Presidential Suite: Weevil tells Logan that it is down to either Hector or Bootsy killing Felix, as they were the ones left on the bridge. He says it is the one who is in league with the Fitzpatricks, with a pipeline to drugs. He asks if Logan can find someone to test them. Logan says he can.

Mars residence: Wallace tells the wallowing Veronica that she is being pathetic and works to snap her out of it. It turns out that he came back to Neptune to play basketball because he'd missed the tryouts at the high school in Chicago. Keith calls Veronica to the living room. Lamb and some other officers are there. Duncan has gone missing, having kidnapped the baby, who has been named Faith Manning. Veronica expresses shock. Lamb doesn't believe that she knows nothing and arrests her as an accomplice.

Sheriff's department: Veronica is in a line-up and then moved to an interrogation room where she is joined by Keith and a just-got-out-of-bed-looking Cliff. Veronica was identified in the line-up by a jewelry merchant in Los Angeles as the person who sold him some earrings belonging to Celeste Kane. Lamb's theory is that Veronica helped Duncan to finance the kidnapping. Keith is angry when Veronica is flippant, telling her that the matter is very serious and that she could go to prison. Veronica says that she did sell the earrings at Duncan's behest to finance his efforts to get legal custody. The Kanes would not support his attempts to get custody. She adds that whilst she suspected the earrings were Celeste's, she didn't ask. Keith lays down the law, telling Veronica that she is to cooperate fully and honestly with Lamb. Cut to Veronica being shown into Lamb's office. Celeste is there with Vinnie Van Lowe. Celeste is convinced that Veronica knows where Duncan is and wants her prosecuted. Vinnie starts to question her, but Lamb reminds him that it is not his place and advises Celeste to save her money. Celeste and Vinnie leave. Lamb tells Veronica to write down everything she can think of that might help track down Duncan. Veronica asks if he doesn't honestly think the baby is better off with Duncan. Lamb responds by saying he should have arrested them that night at the Mannings and that now his ass is in a sling.

Neptune Grand Hotel: Presidential Suite: Dick and Logan play a video game. Logan asks Dick to buy some drugs from a couple of bikers. Dick cheerfully agrees.

Sheriff's department: Veronica hands over what she has written down to Lamb and leaves his office. Outside in the hallway, Vinnie is waiting for her. He makes a half-hearted attempt to get her to tell him where Duncan is before letting her pass. Veronica disappears around the corner only to return seconds later. Vinnie dropped his bugged pen in her bag. She gives it back to him.

Neptune High School: classroom: In computer class, the Coach is giving the students a search quiz. Veronica is confident of victory when he asks them to find the varsity boys' basketball team's record in district because while others will go the long way around, she just needs to type in Wallace's name. She does and is surprised to find that Wallace lied to her. He did play on the team at the high school in Chicago.

Neptune High School: hallway: Dick catches Logan at his locker. He reports that Bootsy told him to f*** himself on being asked to sell Dick drugs, but that Hector agreed. Dick hands over the E in a mint container. Hector gave Dick the 09er discount. He charged him double. Dick leaves, and Logan writes Hector's name on the mint container. He sees Weevil and bumps into him accidentally-on-purpose to pass it to Weevil. Weevil glances down and sees the name.

US/Mexico border: Things are very busy on the border. The customs agent at the border, last seen arresting Hank Zigman, is on the phone...

Sheriff's department: ...to Lamb in his office. He is complaining of the chaos and asking Lamb to scale the searches back, saying that a teen boy traveling with a baby is easy to spot. Lamb is reluctant as he is convinced that Duncan hasn't yet left Neptune. Sacks interrupts to tell Lamb he has company, and Lamb ends his call. It's the FBI. Agents Morris and Wills are shown in. Agent Morris takes the lead. She takes pleasure in being arrogant and ensuring Lamb knows his place, which is no place. She asks him to bring them up to speed. In the meantime, Veronica arrives in the general office. There's a new deputy in town. He's friendly and tells Veronica that he moonlights as a bouncer at Club Thin in L.A. and that if she ever wants in, even though she is only eighteen, he'll get her in. The deputy tells Lamb that Veronica is there with some information. Agent Morris understands Veronica to be the girlfriend. Lamb says from what he has heard, there was an ugly break-up. Lamb warns her that Veronica is slippery. Agent Morris dismisses the warning. Lamb and the agents join Veronica in an interrogation room. On seeing her, the agents mock Lamb for his warning. Having been introduced to the agents, Veronica reports that Duncan had an online storage account to back up his laptop. The agents decide to investigate, and Agent Wills goes off to organize the warrant. Sacks pops his head in to say the border patrol is on the phone. Veronica tells Lamb not to bother because Duncan hates Mexico. Lamb senses a trap and tells them not to scale back the searches. Veronica is sent outside. Lamb tells Agent Morris that he has thought about joining the FBI. Agent Morris derisively points out his lack of any discernible qualifications and suggests he stick with being a big fish in a small town.

Industrial site: In front of the rest of the gang, Weevil confronts Hector, who says he just made a few bucks selling from one 09er to the other. He denies being in business with the Fitzpatricks. Weevil is skeptical that he knows an 09er drug dealer. Hector says it is someone whose dad works with his sister. Weevil demands the name.

Sheriff's department: Back in the interrogation room, Veronica returns to rejoin Lamb and the agents. They broke Duncan's password, which was Meg Kane spelled backwards. They have discovered that Duncan bought a boat. As they are questioning Veronica further, Sacks arrives to report that the Coast Guard have found the boat and are preparing to board. They put the phone on speaker to listen in. There is no one there, just dirty diapers and empty food tins. Agent Morris asks Veronica if Duncan might have committed suicide. Veronica says no, that someone must have picked him up.

Outside the Sunset Cliffs Apartments: Veronica walks out of the apartments, past a van. She pauses and goes back. She opens the side door. Vinnie is on a stake-out, and she is the target. They banter a little. Veronica gives Vinnie a private and confidential letter to give Duncan when Vinnie finds him. Vinnie takes it and opens it as soon as she goes. He smiles.

Neptune High School: boys' bathroom: Weevil confronts a shaggy-haired Sean Friedrich. There's some snark before Sean confirms that he sells drugs but denies that he is supplied by the Fitzpatricks. He says they take a blowtorch to anyone short a dime bag, and he is not that dumb. Sean exits, and Logan, hidden in one of the cubicles, comes forward. They are not sure if they believe him, and Weevil is still convinced that one of his boys is mixed up with the Fitzpatricks. Logan says that maybe it was Felix. Weevil is adamant that it could not be so since the Fitzpatricks supposedly killed Felix's older brother (and Weevil's predecessor) when he tried to move in on their high school drug trade after the last of the Fitzpatricks were expelled.

Neptune High School: lunch area: Wallace joins Veronica at one of the tables. She hands him copies of what she found out about him on the internet and asks why he really came back. Wallace tells her that the school's top player, Rashard Rucker, is a budding star, the best high school player in the nation. Just before Christmas, Rashard, Wallace, and a couple of others were returning from a party, at which Rashard had drunk beer, and the vehicle hit a wino. He kept going, even though Wallace yelled at him to stop. They drove to Rashard's uncle/manager who said they probably hit a dog and should just keep their mouths shut, as millions were at stake. Wallace couldn't let go of it and came back to forget about it. He couldn't tell Veronica because she would have stayed and done the right thing. Later, as Veronica walks alone, her cell rings. It's Duncan. Veronica urges him to turn himself in, to rely on the courts. Duncan says he will never get custody of her now, but he couldn't leave her with the Mannings. He adds plaintively that thought Veronica would help but that he will go it alone.

Sheriff's department: The FBI have been monitoring Veronica's calls. They trace the call to Big Bear. Lamb gears up to go with them. He is not welcome, and the FBI agents will take care of it.

Sunset Cliffs Apartments: Veronica pauses at the front door of the Mars apartment, looking around carefully. Satisfied, she goes to the door of the next door apartment and unlocks the door, going inside. The apartment is empty. Duncan emerges from one of the rooms, and they kiss and cling to each other. She tells him that it is time. The baby is in the other room. Veronica and Duncan tell each other they are doing the right thing. Veronica confirms that everyone, including Kendall, bought it and that everything is in motion. She says they have to go now. Duncan forces her to pause. She reminds him that once they leave that room, they can't ever see or contact each other again. Duncan tells her that he loves her, that he always has and always will. She responds that he'd better.

Sheriff's department: Lamb is in a contemplative mood when Sacks reports that Veronica's ATM card has been used in Mexico. Lamb is jubilant and reckons to win one over the FBI by bringing back the prize. He sets out to leave.

Mars residence: Keith, looking for toilet paper, searches the cupboard in Veronica's bathroom. He is horrified and livid to find a hole in the wall to the empty apartment next door and a pack of diapers. He calls Veronica as he searches her room, finding Meg's emails and the copy of one of the pages of Grace's punishment on her desk. Veronica does not pick up. Keith curbs his anger as he leaves her the message that they need to talk ASAP.

Neptune High School: car park: Wallace chats to another basketball player as they head for their respective cars. A man is leaning against Wallace's car. The man introduces himself as Ernie Sayers, from the Chicago Statesman, the newspaper from which Veronica learned of Wallace's playing in Chicago. The other boy wanders off, and Wallace tries to avoid speaking the Sayers. Sayers refers to the hit-and-run on December 14th, stating that the homeless victim has been left paralyzed from the waist down. A witness saw the car, a red Hummer with spinning rims. There aren't many such vehicles in Chicago. Sayers has learned of Rashard, Wallace, and the others leaving the party. Sayers asks what kind of man Wallace is planning on being.

US/Mexico border: Lamb is waved through. He drives into Mexico.

Hotel El Cuelga Diez, Mexico: A man watches Lamb's car approach from the balcony. He smiles and returns inside. Lamb parks outside and enters. He shows the man a picture of Duncan. The man says they all look alike to him, and he should try the restaurant up the road.

Mars residence: Veronica walks into her bedroom and freezes when she sees a distraught Keith sitting at her desk. He is furious and upset that she may go to prison. She asks if he's seen the letters, saying they were about Meg's parents. Keith tells her that it is not just her life that she is gambling with, but his as well, as he would not survive without her. Veronica insists they had to do it. Keith is most devastated that she played him and that he can never trust her again. Veronica is equally devastated but their clash is postponed by a knock on the door. It's the FBI, and they have a search warrant. They search Veronica's room. Keith protests, saying that Veronica has cooperated, but Agent Morris informs him that a girl matching Veronica's description was shown an apartment and a cassette of Duncan's call was found behind a dumpster there. Agent Morris says that it's not possible to have an unrehearsed conversation with a tape recorder. Veronica is silent but becoming more and more agitated as Agent Wills gets to the cupboard in the bathroom, although she doesn't show it. She breathes a sigh of relief when she sees that Keith has removed the diapers and covered over the hole. Agent Morris compliments them both on their coolness but warns that kidnapping cases don't go away.

Tattoo parlor: Weevil is getting another tattoo when the tattoo artist remembers that he has something for Weevil. From a drawer, he pulls out a sketch of a girl, done from a series of photo-booth shots of Felix with the girl. Felix was going to have the sketch on his chest. The girl is Molly Fitzpatrick.

Mexico: Lamb talks to a surfer dude at the restaurant, who says a guy asked him where there was a grocery store but that there was no baby. He was told it was a few miles south. Lamb hurries out to check it out, passing some backpackers. As Lamb goes over some railway tracks, his trunk lid flies open. Lamb stops and gets out to close it. He sees empty water bottles and food packaging in the trunk. He also sees that the trunk has been rigged to open from the inside. Lamb realizes with horror that he has been played. Back with the backpackers, one of them is seen to be Duncan in a blond wig and fake beard. He runs to the pick-up truck that appears on the other side of the road. He throws the backpack into the back and gets in. Inside are Astrid, Celeste's maid, with the baby and Vinnie, who is driving. Vinnie reminds him he wants his money. Duncan hands over $30,000 in cash and removes his disguise. Astrid tells him the baby won't let go of her finger. He says she thinks Astrid is Veronica. Astrid agrees, adding that the FBI does too. Duncan takes the baby and coos, "Hey, Lilly. Daddy's here. Everything's gonna be all right." They drive off, passing Lamb going in the other direction.

Sunset Cliffs Apartments: Veronica stares out onto a stormy sea before heading back to the apartment.

Mexico: Duncan kisses Lilly's head gently.

Mars residence: Veronica gazes sadly at the fortune cookie message that Duncan gave her in the summer that re-established their relationship. She sticks it on the side of her mirror. In addition to bearing the numbers from Lost, it has this message: True Love Stories Never Have Endings.

Mexico: Duncan looks out over the Mexican plains, wistful. He looks down at his daughter and smiles.


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