3.10 "Show Me the Monkey"

Aired Jan 23, 2007


Mars Investigations: Veronica and Keith, bantering about the meaning of "manila," are interrupted by the arrival of Mindy O'Dell. Mindy follows Keith into his office, while Veronica leaves for class. It's been six weeks since Dean O'Dell's death was ruled a suicide. She tells Keith that O'Dell would not have killed himself over her and wants him to investigate. She admits that the reason why she has come to him now is because the insurance company is denying benefits and she needs the money. Mindy tells Keith that she and Landry were together all night the night O'Dell died. Keith agrees to dig around and take the case if he finds anything.

Hearst College, lab: Mac walks into a wrecked lab, and two science students in white coats are clearing up the mess. She is there as tech support to deal with their sabotaged computer following a break-in. In addition to the damaged computer, their research monkey, referred to only as 25, and twenty control-group rats have been stolen. The students are concerned about the fate of a year's worth of research and their professor's reaction.

Hearst College, Food Court: Veronica is listlessly playing with her breakfast, watching Logan at one of the counters. Her reverie is interrupted by Mac and the two science students, Pauline Elliott and Gil Thomas Pardy. They explain about the missing monkey. Pauline alleges that the monkey was stolen by members of PHAT — People for Humane Animal Treatment.

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Hearst College, campus: Veronica and Mac check a notice board. Veronica finds a flier for a recruitment meeting for PHAT. Mac offers to go with her, admitting to having a soft spot for animals. They agree to meet later in Mac's room, and Mac leaves to go to a class. Veronica continues across campus, only to run into Keith, who wants to know where he can find Weevil. He confirms that he still thinks O'Dell committed suicide but that he agreed to check it out for Mindy. Veronica tells Keith where he can find Weevil.

Hearst College, Mac and Parker's room: Veronica checks out the PHAT website as Mac checks out her wardrobe for cruelty-free clothing. Parker mocks that Mac's choice says "I've given up." They are interrupted by the arrival of a girl who is organizing an around-the-world party on their floor. Each room is expected to pick a country to represent. Mac is unenthusiastic, much to Parker's disappointment. The party organizer leaves. Parker rips into both Veronica and Mac for avoiding contact with guys.

Hearst College, Guyot Hall, room 310: Veronica and Mac arrive at the PHAT orientation meeting. Mac is sarcastic about the group in the presence of a cute guy who turns out to be Bronson Pope, the chapter president of PHAT at Hearst. He does a presentation on the group's goals before Veronica raises her hand, asking if they were going to be doing anything like liberating research animals. Bronson says it's not their thing but that if she is eager for action, then she could join them the next night for the launch of a letter-writing campaign. Another PHAT member, Darla, suggests they picket the show of a psycho bow-hunter rocker, Ed Argent, who is playing the following night. Bronson vetoes that action as futile.

Hearst College, dean's office: Weevil lets Keith into the office, explaining how he found the body. He tells Keith that O'Dell left a note in the form of a memo on his computer screen saying "Goodbye, cruel worldzzzzzz." Keith looks at O'Dell's liquor bottles and is struck by the presence of the unopened bottle of Glencracken that he saw the night O'Dell died.

Logan's suite: Dick is naked under his robe and takes a picture of his crotch with an instant camera. He throws the picture over the balcony and is much amused that it is picked up by an elderly woman. Logan reminds him that the hotel's management has asked him to stop doing that. Dick rails at Logan for siding with them, effectively telling him that Veronica has emasculated him. Logan denies this. Logan agrees to let Dick help him take baby steps out of his funk.

Hearst College, classroom: The PHAT group is working on their letter-writing campaign by folding letters, stuffing envelopes, addressing them, and putting stamps on them. Bronson is happy to see Veronica and Mac, particularly Mac, arrive. Bronson talks a little more about their work, made necessary in his view by the fact that all the animals on campus are killed in the course of the research. Mac and Bronson go off to stuff envelopes. Veronica approaches Darla and in a low voice says she is up for more radical action. Darla doesn't respond, leaving Veronica frustrated. In the meantime, Mac continues to delight Bronson. She leaves him to join Veronica, who notices that Bronson is continuing to watch Mac closely, which she brings to Mac's attention. They are joined by Sam and Darla, who suggest that they are a little less patient and more active, but that Veronica will have to prove herself first by doing something surprising that gets their attention.

Mars residence: Veronica finds a thoughtful Keith at home. He tells her about the scotch and O'Dell's statement the night he died about living in anticipation of drinking it. He asks Veronica about O'Dell and particularly if he would have left a dumb cliché as a note, as a joke. He tells her about the note. Veronica is surprised, as her "perfect murder" paper was a staged suicide where the victim was found with that same note left on a computer.

Hearst College, campus: Veronica catches Piz as he exits one of the college buildings. She asks him if he will invite Ed Argent onto his radio show as a favor to her.

Hearst College, lab: Pauline reports that the monkey's food is missing, meaning that someone is trying to take care of him. Veronica says that she is setting something up to get inside a PHAT splinter cell. She asks about the monkey's fate at the end of the research. Pauline confirms that an autopsy is required to verify the results. Veronica expresses distaste at this, but Pauline reminds her of the need to cure cancer or discover new vaccines. They are interrupted by another science student who complains that they have the air conditioning too high, which affects her experiments in carbon assimilation. The student, a pretty girl called Emmy, says that if they wanted to see her nipples, they only had to ask. Gil Thomas tentatively raises his hand, but Emmy ignores him and returns to her own lab.

Hearst College, Emmy's lab: Veronica challenges Emmy, as there clearly was no love lost between her and Pauline. Emmy says that she was in her lab until nine and saw nothing suspicious. She resents that Pauline and Gil Thomas have twice the space she does to find a pill so that "fat guys in the suburbs can keep eating cheeseburgers," but that as a scientist, she would never vandalize a lab.

Hearst College, radio station: Piz escorts Ed Argent out of the broadcasting booth after a successful show. In the outer room, Veronica, Parker, and Mac are waiting, dressed in pink sweatshirts with the words "Zeta Theta Beta" across their chests. Veronica jumps up and plays the deranged fan, insisting that she joined the NRA after coverage of Argent in Guns Magazine . Parker leaps up too and is convincing. Mac finds it much harder to fling herself into it but does her best. The girls persuade Argent to pose for a picture wearing one of their sweatshirts. He agrees. Veronica and Mac pull a switch so that Argent ends up putting on a pink sweatshirt that says "Meat Is Murder." Parker takes the picture of Argent with Veronica and Mac.

Hearst College, hallway: Sam shows Veronica the Hearst Free Press where the photo is featured. He tells her she is in and to meet him at 3 pm at the place he has written on a piece of paper.

Hearst College, Sam's room: Veronica and Mac arrive to be greeted by Darla and Sam. They are handed placards saying "No" and "Fur" and told to strip to be photographed for PHAT's naked calendar. Sam shows them his pose, with the placard covering his genitals. Before a stunned Veronica and Mac have to respond, a curtain is pulled back revealing the rest of the PHAT group, including Bronson, laughing at their joke. Bronson asks Mac to join them for a bite to eat, but Mac blows him off, much to Veronica's disgust. Before Mac can do so again, Veronica tells him about the around-the-world party that night and says he should come.

Hearst College, Benes Hall, dorm hallway: The party organizer, dressed as a Chinese coolie, inspects "Italy" and "Cuba" before pausing in confusion at the door to Mac and Parker's room. A piece of tape on the door declares that inside is "Canada." She enters.

Hearst College, Mac and Parker's room: She looks around the undecorated room and asks what makes it Canada. Veronica points to the small picture of a moose on the wall. Mac says it is their accents, using the word "eh" to illustrate. Veronica adopts "aboot, turns on the Barenaked Ladies, and plays some rocking air guitar. The party organizer is skeptical but accepts the "effort." She leaves. Parker admits to being confused about this change of heart. Veronica explains about "the guy" who is interested in Mac. Mac shuffles uncomfortably, then suggests that maybe Piz will show up. Parker says she is over Piz and believes he has a girlfriend back home. Parker declares that she is ready to be wooed and that they should all get back on the saddle. Cut to later. "Canada" is full of party-goers. Veronica escapes a guy grieving over a broken relationship to find Mac, who is fed up that Bronson has not made an appearance and wants her room back. Veronica clears the room.

Hearst College, Benes Hall, "Russia": Veronica is having no luck as the latest guy to take interest in her quickly loses it when she starts to talk about her hobby/compulsion and he starts eyeing up another girl.

Hearst College, Mac and Parker's room: Mac is laying on her bed reading and listening to music through headphones. Parker gets her attention and tells her that she has company. It's Bronson. Parker returns Bronson his wallet, having "checked his ID at the border" and coyly leaves, shutting the door behind her.

Hearst College, Benes Hall, dorm hallway: Veronica tells Parker that she has struck out and had enough. Parker says they can't go back to Parker's room as "the guy" showed up an hour ago. They head off in another direction.

Hearst College, Mac and Parker's room: Mac and Bronson are wrapping up and walking to the door. Bronson bends down to kiss her and Mac jerks away. She apologizes and he leaves. Mac, unhappy, leans back against the door.

Beach: Dick and Logan arrive at the beach with their surfboards and join Chip Diller, who is still sporting the short haircut from his Easter Egg experience and brags about it being low maintenance. Dick spots three female surfers passing by, but Logan reminds him that he said all they were there for was "some dudes, some tasty waves, and some tasty brews." Chip adds that they don't have enough beer to make the girls hot anyway.

Neptune street: Veronica and Parker have Mac secured between them and are marching her up the street. Mac is horrified that Parker stole Bronson's driver's license so that Mac would have an excuse to see him again. Mac reckons she blew it with Bronson, but her friends insist that she hasn't. They get her to the door and then stand behind her to block her exit. They are all surprised when a pretty girl answers the door, followed by Bronson. Mac gives Bronson his license but can't leave because of Parker and Veronica. He invites them in to show them some results and introduces the girl as Amy, giving her an affectionate shoulder rub. They enter the house.

Pope residence: Bronson leads them to the living room and hands a letter to Veronica. A cosmetics company has agreed to stop animal testing. He notices that the three are dressed up and asks where they are going. Mac stumbles that they are off to Club...Club and then escapes by asking for a glass of water. Bronson directs her to the kitchen. She eschews his offer to accompany her. In the hallway, she pauses at the door of another room in surprise.

Beach: Having finished surfing for the night, Dick, Chip, and Logan sit around an open fire on the beach, drinking beer. Logan admits the day had its charms. The girls they saw earlier call out and ask if they have any more beers. Chip declares that they are now hot enough and they are invited over, albeit Logan isn't keen on the idea. One of the girls kneels on the sand next to him and immediately starts flirting, ignoring the implication in his response about the beer of "apparently, we're into the cheap stuff."

Pope residence: Bronson tells Veronica and Parker that he works as a bartender at Goldfinger's and invites them to come by. Parker tries to get information out of Amy but doesn't get far before Mac returns. Mac whispers that Veronica should check out Bronson's bedroom. Veronica asks if she too can get water and is directed to the kitchen. Veronica goes and finds the bedroom. The lab rats are there, in a number of glass containers. She takes a picture with her cell phone. Veronica returns to the living room, announcing her discovery and asking about the monkey. Bronson says that he didn't liberate the rats — they were left in a box on his doorstep — and that he doesn't have the monkey. Veronica asks to see the box. Everyone except Amy goes to another room where the box is. As Veronica collects the shredded paper from the box, Parker asks Bronson about Amy, much to Mac's chagrin. Bronson tells them that Amy is his sister. This makes all the girls happy. Bronson and Parker leave, and Mac asks whether Veronica has to tell about the rats. Veronica says she does, because Pauline and Gil Thomas are clients.

Beach, Logan's car: Logan has been the ungrateful and unhappy recipient of a blow job. The girl, Taylor, kisses him, and he wipes his mouth hurriedly. She gushes about what she just did with the son of Aaron Echolls.

Hearst College, lab: Veronica shows Pauline and Gil Thomas the picture of the rats. Pauline asks if they can get a warrant, not believing that Bronson doesn't have the monkey. Mac calls and tells Veronica that she found something interesting in the hard drive.

Pope residence: Deputy Sacks arrives with a warrant.

Hearst College, Mac and Parker's room: Veronica arrives, pissed off. Mac forewarned Bronson, and the rats were gone. Mac said she didn't want him to get into trouble, as she believed him, but that she did find little leaves on the motherboard of the computer, which had been disabled due to a liquid being poured onto it. She gives the leaves to Veronica.

Hearst College, Emmy's lab: Veronica challenges Emmy again with the leaves. Emmy checks them and says they are green tea. She takes down a container of green tea from a shelf to show Veronica. Behind it is a plastic banana. Emmy admits to having taken it from the monkey a few weeks before because the noise was driving her crazy on the weekends.

Hearst College, lab: Veronica checks the lab and finds green tea.

Mars residence: Veronica works on the shredded paper. She puts together a complete magazine page of a scantily clad girl.

Pardy residence: Veronica is waiting outside Gil Thomas's door as he arrives home. She is holding the plastic banana. She asks Gil Thomas if he named the monkey. On his denial, she tells him she heard the monkey inside. Gil Thomas sighs. Inside, Gil Thomas watches the monkey with affection as Veronica tells him that the green tea poured in the computer was what was handy and that Pauline was unlikely to read lad magazines. He could pin it on PHAT and knew Bronson would care for the rats. Gil Thomas explains that he started working on weekends to catch up and bought the monkey a few toys to play with when Pauline wasn't around. He always collected the toys when he left. On one occasion, the monkey held out the squeaky banana, his favorite toy, when he saw that Gil Thomas was leaving. He goes on to say that the reason they don't name the animals is because things are harder to kill when they have a name. He introduces Veronica to the monkey...Oscar.

Hearst College, lab: Professor McGregor is there with Pauline and Gil Thomas. Much to Gil Thomas's relief, Veronica returns the check, saying she was unable to find the monkey. McGregor is irritated but says they can order another one and that science marches on. Veronica looks chagrined to realize that saving Oscar has condemned another monkey.

Pope residence: Mac knocks on the door. She starts to lose her nerve and leave, but when Bronson opens the door, she manages to invite Bronson out to a movie the following night. Bronson is pleased to accept. Mac begins to leave but then turns back and kisses him.

Hearst College, Food Court: Veronica pays for some food and sees Piz in the radio booth. Piz waves. A little later he joins her at one of the tables. He explains that the other DJs wanted to go see a hot girl band, in the hopes of scoring, so he took the shift to get out of it. Veronica says it's like Parker wanting her to hook up with someone. They talk about not accepting second best.

Logan's suite: There's a knock at the door. Logan answers it to find Veronica there. They fall hungrily into each other's arms. Logan slams the door shut with his foot.

Bar: Keith puts on a romantic song and walks to the bar where Landry is nursing a drink. Keith starts talking about women and what a man might do for one. He spins Landry a tale about once trying to torch the car of an ex-boyfriend who was bothering a woman he admired, using a Molotov cocktail. He succeeded only in torching his own car. Landry laughs but when Keith asks him if he's ever done anything like that, Landry reveals that he knows exactly who Keith is. He's read Keith's book, and he suggests that Keith read his own work on profiling. Landry states that he has never done anything like, for instance, kill O'Dell for a woman. Then he leaves.

Mars Investigations: Keith tells Mindy that he'll take the case. She asks what made up his mind. Keith says that it was "just the scotch."

Hearst College, Food Court: Veronica is sitting alone at one of the tables. Piz happily joins her, offering to buy her breakfast. She hesitates but before she can explain, Logan arrives and lovingly places a tray in front of her. Piz is gutted that she is back with Logan and makes a quick exit. Veronica watches him go with concern.

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