3.09 "Spit & Eggs"

Aired Nov 28, 2006


We start in medias res, with Veronica within spitting distance of the rapist, then go back two days. Though Lilith House is celebrating the removal of the Greek system, Dean O'Dell is egged into reinstating it by a cigar-chomping alum. The feminists are left spitting in the wind (and at the Dean's car) and the Pi Sigs decide to have a major party. Tired of walking on eggshells around her, Logan decides that he can't make an omelette without breaking up with Veronica (or something), so he does. When the rapist advertises in the paper that he'll rape someone at the party, Veronica decides to put all her eggs in one basket and recruits Wallace, Mac, and Piz to find out if anyone's drink is drugged at the party. When Veronica finds a drugged cup, she goes to stop the rapist, who turns out to be Mercer, a bad egg. She runs away from him and ends up finding Moe, who's the spitting image of the person in the prison experiment with Mercer. Oh, wait, it was him and he's Mercer's accomplice. Boy, does Veronica have egg on her face now. Mercer and Moe have her cornered, but they've counted their eggs before they've hatched, because Veronica blows her rape whistle and is saved by Parker. Keith apprehends Mercer and Moe, and Logan gets himself sent to the same cell as them so he can scramble their faces.

Oh, and Dean O'Dell finds out his wife is letting Professor Landry fertilize her eggs, so he gets his gun, which he may or may not have used. In the end, though, Weevil finds him in his office, dead from a gunshot to the head. Spit and polish won't fix that! It's that hardboiled.

Important Parts

  • Logan breaks up with Veronica because he says he can't be who she wants him to be. Logan is very upset about the break-up. Veronica hides her emotions from her friends and her father, but breaks down when she's alone.

  • The Board of Trustees voted to remove the Greeks from campus, but a wealthy Hearst alumnus comes to Dean O'Dell and tells him that he isn't happy about this. One of the trustees that voted to expel the Greeks owned fraternity property, so his vote was discounted. The dean votes to keep the Greeks on campus.

  • Lilith House is furious about the dean's vote, and several of the girls surround him in his van, shaking it, spitting on it, and pelting it with eggs.

  • The Pi Sigs plan to throw a huge party in celebration. Parker gives Veronica several drug testing coasters. If the coaster is dipped into the drink, it will turn red if the drink is drugged. She also gives Veronica a rape whistle.

  • Veronica enlists Wallace, Piz, Mac, and Moe's help. Moe is supposed to call Veronica if any girl who takes the safe ride back to campus is excessively drunk. Wallace, Piz, and Mac use the coasters to test drunk girls' drinks. Wallace and Piz find a drink that was drugged, belonging to a girl named Kim. Logan and Wallace go to her apartment building.

  • Veronica makes an announcement at the party asking for any information on Kim. A girl tells her that Kim didn't come to the party. Her sister used her fake ID. Veronica finds out where she lives and goes to her dorm.

  • Mercer is the rapist. Veronica tasers him, but he hits her and throws her to the ground. She jabs a unicorn into his leg and escapes. Moe sees her outside of Piz and Wallace's room. She tells him that Mercer is the rapist. He gives her some tea and makes a call reporting the rape.

  • Moe then leaves to get people to help Carrie, who is still in her room. Veronica sees a picture of Mercer and Moe together wearing outfits from Dr. Kinny's prison experiment and realizes she's been drugged. She tries to leave, but is locked in. She tries to call her dad, but there is no answer. She hides in the closet.

  • Mercer arrives and is furious at Moe for letting Veronica get away. Her phone rings and they find her. She hits Moe's foot with a hammer and blows the rape whistle.

  • Parker hears the whistle and comes out of her room. She stops Mercer who had gone to get more drugs for Veronica. She screams out "rape" and several students come out of their rooms. Mercer tells them she's crazy and leaves. Moe runs after him. Parker discovers Veronica.

  • Keith apprehends Mercer and Moe. Veronica tells her friends that Moe would drug the girls for Mercer and give him the keys to the girls' rooms. She was attacked the first time by Moe because Mercer was still in jail and would have an alibi.

  • Logan smashes a cop car with a bat and is thrown into the same prison cell as Mercer and Moe. He is seething and furious.

  • Dean O'Dell thinks his wife is cheating on him with her co-worker. He hires Keith to follow Mindy on a business trip to Sacramento, but Keith reports back that she stayed in her room the whole night and that her co-worker is gay. Later, when she figures out who Keith was tailing and why, Veronica tells Keith about Mindy cheating on the dean with Landry.

  • Keith tells Dean O'Dell about Mindy's affair with Landry. The dean gets drunk and takes a handgun out of his drawer. He shows up at the hotel where Mindy and Landry are. Later, he is in his office, and eggs are thrown at his window. An unidentified person comes in. The next morning, Weevil comes in to install the new television receiver and sees that the dean has been shot in the head.

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