2.22 "Not Pictured"

Aired May 09, 2006


This is the end, or so it's penned
This is the end, my only friend
The end of Beav's elaborate plans
The end of everything that stands
The end

After Graduation Day, it finally comes to an end. Keith teams up with Vinnie Van Lowe to catch Woody Goodman, who still insists that he didn't blow up the bus. He's right, too: Veronica finds the picture of his Little League team and the one member not pictured...Cassidy Casablancas. Turns out our sweet Beaver isn't so sweet, but quite messed up. Veronica confronts him on the rooftop and it all comes down to this. He confesses everything, but Logan stops him from killing Veronica, so Cassidy leaps to his death.

It hurts to set you free
But you'll never follow me

Weevil is arrested. Jackie's been living a lie and finally tells the truth to Wallace. Kendall inherits millions from the Phoenix Land Trust. Clarence Wiedman kills Aaron on orders from Duncan. And it ends with Kendall making Keith an offer he can't refuse and Veronica's waiting, waiting, waiting.

The end of laughter and soft lies
The end of nights we tried to die


Important Parts

  • Veronica is getting ready for graduation. She dreams that her mom is back home and happy with Keith, she never met Wallace before, she's dating Logan. Duncan is there, and Lilly is there as well.

  • Weevil is arrested for connection with Thumper's murder before he can walk across the stage to graduate. Alicia is there to see Wallace graduate. Veronica receives a big round of applause when her name is called.

  • Wallace flies to Paris to find Jackie. In the meantime, Veronica tracks Jackie down in New York City.

  • Veronica tells Jackie to tell Wallace the truth while he's on a layover at JFK. Jackie tells Wallace that her mom isn't a model, and she is the result of a one night stand between her mother and Terrence. Jackie got into trouble with drugs and alcohol and also has a son. She was sent to live with her father to straighten out her life while her mother raised her son. She realized that she had to be in her son's life, and so she says goodbye to Wallace.

  • Mr. Manning offers a reward for finding Woody Goodman. Keith tracks Woody down with Vinnie Van Lowe's help, and he has him arrested. Woody denies causing the bus crash.

  • Veronica is trying to find all of the members of Woody's Little League team. While trying to trace one more boy, she sees that Cassidy Casablancas wasn't pictured in that photo.

  • During the graduation after-party, Beaver and Mac go up to his hotel room.

  • Veroncia tries to call Mac but doesn't get a response. She texts Mac that Beaver is the killer, but Beaver intercepts the message while Mac is in the shower. Impersonating Mac, he texts Veronica back and tells her to meet him on the roof.

  • Beaver sees the text, grabs a gun, and goes to the roof. There he asks Veronica what she knows. Veronica tells him that she knows Beaver was molested by Woody. Peter and Marcos wanted to tell people, but Beaver did not. He used explosives from Curly Moran to put on the bus and then set it off when they were in the limo. He convinced the bikers that Curly caused the crash after hearing Cervando brag about getting money from the Fitzpatricks. After Weevil beat up Curly, Beaver finished him off by hitting him with his car. He wrote Veronica's name on Curly's hand to divert the investigation and dumped Curly off a cliff into the water.

  • Veronica also realizes that Beaver really raped her at Shelly Pomroy's party, when she finds out that Woody had chlamydia too.

  • Beaver sets off a bomb in the plane bringing Keith and Woody back to Neptune. He's about to kill Veronica, but Logan stops him. Logan and Veronica both attack Beaver at different times, until Veronica gets Beaver's gun. She almost shoots Beaver but is stopped by Logan. Beaver jumps off the building and kills himself.

  • Veronica finds Mac in the hotel room. Mac, crying, says that Beaver took her clothes and everything. She wants to know why. Veronica hugs her.

  • Kendall isn't able to collect Beaver's life insurance because his death was a suicide, however, she is listed as the owner of the Phoenix Land Trust Company and that is now worth over eight million dollars.

  • Keith wasn't on the plane because Lamb didn't want him to be there when the press showed up.

  • Kendall and Aaron have sex, and while she is somewhere else in the hotel suite, Clarence Weidman shoots Aaron. Clarence calls Duncan and tells him that the job is done.

  • Keith and Veronica are supposed to go to NYC for a week together after graduation. Logan will take her to the airport, and she and Logan kiss in the lobby outside Mars Investigations before she leaves.

  • Kendall tells Keith that she needs him to do something for her right away. She shows him a briefcase that contains something that interests and surprises Keith.

  • Veronica waits at the airport for Keith, who doesn't show up.


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