3.02 "My Big Fat Greek Rush Week"

Aired Oct 10, 2006


grim squeaker: Yo!
Inigo: Yo, you!
grim squeaker: Wait a sec.... Sorry, I just discovered that our bread has developed a life form of its own, and they have just discovered penicillin.
Inigo: You're a genius...just a century too late!
grim squeaker: Well... tough luck. Into the garbage, then!
Inigo: Best place for it, unless you're feeling flu-ey.
grim squeaker: I do indeed feel flu-ey, but not experimental enough to inhale mildew.
Inigo: Chicken!
grim squeaker: Yes, I know, I know.
Inigo: Okay, woman, shall we spec? (I may have to break for chips.) Torchwood - 22 October! They just had an advert on the Beeb.
grim squeaker: Hm. Chips. Hmm. Jack. Damn. (Have I ever told you how much I would like to be Jack Harkness? Anyway.)

Says it ain't so!

Inigo: Anyway...do you think Chip and Marjorie are an item?
grim squeaker: Yuck! It might be possible, since she trusted him enough to let him escort V outside, and he obliged.
Inigo: Yes. And when they were observing Veronica during the party, there seemed to be a closeness there.
grim squeaker: I didn't necessarily see that as couply closeness, though, I just thought they were standing next to each other in a sort of "these are two characters we know, and we want to get across that this is Pi Sigma Sigma's sister sorority."

Inigo: Maybe.

grim squeaker: Certainly the closeness of the Pi Sigs and the Theta Betas was made significant. I guess what's important here was to stress that the Pi Sigs have access to the sorority house and thus probably know the new girls' dorm room numbers as well. And of course there was Dick's connection to the Pi Sigs, which probably gives us a clue of what they think about the rapes (see Dick's debut last week) and that it seems to differ at least from what the more level-headed Theta Betas think (to wit, Marjorie using Parker's full name, which made her the only person talking about the rapes who actually personalized one of the victims).
Inigo: Except this fact about access is really only relevant during Rush Week. Dawn and Stacy were raped sometime during the last semester of the previous academic year. They weren't sorority girls, or at least Stacy wasn't because she was living in the dorm. So I don't know that it could explain the access to anyone's keys except Parker's. As to what they think about the rapes, they clearly don't, given their attitudes displayed with their scoreboard, making Dick fit right in. But I can't see that makes them rapists.
grim squeaker: Why is the access thing really only relevant during Rush Week? If Dawn and Stacy attended last year's Rush Week, a boy from the sorority would still be able to get their room numbers, wouldn't he? And I don't necessarily think that their attitudes have to mean that they are rapists, but it makes them enablers at the very least.
Inigo: Yes, but then you'd have to have someone with the foresight to get copies of various keys during Rush Week, then rape his victims some nine months later? Seems far-fetched to me.
grim squeaker: Maybe he picks his victims early.
Inigo: And yet this year, within the first week of term, he's taken two, Nancy and Parker. It doesn't match with him getting the keys in 2005 and waiting to rape Stacy and Dawn.
grim squeaker: I think there has to be some sort of planning going on beforehand, because he seems to seek out the girls he drugs, and he seems to know where they end up. Maybe he's getting braver, because nobody has caught him yet.
Inigo: I'm thinking more along the lines of red herring myself.
grim squeaker: Or maybe he didn't just take copies of their keys, maybe he makes copies of every key. Dude, it's possible, I'm just trying to get behind his method. And he is either very lucky to find the same girl he drugged alone in her dorm room (read: it's lazy writing), or he is planning this to a certain degree.
grim squeaker: Personally, I doubt it is one of the frat boys. I think more than ever that it is the RA.

Joe Schmoe

Inigo: Oh, I agree there's planning involved. I just can't see the Pi Sig/Theta Beta connection, so far, being part of it. And yes, I am also more than ever convinced it's Moe.
grim squeaker: He knew where Parker was, and he knew how incapacitated she was. And if he is working regularly for Safe Ride/Take Back the Night, he would know which girls are out of it, and where they are going. The question is, then, is he the one who roofies them?
Inigo: On the Pi Sig/TB connection, there is no indication that the girls did anything other with the keys than put invites in rooms. The Sigs only bartend. On Moe, yes and yes. As for the roofies, do we know for certain they were roofied? I only ask because of the two for which we have the most detail, both were very drunk. And although Moe supposedly had an alibi, it was interesting that it involved not much more than 15 minutes in an episode were a clock was forwarded by that much.
grim squeaker: Yes, but the whole thing of not remembering anything seems to point to roofies, not being completely drunk. Also, Stacy seemed fine when she went cuddling with Troy, and from what he said, she was completely out of it and puking only a few minutes later. That doesn't sound drunk to me. Besides, his alibi means squat. He could always have returned after dropping off the other girl.
Inigo: Question to which I'd like an answer: Was Moe a Pi Sigma pledge the previous year? He is a sophomore, as he did Kinny's experiment last year. He could have accessed the keys that way for Dawn and Stacy (when he was just a student, not an RA).
grim squeaker: I don't have much knowledge of this whole fraternity culture, like I said before, so I don't know if culturally inclined geeks usually pledge, but Pi Sig didn't really seem to be his kind of crowd, did it?
Inigo: Both Stacy and Parker were drugged during parties. Was that true of Dawn and Nancy and the other girl as well? (Nancy implied she was at least the fourth victim.) Not his crowd now, but maybe then, before the DEEP PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAUMA he suffered! in Rush Week the previous year. I think pledges are on trial - not in until after they do the humiliating stuff.
grim squeaker: He suffered deep psychological trauma? What, was his Oolong tea too bitter, or did he hate Black Market as much as everyone else?
Inigo: "It's like...life changing."
grim squeaker: I just really can't see Moe as a pledge for Pi Sig, sorry. They simply seem to be jocks, not geeks. Oh, you mean the prisoner experiment? So, Homer Simpson Professor Kinney is responsible for Moe becoming a rapist? I...don't see it. Sorry. No.
Inigo: Or maybe he roomed with a Pi Sig pledge.
grim squeaker: That sounds more plausible.
Inigo: And his time as guard/prisoner had some impact, if we're to buy the dreamy stare. And what's with him always making/offering refreshments? Oolong tea, biscotti.
grim squeaker: I think that's just because he wants to come across as cultured and aloof.
Inigo: Where the hell did Veronica get the conclusion that Chip was around for each rape?
grim squeaker: Writer shortcut? She did some investigation and didn't let us participate?

Sorkin vindicated and chips

Inigo: Speaking of Chip....umm, chips. Hang on a sec, need to get them in the oven.
grim squeaker: She simply concludes this because he was at university the whole time? Okay, in the meantime I'll rescue my sugar cubes from the Destroyer of Worlds.
Inigo: Back. Fifteen minutes in the oven. Are the sugar cubes now feline-free?
grim squeaker: Yes.

Inigo: I'm convinced we saw the rapist in the first episode, and, other than Moe, I don't think there were any other candidates from this episode. Chip and the Pi Sigmas are too obvious and easy, although I expect we may get some more story on his sleeping with the dean's wife.
grim squeaker: That might be relevant for the next mystery, who knows. And yes, I think we saw the rapist in the first episode, too. Btw, I know why Professor Landry raised my hackles so much.
Inigo: Why?
grim squeaker: Did you ever watch Joan of Arcadia? Patrick Fabian played her evil vice principal.
Inigo: Yes.
grim squeaker: I think the role kind of carries over. Also, by now I'm wary of those older gents who are hot to younger women on this show; they usually turn out to be bad news.
Inigo: That's certainly true.
grim squeaker: So, experience tells me: Something's not right with this guy.
Inigo: I really have no bloody clue. Were we this rambling last year? I just feel like I've missed something important. Like, I never heard the buzzing last week.
grim squeaker: That's because there wasn't any buzzing to be heard. We were totally this rambling last year, and remember, we were completely on the wrong track then. Or, rather, we were on the right track, we were just drawing the wrong conclusions.
Inigo: There was. I went back. You can hear the buzzing. I thought at the time it was the track playing on the radio.
grim squeaker: Oh. Okay then. I guess that means that we overlook things. I don't think that is too unusual, but I also don't think that the mysteries really get solved by paying attention to those details.
Inigo: True. Season One was character-driven. Season Two was...something else. Chips!!!!
grim squeaker: Yay, chips.
Inigo: Do I run out and get them, or do I stop Darcy trying to eat my flowers. Decisions, decisions.
grim squeaker: Grab Darcy and run out, put Darcy down, get the chips, get back into the room, put the flowers out of reach, sit down and eat chips. Watch Darcy glower.
Inigo: Done. Now sitting with basket of chips.
grim squeaker: I get the distinct feeling our cats are bored. Kira just beat the crap out of my chair.
Inigo: Ladies and their cats on the internet. Vindication, Sorkin!
grim squeaker: Aww. *pets Aaron Sorkin* *watches Aaron Sorkin squirm as a crazy internet person touches him* *laughs at Aaron Sorkin*
Inigo: *eats chips and gets fatter*

Cat fight!

Inigo: So...is Kendall dead?
grim squeaker: The question is, is it important whether Kendall is dead or not? I mean, seriously. Last season, it may have made an impact, but this season... who is really interested in Kendall?
Inigo: Could be a long-term question.
grim squeaker: As for now, I consider Kendall to be dead; I mean, I'm sure she would have objected to Keith taking off with her Van Gogh afterwards.
Inigo: Oh, Keith thinks she's dead, no question but.... As for Cormac, didn't see a body there, either.
grim squeaker: And for the record, I watched this storyline three times, and it bored me so much, I didn't even get the connection between the bear trap, the pen, and Keith, and the bloodied picture and the Van Gogh until other people pointed it out to me. Geez. But seriously, what point would there be in pretending that those two were shot other than fooling the audience - who is probably little interested in Kendall and not interested in Cormac at all?
Inigo: I got the connections, but I agree it wasn't thrilling. I do wonder, though, if there's more to come. For example, the sheriff seemed none too impressed with Keith. I'm thinking if bodies do show up, Sheriff Clapton may be knocking on Keith's door.
grim squeaker: My own speculation about the relevance of this storyline is that it was meant to re-establish Liam's status as Neptune's evil gangster boss, and that's why big bro and his squeeze had to die.
Inigo: Or...maybe the whole thing was a Kendall/Cormac conspiracy. No, not Kendall/Cormac. Kendall/Liam.
grim squeaker: If it is a Kendall/Cormac conspiracy it makes no sense that Liam tortured and then shot Cormac, when no one was around to fool but the audience. As for a Kendall/Liam conspiracy, that would mean that Cormac indeed shot Kendall, so the whole theory is for naught. They probably didn't want to show the bodies because they didn't want to scare off the GG audience. I suppose Jason Beghe wouldn't look too pretty with his face shot off. It's not a conspiracy. It's just a badly written case.
Inigo: I'm not prepared to say that yet. We can't be sure Liam shot Cormac. He was angry and frustrated, yes, but, blood being thicker than water, he may have veered his hand at the last minute. But I think he's dead. But say Kendall and Liam wanted to be rid of Cormac for some reason.
grim squeaker: But Cormac shot Kendall!
Inigo: Cormac appeared to shoot Kendall. There was precious little blood.
grim squeaker: It's not relevant that we didn't see her corpse, if Liam and Kendall are in cahoots it means Cormac shot her for real, because there would be no reason for him to pretend!
Inigo: Keith is convinced that he did, and the painting being left behind would dampen any doubts.
grim squeaker: Why on earth would he try to convince Keith that he shot Kendall if she and Liam were in cahoots? I...do think you are trying to see a mystery where there is none.
Inigo: Cross and double cross. I am perfectly willing to admit that I'm seeing things that aren't there. But isn't that the point of speculating?
grim squeaker: No. Greed kills. Greed made Cormac kill Kendall, and then Stupidity made Cormac stumble into a f...rakking beartrap, and then Psychosis made Liam kill Cormac. I don't see the point of speculating about something for which I don't see any basis. As I said above, my speculation why this case was even around - other than giving Enrico Colantoni something to do and resolving last Season's cliffhanger - is that they needed to reintroduce Liam as a crazy badass. Mission accomplished.
Inigo: I will expect you to eat a small slice of humble pie if Kendall turns up alive and well in episode 321.
grim squeaker: I simply don't see why she should, you know, because I really think the only relevant character here is Liam, not Kendall or Cormac. And this is also very noir, because it means that no matter how good it looks for you, you'll lose. Which Kendall did. She died in a way like Amelia, because of greed and a lover's betrayal.
Inigo: I understand the meta-view. And it makes sense. And you may well be right. However, I don't think doors have been closed here.
grim squeaker: But you always think doors are still open....
Inigo: Yeah. Let me remind you...Veronica's rape. I have an open mind. It's why so much falls out.
grim squeaker: But that was dragged back for meta reasons, not because it was organic to the storyline.
Inigo: And it could be, because they left open doors. That's all I'm sayin'.
grim squeaker: Also, let me remind you of Clarence Wiedman, and The Case That Was Closed After All, i.e. Who Killed Amelia?
Inigo: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Still.... Hey, no fair dredging up season two, anyway. Despite the fact I started it.
grim squeaker: And they didn't really leave those doors open in my opinion, but that's a matter of perception. Also, we are griping, so let's move on, woman. Let S2 be S2. This is a whole new show, on a whole new network.

Nish's nape

Inigo: Move on to what? Is there anything else?
grim squeaker: Nope, not really, but that's still no reason to endlessly annoy people with pointless to-and-fro.
grim squeaker: We could speculate who Sylar is...okay, maybe not.
Inigo: We're no closer to the identity of the rapist. Basically, we suck.
grim squeaker: Ah, nonsense. We are both fairly convinced it's Moe; that's a good thing.
Inigo: I always worry when I'm convinced so early in the season. It's why having declared Beaver evil and having set up his father after 2.03, I stopped believing it.
grim squeaker: You see? Your instinct was right, so stick with it! And you have to keep in mind that virtually, we are much further down the season, because the mystery is shorter.
Inigo: Oh, Nish. I forgot. Well, as I said, Nancy implied there had been another victim before her and after Dawn and Stacy. I think that was probably Nish. It's not just the short hair. It's her agenda to bring down the Greeks.
grim squeaker: I think it's more the agenda, because while the appearance of female VM characters tends to veer to the femme side a lot, I'd still like to think that a few characters wear their hair short because it simply looks good. But you're right, it could be a plot point here.
Inigo: The agenda itself is interesting. She persuades Veronica to go against the Theta Betas because of four sources reporting that something evil goes on in the basement. Who are those four sources? The other rape victims? Also, why the sororities? I get that the fraternities can be seen as hotbeds of potential rapists, particularly after the exposure of the Pi Sigs' scoreboard, but the fact that Nish and Fern seem so keen to bring them all down smacks more of political motivation. Almost a transfer of the 09er/non-09er war to a new arena. Which may be their only point. So yes, Nish's hair may be personal style, but the timing makes it really plausible that she was a victim. Why are they so convinced that closing the Greek houses would expose the rapist or end the rapes?
grim squeaker: It could also be that they are disgruntled at the sororities because they consider them to be in league with the fraternities, whom they perceive as breeding grounds for rapists. They view the sorority girls as collaborators, as if they were traitors to their own gender, or at least to the women who were raped. And I suppose you are right, that the reason is political. The fraternities and sororities create an atmosphere in which misogynistic ideas can find a lot of ground, and that in turn helps the rapist to stay uncovered.
Inigo: Well, if they view all fraternity boys as rapists and all sorority girls as collaborators, they are blind and prejudiced.
grim squeaker: In that respect they are indeed parallel to 09er culture. The 09ers weren't all evil, yet they created the situation in which someone like Veronica could be raped without anyone even noticing. Same with the Greeks and the rape victims.
Inigo: Although I find that it is Nish and Fern who share the arrogance of the 09ers.
grim squeaker: Well, it's not all black and white, just because the girls perceive it from a critical point of view, they can still be prejudiced. And yes, I think that's the beauty of it, because in a way, they are right, but they are also short-sighted, which mirrors Veronica's view of the 09ers back in the previous seasons.
Inigo: Should I prepare for death threats? This is of the same ilk as saying that I don't believe every rape victim does and should react (or be shown to react) to their rape in the same way.
grim squeaker: I don't think it is of the same ilk, so don't worry. You're just saying that Nish and Fern are not totally right, and I think that view is accurate. I also think that the show tries to emphasize that Nish and Fern are not necessarily correct in their conclusions, even though they've certainly spotted some of the sources for the general problem, which is without a doubt the darker side of the frat boy culture. However, their perceptions are too simplistic, and thus they can't solve the problem.
Inigo: The political debate is probably the smokescreen. I suspect we will end up with something more mundane.
grim squeaker: Or rather they have the wrong solution to the problem. They won't dissolve the fraternities; they are obviously too powerful. Striking an alliance with the sororities might be a better solution. Even striking an alliance with some of the more reasonable frat boys. Yes, I think it will be something else, too, but I think the political debate definitely has relevance. It's this season's social critique, and if you keep in mind how colleges and sexual politics have been on the radar lately, they are pretty up-to-date in this.
Inigo: Agreed.
grim squeaker: So, I would agree that the rape won't have a political solution, but I don't think the show dismisses the political debate. I simply hope they won't drop it as unceremoniously as they dropped last year's class war.
Inigo: Oh, so agreed.

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