1.17 "Kanes and Abel's"

Aired Apr 05, 2005


Veronica's bedroom: Veronica is looking up Amelia DeLongpre on the Private Eyez website.
Veronica's VO mentions that she knows Abel Koontz has a daughter and that Clarence Wiedman knows she's aware of this. She must track down Amelia before Clarence does, to prove that Jake Kane is paying off Abel. Veronica discovers that Amelia is at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Veronica grabs her bag and keys and runs out the door.

dorm room: A girl is sitting on her bed, studying, and hears a knock on her door. When she opens it, Clarence Wiedman is standing there. Clarence thinks this girl is Amelia, but the roommate tells him that Amelia left with a friend of hers. When asked to describe the friend, she says, "Tiny, blonde, cute as a bug."

college parking lot: Veronica is walking with Amelia, who isn't sure she should be leaving with Veronica. Veronica tells Amelia that her father's attorney, Mr. McCormack, sent her and that they found new evidence that could prove her father's innocence. Veronica tells Amelia to get into the car or she'll be in danger. She's a threat to the Kane family now that she knows about the payoff. Amelia tells Veronica that she's receiving millions of dollars in Kane Software stock, but was told by her mom that it was an out-of-court settlement. Veronica then says that it's not a settlement, but a payoff for pleading guilty to the murder of Lilly Kane. She also tells Amelia that Abel is innocent.

Ocean Beach Hotel: Veronica brings Amelia to a room she'll be staying in. She asks Amelia to have her mom overnight the Kane settlement documents. Her mom should pay in cash and use a fake name. Veronica says this will prove that Abel is being paid to take the fall. She also tells Amelia not to use her cell phone but to use an untraceable one. Amelia says she'll still take calls from her boyfriend but no one else. Veronica tells her that he can't know her location. When Amelia asks Veronica if she's seen Abel and how he is, Veronica mentions in a VO that he's dying but Amelia won't help if she knows that. So Veronica tells her that he's fine.

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school: A teacher shuts a classroom door, which has a "Testing in Progress: Quiet Please" sign on it. Veronica, passing by that door in the hall, says in a VO that it's midterms week. She sees a girl scream and kick her locker.

classroom: There is a newspaper phone sex ad with the name "Miss Sabrina" on it, and a girl's voice says that it is a picture of her. The girl who had kicked her locker, Sabrina, is telling her teacher she was getting harassing calls all night and didn't get any sleep. Since her dad is a doctor, they couldn't turn off the phone. She also tells the teacher that someone let the air out of her tire this morning and it's not fair. The teacher says she can reschedule her midterm. One boy is angry at this, saying that the policy was "No excuses, too bad." His last name is Cho. He also remarks to Dick that it's because Sabrina's mom is the school board president.

girls' restroom: Sabrina asks Veronica for help, telling her about the flat tire. Someone had let the air out. Sabrina also says that she broke up with Caz Truman two months ago, and he's been harassing her since then. Sabrina is willing to pay Veronica to make him stop. Something happens every night when she's studying. Veronica's mentions in a VO that she needs the money for Amelia's room. Sabrina gives Veronica $100 and will give her $400 when Caz stops.

parking lot: Veronica talks to Caz, telling him to stop harassing Sabrina. Caz denies it and says he'll smash whoever did it.

Mars Investigations office: Veronica is looking at her laptop, which has files on all the suspects: Abel, Jake, Celeste, Duncan, Logan, Weevil, and Clarence. Veronica says in a VO that she has a few hours to get over to Amelia's hotel and make her case that Abel is allowing himself to be executed in order to make her wealthy. The phone rings and Veronica answers it. It's for her dad, who is in a meeting.

Keith's office: Keith is talking to a woman who wants him to hire a call girl for her husband. She wants the call girl to take her husband to a motel and when he's in a compromising position, Keith will get the money shot. Then her prenuptial agreement will be violated. She'll get her settlement, and Keith will get a bonus. Keith turns her down, saying it's entrapment. Veronica knocks on the door to tell Keith about the phone call. The client interrupts and says she will take her business to Vincent Van Lowe. Keith tells her Vinnie will turn on her. The woman leaves.
Veronica leaves Keith's office and goes into the...

Mars Investigations office: She sees Logan reading the Lilly Kane files on her laptop. Veronica grabs the laptop from him. According to Veronica's files, Logan's alibi is that he was out of the country and there are two eyewitnesses. It's airtight. Veronica says she loved Lilly, which is why she can't drop the case. Logan gives Veronica a check for helping him look for his mom and thanks her. Veronica says his mom was always nice to her and rips up the check. They smile at each other, and Logan leaves.

Amelia's hotel room: Veronica explains to Amelia about the shoes — that they had to have been planted on Abel's houseboat. Veronica then asks who else had the influence and money to pull this off, other than the Kanes? She also says that all three of the Kanes falsified their alibis. Amelia tells Veronica about how her dad was normal when she was young. Then when Jake Kane cheated him out of the streaming video patent, he changed. He often stayed locked up in his room and then hit his wife when she spilled coffee on his plans to create a program to put Kane out of business. Amelia and her mom left the next day and her mom divorced Abel. When Amelia asks why Veronica thinks the money is coming to her, Veronica answers that it's probably his way of saying he's sorry.

outside a home: Veronica sees an old pickup truck passing the house. She knocks on the door of what is the Fuller household. Sabrina is studying with her mom, Jessica. Sabrina said Veronica came to be tutored, so Jessica leaves them alone. Veronica tells Sabrina that Caz denies harassing her and mentions that she put a tracker on his car. Veronica says she'll wait with Sabrina to see what happens. At 10:45 pm, Caz's car is still in the garage. Veronica looks out of the window and sees the same pickup truck driving by. The phone rings. Veronica answers it. It's someone calling for "Miss Sabrina." Veronica tracks the person, looks up his record, and tells him off. She asks Sabrina if she knows anyone with a yellow truck. Sabrina does not. Veronica sees a baby carriage.

outside: A man is driving, sees the carriage roll in front of his car, and slams on the brakes. Veronica peers in his window with a flashlight: it's Caz.

Inside Fuller home: Sabrina is yelling at Caz, telling him it's over. Caz still denies that he did anything. He says he was trying to catch the guy and win Sabrina back. The truck belongs to Caz's gardener. There is a knock on Sabrina's door. When she answers it, several party-crazy college kids are there, saying they got a flier from Sultans of Acid about a party at that address.

hotel: Veronica says in a VO that Sultans of Acid was a dead end. She knocks on Amelia's door, and is let in once she identifies herself. Amelia says her mom was away and is going to mail the information tomorrow. Amelia also wants Veronica to arrange a visit with Abel. Veronica agrees, but says it may take a few days. In her VO, she adds, "Just long enough to get the proof of the Kane payoff."

Mars Investigations: Keith asks if Veronica is going to be getting ready for her achievement dinner. Vinnie Van Lowe comes in. He is a greasy annoyance to Veronica and Keith. It turns out the lady who wanted to set up her husband did go to Vinnie, in spite of Keith's warnings. Vinnie wants to know if Keith will work with him. Keith isn't enthusiastic. Vinnie leaves some of his cards. Keith tells Veronica to get ready for her dinner.

Kane home: Veronica mentions in her VO that the top five ranking juniors and seniors will be at the dinner as the Kanes discuss the scholarship they'll be giving in Lilly's name. Jake and Celeste answer the door and aren't happy to see her. The other students are there. They include Duncan, Sabrina, and the Cho boy. In a VO, Veronica says Celeste Kane hated her and before Lilly died, Veronica got the impression that Lilly had learned one of the reasons.

scenario: outside by the pool: What if Celeste overreacted? Lilly is sitting in a beach chair and Celeste comes to her, saying she doesn't want Veronica to come there again. Lilly smart mouths off to her, implying that Duncan has already slept with Veronica. Celeste slaps Lilly, Lilly slaps Celeste harder, and then Celeste picks up a heavy object and hits Lilly on the head with it. Lilly collapses, her head wound gushing. She is dead.

back to Kane home, present: Jake announces that starting this year, the class valedictorian will receive a fulltime scholarship, in Lilly's name, to any university. While Veronica is listening to this, she wonders...

scenario: outside by the pool: What if Lilly finally succeeded in getting her parents' attention? Jake is running over and Lilly is on top of Weevil. Lilly gets up and Weevil goes to leave. Jake grabs him; Lilly grabs Jake. Jake pushes Lilly off, causing her to hit her head on a concrete table. Jake threatens Weevil, saying Weevil will take the fall if he tells anyone.

back to Kane home, present: Veronica hears her name whispered, and sees Lilly's ghost run out of the room. Veronica goes out to the pool patio and sees Lilly on the beach chair. Veronica said she had to come back because the Kanes are hiding something. Lilly says her parents aren't murderers and that Veronica has some imagination. Veronica asks who did it, but is interrupted by Duncan. Duncan tells Veronica he comes to that place by the pool sometimes to think about Lilly.

outside school: Sabrina is crying. Veronica asks her what's wrong. Sabrina says she's exhausted with everything going on. She got an 86 on the AP bio exam, which puts her 1/100th of a point behind her competition. Veronica is sure Caz isn't the one harassing her and asks who is ahead now. Sabrina points to Hamilton Cho.

Cho's Pizza: Veronica talks to Hamilton about how he got into Oxford. Hamilton says he can't afford to go. Veronica comments on how he's the valedictorian now and if he can keep that up, he'll get the Kane Scholarship. Hamilton is very blunt about how he can't stand Sabrina and that she always gets a lot of breaks because her family is wealthy and her mom is School Board President. Hamilton's dad gives him pizza to deliver and Veronica leaves. In her VO, she mentions that she put a tracker on Hamilton's car.

Mars home: The doorknob is rattling. It looks like someone is trying to break in. Keith, in his robe, sees this and pulls open the door. Clarence Wiedman is there. Clarence says he's looking for someone, pulls out a photo, and names Amelia DeLongpre. Keith thinks Clarence wants his P.I. services. Clarence said he thought Keith already knew where she was. In fact, he thought she might be staying with him. The company has some important information for her. Keith doesn't know who the woman is or why he'd have her stashed there.

Mars home: later: Veronica comes in from walking Backup. Keith tells her Clarence stopped by. Keith figured out she was up to something. Veronica says she knows who Clarence is and that he's looking for Abel Koontz's daughter. Keith said, "Of course, she changed her name." Veronica says she knows where Amelia is. He then yells at her, saying how what she is doing is very dangerous. Veronica says Amelia is going to help them and that she's going to turn over the phony patent documents. Keith also knows that Abel is dying. Keith decides to fill Veronica in on the other things he knows and pleads with Veronica to be more careful. He tells her that he found a cell phone record that showed Jake Kane called Clarence Wiedman five minutes before he arrived home the night of the murder. Jake's alibi went to pieces, and Keith started to question the coroner's time of death. The core body temperature didn't match the rest of the timeline. Keith thinks Jake called Clarence after he discovered Lilly's body. Veronica asks, "To do what?" Keith says, "Whatever needed to be done."

Veronica's car: Veronica is looking through files. She mentions in her VO that Clarence Wiedman is ex-Army intelligence and ex-FBI. He's probably a good man in a bad situation.

scenario: outside by the pool: Lilly's body is on the ground. Jake is on the phone, crying and asking Clarence for help. Later, Jake and Celeste come out of the front door. Clarence, with a bag of ice on his shoulder, tells Jake to go to the car and get the rest of the ice. He says they need to figure out who found the body. He then tells Celeste to show him the body.

outside Cho's Pizza: Veronica's cell phone rings and Sabrina tells her that a car alarm has been going off outside of her window for two hours. They called the police twice, but it stops right before they get there. Veronica says it's not Hamilton, because he's been at Cho's all night. Veronica tells Sabrina to take down the license plate of the annoying car.

school: Veronica pulls Logan into an empty classroom and shuts the door. She asks him when he's going to tell Duncan and everyone else about how she is obsessed with the case. Logan tells her that he's bothered by the fact that Duncan never told him about his epilepsy. Veronica says Duncan could have fits, hysterical laughter, uncontrollable crying, or a blind rage. Logan looks at her; she asks if any of that sounds familiar to him. He says he is only telling Veronica: Last year when Logan was at the Kanes, he heard screaming from the next room. Logan found Duncan with his hands around his dad's throat. Logan tried to pull him off, but all of a sudden, he went limp and was himself again. When Logan tried to talk to him about it the next day, Duncan acted like he didn't remember a thing. Logan says it was the week Duncan and Veronica broke up, and he leaves.

Mars Investigations office: Veronica looks up the license plate number that Sabrina gave her. It's a K-car, registered to a Debra Villareal, who is overseas. She was once married to Vinnie Van Lowe. Veronica calls Sabrina and asks to borrow some of her spirit week stuff.

Vincent Van Lowe's detective agency: Veronica asks the receptionist to tell Vincent that Veronica Mars wants to talk to him and also asks if she'll buy some cookies for Neptune High. If she buys two, she can have a spirit pin. The receptionist agrees, buys two boxes, and gets the pin. Vinnie's yelling something about food to his mom, the receptionist. He sees Veronica and they talk. Veronica tells Vinnie that Keith is declining the offer to work with him, but wants to give him a pen to keep. She also asks who hired him to harass Sabrina Fuller. Vinnie denies knowing her and anything about his ex-wife's car.

outside Vinnie's agency: Veronica gets into her car. Sabrina asks what she found out. Veronica says nothing, but they hear Vinnie talking to his mom. He then starts singing "Private Eyes" by Hall and Oates. Veronica and Sabrina see him in his window, using the bugged pen as a mic. He drops the pen out the window. Veronica then types something else into her computer and Vinnie is seen on the computer. The spirit pin was also bugged, with a camera. Vinnie tells his mom to have the K-car towed and to get Jim on the phone. His mom asks why he wants a pizza, because he just ate. Vinnie says it's business. Veronica says she knows who did it.

Kane home: Jim Cho says his son never had a chance and Hamilton had nothing to do with it. Jake says they'll split the scholarship this year, but Jessica Fuller doesn't agree. She says if Hamilton will remove himself from the valedictorian race, they won't press charges. Clemmons asks if that's the only solution but is interrupted by Hamilton who says he'll do it. As they all leave, Veronica apologizes to Hamilton who doesn't blame her and is actually mature about the whole thing.

outside: A boy wearing an LMU sweatshirt is walking by. Clarence Wiedman gets out of his car and asks to borrow the boy's cell phone to call AAA.

Mars Investigations office: Veronica gets a call from Amelia, who says the papers came. Veronica says she'll be over to make copies.

hotel room: Amelia, still talking to Veronica on the untraceable cell phone, sees a call from her boyfriend on her own cell phone. Clarence is on the other line. He says his name and that the woman she's dealing with isn't who she says she is.

Mars Investigations office: Veronica tells Keith the papers came. They leave.

hotel room: Veronica knocks on the door, but there's no answer. She uses a key to get in. Clarence Wiedman is in there, putting papers into his briefcase. He says Amelia left, upset that Veronica didn't mention that Abel was dying. He also says that Amelia finalized her settlement with Kane Software.

Mars Investigations office: Veronica is on the floor behind the desk. Keith pulls her up and opens the safe, saying the combination aloud. He takes out the Lilly Kane murder file. Later, Veronica and Keith are discussing how Celeste and Jake lied about their alibis. Veronica asks Keith what made him think they were involved in covering up Lilly's death. Keith says he was the first one at the murder scene.

flashback: Keith asks Jake and Celeste how long they were home before they discovered the body. Jake says five or ten minutes. He went to check for the kids by the pool and discovered Lilly's body. He breaks down crying. Keith looks at Duncan in the background and asks the Kanes where he was. Celeste says he was in the shower but hadn't gone to the pool. A buzzer rings loudly. Keith asks the Kanes if they're doing laundry. While he's looking around, Keith's voice is heard, talking to Veronica. He says that the Kanes had two full-time housekeepers, so why would they start a load of laundry on the night they found their daughter murdered?

back to Mars Investigations office: Keith tells Veronica he found a soccer uniform in the dryer.

scenario: Lilly is lying on a chair. Veronica wonders if some emotional turmoil — the same kind as when Duncan attacked his father — turned him into someone else. Lilly screams as Duncan hits her with something.

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