2.22 "Not Pictured"

Aired May 09, 2006

Cultural References

Santa Claus (Religion, Folklore, and Urban Legends)
Easter Bunny (Religion, Folklore, and Urban Legends)

"There is neither a Santa Claus nor an Easter Bunny, and there are no angels watching over us."

It's slightly worrying if you don't know who Santa is, but for those Scrooges amongst us who bury their head in the snow come Christmas time – he's a well-know figure based on Saint Nicholas. He's known for flying around the world on a sleigh, going down chimneys, and leaving presents in stockings for children, which strangely enough is judged as admirable rather than stalkerish. The Easter Bunny, meanwhile, is known for hiding chocolate eggs around the house and garden on Easter morning. After a disillusioned Veronica hears the verdict to Aaron's trial, she declares that neither Santa nor Bunny exist, which will probably be a shock to the two pre-schoolers actually watching this show. Personally, we think she'll take it all back when she gets a lump of coal in her stocking at Christmas or doesn't receive any eggs, so don't worry, kids, fairy tales do come true! Just think of the girl whose hair was braided by cartoon birds... Oh. Right. Damn.

World's tiniest violin (Words, Sayings, and Slogans)

"I risk my life to bring a fugitive to justice and you're giving me world's tiniest violin."

Picture this – the love of the protagonist's life lies dying in their arms, and the haunting melody of the violins accompanies this heartbreaking scene. Compare this to the opposite end of the spectrum where the world's tiniest violin plays. Kinda takes the emotion away, doesn't it? It indicates they simply don't care — just like Keith doesn't care about Vinnie's plight.

Google Earth (Places)

"I checked Google Earth. Satellite photos show a landing strip and a building big enough to hold a plane."

A program launched by Google in 2005, showing satellite images of...Earth. Yes, it's that one time where the gift wrap isn't prettier than the package.

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Close your eyes and think of England (Words, Sayings, and Slogans)

"Beaver got us a room at the Neptune Grand for tonight."
"Any advice?"
"Close your eyes and think of England?"

For each of their wedding nights, Queen Victoria famously gave her daughters this advice; popular interpretations range from, "Think of England so you'll conceive a son," to, "Think of something nice until it's over." Gee, in hindsight it almost seems like Veronica's psychic, doesn't it?

Happy Days (TV)

"I can't decide if my life is going to be easier or more difficult with you gone. Anything I should know in case I get another one like you someday?"
"Don't keep all your passwords taped on the bottom of your stapler. And stay cool, Mr. C."

Happy Days centered on a middle-class '50s American family, the Cunninghams, and their son's friend, the super-cool Fonzie. The long-running TV show has contributed more to popular culture then most, primarily for its weak plot of having Fonzie jump over a shark swimming in a pool on his moterbike has become the standard by which shows are said to have run out of creativity. Fonzie often said to the bemused father of the family, "Stay cool, Mr. C." Veronica graduates Neptune High and says a fond farewell to her Mr C., fans hope there is no jumping of sharks in her future.

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"Rapper's Delight" (Music)

"We're gonna up chuck the boogie to rhythm of the boogie the beat."
"Up chuck?"
"You heard me."

I said a hip hop a hippie to the hippie
To the hip hip hop, you don't stop
A-rockin' to the bang bang boogy say upchuck the boogy,
To the rhythm of the boogity beat.

Sugarhill Gang became a one-hit wonder in 1979 with their song "Rapper's Delight." That song is known for being the first hip hop single to reach the Top 40. Dick is more than excited about the graduation party, but Veronica has understandable doubts about the up chucking.

Alfred Hitchcock (Movies, People)

The shocking, emotional impact of Veronica realizing who caused the bus crash and who actually raped her on that fateful night at Shelley's party is made palpable for the viewer by using a highly distorting visual effect. Known as the dolly zoom, this filming technique plays on the audience's perception by rapidly closing in on a subject or person, while at the same time pulling the camera away or vice versa, thus giving the impression of the world literary shrinking away as the focused character realizes that nothing is like she expected it to be. It was popularized by Alfred Hitchcock, who famously employed it in Vertigo; as a notorious lover of blonde heroines in desperate situations, he certainly would have approved of its use on Veronica here.

Who's Who bio: Alfred Hitchcock
Hart Hanson (People)

"A listing for Hart Hanson?"

Hart Hanson was a writer and co-executive producer on Rob Thomas's short-lived but well-loved show Cupid. We're assuming the Neptune High student Hart Hanson is named after said writer. We could be wrong though. Maybe it's just an amazing coincidence that a character on VM and a writer on Cupid have the same name...and that Jackie TiVoed Cupid...and that Wallace attended Trevor Hale High...

Who's Who bio: Hart Hanson
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Ghost World (Literature, Movies)
Dungeons and Dragons (Sports, Games and Toys)

"I think he took Ghost World up to his room. They're probably up there making love. Or playing Dungeons and Dragons. Or both, at the same time."

Ghost World is a 2001 cult film based on a comic book about two outsiders in High School. One of the girls, Enid, is played by Thora Birch, an former child star and actress with more than a passing resemblance to Mac's own performer, Tina Majorino. While fans are still pondering how Dick managed to grasp Ghost World, it seems far less doubtful that he might have played Dungeons and Dragons, the mother of all pen and paper role-playing games — can't you just see him swinging that D20+2 battle axe with orc slayer bonus?

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King of the Mountain (Movies)

A 1981 movie starring Aaron Echolls, played by a real movie starring Aaron actor Harry Hamlin. It's about a group of friends racing up and down a dangerous mountain, to see who can claim the title of King of the Mountain — which basically makes it like Cats, only with bikes and less furballs.

The CW (TV)

"It's a done deal."

In 2006, the American TV networks UPN and The WB announced they were merging into one – The CW. It was unknown for a long time which shows they would be taken with them, and Veronica Mars was a show in doubt. In the last episode of season two, Duncan ordered Clarence Weidman to kill his sister's murderer, Aaron Echolls. After the deed, C.W. phoned Duncan to tell him it was a done deal. In May, the CW announced that the VM renewal was indeed a done deal. Whew!

Michelangelo's Pieta (Art)

After Veronica believes Keith was blown to smithereens by that vengeful little imp Beaver, she falls asleep in Logan's arms, putting them in a position that not only echoes Veronica holding Logan similarly in 2.01 "Normal Is the Watchword," but also clearly references the famous pietà of Michelangelo, making this either a striking visual metaphor for Veronica's desperation and Logan's support, a clever comparison between the two characters and their respective emotional state in the season premiere and finale, or one of the most awkward and uncomfortable looking symbolic imagery two actors were forced to present on the show yet.

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"New York, New York" (Music)
Donald Trump (People)

"I can feel it already. The little town blues are melting away. You all packed?"
"Vagabond shoes and all. And pepper spray, for if we run into that Trump character."

The Marses gets their script from the lyrics of "New York, New York," most famously sung by Frank Sinatra. Keith and Veronica are obviously looking forward to their trip to New York. If only they knew what was coming. What they sincerely hope is not coming is Donald Trump, a famous American business executive and entrepreneur. He recently heightened his fame by taking part in the reality TV show The Apprentice. He heightened his hair by means unknown to man. (That, of course, is if it is hair. The jury's still out.) Veronica doesn't seem to be a fan when she suggests they take pepper spray for in case they meet him.

Who's Who bio: Donald Trump
Little Orphan Annie (Characters)

"How'd he take, um...what happened."
"Shrugs it off. Calls himself Little Orphan Annie...which I think means badly."

Little Orphan Annie is not, as one might think, a nickname for the young Anakin Skywalker, but rather a comic heroine originating in the 1920s, who possesses a trusty nature, an unruly mop of red curls, and a benevolent capitalist caretaker named "Daddy Warbucks." Her comic strip remained popular for over 50 years and spawned several film versions and a Broadway musical, which delighted or scarred numerous children of all ages. We like to think that it is the version of the latter starring Sarah Jessica Parker as the little tyke that inspired Logan to compare her situation to his own after Aaron is murdered, and we can only hope that he'll one day follow up his analysis with a nice rendition of one of Annie's musical numbers. Maybe "Tomorrow?"

Carol Channing (People)

"I should get my autograph book. Carol Channing's still alive, isn't she?"

Who would have thought that Keith and Logan actually have something in common other than loving Veronica? Always one to surprise, Keith reveals an as yet unknown interest in more mature women when he expresses his desire of getting Broadway star Carol Channing's autograph. Sadly enough, the raspy-voiced octogenarian, who is most famous for successfully playing the leading roles in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Hello, Dolly before Marilyn Monroe and Babra Streisand did, will likely not succumb to Keith's considerable charms, as she is already quite taken with the man who used to be her high school sweetheart — and really, who would want to repeat that experience, even for an Oscar winner?

Who's Who bio: Carol Channing
Norman Rockwell (People)

"No, no. Hold that position. Norman Rockwell wants to come in and paint you two."

When Kendall advises lovebirds Veronica and Logan to hold still and wait for 20th century painter Norman Rockwell to copy their pose, she reveals herself to be one of those critics who think his idealized renditions of American life are nothing but sentimental drivel. We are reasonably convinced, though, that despite Rockwell's debated artistic merits, many Logan fans would give several limbs to see their boy featured on a very special version of "Freedom to Worship." What a relief, therefore, that the late Rockwell can't very well take up Kendall's threat.

Who's Who bio: Norman Rockwell
Bye Bye Birdie (Plays)

"Did he pin on his pin or was he too shy?"

Kendall proves to be quite the fountain of pop culture knowledge when she accosts Logan and Veronica in the hallway of Mars Investigations, quoting lyrics from "The Telephone Hour," a song depicting small-town teen gossip concerning two of the main characters in Bye Bye Birdie. Being less savvy in '60s musical speech than the devious Mrs. C., I can only guess that pinning on one's pin unless one's too shy means something far less dirty than my corrupted mind wants to imply — but judging from what these writers usually pull off, one can't be too sure.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV)
Angel (TV)

"Yeah, I didn't know you could come out during daylight hours."

Likening Kendall to the famously sun-avoiding creatures of the night is not only Logan's way of dissing his former lover's less lovable personality traits in front of his once and current girlfriend, it's also a not-so-subtle shout-out to Charisma Carpenter's most famous role to date as the fabulous Cordelia Chase on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it's spin-off show, Angel.
Both created by Joss Whedon, Buffy set out to turn the tried and tired horror film trope of blonde chicks as victims on its head, while Angel strived to prove that dark, pale, and broody guys in leather are really, really hot. Each of them succeeded in a fashion, even if we are still vainly trying to erase Angel's rendition of "Mandy" — and his dancing skills — from our collective brains. Pass the bleach, please...

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