3.12 "There's Got To Be A Morning After Pill"

Aired Feb 06, 2007


misskiwi: Sorry, got caught up in the lab. You ready for some spec? Honestly, it's early enough in the mystery that I don't really have any speculation of my own. I'm mostly here to poke holes in yours. *runs off to read last week's spec* I mostly agree with wyk.
Inigo: :-P
misskiwi: She's right: setting up Landry makes no sense in light of the fact that the murderer set it up to look like a suicide and, for six weeks, got away with it.
Inigo: Other than the fact that it gets the police out of the way.
misskiwi: It's also why I discount Mindy as a suspect. If it was her, she got away with murder. Money or not, there's no way she then sees to it that the suicide is uncovered as a murder if she's the culprit.
Inigo: I agree about Mindy. I can't find a motive for her at all. Even on the basis that she has a young lover whom she now needs to dispose of by getting Keith to reveal him as the culprit needs a motive for her wanting O'Dell dead.
misskiwi: If the motive of the murderer was to set someone else up for the murder, they would not have faked a suicide. Period.
Inigo: Hey, I resent that period.
misskiwi: I wonder about Chip, since we heard so long ago that he boffed Mindy.
Inigo: Chip was the prime candidate for the young lover role. Also, just to keep my Tim theory alive, there was some interesting browsing Tim was doing. In addition to the pregnancy stuff, he was browsing bank accounts, investments and airline schedules.
misskiwi: ...And?
Inigo: I can't connect the dots. I was thinking that the one reason Tim might have to hate Landry is the book - that Tim might be the silent co-author of it. But I can't see how framing Landry gets him the money Landry's earned off of it. His researching money and flights may be nothing more than looking to take his pregnant wife-to-be on holiday, but it could be something else - like an exit strategy if he can't control the Marses as well as he thinks he can. He is a planner.
misskiwi: And he wouldn't have framed Landry using a suicide, anyways. ;)
Inigo: I'm ignoring you on that because I'm not persuaded that there are no circumstances when it isn't in a murderer's mind or ability to manipulate things and that there was a reason to put in a delay. I'm also ignoring, for the moment, the fact that Bonnie's given Tim an alibi for that night since we don't know when or how long for.
misskiwi: It could have been as simple as the prop guys filling in his browser history, of course.
Inigo: Yes, it could have been the prop guys.
misskiwi: Mark my words, it was a murder disguised as a suicide, and not a setup.
Inigo: Mind you, I called Moe in 301 based on "What the frak" on Parker's door. Not wholly right, but not wholly wrong either.
misskiwi: Many of us called Moe based on non-random/crazy observations. ;)
Inigo: Okay, well, let's explore it then. First question, what's the motive in murdering O'Dell for himself?
misskiwi: Getting rid of Mindy's husband, revenge for any number of reasons, replacing him in the college hierarchy for some reason...
Inigo: Who would have a motive in getting rid of Mindy's husband? As far as I can tell, as she's certainly been left worse off financially, it would have to be for LURVE. I can't see that in anyone we've come across yet. Is there any other reason "Mindy's husband must die"?
misskiwi: Not that I can think of, no. I don't expect to be able to guess a motive this early, since the motive and the culprit are likely inextricably linked.
Inigo: I think you can guess on human nature. I just can't see Chip as someone who wants to "be with" Mindy, even if she would have him. Landry, who has been presented as someone with a string of lovers, hardly seems the type either. If there's no other reason to kill O'Dell for Mindy's sake, then we can strike that off as a possible motive. Steve Batando was offered up this week as a possible, but I can't see it. He's worse off with the dean dead too.
misskiwi: Agreed.
Inigo: Although I did think there was something phony in 305 about him and Mindy. I still do. But I can't see any reason to kill O'Dell.
misskiwi: The only way I could see Mindy involved as a motive was as revenge. Like if having O'Dell dead was not the goal, but revenge for something he had done, or had caused Mindy to do. Like if she dumped someone for him (which she obviously wouldn't have, since she had no qualms about sleeping around) and they murdered O'Dell for revenge.
Inigo: And the timing seems all wrong for that. Mindy and O'Dell have been married seven years. Why do it now? Or if it's a lover, we're back to doing it for love of Mindy and there are no reasonable candidates.
misskiwi: That we know of. I'm just saying, there are gaping holes in the information we have but I think it's plausible if those holes were filled in properly.
Inigo: Except I think we had to have met the murderer by now. There's only three more episodes. Okay, one off the wall thought. Maybe Lamb chucked Madison for Mindy. Maybe Madison was feeling blue at Christmas, too, which is why she hooked up with Logan.
misskiwi: Then I would have expected Mindy to call Lamb when she had an intruder.
Inigo: Good point. Unless she doesn't know. Or unless she didn't know, but knows now and doesn't feel the same way about Lamb — seeing him more as a dangerous stalker.
misskiwi: Lamb's hardly a dangerous stalker. I don't buy it.
Inigo: She might see him as a dangerous stalker if he told her he killed her husband for her.
misskiwi: Which I don't buy Lamb doing, either. Switching topics: what do you make of the pilfering of Veronica's paper?
Inigo: I think Veronica's paper was the means to ensure the Mars investigated the staged suicide, which you don't buy.
misskiwi: True.
Inigo: I don't see any other reason for it.
misskiwi: The other option is that someone read it and merely thought Veronica was onto something. "Hey, that *would* be the perfect murder..."
Inigo: Perhaps. Coincidence. Which does not make me a happy bunny,
misskiwi: Because, really, the Marses weren't guaranteed to investigate. Which is why I have trouble buying that explanation.
Inigo: They weren't. The killer wouldn't have known about the whiskey or, if they did, that O'Dell told Keith.
misskiwi: The killer could not have predicted the events that led to Keith investigating. And he would have dropped the investigation had the Dean not told him about the awesome scotch. So you can't say that the paper was used so the Marses would investigate.
Inigo: Yes, it's why I can say it. They had to have a way to get them interested. Veronica's paper was it.
misskiwi: But that didn't work. And there was no effort to make it relevant. At all. Veronica finding out her paper was used was also a coincidence.
Inigo: It didn't work earlier than that point. Had Mindy not instigated the investigation (which still keeps her on the suspect list) then the fact that the suicide note mirrored Veronica's paper would have been leaked to them in some other way.
misskiwi: Well, obviously there's no way for me to disprove your theory of what would have/could have happened. I still maintain that the killer's plan was to have the death ruled a suicide and not investigated. Occam's razor, it's the plan that makes the most sense.
Inigo: I know. It's all spec. But the reason I like it is that so much fits — character wise and mystery wise. And I haven't got anything else. We were thrown Gram O'Dell too, which we already anticipated last week with the reference to the Volvo. But being sent to a teenage whatever camp is a slim motive for murder. And how would he have known about Veronica's paper?
misskiwi: Well, they're posted online, but I agree: the most likely candidates for having seen the paper are Landry, Tim, and Veronica's classmates.
Inigo: Unless Veronica's paper is coincidence to which....blah. We still don't know what Weevil found flushed down the toilet in the faculty lounge.
misskiwi: I think that was just a random conversation opener so Weevil could comment on Wendy. Or maybe it was the spy pen.
Inigo: No way, Jose. It's going to be significant. *prays "Please make it significant!"*
misskiwi: What are you, like oh for six on picking out random things that ended up being just that?
Inigo: Something like that, I expect, but a girl can dream. And actually no. I picked Beaver as the mastermind after 203 on similar thought processes, so don't give me a hard time!
misskiwi: That's what's creepy: your predictions are right, but based on things that ended up being nothing. Like the "What the Frak".
Inigo: It wasn't nothing. Moe wrote it on his way out. I'm sticking to that and you can't prove me wrong. :-P
misskiwi: You're so full of crap. ;)
Inigo: Crap-tastic though. So, motive...killing O'Dell for something he did or was going to do, that's the next one. Any thoughts?
misskiwi: Something related to the college...money related, cutting a department or funding, I don't know. Maybe he was about to axe a research project or something, and now he won't. Because he's DEAD.
Inigo: McGregor killed the dean so he could have more monkeys to torture!
misskiwi: Maybe 25 killed the dean as an animal rights protest. Genetically engineered...to KILL.
Inigo: See, the money thing is interesting. O'Dell has a great deal less of it than I would have expected. Or maybe it's my phantom sports cartel. There's something hinky about the sports scholarships.
misskiwi: Like there was something hinky about "Special Teams"?
Inigo: You love throwing my faux-pas in my face, don't you? Bitch.
misskiwi: :D
Inigo: But the money, that house was awfully modest.
misskiwi: The Porsche was not so much on the "modest" side.
Inigo: True, but Mindy does genuinely seems to be broke, so where are the dean's assets?
misskiwi: Well, since Mindy apparently has no job, maybe it's just an issue of there not being any more paychecks coming in.
misskiwi: The Dean could have had a large salary but meagre savings.
Inigo: He earns, he spends.
misskiwi: Exactly.
Inigo: Or gambles.
misskiwi: Yeah, that too. And with the life insurance frozen, now she's screwed. So I don't see it as a clue, just the way they worked financially.
Inigo: And anyone to whom he owed money is also out of pocket and thus motiveless to murder him.
misskiwi: I don't know how many people have enough savings to support their style of living for six weeks with zero incoming cash. Especially when they're paying alimony and for at least one car, potentially also the minivan and the house. And the amount of food a teenage boy consumes.
Inigo: But wouldn't you expect the dean of a university to be earning a hell of a lot?
misskiwi: No. I don't know...not so much that he couldn't spend most of what he earned. Particularly with a wife and two kids to support. And a gambling habit. And a greasy ex-husband you pay off. And a son who just had major surgery. The Porsche, they were still paying for, which would also drain savings.
Inigo: Yes, I get that. It's probably nothing, but what it still all leads to in my mind is no clear motive to kill O'Dell. I wondered if he was about to reverse the Greek decision, upsetting Mel, but it's too remote from what we've had.
misskiwi: But something along those lines could have been motive.
Inigo: Meh. Nothing that develops organically. The other interesting clue this week is that Tim is investigating the dean's "suicide." On the one hand, he has already looked at the police report (according to his browser history) and would immediately have noted the suicide note as a mirror of Veronica's.
misskiwi: Definitely.
Inigo: Damn it. I'm still hooked on Tim.
misskiwi: I'm inclined to buy that from a meta standpoint, that Rob likes him so would give him a meaty role. ;)
Inigo: I'm hooked because so many roads lead to him.
misskiwi: I was going to say he killed O'Dell to show off to Landry that he could do it, but stealing another student's paper to pull it off makes that a stupid idea.
Inigo: And I hate getting hooked on a theory because it blinds me to other possibilities.
misskiwi: So, was there anything else or are we pretty much done?
Inigo: Anthony Martin.
misskiwi: What about him?
Inigo: As an example of me being blind, I don't think Tim just heard gossip about Anthony hearing the shot.
misskiwi: Happened to hear about it through the grapevine?
Inigo: That's what we've been left with.
misskiwi: I'm inclined to agree, though I won't be shocked if it doesn't come up again.
Inigo: So, how did Tim know? One way he might know is because he saw Anthony when he was killing the dean.
misskiwi: But then why track him down? Oh, right, because it's a set up.
Inigo: To make sure that Anthony didn't see anything that could put him in the frame? I don't know.
misskiwi: I suppose. It's not totally out of the question that Tim could have heard about Anthony, particularly if Anthony was not hesitant to spread the word that he'd heard the Dean kill himself.
Inigo: But then wouldn't Veronica have heard it too?
misskiwi: Depends on who she talks to.
Inigo: Yes, but unless there's some pre-existing relationship between Tim and Anthony, or some set of which they are common members, I can't see how it would just happen to spread to Tim but not Veronica.
misskiwi: Coincidence?
Inigo: I hate coincidence.
misskiwi: Maybe Tim is secretly gay and left his number on random doors telling them to call him for a good time. What? It could happen.
Inigo: Coincidence in a mystery is so Agatha Christie. He was at the Pi Sig party. Tim was at the Pi Sig party. I don't know, maybe... Oh, I don't know. I need ideas to feed off, woman!
misskiwi: I'm not the one who pulls out random crazy theories. Maybe you need to develop multiple personality disorder and argue with yourself. And you mocked my Tim-is-gay idea, so... ;)
Inigo: Tim's not gay. Gay people are nice and decent, and Tim is an arrogant little shite.
misskiwi: I'm short on theories. There's just so much we don't know.
Inigo: I've probably got better ideas about Anna Nicole than this.

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