3.15 "Papa's Cabin"

Aired Feb 27, 2007


Hearst, Landry's classroom: In VO, Veronica recaps what was lacking in the Freshman Guidebook: what's the proper protocol for choosing a seat when a student finds herself in a class with a professor her father suspects of murdering the dean? Landry approaches Veronica to tell her that he hopes what's going on between Keith and him doesn't affect their relationship in class, because he thinks she's a once-in-a-career student and he's glad to be her mentor. Veronica thanks him and chooses a seat in front. Tim Foyle notices.

Sheriff's department, interrogation room: Keith circles Mindy, and reminds her again that she is to address him as Sheriff Mars. Mindy asks Keith why he's questioning her when he found Batando's fingerprints on Cyrus' keyboard. Keith points out that the message that was typed on the keyboard, "Goodbye cruel world," only uses eleven letters, whereas Batando's fingerprints are on every key. He also reminds her that a pair of gloves were found with Landry's blood-stained shirt, and asks if it's possible that the murderer wore gloves only to remove them to type a note. Mindy insists that she didn't kill her husband, and Keith reiterates all the holes in her story: Mindy claimed that she and Landry were alone at the Neptune Grand, but a witness claims to have overheard two men arguing in their room; she claims to never have left the hotel, but a valet slip proves that her Volvo was checked in and out of the lot; the phone call that was between Mindy and Hank was supposedly about a toothpaste preference so that she could buy his brand in the hotel lobby, but the call was made while the Volvo was checked out; and that even though Dean O'Dell was out of Xanax, a large amount showed up on his toxicology reports, and Mindy signed for the prescription. Keith sits down next to Mindy and tells her that he thinks that Landry killed Dean O'Dell, and he wants to know if Mindy plans to take the fall with her lover. Mindy then confesses to Keith that Dean O'Dell came to the hotel that night, and that he was angry and carrying a gun.

Flashback: Neptune Grand: Dean O'Dell has a gun dangling from his fingertip. Landry, who is still in bed, asks Cyrus to put the gun down. Dean O'Dell questions Landry's informal use of his first name, and reminds him that he is still Landry's boss. As he gestures with the gun, he pushes past Mindy and approaches Landry. Both Landry and Mindy plead with Dean O'Dell to put the gun down, saying that they will talk, but he insists that there is nothing to talk about. As he paces away from Landry, he turns to say that he will ruin him professionally, implying that he won't have any more easy days sleeping with young students or easily-charmed wives. Mindy reaches for the gun.

Interrogation room: Keith asks if the Dean threatened to end Landry's career. Mindy affirms that Landry's career meant everything to him, and that her husband could have ruined his chances at any reputable college in the country. She says that Dean O'Dell left the room, and Landry freaked, so she was going to go and try to calm her husband down. She went to their house first, and not finding him there, went to his office. Keith asks about the cell phone call between her and Landy, and she explains that Landry wanted to know how it went between her and the Dean. Keith asks how the meeting went.

Flashback: Dean O'Dell's office: The Dean is watching his window get egged, and in VO, Mindy says that he was not in a good mood. She enters and asks her husband to be merciful.

Interrogation room: Keith assumes it was then that Mindy gave her husband the Xanax.

Flashback: Dean O'Dell's office: Dean O'Dell pours himself a glass of scotch, and Mindy hands him the bottle of pills. In VO, she says that she thought they would be good for him, and Keith says that three pills left him helpless. She answers that she gave her husband the bottle, but he controlled the dosage. Dean O'Dell washes down the pills with scotch as Mindy looks on.

Interrogation room: Mindy claims that she was only in her husband's office for five minutes, and that he yelled, so she left. Keith looks skeptical and stands, walking to the other side of the room. He asks what Mindy told Landry, and she says that she told him nothing and that when she returned to the Neptune Grand, Landry was gone. Keith asks that if she knew Dean O'Dell had been murdered, why hadn't it occurred to her that Landry might have been the culprit. She claims that she only knew that her husband's death was not a suicide, and she wanted to find the murderer, even if it turned out to be her lover. When Keith reminds her that she provided Landry's (false) alibi, she claims she just thought he was innocent until she knew about the bloody clothes and didn't want to cast suspicion upon him. She adds that Dean O'Dell had plenty of enemies. Keith asks if Mindy will testify that Landry was panicky and worried at the thought of losing his career, and she says that she will. He then suggests that of the three men she's known in her life, two are dead, and that the other might be put to death after a trial. When she asks how she's supposed to react, Keith suggests that she do so reflexively. After he opens the door, he tells her not to leave town.

Hearst, Landry's classroom: Landry's lecture about the work of analyzing physical evidence versus criminal profiles is interrupted by Sacks and another deputy entering in the back of the classroom. Landry pauses, but soldiers on until Keith opens the front door of the classroom. Landry approaches him and asks what's going on. Keith tells him that he is going to be arrested, but that he is giving him the opportunity to dismiss his class so that they don't see him cuffed. Landry nods and tells the class that he is wanted for questioning in an on-going case, and that they can leave early. He reminds them to read chapter six. As the class gathers their things, Tim stands up and looks on, and Veronica and Keith exchange a look.

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Interrogations room: Keith asks Landry to repeat himself into a microphone, and he says that he's happy to answer questions without the company of a lawyer. Keith informs Landry that Mindy changed her story, but Landry doesn't believe him, so Keith tells him what Mindy told him: that she went back to visit her husband, delivered his Xanax, and found Landry gone when she returned to the Neptune Grand. He asks Landry once more if he wants a lawyer, and Landry appears to consider it, but doesn't answer. Keith goes on to tell him that Mindy said that Dean O'Dell was at the Neptune Grand that night, that he threatened to destroy Landry's career,and that she returned to her husband to plead for him. Landry tells Keith that Dean O'Dell did more than threaten him.

Flashback: Neptune Grand: As Mindy reaches for the gun, Cyrus explodes at her, gesturing wildly and pulling at his hair. He says that her things will be on the lawn in the morning, and that she'll get nothing from him. He mentions that while he regrets not taking his friends' advice about marrying her, he doesn't regret signing a prenuptial agreement.

Interrogation room: Landry tells Keith that Mindy went back to see Dean O'Dell to plead for herself. Keith mentions once more that Mindy was back at the Grand at the time of her husband's murder, and Landry names Batando. Keith informs Landry that a blood-spattered shirt embroidered with his initials and a pair of gloves were found in an incinerator at Hearst. Landry blinks in confusion, and mutters that Mindy set him up. As Landry mumbles about Mindy, Keith forges ahead, asking about his whereabouts for the time of Dean O'Dell's murder. Landry says that he drove home alone, but he stopped at a convenience store to buy cigarettes. He says that he didn't charge them, and that the clerk didn't even look up.

Flashback: Corey's Market: Landry walks out the door, intent upon his purchases. A female voice asks if she can have one. Landry turns and gives a woman two cigarettes.

Interrogation room: Keith asks for a description of the woman. Landry ballparks her age to be late thirties, early forties, and pegs her as a brunette. Keith asks about the bloody clothes, and Landry shifts uncomfortably, not meeting his gaze. Keith suggests a lawyer because he knows Landry can see that he's got a case.

Sheriff's department: A deputy escorts Tim to Landry's cell, where Landry is seated out of view. Tim asks what's going on, and in a stage whisper, says that they think he killed the Dean. Landry insists that he didn't and turns toward the bars. He stands and approaches the bars and tells Tim that his phone was bugged. He asks Tim to find out who put it there and how long ago, and whispers that he also needs him to find a needle in a haystack.

Mars Investigations: Veronica is at her father's desk, writing. She looks up where she hears the door open, and she shuts out the light and ducks into the bathroom. She watches from the cracked door as a shadowy figure, carrying a flashlight, roots through the desk. When the light hits the mystery guest's face, Veronica sees that it's Tim. She opens the door, startling him. He makes for the door but trips and falls. Veronica asks what he's doing, and he explains that he's looking for the bug Landry gave Keith, in hopes that it will lead to Mindy. Veronica asks how he thinks it will, and he surmises that they must have serial numbers. She tells him that they don't, and he claims he didn't know. He begrudgingly asks what she would do. When Veronica doesn't immediately give in, Tim says that Mindy is framing Landry, and that he'll do anything he can to help him. He tells Veronica about Landy's convenience store alibi and the mystery smoker. Tim then asks for Veronica's help because he's not good in the field.

Corey's Market: Veronica shows the clerk, Randy, a picture of Landry while Tim looks on. He says Landry might have come, but that he's unsure. When she inquires about surveillance, Randy admits that the cameras are only for show, and then he asks her if she's going to buy anything. Three scantily clad ladies stroll through the door. When Veronica asks about them, the clerk says that Strip City is across the street and that three o'clock is the shift change. Veronica approaches two of the strippers and shows them Landry's picture. Tim almost spills the beans that he and Veronica are detectives, but Veronica covers with a story about her missing father. The stripper says that all men are scum, but appears to take pity on Veronica and asks to see the picture again. Veronica asks if any of them might have asked him for a cigarette, and the other stripper sounds offended, asking if they look like they smoke. When Tim says that yes, they do, she informs them that smoking is bad for the skin. She tells Veronica that none of them have seen him, but that she should try back tomorrow, since Tory was working, and she smokes like a 'slutty chimney.' The strippers share a laugh and walk away, and Veronica and Tim depart.

Hearst cafeteria: Logan approaches Parker from behind and surprises her. She asks him about his economics class, and at his confused expression, refreshes his memory about how it's the only class he has on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Logan grins, and confirms that it's his only class, but he obviously didn't go to it. Wallace walks by and sees Logan and Parker laughing.

Regency Insurance office: An insurance agent, Nick DiCintio, has Mindy sign a few forms. Mindy slides on a pair of dark sunglasses as Nick hands over an envelope, along with his condolences for her loss. Mindy peeks into the envelope, and says that his mourning means a lot.

Marina: An eager salesman approaches Mindy and asks if she's interested in buying a boat. Mindy points to a $270,000 yacht, and informs him that she'd like that one.

Hearst cafeteria: Wallace looks on as Veronica eats. Finally, he interrupts and says that he has to tell her something. Veronica worries that she's beginning to grow a mustache. He tells her that he saw Logan and Parker having lunch. Veronica is flip, and he goes on that he thought it looked like more than lunch. Veronica studies him with a grin, and when he asks why, she teases him about being one of the Gilmore Girls.

Sheriff's department: Veronica drops off some donuts and requests that someone leave her a jelly-filled. Sacks is the first to pounce on the goodies, and Veronica slips a file out of the cabinet. She pokes her head into Keith's office, and he wonders aloud if she's in trouble. She doesn't answer him; instead she takes the seat across from him and produces Landry's case file. She tells him that she's looking into Landry's alibi. Sacks interrupts with a phone call, and Keith tells Veronica not to rely too heavily on Landry's innocence. Keith takes the call and finds out from the district attorney that Mindy is missing.

Corey's Market: Tim and Veronica are outside near the pay phone, discussing Mindy's recent flight. Veronica muses that even though Mindy had an alibi for the time of the murder, she might have set Dean O'Dell up for the murder. Tim suggests Batando, and Veronica agrees that he could be bought. Tim claims that everyone hated the Dean, but Veronica disagrees. A pair of strippers cross the street, and one grinds out a cigarette with her platform heel on the way. Veronica sends Tim off to question her when he decides that smoker is probably Tory.

Mars residence: Keith stands in Veronica's empty bedroom. He pulls out his cell phone to call her.

Corey's Market: Veronica answers her cell phone, and tells Keith that she's hanging outside of a convenience store, eating Corn Nuts, and watching strippers.

Mars residence: Keith asks if she's doing drugs.

Corey's Market: Veronica says that she not.

Mars residence: Keith informs Veronica that Mindy skipped town, and that she sent her kids to her parents' in Surrey, England.

Corey's Market: Veronica says that it's not a problem, and she fishes for Keith to admit he thinks Landry is guilty. He tells her he'll make no comment.

Mars residence: Keith asks her if she'll be home anytime soon, as it's three a.m.

Corey's Market: Veronica sees another stripper, a brunette, approaching. She tells Keith that she's out of Corn Nuts and disconnects. Veronica pull out the picture of Landry to show her, and the woman says that she did see him a few months prior, and that he gave her a cigarette.

Sheriff's department: Keith asks the stripper about her meeting with Landry, and questions why she'd remember a guy she met in a parking lot months before. She claims he resembled a guy she'd just broken up with, and that it freaked her out. Keith asks how she can be sure of the time, and the woman responds that she only came to the Sheriff's department because she'd heard he was in trouble, and that she didn't care if Keith believed her or not.

Sheriff's department, hallway: Landry meets Tim and Veronica and thanks them for their help. Tim informs Landry of Mindy's disappearance, and Veronica tells him that they think she was working with Batando. Tim offers to help further, but Landry turns him down, saying they've already done too much to help him. Landry leaves them, and Veronica tells Tim that she doubts Keith will leave things alone. Tim responds that they have to find the taped transmissions from the bug in Landry's phone, and that Batando probably has them. She says that Batando's keys are still in the evidence room, and that she can get them. She pretends to make a phone call and snatches the keys to the evidence room from a desk drawer.

Batando residence: Tim browses through Batando's computer, and in a loud whisper, tells Veronica that there's nothing on it. Veronica asks him why he's wearing gloves when a sleeve is much more efficient and less creepy. She wonders aloud where someone would hide illicit recordings and happens upon a large CD collection. Tim and Veronica sit on the floor, opening CD cases, until Tim points to the DVDs under the TV. Veronica asks for A Bug's Life, but Tim finds Taps right on top. The disk inside is marked 11/26-12/26. They open the disk on Batando's computer and choose an audio file from December 10th at 1:30 am. The conversation is between Mindy and Landry. Landry tells Mindy to come back to the hotel because O'Dell isn't in control of himself and because he has a gun. Mindy tells him that she won't let him take everything from her, and Landry tells her that he'll take care of it, but not how. Mindy says that she can't risk it. Veronica chooses another file from the day of the murder. The conversation is between Landry and Bob Reid of Pepperdine in regards to Tim's application. Landry tells Reid that Tim is loyal, hardworking and a good TA. Tim smiles, but then Landry adds that he's sort of a kiss-ass with no imagination. Landry says that Reid could do worse, but he's certain that Pepperdine could do better. Tim looks crushed, and he closes the file. Veronica attempts to console him, but Tim says it doesn't matter.

Sheriff's department: Keith shouts into the phone about wanting (and not getting) a warrant to tap someone's phone and get an ankle tracker. He hangs up and asks Sacks if he's talked to the airports. Sacks says he's heard from LAX, but still waiting on John Wayne. Veronica enters and does a Wayne impression before presenting Keith with the recording of the bug on Landry's phone. She tells him that she thinks Mindy is guilty and Landry is innocent, but Keith informs her that Landry is also missing. Veronica looks stunned.

Mindy's boat: Mindy is asleep below deck, but is awakened by a creak. She climbs the stairs to find Landry on the upper deck.

Hearst Library: Veronica reshelves books as she listens to the recordings from Landry's bug on her iPod. In VO, she says she's been listening to it for three hours, and that she now thinks Landry was Mindy's partner in crime. On the recording, Mindy complains of having to sneak around, and she wishes for someplace to take time away. Landry suggests a week at papa's cabin, and she says that it would be great. Veronica calls Tim.

Hearst, Tim's office: Veronica asks Tim if Landry's father or grandfather had a cabin.

Library: Veronica says that she's asking because they mention it on the tapes.

Tim's office: Tim claims to never have heard of a cabin, but says that they can look around to see if one exists. He tells her to meet him at Landry's house.

Library: Parker approaches Veronica, and Veronica busies herself with collecting her things from behind the desk. Parker brings up the fact that she and Logan had been hanging out, and Veronica tells Parker that she's on her way out, asking if they can catch up later. Parker agrees, and Veronica leaves. Parker sighs.

Hearst cafeteria: Logan shows up at Parker's table, boasting that he'd actually attended class. He remarks that Parker doesn't seem herself, and she explains that she's worried about messing up her friendship with Veronica. Logan claims that he understands, takes his books, and leaves.

Landry residence: Veronica sits on Landry's sofa, looking at a photo album. In VO, she says that photos show that even future murderers play with dinosaurs and have cuddly grandpas as she finds a picture of said grandpa. She calls out to Tim that she found something, and Tim enters carrying a photograph and a cell phone. His photo is of Landry and Mindy standing in front of a bar. He hands her the cell phone, saying he found it in the office trash. As Tim looks on, Veronica presses redial and pretends to be a DJ from K-RAC FM giving away a free iPod. Veronica tells the voice on the line to give her his address so that his prize can be delivered.

Sansone residence: Veronica and Tim stand at the door to Number 8 and Veronica knocks. JD answers the door and asks if they're from the radio. Veronica says that she's Miss Crockett and Tim is Mr. Tubbs, and that they're conducting an investigation. She asks JD how he knows Landry, and he asks if she means from the juvie board. Veronica asks him to explain further, and he tells her that he was caught stealing cough syrup from a drug store when they interrupted by a female voice shouting at him to do his homework. The woman asks who's at the door and pulls it open, revealing herself to be the brunette stripper. Veronica and Tim exchange a look.

Sheriff's department: Veronica walks with Keith, and Tim follows. Veronica asks if what happened with Landry and his alibi was blackmail, and Keith tells her that JD was one strike away from being taken away and put into foster care. Mrs. Sansone said that Landry called and threatened to take JD off probation if she didn't show up at the convenience store and provide an alibi for him. He says that Landry is still missing, and that they had no leads. He tries to have Veronica and Tim run along, but Tim shows Keith the photos they took from Landry's.

Keith's office: Veronica explains that on Landry's bugged phone, he mentioned papa's cabin to Mindy. She says they couldn't find any property records, but they found the pictures. Keith picks up the photo of Landry's grandfather, Papa, and Tim and Veronica start dissecting the photograph, picking out that the trees in the background are quaking aspen trees, and that the license plate on the car has navy blue letters on a white background. Tim rattles off states that feature that color motif on their plates, but Veronica cuts in, that since quaking aspens are native to Western mountains, the states would be in the Western US. Tim goes on with his list, and Keith picks up the other photo. Tim and Veronica continue to enumerate the number of places and particulars about license plates, when Keith interjects that Papa is Ernest Hemingway. He points out that on the wall of the bar where Landry and Mindy are standing, there's a framed picture of Hemingway. Veronica and Tim study the picture, and Keith does a quick PlanetZowie search, yielding that Papa's Cabin is a resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, one favored by Hemingway.

Papa's Cabin, Cabo San Lucas: A police vehicle pulls into the sandy resort, and Keith gets out. He's joined by a federale, who informs him that he got a positive ID from the manager, and that a guy didn't get a room, he just moored the boat. They look out onto the water, and Mindy's yacht is anchored offshore.

Mindy's boat: Keith and the federales take a small boat out to the yacht, Anna Grace, and Keith readies his weapon as he climbs on board. Keith looks around, and descends below decks to find a pretty empty bottle of brandy, but no Mindy. He calls out, gun drawn and ready. Landry opens the bedroom door, and says that he didn't kill Dean O'Dell. Keith keeps his weapon raised as he approaches Landry, informing Landry that his trip to Mexico doesn't make him readily believable. Landry insists that Mindy killed her husband, and that he was set up. He claims he tried to cover for her, and set Batando up by switching his keyboard for O'Dell's. Landry finishes his glass of brandy, complaining that he would have gotten away with it if it hadn't been for those meddling kids Keith taking over as Sheriff. Keith asks about Mindy, and Landry doesn't look at him, saying that there was an accident. He says that he just wanted to talk, but they fought, and he hit her. She fell overboard, and Landry said it was too dark for him to find her. Keith asks where she is, and Landry breaks down into tears.

Beach: A group of kids gather around Mindy's body, which has washed up on the shore.

Hearst, hallway: Logan catches up to Veronica, calling her by her last name. Veronica asks how they skipped over androgynous nicknames to last names, and Logan jokes that his choice of "Chuckles" didn't stick. They walk, not looking at one another, and he says that people are afraid of her. She asks him what's up and stops in the hallway. He asks Veronica if it'd be okay with her if he asked Parker out. Tim calls to Veronica from his office, and Veronica tells him that it's okay with her. They agree that they're friends. She wishes him luck, and goes into Tim's office.

Tim's office: Tim juggles a bunch of binders and folders as Veronica sits down. He sits and tells her that since Landry has been arrested, he'll be taking over his class. He says that since it's a big job, and since Veronica is a star pupil, he asks her to be his TA. Veronica looks surprised and accepts. He asks her to pick up his dry cleaning, and they share a laugh.

Classroom: Tim begins his first class as a professor, and Veronica hands out papers. He announces that he'll be the instructor to a general groan. A copy of the Neptune Register shows Landry's mug shot with the headline, "Professor arrested in murder of Hearst Dean, Wife: Affair alleged between Professor Landry and Dean's wife, possible motive." The student reading the paper raises his hand to ask why, as a criminology class, they aren't discussing their professor's involvement in an actual crime. Veronica looks over his shoulder at the paper. Tim says that it's a little awkward for him, but finally allows the discussion. He begins pacing the aisle, asking what is known about the crime. As Tim gets into the motive (textbook crime of passion: Mindy and Landry were having an affair, Dean O'Dell found out and threatened to ruin them both), the student interrupts to ask if Landry got the idea from the perfect murder papers they were assigned previously. Tim glances at Veronica, whose attention has been piqued. Tim says that the idea could have possibly come from one of the papers, and he moves on to opportunity (limited window: Landry knew the Dean was drunk, upset, and carrying a gun); it was easy to fake a suicide because of those circumstances. Another student asks if Mindy could have helped to set the Dean up for murder, possibly by giving him Xanax. Tim replies that it's possible, but it was the bloody clothes in the flue of the incinerator that set the mystery to unravel, not the drugs in the Dean's system. He goes on to say that once a perpetrator begins to improvise, he becomes sloppy. Once Landry's shirt was found, he tried to frame Batando and had to fake an alibi. One student asks how he faked an alibi, and Tim tells her that he called the mother of a son who he oversaw on the juvenile probation board and blackmailed her into providing an alibi. He suggests that Landry would have gotten away with it, had the cell phone never been found. Tim tries to go back to his lesson, and Veronica raises her hand. She asks when Landry would have had time to place a phone call to his alibi if he went straight from the classroom to the Sheriff's department. Tim explains it away by saying that if Landry had colluded with Mindy, she would have made the call. Veronica points out that a male voice was on the phone, and Tim parries that by saying Landry could have made the call earlier. Tim is adamant that Landry would have known that his crime was close to being exposed because Mindy was under investigation and had sent her children to relatives in England, so he wanted to be sure to have an alibi in case he was arrested. Veronica picks up her cell phone and finds a bug. She raises her hand again, disrupting Tim's lecture. She asks him how he knew Mindy had sent her kids to England, and Tim is unsure. Veronica asserts that whoever bugged Landry's phone would have known that the Dean was drunk and upset the night of his murder, and Tim goes back to Batando, saying he might still have done it because he'd bugged the phone. Veronica then mentions that whoever had bugged the phone would have known that Landry shot down Tim's chance for a job at Pepperdine. Veronica stands up and accuses Tim of listening to all of the tapes. Tim fidgets as Veronica approaches him. She says that there would have been no way for him to have overhead her father tell her that Mindy sent her children to England unless he bugged Veronica's phone. Veronica accuses Tim of murdering Dean O'Dell to frame Landry because he ruined his chances for a job.

Mars residence: On television, a channel 9 exclusive shows Tim arrested and the anchor says that he confessed to killing Dean O'Dell. Veronica lays out plates and fusses in the kitchen. In VO, she says that while there is justice, and Tim is in jail, the fact remains that the Dean is still dead. Keith enters, and confirms that there is indeed a new sheriff in town, at least until the special election. Keith tells her that Landry will be tried for manslaughter since he confessed to killing Mindy. Veronica's only confession is that Keith embarrasses her, and they sit down to eat. As the anchorwoman announces that a San Diego businessman was found dead in his Laguna Beach house, Keith asks Veronica to turn it off. He says that all the crime and violence will warp her mind. She does so begrudgingly, and they eat in silence for a moment. Keith watches her, and picks up the remote to turn the news back on. She smiles at him and watches over his shoulder.

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