2.21 "Happy Go Lucky"

Aired May 02, 2006

Cultural References

"Sexiest Man Alive" (Literature)

"In 1987, I was People Magazine's 'Sexiest Man Alive'."

People Magazine, first published in 1974, has run a "Sexiest Man Alive" issue every year but one since 1985. A list of contenders is featured in the issue, headed by that year's selection as the benchmark of male beauty. Former winners include the first, Mel Gibson (who couldn't get an ad in the magazine nowadays), Sean Connery (the oldest winner), the late John F. Kennedy Jr. (the youngest winner), Tom Cruise (see Mel Gibson), and Brad Pitt (two-time winner). Aaron lies when he says under oath that he won the title in 1987. The winner that year was some chap called Harry Hamlin.

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Elementary, my dear Watson (Words, Sayings, and Slogans)

"Do you know how long I've wanted to go to Stanford?"
"Since middle school."
"Elementary, my dear Wallace."

Like "come up and see me some time" and "I jeest vant to be ahlone," the phrase "elementary, my dear Watson" is a popular misquote. It never actually appeared in any of the tales of the seminal fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes, as "recorded" by his companion and biographer, Dr. John Watson. Wallace has been playing Watson to Veronica's Holmes for so long now that it's understandable that Veronica seized the opportunity to make the comparison, even if she got it wrong. Keep studying, girl. Author Conan Doyle (hee) is turning in his grave.

Who's Who bio: Sherlock Holmes
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War in Iraq (Events)

"I guess I'm good enough to drive an armored troop transport truck to Tikrit, but not to polish the floors at Neptune High."

In 2003, a US-led coalition invaded Iraq. Tikrit, a town northwest of Baghdad and the apex of a triangular area largely populated by Sunnis, was seen as the likely shelter of former Iraqi President Sadam Hussein and targeted for particular military action. Coalition forces in Tikrit faced regular insurgency attacks. Kind of tough on Lucky and tough to be snarky about it.

Chia Pet (Sports, Games and Toys)

"Where's my girl? Huh? G-G-G-Gia?"

If you soaked Gia in water and spread her with goo, would she sprout? This must be what Lucky really wanted to do when he waved a gun at her. Why else would he be reminding us all of the "Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia" jingle for Chia Pet, the pottery that grows? Chia Pets were all the rage in the '80s, clay figurines of cute animals on which would be grown the grass-like chia, or Salvia hispanica. I get it! Gia and Chia, both silly and ultimately pointless.

Full of (sh)it (Words, Sayings, and Slogans)

"Look at that. His eyes are turning brown."

This is less a cultural reference (not least because I can't find a damned thing on origin or derivation) than an explanation for the innocents amongst you. Imagine someone is talking rubbish, complete and unadulterated rubbish. Now, also imagine that the rubbish fills their body, so much so that the whites of their eyes take on the color of the rubbish. Put simply, this is the censor-acceptable way to say "He's full of shit."

POP account (Organizations, Companies, and Products)

"The way email works on your standard POP account, Veronica, the email remains on the server for a period of time, maybe a week, a month, longer, and then when you log on to your email application, the mail is pulled down."

Pop, pop, pop, pop music...nope, wrong reference. Pop, pop, pop, POP account doesn't have quite the same cadence, sadly. Whilst the technically-minded may quibble with Keith's analysis of how stuff works, the technically-feeble such as myself may want to know that POP, in this context, refers to Post Office Protocol and is the means by which email works. I think.

MySpace (Places)

"I'm on MySpace, and I used to have like a thousand friends, and suddenly for some reason now I only have nine hundred something."

Rupert Murdoch will be thrilled to know that Gia Goodman is on MySpace — it's another penny in his abundant pocket. MySpace, owned by News Corporation, is described as a place of social networking by some, as a place where independent musicians and other artists can expose their work by others, and as a mess of poorly designed, pointless pap by yet others. There is no doubting its success. It is one of the world's top ten sites and, according to Business Week, a sign of the growing power of the MySpace generation who live online, buy online, and play online. As ever in the world of social interactions, quantity wins over quality and worth is often judged by popularity. Losing friends understandably causes Gia anxiety.

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Waiting for Guffman (Movies)

"I just wanted to say...it was worth getting taped to a pole. Gonna miss you."
"And my stupid-ass face?"

Tenuous perhaps, particularly as many misquote the relevant line, but this is a possible shout-out to Christopher Guest's 1997 mockumentary on small town amateur dramatics. That the writers are fans of Guest's work is a given after Keith's tribute to This Is Spinal Tap in 1.11 "Silence of the Lamb." That the movie features the song "Nothing Ever Happens on Mars" and the writers are returning the prescient compliment is a guess. But in the movie, director Corky St. Clair bursts out with "Well, then, I just HATE you and I hate your ass FACE! " Note, not "stupid-ass." That's pure Veronica Mars.

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