3.12 "There's Got To Be A Morning After Pill"

Aired Feb 06, 2007


Logan's hotel room: Veronica, cuddled by Logan, wakes up. She glances back at him and smiles, before quietly sliding out of bed. He stirs and smiles also, watching her get dressed. He tells her that he doesn't want her to go. She looks at him adoringly and says she wishes she didn't have to.

Veronica puts on a sweater and strolls outside onto the balcony. It is completely covered in snow and instead of the usual Neptune vista, she sees the mountains of Aspen. Veronica pulls the sweater tighter around herself against the icy wind and stands there taking in the view with wonder. A girlie giggle from inside the suite catches her attention and she ventures back inside. Madison is naked and straddling Logan, they kiss and Madison looks over her shoulder at Veronica, wicked and triumphant. Veronica stares back in shock.

Mars' apartment: Veronica is awaken from her nightmare by the sound of her ringing cell phone. She answers it sleepily. It's Logan, who greets her teasingly and mentions their date that evening. Veronica's mind flashes back to Madison on top of Logan, and she says she's late for work. Logan gives her a cute send-off, telling her not to go changing.

They hang up, and Veronica's voice over notes that she's already changed: from a girl who sleeps to one who doesn't, since closing her eyes means seeing Madison with Logan.

Library: Veronica, her mind troubled and elsewhere, sorts through some pens on the counter. Veronica is abruptly brought out of her thoughts by Bonnie's greeting as she approaches the counter. Bonnie tells Veronica that her boyfriend, Tim Foyle, has talked about Veronica a lot and then asks if they can talk. Veronica assents, and Bonnie, after a pause, says that she got pregnant and someone slipped her RU-486, a drug that causes miscarriages, and she wants Veronica to find out who did it.

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Library: Veronica asks Bonnie if she's sure the miscarriage was intentional. Bonnie says she didn't think so at first, but then her doctor saw some signs that she might be having allergic reactions to RU-486, so he did some tests and confirmed it. Veronica asks who the father was, and Bonnie says it was either Tim or Dick and they both knew about it. Bonnie says that Dick had told her he would pay for the procedure, after she got a paternity test. On the other hand, Tim was completely supportive when he found out — by way of seeing the "grandpa and grandma" balloon bouquet her parents sent her — and offered to marry her. Veronica expresses her surprise at the supportive reaction from Bonnie's parents. Bonnie tells Veronica that her parents are religious and Tim wanted to keep the baby, so she wanted to keep the baby, too. Veronica kindly says that she'll see what she can find out, but Bonnie ask Veronica not to let Tim know that she doesn't trust him.

Logan's hotel room: Veronica walks into the bedroom, wearing casual clothes. Logan, dressed up, with a tie even, is sitting on the bed buttoning up his shirt-cuffs, and he cheekily notes her under-dressed appearance. Veronica swallows hard before asking him in an even tone if he had sex with Madison over the winter break. Logan just stares back, too stunned to answer. Veronica, her emotions welling, notes that she had asked him point-blank about this. Logan rises and approaches her, saying that he had lied to her point-blank because it wasn't information she had a right to know and because he knew she couldn't handle the Madison thing. She harshly asks which "thing" he was referring to: when Madison roofied her or when Madison wrote ‘slut' on her car after she had lost her virginity. Veronica looks sick to her stomach at referring to these horrible memories that Madison brings back. Logan lamely reasons that he and Veronica had broken up at that time. Veronica lashes back that Logan knew how she felt about Madison, and while he was with Madison, it must have crossed his mind about how much she'd hate him being with Madison. Logan says that it wasn't like that. Veronica offers to give him one of the million other sickening scenarios running though her head. Logan says that he wasn't trying to hurt her, and she tells him to imagine if he had tried. Logan, now desperate, asks what she wants him to do. Veronica heart-brokenly tells him to make it not be true, and unless he can do that, this was something she is never getting past. With that, Veronica turns around and leaves. Logan stands staring after her, in complete misery.

O'Dell residence: Mindy answers her door and is greeted by Keith and Backup. He explains that he was taking Backup for a walk and thought of a question to ask her, and since they were 10 blocks away, he thought he'd save himself a phone call. Keith informs her that there appears to be a discrepancy in the police report, which says that a minivan was parked at her husband's spot on the night of his death. He's asking because Veronica told him that Cyrus usually drove an old Volvo. Mindy confirms that this was correct and that the minivan is hers, however, Cyrus had to haul around their son's drum kit while she was out of town, so they had traded cars for that weekend. Mindy invites Keith in for a coffee, but he declines and says he'll keep her updated.

Hearst: Veronica's voice over says that the best way to forget about your own problems is to dive into someone else's.

Dick is sitting on a bench admiring girls go by and is too busy to notice Veronica taking a spot next to him. Veronica dives straight in and states that Dick got Bonnie pregnant and then blew her off. Dick shrugs it off, Veronica insinuates that he's heartless and the devil. Dick retorts that she's the one breaking rich guy's hearts, first Duncan, now Logan. Veronica involuntarily blurts out that Logan had sex with Madison while they were in Aspen over the holidays. Dick pretends that this is no big deal, and Veronica realizes her lack of judgment and apologizes, but Dick is already onto other things as he sees a girl, Nadia, and takes after her.

Bonnie's dorm room : Veronica is greeting by Bonnie's roommate, Phyllis, and is told that Bonnie's still at class. Phyllis invites Veronica in, saying that Bonnie has told her all about Veronica. Veronica comments on the archeological displays in the room, and Phyllis explains that Bonnie's dream is to be a female Indiana Jones. Veronica asks if Phyllis knows what happened to Bonnie. Phyllis says she does and that her and Bonnie have been best friends since 7th grade and they tell each other everything. Veronica asks Phyllis what she thought of Bonnie getting back with Tim. Phyllis says he's an arrogant toad and that she hated him ever since she met him, but her opinion of him has changed since he stepped up to the plate about Bonnie and the baby. She says that he even bought Bonnie What to Expect When You're Expecting. Veronica ask if Phyllis thinks that Tim could have slipped Bonnie RU-486, but Phyllis says that there's no way it was Tim because he had offered to marry Bonnie and was going to talk to her father. Veronica says that Bonnie told her that her family is religious. Phyllis realizes Veronica doesn't know the half of it and turns on the TV: Bonnie's Dad, Reverend Capistrano, is holding a sermon, and Phyllis introduces him as Bonnie's father.

Tim Foyle's office : Veronica walks through the dark hallway and passes a janitor on her way towards Tim's office. Veronica's voice over surmises that unless Tim could convince a gynecologist that he was a pregnant woman, he must have gotten the RU-486 online, so his computer might give her some answers. However, her quest for answers is halted when she finds the door locked. Undeterred, her voice over says that when a girl doesn't get what she wants, there's nothing more satisfying than throwing a hissy fit. Which is exactly what she does for the benefit of the janitor. She angrily shakes the door knob and then leans on the door and sinks dejectedly to the ground, kicking her legs in a tantrum. The janitor cautiously approaches and asks if she's okay. Veronica tearfully sells him a sob story about it being the worst day of her life, ever!, as she's suppose to meet her brother in this office, but he's not here, and he's not even her brother because she just found out she's adopted. The janitor, not wanting a crying girl on his hands, opens the office door and lets her in. Triumphant from successfully selling her sob story, Veronica gets onto Tim's computer but is halted again, this time for lack of a password. On to plan B, Veronica takes out a small device from her bag.

Mars' apartment: Veronica is awake in bed, her mind unrelenting from flashing images of Madison with Logan. Her voice over notes that the only thing worse than being up all night obsessing over Madison Sinclair is knowing how much she'd enjoy it. Frustrated, she goes out to the kitchen to find Keith arriving home. He tells her he's got a conundrum: Nish says she egged the Volvo on the night the dean was murdered, but Mindy says she had the Volvo parked at the Neptune Grand all night. He wants to know which one Veronica thinks is lying. Veronica shrugs and says maybe both are lying, she doesn't know. Sensing something is wrong, Keith voices his concern. Veronica sadly says that she broke up with Logan...again. Keith asks if she's doing okay, and she mutters that she's not. Keith kisses her on the forehead and watches with concerned as she goes back to bed.

Tim Foyle's office: Veronica complains to Tim that he has given her the wrong grade. After some sniping back and forth, Tim goes to his computer, ensuring that Veronica keeps to the other side of the desk and can't watch him log on. He confirms that he didn't give her the wrong grade, and she leaves.

Neptune street: Veronica is in her car with a cap pulled low over her face. She is stalking Madison, watching her put laundry in her car. Veronica acknowledges to herself that she acting crazy, but feels it is the only way to take control. She follows Madison home. There, Madison is presented with a new car, a Mercedes SLK as a birthday gift. Seeing the license plate — "Gotzmine" — Veronica declares that her behavior is fully justified.

Tim Foyle's office: Veronica sneaks back into Tim's office, having taped over the lock when she left earlier. She goes to his desk and recovers the small camera she planted in his lamp that taped his logging on. She discovers his password is "Dick Tracy." She logs on and goes through his browser history. She sees that at the time before Bonnie's miscarriage, he was researching the Neptune Women's Clinic. She also notices that Tim has a file on the dean's suicide, noting that there is a question about it. She opens the file marked "witnesses," and sees the name Anthony Martin, which was not in the police report. She reads that Anthony was an earwitness who heard the shot. Tim's note states that Anthony could not give a time.

Hearst College, Anthony's dorm room: Veronica tries to see Anthony, but there is no answer to her knock. She leaves a note on the whiteboard of his door.

Logan's hotel room: Logan, still wearing the clothes he was wearing when Veronica broke up with him, is moping in his room. Dick enters and asks him point-blank if he slept with Madison. Logan admits that he did, saying he didn't think Dick had feelings for her anymore. Dick says it was not cool to do that to a buddy. He tells Logan that lying in the dark is pathetic.

Capistrano Ministries: Veronica enters and sees that they are packing up to move. She is approached by Thurman, who is obnoxious about the length of her skirt. She pretends to be Hester, a troubled woman. Rev. Capistrano warmly invites her to talk to him. In his office, Veronica claims to be pregnant and frightened of her parents' reaction. Rev. Capistrano is comforting, suggesting that they won't disown her on the prospect of a grandchild. Veronica states that he wouldn't be thrilled if his daughter was pregnant. Rev. Capistrano tears up and tells her that his daughter was pregnant and that his reaction was to celebrate, but that she had since lost the baby. Veronica is touched by his emotion.

Neptune Woman's Clinic: Veronica speaks to a doctor at the clinic. She has told Dr. Chambliss the truth, that someone was slipped RU-486 and that the clinic is the only place to get it locally. The doctor says RU-486 wouldn't be given to a man who asked for it his girlfriend or wife. The pill would be administered at the clinic and in the presence of the doctor. Veronica posits that someone could fake taking the pill. The doctor is skeptical, but says it's not impossible. She won't tell Veronica who visited the clinic at the relevant time. As Veronica leaves the clinic, she gets a call from Anthony.

Anthony's dorm room: Veronica confirms Anthony's story as recorded by Tim. He doesn't know how Tim came to find out about him, reckoning that he told a bunch of people about hearing the shot, and that it must have gotten back to Tim. He asks Veronica how she knew. She responds that she got it from Tim. As she's leaving, Anthony recalls that when he got home that night, he watched Space Ghost.

Hearst College: Veronica leaves Anthony's room, having already checked on the internet and confirmed that the program started at 2:30. She calculates that it would have been ten minutes from passing the administration block to getting back to his room. She finds Weevil, who is working in another corridor. She reminds him about the presentation he gave to her criminology class and asks him if he would be willing to steal, crush, and turn Madison's car into a cube. Weevil agrees, saying it will cost her $500, which surprises her.

Mars' apartment: Veronica arrives home, pleased with her progress on the O'Dell case, announcing that the dean killed himself at about 2:20. Keith is non-responsive, staring at her in concern and trepidation. He received some photos of Veronica leaving the Neptune's Women's Clinic, together with some pro-life material, including a bookmark. Veronica is horrified, but reassures Keith that she is not and never has been pregnant. She tells Keith about Bonnie's case. He agrees to help her approach the publisher.

Good Word Press: Keith adopts the pseudonym of Carson Drew, calling Veronica his assistant "Nancy." Eddie Nettles confirms that he was the one who published and sent the material in the exercise of his constitutional rights. Veronica and Keith play on his convictions by claiming to be investigating the fiancée of the son of their client, who may have had an abortion. Eddie is sympathetic and offers them sight of the pictures that have been taken. Veronica starts to scan through the photos. She spots one of Nadia, Dick's red-head. Before she can look at anymore, Thurman arrives, clearly working with Eddie. Thurman recognizes Veronica and puts an end to her efforts. Outside, Keith thinks they didn't do too well, but Veronica is not so sure, given that Dick could be the father of Bonnie's baby.

Hearst Cafeteria, Food Court: Veronica challenges Dick as to the last name of Nadia and the coincidence of her turning up at the clinic the week after Dick learned about Bonnie's pregnancy. Dick, in all seriousness, says that the girl's name is Nadia Comaneci and he hoped she was picking up sponges.

Hearst College: Veronica approaches Nadia Fassano, having had to go through the freshman facebook and flirt with the registrar to get her schedule. When asked about Dick, Nadia doesn't immediately recognize who Veronica is talking about. When she does, she laughs, saying she made out with him for five minutes when drunk. She gave him the name Comaneci because she didn't want him calling her.

Mars' apartment: Keith gets a call from Mindy who is in the bedroom of her home with Jason and Gram. She reports that someone's in the house and that she called him instead of the cops because he is closer and competent.

O'Dell residence: A man exits the house. Keith knocks him out. It's Steve Batando. In the house, Steve, in a bad state, claims to be collecting what he is owed as the payments have stopped and the Porsche has been repossessed. Mindy says she can't afford the payments anymore. Further recriminations are avoided when Jason is overjoyed to see his father. Steve gives the boy empty promises before leaving, taking a vase with him. Mindy takes Jason up to bed. A petulant Gram is followed to his room by Keith to check he's okay. Mindy explains that Gram is difficult and that Cyrus had been thinking about sending him to a teenage-discipline school. She asks Keith to stay for a bit. He asks for a drink. She tells him to help himself while she checks on Jason. Once in the kitchen, Keith takes the opportunity to check the garage. The Volvo is there. Keith finds what looks to be a piece of eggshell under one of the window wipers. Mindy is surprised to find him there, but Keith says that it's where his parents used to keep the adult beverages.

Logan's hotel room: Logan drunkenly calls Veronica and gets her voice mail. He starts off aggressively regarding her penchant for digging up the dirt on people, telling her that everybody sins. He gets himself back on message and tells her that he would give anything if he could take back that night in Aspen. He is sorry that it causes her pain, and he loves her.

Mars' apartment: In the morning, Keith notices an article in the paper about the Capistrano Ministries. It's leaving cable and going big time. There's a picture of Thurman, the CFO. Veronica wonders what the impact of the televangelist's daughter being pregnant would have had on such plans. She calls Bonnie and asks about Thurman. Bonnie doesn't trust Thurman either and agrees to get Veronica into his office if she can get there quickly. She advises Veronica to wear church clothes. Veronica, dressed appropriately, readies to leave the house. She checks her messages first and starts to play Logan's message, hearing only the recriminatory part. Keith interrupts and she deletes the message. Veronica heads to Bonnie's dorm.

Scrap yard: Weevil calls Veronica and tells her to come by the scrap yard at 2:00pm to watch Madison's car getting squished. Veronica says that she'll come after church. Weevil looks both confused and bemused at hearing this.

Bonnie's dorm room: Veronica arrives at Bonnie's door at the same time as Rev. Capistrano, who looks confused that his daughter knows "Hester." Bonnie lets them both in. Phyllis is delighted to see him, and they have a warm reunion. Veronica notices Bonnie's pregnancy book and, more importantly, the bookmark in it. It is the same as sent out by the pro-life group. Veronica announces that she thinks Tim is responsible for the RU-486 because he gave Bonnie the book. Rev. Capistrano is stunned because he did not know about the RU-486. Bonnie is stunned because it was not Tim who gave her the book — it was Phyllis. Phyllis tearfully admitted that it was she, saying that neither Tim nor Dick were good enough for Bonnie and that the baby would have ruined her dreams. Bonnie can't see it that way and screams at Phyllis. She is stopped and comforted by her father who talks to her about forgiveness and not letting anger tear her down.

Scrap yard: The reverend's words are still ringing in Veronica's ears when she arrives at the scrap yard. Veronica watches a car being crushed. Weevil says Madison's car, which he's washed to enhance the satisfaction, will go on next. Veronica decides not to go through with it. She pays Weevil for his trouble and asks him to return the car. She suggests that he could put an open can of tuna in the a/c vent. Weevil agrees and tells her she's going soft.

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