3.05 "President Evil"

Aired Oct 31, 2006


Excerpt from Kevin Sting's new book President Evil, page 23:
"She was trapped now, in that room with those men, those men with those masks, horrific plastic masks that looked like US Presidents, but no, they weren't masks at all, they were their FACES! Hideously deformed Nixon faces, waving guns around, demanding that she give them her precious necklace, the one Lilly had given her so long ago. And as they took it from her, she gasped and she knew that Keith wouldn't be able to help her (he was too busy trying to track down a deadbeat dad for the Dean's wife so his stepson could have a bone marrow transplant) or even Wallace (whose mind had cracked under the pressure and had tried cheating, but had gotten caught) and then she thought of Weevil, Weevil the criminal, Weevil the delinquent. He could have hired these men, he could have taken her necklace and she had to get it back. But what if it wasn't him? What would she do? Then she would search for whoever had done it, just as she searched for the hideously evil Hearst rapist and she would find them and she would make them pay."

Excerpt from page 365:
"And now that she had figured it out, figured out that the deformed culprits were actually the Hearst security guards and that her necklace had been around the neck of a snotty, bratty little girl, she was ready for the next person she was to revenge herself upon: the rapist, the person who stood behind Claire in the ATM photos. Little did she know, however, that the Halloween colloquialism 'trick or treat' would apply in this instance, because there was definitely a trick: the man Claire hadn't recognized, the man behind her in the photo, was her BOYFRIEND. And so Veronica's vengeance was waylaid until she could figure out her next step and fling back the trick that had been imposed upon her."

Important Parts

  • Wallace is failing his mechanical engineering class. His teammate recommends a tutor who gives him a "study guide" (an old exam) for the price of $100 and the answers for another $100. After the exam, Wallace is called to meet with the professor, presumably having been caught cheating.

  • Veronica uses Weevil as a guest speaker for her criminology class. He says he is trying to stay crime-free, but sometimes he misses being in a gang.

  • Weevil isn't happy to learn that Veronica is dating Logan again. He's very surprised, considering everything Logan did to Lilly.

  • Veronica goes to the dorm room casino and waits there for Logan. While she is waiting, two armed men wearing masks rob the casino. They take her necklace, which was a gift from Lilly.

  • Veronica assumes Weevil was one of the robbers, and he is very angry at her for accusing him. Weevil is arrested when some of the stolen items are found in his car.

  • Veronica tracks down the masks and guns, which were props from the film club. She discovers that the campus security guards were the culprits. She takes her necklace back from one security guard's daughter.

  • Dean O'Dell and his wife Mindy hire Keith to track down the wife's first husband, Steve. He is a match for a bone marrow transplant for his son, who is dying of bone cancer. Steve isn't willing to help and is very bitter toward his ex-wife.

  • Steve disappears, and Keith becomes the prime suspect since he was seen entering Steve's apartment shortly before his disappearance. The bone marrow transplant is successful, and Steve shows up at the sheriff's department with Keith, saying he went camping for a week and didn't tell anyone.

  • Veronica scans the photo of Claire and the Asian guy into her computer. She sees "Waterloo Camp" on his t-shirt, and tracks him down. His roommate answers the door and recognizes Claire. The roommate says Wang Yi couldn't have raped Claire because that is Wang's girlfriend.

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