3.14 "Mars, Bars"

Aired Feb 20, 2007


Sheriff's Department interrogation room: Lamb asks Veronica about Josh's whereabouts. Veronica accuses Lamb of losing him in the first place. The sheriff explains that Josh escaped because he had an allergic reaction to the peanuts in the cookies Veronica gave him. Lamb claims she knew he was allergic and served as his accomplice. After the paramedic administered an epinephrine shot, Josh overpowered him and escaped out of the ambulance. Sacks, the deputy in charge of transporting Josh to the hospital, was in the front of the ambulance and could not stop him. Lamb asks again where Josh is. Veronica asks for her phone call.

Barry residence: The Barrys' autistic son, Bobby, plays the piano in the background as Keith and Kathleen Barry discuss Josh's escape. Keith tells Mrs. Barry that it's in Josh's best interest that he turn himself in to Keith, rather than to the sheriff. Keith gets a phone call and takes it into the kitchen. There, he sees an envelope bearing Vincent Van Lowe's letterhead. The operator connects Keith to Veronica, and he finds out that she's in jail.

Sheriff's Department, holding cell: Keith arrives, and Veronica is doing push-ups in he cell. She also has a temporary tattoo on her left upper arm. Keith asks Veronica if she helped Josh escape, and she tells him that she didn't do it intentionally. Cliff shows up and reveals that the witness to Josh's escape-by-cookie ate the evidence and was intoxicated at the time, so his account won't lead to a conviction. However, the bad news is that Lamb intends to keep Veronica in jail for as long as possible. Keith asks Veronica if she needs anything, and she jokes about wanting a couple of cartons of cigarettes. When Keith asks about Josh's whereabouts, Veronica guesses that Josh is in Mexico. She isn't sure whether he's guilty or not, but she does think he panicked. Cliff tells them that he thinks Josh is innocent before he leaves. Keith leaves for an appointment with Dean O'Dell's former assistant.

Sheriff's Department: Keith runs into Vinnie, who is escorting a man who committed fraud to the Sheriff's Department. Keith asks Vinnie if he was working for Kathleen Barry on the case of her husband's murder. Vinnie tells him that he was working to find out if Barry was cheating on his wife. Keith asks him if he could get a copy of the photograph he got of Barry and another woman. Vinnie pretends that he follows some sort of ethical code about client privacy before laughing and agreeing to give Keith the pictures.

Dean O'Dell's former office: Keith meets with Dean O'Dell's former assistant, Cora, on the grounds that he's doing a follow-up on an insurance matter. Cora tells Keith that Mel Stoltz showed up without an appointment on the day the Dean died, and she thinks Stoltz agitated her boss. She also tells Keith that Dean O'Dell ran out of Xanax and that she phoned in a refill of his prescription. Keith asks if the Dean picked it up himself, but Cora tells him that he couldn't make it out to get the prescription since he was at his office all day, and the pharmacy closed at seven.

Mars Investigations: Keith phones the pharmacy where Dean O'Dell's prescription for Xanax was and asks who picked up the pills. As he hangs up, Hank Landry enters his office. He shows Keith a bug that was on his mobile phone and asks him if he put it there. Keith tells him that he didn't, and Hank asks if it was Veronica. Keith tells Hank that he's sure Veronica had nothing to do with the bug. Hank tells Keith that Veronica asked him about Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and he also informs him that she has promise and doesn't need to be slumming it in a PI office. Hank then gives a detailed account of his activities the night O'Dell was murdered: he checked in at 7:30, watched the Clipper game until 8:15 when Mindy arrived, then they conducted the business of affair, ordered a pay-per-view movie, and slept. He tells Keith to leave the case alone.

Sheriff's Department: Keith tells Sacks that he needs to see Lamb. Sacks claims that Lamb looks busy, but Keith says he has to see that to believe it.

Sheriff's office: Keith tells Lamb that O'Dell's death was a murder, not a suicide. Keith shares his information about the Xanax with Lamb and tells him that the prescription was picked up by Mindy. Lamb tells Sacks to find out if Hearst stored anything of the Dean's that can be checked for fingerprints and to bring Mindy in for questioning.

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Holding cell: Keith asks Veronica if she bugged Landry's phone. She denies it, and despite the fact that Veronica is telling him that she's innocent from a jail cell, Keith buys it. Keith tells Veronica that not only did Landry suspect Veronica, he also lambasted Keith for being a poor role model. He also mentions that Veronica should have asked about the Clippers game, rather than about the movie.

Sheriff's department, hallway: Logan and Keith pass each other in the hallway, and Keith gives him directions to Veronica's cell.

Holding cell: Veronica tells Logan that she's in jail to avoid Valentine's Day, and that she's glad to see him. Logan claims that they're both adults who can be civil, and he asks her if she needs anything. She asks him to retrieve her wireless card from the deputy and take it to Mac. She thanks him, and tells him that her cold heart is almost warmed. Logan snaps a picture of her behind bars and tells her that his heart is definitely warmed.

Interrogation room: Lamb asks Mindy about Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and she claims that Landry must have ordered it after she went to sleep. He speculates that it was late to order a movie, and that Landry should have been tired after their activities. Mindy confided that some men have stamina. The sheriff asks if Mindy left the room, and she tells him that she didn't. He then informs her that lying to him is a crime, to which she replies that if she were lying, she would not be committing perjury, since she's not under oath. He asks her about the Xanax, and Mindy admits that she signed for the prescription the night the Dean was killed but says that she didn't see him at all that night. She also says that she had taken some, since her husband's death caused her anxiety.

Hearst College, storage room: Weevil leads Sacks down a corridor in a storage room to where Dean O'Dell's computer has been kept and leaves him alone with the cart.

Hearst College, Mac and Parker's room: Logan shows up to talk to Mac, and Parker answers the door. She invites him in, and he hands Veronica's wireless card to Mac. Bronson informs the room that someone can't do something because he's out of town, and Parker is obviously disappointed. She turns to Logan as he turns to leave and asks to borrow him. He reluctantly accepts.

Sheriff's Department holding cell: Wallace tells Veronica that Mason hasn't showed up to practice, and he says he doesn't know if Mason is lying. Cliff and Lamb enter looking rather friendly, and Cliff asks if Veronica would like to be released from jail. Lamb unlocks the cell, and as Wallace turns to follow Veronica out of the room, Lamb stops Wallace to ask if he knows him from somewhere. Wallace tells him that yes, he does, and that the Wizard told him that Lamb was the only Sheriff in America who was a true friend to Dorothy. Lamb looks perplexed and Veronica looks surprised.

Street outside of the Mars apartment building: Cliff drops Veronica off outside of her apartment complex. Josh Barry, hidden beneath a hooded sweatshirt, grabs Veronica and tells her to walk with him.

Parking lot: Josh opens the trunk of a car to reveal a bound and gagged Mason. He insists that Mason killed his father, and pulls out a gun. Veronica asks for the gun, and Josh hands it over. She tells him that the pistol he has is a .22, but his dad was shot with a .45. Josh grabs Mason, asking him why Mason would lie about him. Veronica convinces Josh to back off and tels him to turn himself in to avoid looking guilty. Josh says that he needs money to escape with, but that he can't access the ten-thousand-dollar coin collection his grandfather left him in a safe deposit box until he turns 21 unless he has a parent's signature. Josh asks Veronica to make him a fake ID, and she tells him to get a disposable cell phone and call her in 24 hours. Veronica helps Mason out of the trunk, and she asks if he's okay. Mason tells her that of course he isn't, but he thanks her for believing him. Mason insists that while he lied about the gun, he wouldn't lie about what he saw. Veronica informs him that Josh thinks otherwise, and Mason leaves.

Hearst cafeteria: Large arrows with pink feathered ends are passed out to teams assembled in the cafeteria. Logan informs his team that he's bad at math, and Mac tells him that she'll handle the math; he just has to drive. A coordinator for the scavenger hunt informs the group that the arrow will lead them to a clue. Once they solve the clue, each team must take a cell phone picture of themselves performing the task, which must be e-mailed to the coordinator in order to receive the next clue. The prize for finishing first is backstage passes to all of the parties the following day. Logan opens the clue and sees that it's a mix of numbers and letters. He passes it off to Mac and leads them toward his car.

Mars apartment: Keith asks Veronica why there is a pistol in the freezer. Veronica responds in clich├ęs until Keith tells her to stop. She then informs him that it was Mason's pistol, a .22, and therefore not the gun that killed Coach Barry. Veronica wonders out loud why Josh would bother going after Mason if he was guilty. Keith shows Veronica the picture of Barry with another woman. She asks if Keith thinks Mrs. Barry hired someone to kill her husband, and he then reveals that the woman in the photograph is married to a Naval Captain, whose weapon of choice is a Colt .45. Keith surmises that the angry husband found out about the affair and shot Barry. He tells Veronica that he's going to meet with the woman the next day, then asks about Josh. Veronica tells him that she told him to turn himself in and called the Sheriff's Department. She adds sheepishly that she told him she'd help him get the money required to leave the country. Veronica says she didn't mean it, and that she wanted to set a trap.

Hearst library: Mac leads the team down a staircase in the library, claiming that the clue was a Library of Congress number. Logan tells the group that he misses Melvil Dewey, the single thing (other than cloud typology) that he remembered from fourth grade. Bronson locates the book: Indian Sutras. Mac re-reads the clue and locates page 127, Kama Sutra plate eleven, Congress of the Cow. Mac volunteers Logan and Parker to go first, and Logan displays his intimate knowledge of the Kama Sutra by correctly naming a different pose before referring back to the book. He and Parker strike the correct pose, and Mac takes a picture.

Hearst radio: The scavenger hunt coordinator sees the e-mailed pictures of the first round of shenanigans and laughs heartily.

Mars apartment: Veronica settles into her armchair and turns on the television. A basketball game is in progress, and the announcer says that any regularly scheduled programming would be pushed back an hour because of the game. Veronica, stricken with a thought, sits up.

Good Neighbor Pharmacy: Logan pushes a box of Super Titan Love Gloves across the counter at a pharmacy. The cashier looks doubtful as she rings up his purchase and questions his selection. Logan says his need for large condoms is a curse, picks up the box from the counter, and then poses for a picture. Mac purchases the same brand, impatiently telling the cashier just to hand them to her, and then poses for a picture.

Hearst radio: The scavenger hunt coordinator views the second batch of e-mailed photos, which includes pictures of all four team members purchasing deluxe condoms, along with the balloon animals made from them.

Veronica's bedroom: Keith tells Veronica that she's missing the show about women who have sex in an urban setting. She tells him that it's been pushed back by an hour, and that on the night the Dean was murdered, Landry was watching a Clippers game. Therefore, Anthony Martin, the earwitness, was watching Space Ghost at 3:30 a.m., not 2:30, and O'Dell was shot an hour later than Keith and Veronica had previously thought.

Beach: The foursome arrive on the beach to claim their final clue the following morning. They're instructed to go to the top of a lifeguard tower, and they run — nay, scamper — to their destination. Once there, they search around to no avail, until Logan spots their clue, a pink balloon, floating out in the ocean. Bronson says he can't swim, so Parker unbuttons her jacket with the intention of going into the water. Logan tries to dissuade her because he knows the water is cold, but she calls him out, and they run toward the ocean, shedding clothes as they go. Bronson and Mac share a small moment while the other two swim. They walk back to Logan's SUV, Logan and Parker dripping wet and cold, but with the prize in hand. Logan gives Parker his sweater.

Sheriff's Department: Veronica and Keith tell Lamb that O'Dell died an hour later than they previously thought. Lamb tries to brush them off when Sacks interrupts with the forensics from O'Dell's computer. There are prints on the keyboard that belong to Steve Batando.

Sheriff's Department, hallway: Keith and Veronica walk away, discussing the latest news about Batando. Keith is doubtful that Batando would have typed "Goodbye, cruel world" after he killed the dean. Veronica brings up that Jeff Ratner overheard two men arguing in Landry's hotel room, and she surmises that the other voice could have belonged to Batando.

Hearst cafeteria: Mac, Parker, Logan, and Bronson burst through the cafeteria doors with the balloon, and race for the scavenger hunt table. They came in third, winning dinner at the Neptune Grand restaurant. They're disappointed, but still laughing. Bronson and Mac leave Logan and Parker. Logan says that he had a good time, and Parker agrees. She gives his sweater back and leaves. Logan also exits. Mac asks Bronson if something is wrong. He says that he has a class at eleven o'clock, and that he won't have time before his next class for a nap. Mac suggests he go with her to her room to crash. Bronson agrees.

Mac's room: Bronson and Mac are tangled together beneath her sheets, grinning and giggling. They both appear to be nude.

Sheriff's Department, interrogation room: Lamb throws Batando down into chair. The sheriff asks him why his fingerprints were on O'Dell's computer keyboard. Batando guesses that Lamb thinks he killed O'Dell. Lamb doesn't respond except to tell him about the suicide note. Batando says that Mindy is setting him up, and he asks for a lawyer.

Holding cell: Cliff shows up to meet his latest client, Batando.

Interrogation room: Cliff reminds Lamb that since Batando was taken into custody inside of neighboring Santa Rita County, anything he tells the sheriff will be inadmissible in court.

Outside the Andriotti residence: Keith observes Captain and Mrs. Andriotti in their yard from his car around the corner. Once the Captain pulls away, Keith calls out to her, and they meet on the lawn. Keith tells her that he is investigating the death of Tom Barry and shows her Vinnie's photographs, implying that she and Barry were having an affair. She informs Keith that she is a neurologist, and that Barry was her patient. Coach Barry was diagnosed with Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, a terminal illness that causes a painful, prolonged end-of-life.

Mars apartment: Veronica comes home and is pleased to find Keith still among the living. Keith tells her that Mrs. Barry took out additional life insurance policy on her husband with a double-indemnity clause for accidents after she'd seen the pictures of him and Dr. Andriotti. Veronica asks if Mrs. Barry might have hired someone to kill the Coach. Keith tells her that since the Barrys had taken out a second mortgage on their home to cover their son's medical expenses, he doubted they'd have enough spare money to pay a hit man. He also shares the information about the Coach's terminal illness.

Barry residence: Keith knocks on the door, and Mrs. Barry answers.

Veronica's bedroom: Veronica is at her laptop, working on a fake ID for Josh when she receives a call from his untraceable cell.

Outside the Neptune Bank & Trust: Veronica pulls up in front of the bank with Josh in the passenger seat. She gives him the fake ID and wishes him luck. Josh gets out of the car and walks to the bank. In voice over, Veronica wonders whether or not Josh's grandfather's coins will still be there and what it will mean if they aren't. If the coins are gone, she surmises that Mrs. Barry hired a hit man to kill her husband.

Barry residence, patio: Mrs. Barry tells Keith that she thinks he believes she had Josh kill her husband for the insurance money. When Keith tells her that she's not exactly right, she tells him that she has something to show him and goes into the house.

Bank: Josh tells the bank teller, Angela, that he'd like to see his safe deposit box. She checks his ID.

Barry residence: Mrs. Barry opens a closet door and feels around inside a doll house until her hand lands on a gun. She pulls it out and checks the chamber for a bullet. She appears to cock the pistol.

Bank: The bank teller leads Josh into a private viewing room and closes the door behind her. He opens the box.

Barry residence: Mrs. Barry returns to the patio to find Keith gone. She goes back into the house to look for him, holding the pistol in her sweater pocket. She pulls it out as she walks down a hall, and Keith overpowers her and takes the gun, identifying it as a Colt .45.

Bank: Josh opens a smaller box to reveal the coins, and when he makes to replace the lid, he finds a disk with his name on it.

Barry residence: Mrs. Barry insists that she wasn't planning on shooting Keith. She said that she hid the gun when the police arrived because she didn't want to further incriminate Josh. When she found out that a gun could be tested to tell whether or not it was used as a weapon, she wanted Keith to have it to prove Josh's innocence. She tells Keith that the Colt was her husband's gun from his time in the Army, where he coached.

Outside the bank: Josh gets back into Veronica's car carrying the coin collection, and he shows her the disk. He says that his name is printed in his father's handwriting, but that he doesn't know what the disk contains.

Sheriff's Department: Keith delivers the gun to Sacks, telling him that Mrs. Barry wanted it tested for powder residue. Lamb rushes in and orders Sacks to come with him because there has been a break in at 112 Del Mar Circle, the O'Dell home. Keith assumes that Batando is the culprit and offers to accompany them because he's dealt with him before. The sheriff declines Keith's help.

O'Dell residence: Lamb and Sacks walk around to the back of the house. The window in the back door is broken, and Lamb tells Sacks to make sure Batando doesn't get out. The sheriff walks into the garage, gun raised. Once inside the house, he hears Batando shout. Lamb follows the sound upstairs.

O'Dell residence, outside: Keith pulls into the driveway.

O'Dell residence: Lamb walks upstairs, gun still raised. He opens a set of double doors and shoots his reflection in a large mirror.

O'Dell residence, outside: At the sound of the gunshot and breaking glass, Keith ducks and Sacks looks up.

O'Dell residence: When Lamb realizes that he's shot his reflection, he lowers his gun. He catches sight of a shadow on the wall, and when he turns, Batando clubs him with an aluminum baseball bat. Batando stands up, and Sacks shoos him. Sacks moves to the sheriff's side and tries to rouse him. Lamb says that he smells bread, and Sacks is shocked. Keith rushes upstairs, calling to Sacks, who turns with his gun. Keith ducks, and when he reaches Sacks and Lamb, he tells the deputy to call for an ambulance. Keith feels for a pulse.

Overlooking the beach: Veronica and Josh watch the DVD. Coach Barry is addressing Josh, who he assumes is twenty-one. He also figures that the statute of limitations has run out on the insurance claim. He confesses that he committed assisted suicide, and he explains that he did not want to suffer for his remaining months, and that he did not want to leave his family poor. He tells Josh that he was hard on him to prepare him to be head of the household, and he was sure Josh would be up to the job. When Veronica points out that there's another person in the room that looks like Josh, he tells her that it's Coach Yeager. Yeager was the assistant coach and Barry's friend from the Army. Veronica says that Yeager must have been the person Mason saw on the P.C.H.

Mars Investigations: Veronica enters the office and tells Keith that the radio report said that Lamb was in intensive care. Keith informs Veronica that his friend in customs found footage of Josh crossing the border into Mexico with a fake ID. He asks Veronica if she made it then tells her not to leave the laminator plugged in the next time. Veronica tells Keith that he knows that Josh isn't guilty, and he tells her that only guilty people flee the country. Veronica gives him the DVD, and the phone rings.

Hearst College, boiler room: Weevil and his boss check the furnace because people are complaining that the heat doesn't work and that the furnace smells. The boss complains that the furnace is so old, it ought to be on a historical register. Something is broken, and the boss tells Weevil that he might as well clean the flue while they're working. Weevil pushes a chimney brush up into the flue and knocks a paper bag free. He pulls out a blood spattered shirt and a pair of gloves.

Mars Investigations: As Keith finishes the video, Veronica tells him that the country commissioner is on the phone. Keith asks if Josh is planning on staying out of the country until the money is safely in Mrs. Barry's possession. Veronica tells him that he will, and that he'll probably try to get in touch with his mother. Keith answers the phone, and when he finishes the call, he tells Veronica that Sheriff Lamb is dead. Veronica looks sad.

Hearst cafeteria: Veronica and Wallace are discussing the Barry case, and she lets him believe that Josh was guilty. She sees Logan and Parker talking and laughing at a table together.

Interrogation room: Sacks shows Mindy into the room. Keith appears in the doorway, dressed as sheriff. When Mindy addresses him by his first name, he corrects her with his new title, "Sheriff Mars." He hands her a folder with a picture of a bloody blue shirt with the initials "HRL" stitched on the breast pocket, which are Hank Landry's initials. He tells her she has to tell him who is covering up for whom.

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