3.04 "Charlie Don't Surf"

Aired Oct 24, 2006


Mars' Apartment: Veronica is freaking out in the kitchen as Keith prepares food. Keith tells her his idea is a good one as there is a knock at the door. Veronica goes to open it, to find Logan. He makes a joke, and she steps outside and closes the front door. She warns him there are to be no jokes, innuendos, or anything to do with sex. He agrees he won't say anything bad, and holding hands, they go into the apartment.

The three of them sit around the table eating dinner, as Keith asks Logan casual questions. Veronica jumps in, making sure he isn't going to ask Logan anything too probing. In the conversation, Logan says he's been getting interview requests from people like Larry King. Logan says he wouldn't do it, but Veronica stops the questioning from going any further. Veronica and Keith banter about Veronica vetoing questions, and Logan watches them with a smile.

Hearst dorms: Veronica knocks on Mac's dorm room. Parker answers, tells her Mac's great-aunt died, and then slams the door in Veronica's face. Veronica turns to leave, until she puts on a resolved face and knocks again. Parker answers, and Veronica says that Parker lives with one of her best friends, so she's going to keep coming around and would rather not get doors slammed in her face. Parker tries again, but Veronica catches the door with her foot. Parker lets her in, making sarcastic comments about them eating cookie dough and painting each other's nails. Veronica asks if Parker really thinks Veronica knew Parker was being raped when she walked in and did nothing about it. Parker points out that Veronica thinks she's a whore. Veronica says a lot of people think that she, too, is a whore. Parker begins to get annoyed, saying Veronica can't possibly understand what she's going through. Veronica says that she's been understanding since Shelley Pomroy's End of Year party. She promises to find out who raped Parker. Nish knocks on the door and awkwardly says it's good to see Veronica. Veronica is scathing in return, then leaves. Nish tells Parker she's interviewed most of the other victims. Parker says she doesn't want to be interviewed. Nish asks if she remembers any of the Pi Sigma brothers being at the party the night she was raped.

Logan's hotel room: Avi Kaufman, Logan's business manager, tells Logan that the first tier of his trust fund was intended to last until his twenty-first birthday, but at the rate Logan's burning through it, it could only have fourteen months left. Logan says that there is money missing. Avi responds he'll send Logan's financial records over.

Neptune Grand: Logan and Veronica step out of the elevator, as Veronica jokingly tries to guess what Logan's going to show her. He explains that he think that Avi is skimming off the top of his trust fund. Veronica says her dad has a great accountant. Logan says he wants a private investigator to help him nail Avi to the wall. Veronica says that she'll try and make sense of the records and Logan opens the door to reveal stacks and stacks of records. He smirks as Veronica's face falls.

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Mars Investigations: A woman appears at the door and asks Keith if he remembers her. Keith greets her warmly and says he remembers, she's Harmony and they met at a Christmas party. Harmony says that Keith helped her with her tire that year and Keith then recounts that she thanked him profusely every year after that. He then asks what he can do for her. She tells him that she suspects her husband is cheating on her — working late, mysterious calls, last minute business trips. She adds that they are in a loveless marriage, but that he's a great father to their daughter. She then says that she can't just leave for herself, she needs a reason.

Hearst Library: Veronica helps a student find a book. Wallace comes up to the desk and declares he preferred the other place Veronica worked. Veronica points out it's only because there was food there. Wallace shows her the Hearst Free Press that has an article on the Pi Sigs being the common thread in the campus rapes. Wallace says there was a Pi Sig event the night of every attack. He goes on to tell her that the last girl attacked, Claire, was at the Pi Sig haunted house the night she was raped. Veronica says she trusts Nish as far as she can throw her, but she doesn't trust the frat boys any more.

Mars' Apartment: Keith leaves the apartment, but notices a guy lurking in front of the apartment next door. Keith enquires and the guy turns around. It's Dick and he asks if Veronica is home. Keith unenthusiastically lets Dick in and calls for Veronica. Veronica appears and Dick puts on a "we're best buddies" act and lets her snark freely. Keith gets the OK from Veronica and he leaves. Veronica drops the snark and asks Dick what he's doing there. He drops his act and tells her that due to the Hearst Free Press article, there's now a hearing scheduled to try and kick the Pi Sigs off campus. Dick says that the Pi Sigs were impressed with how she'd cleared the frat the year before, and so they'd sent him over to hire her to prove that the Pi Sigs were not connected to the rapes. Veronica isn't convinced that they're innocent. Dick makes an inappropriate cow analogy — the Pi Sigs are a fraternity, why rape the cow when you're swimming in free milk? Veronica pauses to consider, and comes to a decision. She tells Dick that she wants full access to the fraternity, all the details from the night of the haunted house and her fee's $1,500. Dick questions the rate, she tells him it's the Pi Sig rate and kicks him out.
Neptune: Keith sits in his car and makes a call. Harmony answers, and before Keith says anything, she makes a prediction that her husband is cheating on her with a twenty-two-year-old blonde. Keith assures her that her husband is honestly working late, his car is still in the parking lot. They talk a little more, and Harmony jokingly bets with Keith that he owes her a beer if her prediction is right. The call ends. A car then pulls into the parking lot, Keith takes down the details of the car and snaps pictures of a lovely woman dropping Harmony's husband off.

Mars' Apartment: Keith tells Veronica that his accountant will finish looking over Logan's files that afternoon. Veronica wolf whistles and comments on his snazzy suit, Keith deflects this with a comment on Veronica's conservative no-nonsense camel-colored pants suit.

Mars Investigations: Harmony brings Keith pizza. Keith thanks her and then informs her that the woman that dropped her husband off last night works for a company that her husband does business with. Harmony confirms that she knows who the woman is, and says she doesn't know how to react to the news. She had been imagining that it was some blonde bimbo, not an intelligent and highly educated woman. Keith then ask her to plant a listening device on her husband.

Pi Sigma Sigma frat house: Veronica's voiceover explains her wardrobe choice was a way to fend off any unwanted male attraction from the possible rapist frat boys. She meets Chip, and they have an exchange. Veronica tells Chip that the last thing Claire remembered from the night of her attack was buying drinks from the haunted house, and asks him who was serving the drinks that night. Chip tells her it was Charleston. Veronica questions Charleston as he plays pinball. He confirms that he was serving drinks that night and may have served Claire, but denies raping her. He reveals that he had to give Chip the money from the drink stand whenever it reached $500, but when he went to Chip's room to give him the money that night, Chip had angrily opened the door, butt-naked and sweaty, like he'd been caught in the middle of sex. A frat brother interrupts and says that something is going on outside.

Outside Pi Sigma Sigma frat house: Veronica and other frat brothers go outside. There's a group of protesters; amongst them is Claire, Nancy, Nish and Parker, chanting "no more rapes at Hearst, women's safety first". Veronica looks concerned and Dick, a drink in one hand, inappropriately puts his arm over Veronica's shoulders.

Mars Investigations: Keith and Harmony relax on the sofa. Harmony has taken off her shoes, and Keith is telling her a story about when he accidentally arrested the wrong guy. Veronica and Logan walk in, and Keith brightly greets her. Harmony says Veronica is the liberator of lobsters. Logan smiles and says he never knew. Veronica explained it was one lobster, when she was eleven. She catches Keith's sheepish expression and says he tells the story to all of his new customers. Keith says he has another appointment, and Harmony leaves. Keith tells Logan and Veronica that he spoke to his accountant, and Avi doesn't appear to be stealing anything. Instead, the estate contributes ten thousand dollars a month to a charity called Aaron's Kidz. Logan asks if that's Aaron's pathetic excuse for a charity, and Keith shrugs and says he hope that helps them clear it up.

Mars Investigations: Logan arrives back, with Thai food. Veronica says that Aaron's Kids was a non-profit organization that shut down years ago. Aaron's Kidz, however, is still in business and not remotely a charity. Veronica says that Avi is the chairman.

Hearst diner: Veronica and Logan eat at the diner. Logan asks if he should dangle Avi out the window by his ankles. Veronica responds he should numb his fury with grease and fat until she can do some more homework. She asks if she can go and put the screws to someone. Logan jokingly replies that she should go ahead and screw her brains out. Veronica kisses him on the cheek and walks over to Chip in the line for food. Veronica asks him what happened to his bruised hands. He explains he was working the "boo room" at the haunted house. Chip says it's pitch black, they dress like cat-burglars and jump out and yell boo when people walk in. Veronica asks again how his hand was bruised. Chip says he was crouched down and one of the guys stepped on it. Veronica then asks who he was sleeping with the night of the haunted house. Chip says the girl would never admit he was with her.

Hearst campus: Charleston sucks face with his girlfriend and leaves. Veronica walks up to the girlfriend and accuses her of two-timing with Chip. The girlfriend flatly denies it. Veronica tells her that she's Chip's alibi for the night of Claire's rape. The girlfriend says that she doesn't need to own up to anything and leaves in a huff. Dick walks up to Veronica and tells her the frat brothers are pissed off, they think that she's going after them instead of trying to find the real rapist. Veronica spots Dick's bruised hand and asked what happened. He offhandedly says that a window fell on it. He tells her to work her little pixie spy magic and fix it before the hearing in two days. Veronica says that Logan told her about him showing up at Logan's place on the night of Parker's rape, all wrecked, saying that he screwed up. Dick snaps that whipped guys make the worst friends.

Mars' Apartment: Veronica's voiceover ponders if Dick's the rapist. It's possible that it runs in the Casablancas family. She knows that Logan fears that antisocial behavior runs in his family. Veronica leaves this to the social scientists to work out and goes about figuring out where Logan's money is disappearing to. She draws on the whiteboard what she knows. Some time passes by. The whiteboard is now filled with various names and companies, but all the arrows point to the name "Charlie Stone". Keith comes home and ask Veronica what she's up to. She says she was trying to find out where Logan's money was going and she found something entirely different. Keith sees the whiteboard and asks who Charlie Stone is.

Logan's hotel room: Veronica lets herself into Logan's room. She says she needs to talk to him. She explains she followed the trust money and it led to a guy named Charlie Stone. She asks if he knows who it is. Logan says he doesn't. Veronica reveals Charlie is his brother.

Veronica says that Aaron's business manager buried Charlie deep; people weren't supposed to find out about him. She says she Googled him and learned he teaches at a private school and is in the book. She gives Logan his phone number. Logan asks what he should do.

Logan sits staring at the number. He picks up the phone and calls him. The answering machine picks up, and Logan says it's Logan Echolls calling.

Hearst campus: Veronica catches up with Parker. Parker tells Veronica to save herself the performance because she knows Veronica is working for the Pi Sigs. Veronica protests she's not: she's working for Parker, but she's using the opportunity to get closer to them to figure out what they're up to. Parker's not impressed that Veronica is trying to find out who raped her while hugging Dick. Veronica wonders how she knows Dick. Parker says she gave him her number at orientation, but he showed up at their room before her rape and was pounding on the door. Veronica asks if she told anyone, and Parker says she spoke to the sheriff before she knew. She said Dick isn't as harmless as he looks. Nancy said he chased her out of the haunted house screaming at her and calling her a bitch. Veronica asks why she was screaming at him. Parker says the next time they are snuggling up to ask him.

Neptune: Keith sits in his car and listens to Harmony's husband and Carly's conversation as they exit the restaurant. They continue to talk about business as they walk to Carly's car. They reach the car and Carly leans in and kisses him. Keith takes a picture of it.

Hearst campus: Veronica tells Nancy that she knows she went to the haunted house on the night of Claire's rape. Nancy explains that there was a rumor that there was a grope room and so she went with Claire to teach the frat boys a lesson. They went dressed up as rats and had strategically placed rat traps on their gropable parts. Veronica smiles with satisfaction and compliments that it was a genius plan. Nancy goes on to say that Dick was caught in one of her traps and that he ran her out of the party screaming. Veronica says that this explained Dick's and Chip's bruises, and asks Nancy if Claire was with her. Nancy says that she had lost Claire and that she saw someone she thought was Claire later that night at a convenience store down the street, but that it wasn't Claire.

Convenience store: Veronica asks the store manager whether he was working last Saturday. He says that he was. Veronica then shows him a picture of Claire and asks if he remembers seeing her that night. He says that he did, and recalls that Claire came in with a guy and she was drunk and could barely stand. The guy didn't have enough money to buy condoms, so the manager had sent him to the ATM. The guy then came back with money and bought the condoms.

Logan's hotel room: Charlie tells Logan he started bugging his mom about who his dad was when he was about seven, and on his tenth birthday she took him to the movies and pointed out Aaron. Charlie said she was a stewardess when she met him. He says he didn't believe her until she showed him the hush money from Aaron. He says he went to the best private schools. Charlie said he used to look at pictures of Logan's family and think that Logan's life should be his. Logan said he wouldn't have wanted it. Charlie explains the more he watched, the happier he was it wasn't his family. Aaron and his cheating in the papers, Trina's wrong-doings on the TV, and then Logan's murder charge. Charlie began to wonder if something was wrong with him and his blood line. Logan tells him to join the club. Charlie finishes his drink and says he has to go and grade papers. Logan says they'll have to meet again, but for longer. Charlie agrees, and asks to hear about Aaron, the good and the bad. Logan says it's mostly bad. Veronica opens the door and Logan introduces her to his brother. Logan says that Charlie has to get home and grade papers, as he has an honest job, which is very un-Echolls. Charlie says if he gets them done that night, he can go surfing. Logan's happy to hear Charlie surfs and says they must be brothers.

Private school: Veronica's voiceover says she should be happy for Logan, thrilled even, but instead, she's just going to be her. She knocks on Charlie's classroom and another man answers. Veronica asks if he's covering Mr. Stone's class, and he says he's not — he's Mr. Stone. He asks her if she needs something, and Veronica explains she was looking for someone else.

Neptune beach: Logan and Charlie sit on their surfboards in the ocean. Logan tells Charlie about an incident one Christmas when Aaron forced pears down his throat until he choked, and how he now can't smell a pear without throwing up. Charlie comments on other stories Logan has told, about a pair of scissors and an empty swimming pool. Logan jokingly pushes Charlie off the surfboard.

Charlie and Logan walk across the beach until Logan spots Veronica waiting for them on some rocks. She calls out hello to Logan and says hello to Norman Phipps. Logan is confused, so Veronica explains it's the name of the guy who rented his car, and a Google check revealed him to be a contributor to Vanity Fair. She asks Norman how his story is coming along, and Norman asks Logan where the fruit basket is from for details' sake. Logan goes to take a swing at him, and Norman begs him to, as it would make a great lead. Logan looks away and then punches him in the face. Veronica begins to apologize to Logan, but he gathers his stuff and leaves without comment.

Mars Investigations: Keith shows Harmony the money shot of her husband and Carly kissing. Harmony says with relief that now she has a reason to leave him. Keith calmly tells her that before she does anything she should listen to the voice recording of their conversation. Keith plays the recording, and they listen as Harmony's husband turns down Carly's advances, and says that he can't because he has a family. Harmony sits speechless. Keith tells Harmony that her husband and Carly left separately and that he gave his files for this client to someone else. Harmony says she should go home and leaves.

Keith's office: Veronica asks Keith about an old case and how he "obtained" the ATM photo to solve it. Keith tells her that he knows a representative at the bank. Veronica sweetly asks him to work his magic.

Hearst campus: Veronica meets the frat boys before their hearing and shows them the ATM photo. She explains that the photo was taken at 2AM, two hours after the haunted house was closed, and Claire still had her hair, so it was taken before Claire was raped. In the photo, there's an Asian guy standing behind Claire and he's not a Pi Sig brother. This shows that the frat boys are innocent. The protesters, from before, witnesses Veronica exonerating the Pi Sigs and all glare at her.
Private school: Charlie arrives and is hounded by a pack of photographers and reporters.

Hearst campus: Parker walks up to Veronica, who's sitting and reading, and she says sarcastically it's good news the Pi Sigs were absolved. Veronica points out they were innocent, and Parker complains it's because Veronica helped them. She asks Veronica how she lives with herself. Veronica explains she was looking for the truth and found it. She asks if Parker wants to nail someone to the wall just to have someone nailed there, or to actually find the person responsible and make them pay.

Hearst campus: Veronica walks across campus, drinking a bottle of water until Logan runs up to her, putting his arm around her. He kisses her head in greeting as Veronica asks how he is. He replies he's on top of the world, and Veronica comments she saw him on Larry King, giving his half-brother a little coming-out party. She says that life as Charlie Stone knew it is officially over. Logan doesn't care; he says that Charlie served him up to the Vanity Fair reporter and brought it on himself. Veronica points out that they don't know that, and Logan asks how else it could have happened. Veronica shakes her head, willing to go along with him. He thanks her for digging and erasing all romantic notions about his family. He asks her to find Norman again, because Logan gave him a pocket watch that belonged to his grandfather, who died when he was five.

Norman's apartment: Veronica knocks on Norman's door. Norman lets her in but protests he was just doing his jo. But it doesn't matter, as the magazine dropped the story after Larry King scooped it. Veronica points out that was the plan. She asks for the watch back. Norman says that Logan got a detail wrong in the interview — Charlie never spoke to him. He tracked him down, but he wanted to remain anonymous. Veronica asks how he ended up meeting Logan. Norman explains he had a tap on Charlie's phone.

Logan's hotel room: Logan sits looking at the pocket watch as Veronica explains that Norman acted alone; he was just tapping Charlie's line when Logan called coincidently. She says the real Charlie is innocent. Logan sadly tells her he was so quick to believe Norman. He says he looks at Veronica and Keith, at the thing they have, and he's never had that. Veronica hugs him and says he couldn't have known. Logan says he's sure it won't matter to Charlie. He calls Charlie again and gets the answering machine. He leaves a message apologizing for all of the messages, but he thought he'd give it another shot. He walks over to the balcony, clearly very upset.

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