3.09 "Spit & Eggs"

Aired Nov 28, 2006

Cultural References

"Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)" (Music)

Hey, hey, hey, goodbye
Hey, hey, hey, goodbye

A number-one pop single in 1969 recorded by the fictitious band Steam. In the ensuing decades, "Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)" became a nanny-nanny boo-boo taunting cry for trash-talking sports fans and smug game-show contestants. In the world of Veronica Mars, feminists from the Lillith House use this sing-songy chant (ad nauseum, I might add) to bid a good riddance to the Greek system.

Charlie Chan (Characters)

"Oh, very good, number-one daughter. You might make a detective yet."

"Detective without curiosity is like glass eye at keyhole: no good." Charlie Chan took own words to heart: the character was very, very curious detective in many movies from 1930s and 40s. He solve crimes like old man mowing his lawn: with help of sons. Number-one son was older one. Number-two son was baby of family. Keith tell Veronica she good detective daughter. But Veronica is not only number-one daughter. She only daughter, yes? Or maybe Keith have bastard child someplace.

Gaydar (Words, Sayings, and Slogans)

"You have nothing to worry about except, perhaps, your apparent lack of gaydar."
"I don't know what that is."

Gaydar is like radar but for sounding out whether or not someone is gay. It's not a perfect science: many a gaydar has been falsely pinged by a well-dressed, neat Asian man. (See: Wu, Mr.) It's not clear who coined the phrase, but it has been around for quite a while. Not only does O'Dell not have gaydar, he doesn't even know what it means, implying that he's not real up on the lingo of kids these days.

Starsky and Hutch (TV)
Cagney and Lacey (TV)

"Did I miss something? Are we working together now? Are we Starsky and Butch? Cagney and Pasty?"

Buddy-cop shows from the 1970s and 1980s, respectively. Why does Tim Foyle mask his feelings of inadequacy by insulting Veronica? If the two of them were partners on a crime-solving television series, a much better title would be "You're Busted: Tiny Blonde One and Her Annoying, Useless Sidekick."

Stage left, stage right (Words, Sayings, and Slogans)

"Third stall stage right or stage left?"
"Stage right."

Quick, hold up your hands, thumbs extended. The "L" is left, right? Well, not necessarily. If you're a director giving directions to your cast, stage left is actually your right. If you're onstage, however, stage left is your left. Confusing? That's why theatre people always have to hold up their hands, spin in a circle, and point in all directions before they can give you directions. Piz must have a background in theatre, because he's a master at stage directions, while Moe does the pointy dance trying to figure it out.

Bacchus (Religion, Folklore, and Urban Legends)

"Are you freaking kidding me? The Pi Sig mega apocalypse? Hump the furniture, party back to the Stone Age, fifty-keg bacchanalia?"

The god Bacchus was a jolly old soul, much into partying and lending his name to orgiastic, drunken extravaganzas. A good thing, right? Not according to the dour, I'm-swapping-my-porn-star-tube-top-for-a-shirt-that-invites-queries-on-my-STD Mac. Such a buzz kill, that girl. She won't be singing the more familiar version of "Show Me the Way to Go Home," a song that lends itself to the end of a bacchanalia, but rather:
Show me the way to go home
I'm pissed off and I want to go to bed
I chucked a little drink about an hour ago
And it went in the flower bed
Invites to trysts I'll pass
Or stick them up your ass
I will always mean the words of this song
Show me the way to go home

Star Trek (TV)

"Please, Mac. I could really use the help."
"Resistance is futile."

The fandom convention circuit. Tribbles. A hefty royalty check or two for Wil Wheaton. Another cultural contribution from the Star Trek body of work (Star Trek: The Next Generation specifically) is the oft-appropriate phrase "Resistance is futile." Spouted here by the adorable Mac, who seems like she'd be way tougher to resist than the Borg cyborg race who spawned the phrase initially.

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Junior League (Organizations, Companies, and Products)

"If I recall correctly, these coincide with the nights of Mindy's Junior League meetings."

A long-standing organization of women — traditionally upper-class debutantes — who ostensibly do work for the underprivileged and raise money through fancy teas and dinners. Prim, proper, and slightly snobbish, this organization's history is kinder than its current reputation, but that doesn't stop women like from wanting to be part of it. Or, more likely in her case, pretending to be part of it so she has an excuse for her absences from the house.

Diamond Smugglers (Music)

Touchin' hands
Reachin' out
Touchin' me
Touchin' you
Sweet Caroline
Good times never seemed so good

This famous Neil Diamond cover band, fronted by singer Steve McCarthy, has brought the singer's music to another generation. Just like those kids in the '70s, young 20-somethings are rockin' out to "Sweet Caroline," "Thank the Lord for the Night Time," and "You Don't Bring Me Flowers." Uh, well, maybe not that last one.

Who's Who bio: Diamond Smugglers Lead Singer
Annie Hall (Characters)

"You know, maybe someday we'll have sex and you won't be stoned. I swear I'm having an affair with Annie Hall."

The dean's wife compares her lover to this titular main character of the 1977 Woody Allen film (which won him an Oscar for best director). Is Professor Landry like Annie Hall? Let's see. Smokes marijuana to enhance sex -- Check. Dress style includes layering men's clothes -- Check. Free-spirited and creative -- Check. Slept with Woody Allen -- Undetermined.

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