3.17 "Debasement Tapes"

Aired May 09, 2007

Roundtable Reviews

Due to exams, Mother's Day, and other sundry events, we interrupt our usual Round Table Review for a special, one-time only, single view review in song, to the tune of "Let It Be."

When he finds himself in times of trouble
Stosh Piznarski goes to V
Seeking tapes of old songs Paul Rudd needs.
And in the hour that followed
Paul Rudd stole the show, amusing me
Lost bags proving a small mystery.
Don't you see, it's a spree
Stupidity can be a mystery

And when the broken hearted people
LoVing in the world agree,
Piz is not the answer, they will plea.
But though they may be friendly there is
Still a cert that V will see
Logan as her answer, won't you V.
Let it be, let us. Yeah
Patience is the answer, let it be.

And when the plot is murky,
Then it's such a better tale for me,
Leo: used or user, yet to see.
Keith wakes up to the sound of trouble
Neptune Sheriff rivalry
Cruelly using Keith's words, oh Vinnie!
Oh Vinnie, could it be?
Is you turning a new leaf what we see?
Or maybe — mystery,
Irish words of gain and cajolery

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