2.22 "Not Pictured"

Aired May 09, 2006


Outside the court: Aaron comes out of court as the media ask him how it feels to be acquitted. He says he feels relieved. Veronica looks on from the crowd. Keith pulls her away. Aaron poses, making victory signs.

Mars Investigations: That same pose is on the front page of the newspaper at which Veronica is staring. Keith takes the newspaper from her, telling her that they will not obsess over it: it's done and they have lives. Keith says Aaron will get his own justice. Veronica asks if Keith really thinks that. He protests that he does and that they have a business to run. Keith takes the newspaper into his office and begins to read it. Veronica gets a fax and goes into Keith's office, catching him. She tells him that Meg's dad is offering twenty grand to catch Woody Goodman. Keith doesn't want to go after Woody; he wants to see Veronica graduate. Veronica points out that Woody blew up the bus and molested children.

Java the Hut: Veronica sits next to Wallace, who is looking depressed. She says she thought he was prepared for Jackie leaving. He tells her that Jackie just left a note that said that she was afraid that if she saw Wallace, she wouldn't be able to leave. Sympathetic, Veronica advises her friend to eat the free cake she has provided. Veronica excuses herself to speak to a boy who has entered. The boy, Johnny Ludden, asks about the free gelato Veronica used to entice him there. She asks Johnny if he's the one pictured in the Little League photo, and he says that he is. The photo has names handwritten on a number of the team members, although not all.

Mars' apartment: Veronica arrives home just as the phone rings. She answers. She passes the phone to Keith, telling him that it is Vinnie Van Lowe. Keith makes a face.

Neptune: Vinnie asks Keith if he knows about the bounty on Woody. Keith confirms that he does. Vinnie points out that a lot of people will be out looking for Woody and offers to team up with Keith and split the cash. Keith points out that Vinnie was caught on camera breaking into Woody's house. Vinnie steps forward, revealing that he's in a prison cell. Vinnie says that he has all of Woody's records. Vinnie wants to split the money 60/40. Keith agrees to a 50/50 split if the records pan out, but he says that he won't go after Woody until after Veronica has graduated.

Mars Investigations: Veronica and Keith go through Woody's files. Veronica says Woody has ten credit cards in different corporate names. Keith comes across an entry in Woody's medical files. Woody was treated twice for chlamydia. Keith jokes that the information wasn't part of Woody's campaign while Veronica looks perturbed. Keith also reads that Woody has a heart condition. Keith decides on a strategy for catching Woody, based on the information that Woody needs to take a pill every day. Keith asks Veronica if she can find out Gia's cell-phone code, because he wants to forward Gia's calls through Woody's lawyer, who is an old college buddy of Woody's. Veronica says she can guarantee the code hasn't changed from the factory default.

Dream: Mars' residence: The world has a pale tint as Veronica's alarm beeps at 6:30 a.m. Veronica pulls a pillow over her head. There is a knock on her door. Lianne walks in cheerfully with an armful of clothes. She tells Veronica to get up — her big day is finally here. Veronica walks into the kitchen (not the Mars family's current home; this is much nicer) in a gorgeous dress. Keith is sitting at the table in his sheriff's uniform. Lianne puts pancakes on Veronica's plate and tells her to eat up: San Diego State won't feed her as well. Keith pulls Lianne onto his lap as Veronica stares at them. Keith jokes that Veronica is going to say she just gagged in her mouth or tell them to get a room, but Veronica says it's nice. Lianne touches Veronica's forehead, checking to see if her daughter is okay. Veronica asks Keith how the sheriff's business is going and he says it's going well: they have Otis in cell one and Lamb has to wear the Clete the Crime-Fighting Canine costume to all the elementary schools for the week. Keith laughs. Lianne sits back on her husband's lap and warns Veronica not to run off with "that boy" after the ceremony because they want to take pictures. Lianne goes to take a picture and the scene changes to...

Dream: Neptune High: A student takes her own picture. All the students are in green graduation gowns. Veronica walks over to where Logan, Duncan, and Dick are sitting. She says she has been given the wrong gown. Logan asks how she can tell. Veronica says it has someone else's name on it. Dick cuts in to share the fact that he is going commando. Veronica asks if any of them know Wallace Fennel, mispronouncing "Fennel." Duncan says Wallace is in his PE class and is an awesome baller who works at the Sac-n-Pac. Dicks tell her that the Sac-n-Pac got held up, and that the robbers forced Wallace into the freezer, where he got frostbite. Duncan says Wallace lost three fingers. Veronica is appalled, and Duncan and Dick break into laughter. Logan stands up and says that he loves her, but that she has to be the most gullible girl he's ever met. He kisses her. Veronica protests that she's trusting. Duncan points out Wallace. Veronica approaches him and tells him she has his gown. Wallace says that must make her Veronica Mars. He asks if she's looking forward to graduating, and she says she guesses but that school has been a blast. Wallace responds that she's "one of those." Veronica asks what he means. He says he meant nothing and to have a good life. He adds that he's sure she will and walks away. Veronica turns and spots Lilly by the memorial fountain in the wall. They hug. Veronica asks Lilly to tell her everything, especially about her new guy. Lilly says the guy is gone because they had a disagreement about fooling around with his ex. Veronica begins to get angry on Lilly's behalf when Lilly points out that she was the one fooling around with her boyfriend's ex. Veronica looks shocked, and Lilly says she thought guys would dig that. Veronica pulls a face, and Lilly points out that it is college, so it's expected and that Veronica will see. Veronica smiles and says it's really good to see Lilly. Lilly turns to look at the fountain again, asking why there is a memorial dedicated to her. Then she asks if Veronica can smell bacon.

Mars' apartment: Keith knocks on Veronica's door, telling her to get up because they have a lot to do, and he's making breakfast.

Neptune: From his car, Keith watches Woody's lawyer arrive at his office. Keith tells the person at the other end of his cell phone call to get ready. The lawyer, Bill Lee, is greeted by his secretary with the message that he is to call Gia Goodman on her cell. Lee calls Gia. Veronica answers in a dumb girl voice. She tells Lee that she's trying to get in touch with her dad, who didn't leave a forwarding address. Veronica-as-Gia tells the lawyer that the Goodmans got a call from Woody's doctor. The upshot is that Woody has to take double the number of his pills. Lee says that he'll see what he can do. He dials another number, asking to leave a message for a Mr. Underhill. Keith, sitting outside with a receiver, picks up the phone's tones and converts them into a number.

Neptune High: graduation: The gym is beginning to fill with students in green gowns. A massive yellow and green balloon arch stretches across the front. Veronica and Keith walk in together. Keith tells her the lawyer dialed a number for Quail Creek Lodge in Nevada, a hunting ranch for rich people. Keith checked Google Earth. There is a landing strip and a building big enough to hold Woody's plane. Keith adds that he will leave after graduation and goes to take his seat. Weevil shows his grandmother and two small children to their seats. Veronica watches them and smiles. The students take their seats and the band plays "Pomp and Circumstance." Clemmons calls up different students, including Wallace. Alicia stands, clapping, and Veronica whoops from her seat. Mac reaches behind the boy who sits between them and taps Veronica on the shoulder to tell her that Beaver rented a room at the Neptune Grand for the night. Mac asks for advice. Veronica jokes that Mac should close her eyes and think of England. Mac glares and Veronica tells her to just relax. The row in which they sit stands up to make their way to the stage when Lamb and a deputy walk in. Veronica watches in shock as the law officers approach Weevil and arrest him for the murder of Thumper. Weevil pleads for ten more minutes because he just wants to graduate. Lamb is having none of it and wants him to be taken now. Weevil pulls away from the deputy trying to cuff him. Lamb, reaching for his gun, says they can do this the hard way. Weevil looks over at his grandmother and then lets himself be cuffed and taken away. Veronica looks on sadly. Mac is called up, and Beaver and Dick, who are in the audience, clap for her. Veronica's name is called, and Keith leaps to his feet, cheering loudly. The entire class cheers for her as Veronica gapes at them in shock. Mac, Wallace, and Logan are all shown clapping for her. Clemmons puts his hand over the microphone and asks Veronica if she was expecting another reaction. He adds he doesn't know if his life will be easier or more difficult with her gone and asks for advice in case he gets another one like her. Veronica tells him not to keep all his passwords taped to the bottom of his stapler. She moves her tassel to the other side and tells him to stay cool.

Neptune High: post-graduation: Veronica and Keith meet outside. Keith hands her an envelope. She shakes it, rattles it, and smells it before excitedly declaring it to be a pony. Keith laughs. Veronica opens the envelope to find two tickets to New York. They joke about the different places they want to visit, and then they hug. Veronica tells Keith to go and catch Woody — it gives her the creeps just thinking he's out there. Keith leaves and Dick comes up behind Veronica, slapping her on the ass. Dick tells her to put on her dancing shoes for the party tonight. Veronica walks to her car, shedding her robe to reveal a black dress. Alicia suddenly appears, asking if Veronica knew about the letter Wallace left on Alicia's windshield. Wallace has gone to Paris to look for Jackie. Veronica says she didn't know his plans.

Brooklyn, New York: Jackie enters Brooklyn Dan's, a coffee shop, with a small toddler by her side. The child shouts "Mommy" and runs to the woman who is working behind the counter. The woman tells Jackie that she's late. Jackie asks the woman, her mother, to cut her some slack because Jackie's only been back for two days. Jackie's mom tells Jackie that she's not in Terrance Cook's fantasy world anymore. The phone rings. It's for Jackie. Jackie takes the phone. Veronica asks why there is no "bonjour." Jackie asks how Veronica knew. Veronica tells her that her GPA was too low for the Sorbonne, and her job skills were too good for her to have never been in the service industry before. Jackie says that she may have lied about her life, but that she never lied about her feelings for Wallace. Veronica tells Jackie that Wallace is on his way to Paris to see her, but there is a layover at JFK airport. If Jackie hurries, she can meet him.

Neptune Grand: Aaron greets Logan at the reception desk. Logan asks why Aaron is there. Aaron says he needs a place to stay. He asks how the rooms are. Logan comments that they are probably an improvement from Aaron's last digs, but that it might be weird because none of the other guests killed anyone. Aaron tells Logan that he should be nicer to Aaron. Logan angrily asks if it's because Aaron beat a murder rap and suddenly want to become his father again. Aaron says he never stopped being Logan's father, but the reason is that Aaron has the purse strings again, which means that Logan is dependent on him.

Quail Creek Lodge: In his room, Woody is watching The Dukes of Hazzard on TV. He gets up to go to the bathroom. Standing at the toilet, he is concerned to notice the open window in the bathroom. Keith suddenly jumps out from where he is hiding in the shower. Woody throws a large deer head at him, which Keith evades. Woody tries to escape out of the window, when Keith tasers him to the floor. Keith calls for the local sheriff. Later, Woody is sitting outside, handcuffed on a bench as policemen mill around. Keith tells Woody that he knows Woody used him: Woody set up the scene with the girl in the motel so that he could kill incorporation and keep his special secrets hidden. Woody begins to plead with Keith, saying that he didn't crash the bus because he could never hurt the children. Keith suggests that the welfare of children doesn't rate high with Woody. Woody attempts to justify himself, saying that it wasn't like that and that the boys' fathers ignored them and mistreated them. Woody was there for them, to listen and to care about them. Keith is disgusted. A police officer tells Keith that they are ready.

Mars' apartment: Veronica answers her phone, asking if Keith caught Woody. Keith says that they are loading Woody onto his own private plane. He adds that as soon as the pilot arrives, they will all be homeward bound. Veronica asks if Woody confessed to the bus crash. Keith replies in the negative and says that they will need more evidence. Veronica says that she is still trying to find the identity of the last kid on the tape. She explains that she has identified everyone in the photograph except one boy. She thinks she knows where she can go to do so. The pilot having arrived, Keith tells Veronica that he will be late getting home and not to wait up. They end the call, and Keith boards the plane.

Woody's Burgers: Veronica pulls up outside one of Woody's fast food burger joints. She enters and goes over to a display of Little League pictures. She finds the right team and checks the caption. The unidentified boy is named Derek Applegate. Veronica wonders who he is and where he is now. Then she notices the last line of the caption. It reads "Not Pictured: Cassidy Casablancas." Things click into place, and Veronica is shocked. Moments later, Veronica is in the bathroom. She may have been sick. She looks panicked and flushed and rinses her face. She then rushes out to her car. She calls Mac.

Neptune Grand: party: There is a party going on. Beaver and Mac walk through it, and Mac doesn't hear her phone ringing.

Woody's Burgers: Veronica leaves Mac a message: Beaver is dangerous and Mac should get away from him. Veronica asks Mac to call her back as soon as she can.

Neptune Grand: party: Dick chants as Beaver chugs back a beer. Beaver asks Mac if she wants to go and check out the room. Mac jokes about his liquid courage. Beaver tells her that there is nothing up there that he's afraid of. As they leave the party, Corny tells them that Keith has captured Woody and is flying him back to Neptune on his own plane.

Neptune Grand: Beaver's hotel room: The covers on the bed move as Mac's phone vibrates uselessly on the side table.

Neptune Grand: party: Veronica hurries through the party looking for Mac and Beaver. She spots Logan and asks if he has seen the pair anywhere. Logan says that they were there earlier. He asks what's wrong and Veronica is just about to tell him when Dick appears. Veronica pauses and then asks Dick where Beaver is. Dick reckons that Beaver took Mac upstairs to have sex or play Dungeons and Dragons, possibly at the same time. Veronica hurries off, and Logan stares after her, concerned.

Neptune Grand: Beaver's hotel room: Beaver lies in the bed, fairly distraught. Mac lies next to him. She tells him not to worry about it because they have all night, and she's having a good time. Mac tells Beaver that she is going to hop into the shower, and then they can head back down to the party.

Neptune Grand: reception: Veronica asks the receptionist which room Beaver is in. The receptionist won't reveal the information and suggests that she puts a call through to him instead. That doesn't work because there is a Do Not Disturb message on the room. Veronica, in something of a panic, texts Mac.

Neptune Grand: Beaver's hotel room: Beaver sits shirtless and ripped on the bed, waiting for Mac. He hears her phone beep and picks it up. The text message advises Mac to get away from Beaver because he's a killer and that Veronica is in the lobby. Beaver shoots a dark look towards the bathroom and then pulls a gun out of his bag.

Neptune Grand: reception: Veronica receives a text message telling her to meet Mac on the roof.

Neptune Grand: elevator: Veronica hurries into the elevator, looking only at the message. The doors close. She is shocked when she suddenly realizes that she is not alone. Aaron, carrying a bottle of brandy and a couple of glasses, says hello. He tells her not to be surprised; it's a small town. Aaron enjoys telling Veronica how much he likes his freedom. Veronica snaps back that Lilly liked it too and it's a bummer he murdered her. Aaron says that he can see why the two of them were such good friends — they both speak their minds. He adds that what might have been the best part about the day he smashed Lilly's head in with the ashtray was that she finally shut the hell up. The elevator dings and Aaron's demeanor changes from threatening to affable. He exits, telling Veronica to have a nice night.

Neptune Grand: roof: Veronica rushes out onto the roof, calling Mac's name. Beaver answers from behind Veronica. She asks where Mac is. Beaver says that Mac has gone to a better place, and she never got Veronica's message. He steps out of the shadows, holding a gun. He asks Veronica to throw him her bag. When she hesitates, he shouts his demand. She does as he asks. Beaver pulls out the taser, before throwing her bag to the side. He says she has made a serious accusation and asks what she knows. Veronica says that she knows Beaver played for the same Little League team as Marcos and Peter, and that Woody molested all three of them.

Flashback: classroom: Peter and Marcos are trying to convince Beaver to come forward. The students around them are reciting French lessons and recording them. Peter says that some of the Sharks had to have known about the abuse because things like this don't remain secret. Beaver asks if they really want people to know about it, and Peter says that "he" is a pervert and that what he did was wrong. The computer next to them is recording their conversation. Beaver pleads with them not to drag him into it, and Carlos tells him that he's already in it and that he'll thank them later.

Neptune Grand: roof: Veronica says Beaver was scared they were going to tell, so they had to die. She guesses he got the explosives from Curly.

Flashback: Neptune High parking lot: Beaver and Hart are talking. She says she spoke to Hart, and he said that Beaver worked on his war movies with him. Beaver was in charge of blowing things up.

Neptune Grand: roof: Veronica says Hart told her that Beaver knew a guy that taught him how to deal with explosives: his dad's mechanic.

Flashback: Neptune: The limo follows the school bus. Dick teases Duncan, and Duncan ribs him back. Some random 09ers laugh. Beaver, unnoticed by all, hits send on his phone, and there is a loud explosion.

Neptune Grand: roof: Veronica continues, saying that Curly told Weevil that he knew who blew up the bus. Curly had figured it out. Beaver knew that Cervando was bragging about hustling Liam Fitzpatrick, so he convinced the PCHers that Curly blew up the bus.

Flashback: The Roadhog: The PCHers beat up Curly as Beaver watches from his car. A PCHer steps towards him, and he turns on the engine and lights. The PCHers run off. Beaver speeds towards Curly, who is trying to get up, and knocks him onto the front of the car. Beaver gets out of the car, and Veronica says that he wanted to focus the investigation in a new direction, and he knew she was a key witness in the Aaron Echolls' trial. Beaver writes Veronica Mars across Curly's hand and drives him off the cliff.

Neptune Grand: roof: Veronica says that Beaver didn't hire him to catch Kendall cheating on his dad: he knew what Big Dick was up to and wanted to punish him for the way he treated Beaver. Beaver tells her she was marvelous. Veronica asks him how she got chlamydia. Woody was treated for it, and then she ended up with it. She says that at Shelly Pomroy's party, sophomore year, Beaver told her that Dick had pushed him into a room with her after she had been roofied. She says he didn't run out like he told her he did; he wanted to prove he was a man.

Flashback: Shelly Pomroy's party: Veronica is lying unconscious on the bed. Veronica says it was easy with her unconscious — he could imagine whatever it is he needed to imagine. He begins to unbuckle his belt.

Neptune Grand: roof: Beaver laughs while Veronica cries out that he raped her. Beaver says that Dick still thinks he's a virgin. Beaver says he knows how to keep a secret, and Veronica says that's what this is all about, but she knows now. Beaver points out she won't be telling anyone, and she says she already told her dad. Beaver says that's too bad, because he's on Woody's plane with him. He says he has no more use for Woody. He asks if she heard about the bomb on Woody's car. There's one on his plane and all he has to do is dial. Beaver asks if she wants to call her dad and say goodbye before he presses send. Veronica freezes until he starts counting down, and Veronica quickly dials, listening in growing horror as Keith doesn't answer and pleads with him to pick up. Beaver shrugs and presses send, and there is a huge noise from behind them as the plane explodes in the sky over Neptune. Veronica drops to her knees, crying, and Beaver crouches down next to her. He flippantly says sorry, then asks for a favor — now that Veronica has nothing to live for, would she mind rolling off the roof? He really doesn't want her DNA on his shirt. As he speaks, Veronica moves her hand over to her phone.

Neptune Grand: Logan's suite: Logan is crouched by his refrigerator as his phone beeps. He pulls it out and reads the text message from someone, asking him to come to the roof.

Neptune Grand: roof: On the roof, Beaver admires Veronica's taser. He asks her if she ever thinks how it feels to be tasered, before tasering her in the arm. He says they're Neptune Pirates, and instead of jabbing her with his sword as she walks the plank, he's putting three hundred thousand volts through her. He jabs it in her side, and she pleads with him to stop as she falls forward. She rolls onto her back, and as Beaver points the gun at her, he asks her why she couldn't do this the easy way. He tells her Aaron is staying there and wonders if he could get Aaron convicted for her murder. Logan comes onto the roof and screams no. Beaver turns and shoots at him as Logan dives out of the way. Beaver shoots again as Veronica tackles him to the floor. She struggles to get the gun from him before he shoves her off. He stands just as Logan tackles him to the ground, sending the gun spinning off. They struggle, and Beaver tasers Logan. Suddenly a loud gunshot goes off. They stop to look at Veronica, who points the gun back at Beaver, telling Logan to move away. Logan tells her not to shoot, and she screams that Beaver killed her father. Logan pleads with her to give him the gun, and she tells him Beaver killed everyone on the bus and that he raped her. Logan turns to look at Beaver before looking back at Veronica. He tells her that she isn't a killer and asks her to give him the gun. He edges closer as she cries. Finally she lets him take it. He pulls her into his arms, and she cries against his chest. Beaver climbs up the railings to the edge of the roof, and Logan shouts for him to stop. Beaver turns around and shouts that his name is Cassidy. Logan again tells him not to jump, calling him Cassidy this time, and Beaver asks why he shouldn't. Both Logan and Veronica look at him, unable to give him any reason. Beaver says that's what he thought, as he steps backwards. A car alarm begins to go off as Veronica walks over to Logan, and he pulls her into his arms again. Veronica remembers Mac.

Neptune Grand: Beaver's hotel room: Veronica, Logan, and a hotel employee enter the room, and Veronica runs over to find Mac huddled in the corner, crying, wrapped in a shower curtain. The bedsheets and towels are gone. Mac says that Beaver took her clothes; he took everything, and Veronica pulls her tightly into a hug as Mac sobs in confusion.

Neptune Grand: Aaron's suite: Aaron and Kendall lie on the sofa together, post-coital. Aaron says how much he enjoys freedom. Kendall says there will be no more "freedom"ing tonight and leaves to take a shower. Aaron flicks through the channels on the TV and finds one of his old movies on. He admires himself as someone steps up behind him and shoots him in the head. His blood splatters over the TV screen, and the camera pans up to reveal Clarence Wiedman.

Mollymook, Australia: Duncan sits on a warm, sunny beach with baby Lilly. His phone rings and he greets "CW." Wiedman, getting in the elevator at the Neptune Grand, tells him it's a done deal. He pulls the cap off the security camera as he leaves.

JFK Airport: Wallace is looking at the arrivals/departures screens when Jackie comes up behind him. They hug. She tells him she has to tell him the truth: she was never going to Paris. Her mother was never a model, they aren't rich, and her mom had a one night stand with Terrance eighteen years ago. She tells him she's just another screwed up kid from Brooklyn, messed up on drugs and booze. Wallace tells her that her past doesn't matter, and Jackie admits she has a two-year-old son. She says that when he was born, her mom made contact with her dad so that Jackie could start over. The agreement was that her mom would bring up her son. She says she realized when her dad was pushing her out of his life that she was being a hypocrite. She was torn up because she wasn't the center of her dad's universe, but her mom was bringing up her child. She tells him she can't be that person, she has to stay and do the right thing, and he needs to go back to his home in Neptune.

Mars' apartment: In a flashback to their scene in the season opener, but with their positions reversed, Veronica lies across Logan's lap on the couch. They are both asleep.

Veronica's dream: A cute young Veronica sits giggling on a blanket as Keith performs a puppet show. Keith asks her what she can smell, and little Veronica says she can smell bacon.

Mars' apartment: Veronica sits up in bed before she goes rushing into the kitchen, calling her dad. She stops dead when she sees Logan by the stove, and he walks over as she begins to cry, hugging her and telling her he's sorry. Keith wanders into the kitchen, asking them if he can smell breakfast. Veronica runs into his arms, gasping that he's alive. She tells him she loves him as he asks what's going on. Veronica tells him Woody's plane was blown up by Beaver. Keith explains that he wasn't on the plane because Lamb didn't want him arriving with Woody and getting met by the press. Lamb had Keith taken off the plane. Logan looks uncomfortable behind them. Keith adds that he rented a car and drove home. He was a little surprised to find Logan asleep on the couch but says that it was better than finding him elsewhere. He turns to smile at Logan, but the front door clicks shut. He asks her what she was saying about the Casablancas boy.

Lawyer's office: The lawyer tells Kendall Beaver's death will most likely be ruled suicide, so the insurance will be a wash. He tells her the cops found some documents in Beaver's room about the Phoenix Land Trust, which are all in her name. Kendall asks how it's doing, and the lawyer tells her around eight million and change. He wants Kendall to tell "him" that he said well done. Kendall looks confused, as the lawyer explains that betting against incorporation was ballsy and feels like a Richard Casablancas move. Kendall smiles widely.

Mars Investigations: Keith walks in, telling her he can feel his little town blues melting away. He asks her if she is packed, and she says she is. He asks her if she's sure she doesn't want to ride with him, and she tells him that Logan is giving her a ride so they can talk. Keith asks how he's taken what happened, and Veronica says he shrugs it off and calls himself Little Orphan Annie, which probably means badly. She says she should go out front, and Keith leaves to get his autograph book. He kisses her head and tells her he'll see her at the gate. She stands up as Logan walks through. He picks up her bag, and she smiles. They walk into the hallway, when Logan suddenly drops her bag and kisses her as they spin along the hallway. Veronica laughs and asks him what he's doing. He says he won't see her for a week, which is like a month. She says she'll be back, and that everything will be fine. He is not so sure. She reassures him, and he asks if she is ever wrong. They both laugh. Kendall appears in the hallway, mocking their young love. Veronica asks why she is there, and Kendall says she has a business proposition for Keith. Veronica tells her to go in his office.

Mars Investigations: Keith's office: Kendall stands in front of Keith and says she needs him to do something for her. Keith says he will be back in a week and will be happy to help her then. Kendall presses, saying she needs his help now, and he tells her he has to go meet Veronica. Kendall tells him she thinks he will change his mind and opens her briefcase. Keith looks at the contents in shock, and Kendall says it's important.

The airport: Veronica pulls out her phone and checks it. It says there is no signal. She looks worried as she checks the time.


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