2.21 "Happy Go Lucky"

Aired May 02, 2006


  • Keith: Honey, when you get your chance to testify, it's important you keep yourself in check, okay? Aaron's lawyer's going to use everything in his bag of tricks to rile you.

    Veronica: Ah, but here's the thing: I'm unrileable. Easygoing Veronica Mars. That's what the kids at school call me.

    Keith: You sure you don't want to go over your testimony with the lawyers again?

    Veronica: You know what I want? More than anything in the world? I wanna be there, in court, watching Aaron at the moment the jury reads the verdict. I wanna see that smirk wiped from his face. I wanna see his expression at the exact moment he realizes he'll never be a free man again.

    Keith: Easygoing Veronica Mars, huh? You know how fat men are sometimes called Tiny?

  • Gia: That's for saving my life.

    Veronica: What do I have to do for a pie? I'm...kidding. They're great.

  • Wallace: Where'd these come from?

    Veronica: Saved someone's life. Can't talk, studying.

    Wallace: Well, not me, baby. I'm cruisin' through this week.

    Veronica: Did he just call me "baby"?

    Jackie: Mm-hm.

    Wallace: I got my scholarship to Hearst, my grades are fine, good to go.

    Veronica: Do you want me to cry?

    Wallace: I'm just sayin'—

    Veronica: 'Cause I'll cry.

  • Veronica: Do you know how long I've wanted to go to Stanford?

    Wallace: Since middle school?

    Veronica: Elementary, my dear Wallace. Do you have any idea how long I've waited to say that?

  • Jackie: It's so funny that you're working so hard to go to Stanford with Angie Dahl when Wallace, Mac, and your dad will all be in Neptune.

    Wallace: Said the girl who's leaving all this to go to France.

    Jackie: Ah, do you see a plane ticket in my hand?

    Wallace: Seriously? You might stay?

    Jackie: With Dad still in this mess...

    Veronica: Could you guys tone down the adorable? Western Civ isn't gonna learn itself.

    Jackie: I'm gonna need some milk to go with those cupcakes. Anyone want anything?

    Veronica: Uh, peace? With a side of quiet?

  • Weevil: I need your help with something. Um, 'kay, this is a little weird for me, you know—

    Veronica: Is this going to make me nauseous?

    Weevil: I need your help with...you know, algebra.

    Veronica: Like...the math?

  • Keith: I'm thinking about getting you some sort of...giant hamster ball, so you can roll everywhere in this protective sphere.

    Veronica: It'd just draw attention to me. Nobody likes a blonde in a hamster ball.

  • Veronica: So, if you have is password...

    Keith: Which I do. I looked over his shoulder once when he was signing on.

    Veronica: He should know: you never log in with a Mars nearby.

    Keith: Woody's got a Sharks team dinner tomorrow night, a whole table reserved for the Goodman family, the coast should be clear.

    Veronica: Actually, it won't be. Gia is having her number one study buddy over. So...

    Keith: Veronica.

    Veronica: What? Why should you break in when I'm invited? Woody'll be at the dinner, and...we both know: if it came down to it, I could take Gia. The password. Give it.

    Keith: You'll remember it. It's "Mr. Goodwood."

    Veronica: I'm so not touching his keyboard.

  • Logan: You know, if you'd would've given Lilly the performance you gave today, she might've given you the Oscar.

  • Veronica: Hey, Cassidy. Who's Amber?

    Cassidy: I have no idea.

    Veronica: They keyed the wrong car? How's Amber gonna know that she's a bitch?

  • Gia: Oh my God!

    Veronica: Doesn't look that bad.

    Gia: No, I'm on MySpace, and I used to have like a thousand friends, and suddenly for some reason now I only have nine hundred something.

  • Woody: So. How'd it work out for you?

    Veronica: Sorry?

    Woody: Your practice test. Are you as smart as you think you are?

    Veronica: I hope so.

  • Ethan Lavoie: Is that why you propositioned Mr. Echolls upon discovering the tape of Lilly and my client kissing?

    Veronica: You mean naked kissing? With Aaron on top gyrating? That tape?

  • Lamb: You wanted to see me, Judge?

    Judge Ferris: There's been a development, Sheriff. Seems Mr. Lobo here was struck by a bolt of lighting.

    Lamb: What, that he could cash old ladies' social security checks himself and get rid of the slot machines?

  • Weevil: This is pointless.

    Cassidy: No, okay, look. So you know quadratic equations, right?

    Weevil: Do I look like someone who knows quadratic equations, huh?

  • Cassidy: All right, look, so this equation here: what do you think that we should do first?

    Weevil: Am I a five year-old girl? Huh? Lay it out for me, dawg, come on. Make me understand!

    Cassidy: Okay, okay, okay! Okay. Okay, so let's say that you and your buddy, you want to buy a twelve pack of a certain item. Say, like, um, like spark plugs, for x dollars, and you want to find out how many of another item, like, um, I dunno, like oil, right, like oil that you can get for the same amount, except oil is y times as much as—

    Weevil: If this is your idea of terms I'll understand, I'm going to kill you. Or myself. It's a toss-up. Screw it, man, I'll just cheat.

    Cassidy: No, but — what about my car?

    Weevil: You know power buffers, right? Well, let's say your door panel is a summer home, right, and you need to clear out the south lawn to make a tennis court so—

    Mac: F-O-I-L. That's all it is. First, outside, inside, last. All algebra, it's just the formula.

    Weevil: Now can you teach me that?

    Mac: You'll still fix his car?

    Weevil: That's the deal.

    Mac: Okay. Say you and your buddy buy a twelve pack of spark plugs... I'm just kidding. Here's the quadratic equation.

  • Keith: Veronica?

    Veronica: Yeah?

    Keith: Can you fly to New York, stop by NYU real quick, find Rick Pickett, and see if he was one of the batboys Woody molested?

    Veronica: You know I don't fly coach.

  • Woody: Most adults don't have their children doing espionage work for them.

    Keith: Most adults keep their hands off of other people's children.

  • Veronica: I want to ask you about something.

    Logan: How unlike you. You never come to me out of the blue with some random question.

  • Weevil: 'Kay, you put another "x" on that paper and we're gonna have a problem.

    Mac: I'd put little smiley faces, but I don't know if that's gonna sell "wrong."

    Cassidy: I told you you went too fast on bouncing equations.

    Mac: I didn't go too fast.

    Cassidy: You plowed right through! I didn't understand what you were talking about!

    Mac: No surprise there.

    Cassidy: What, are you saying you're smarter than me?

    Mac: No, I wasn't. Here's what that would've sounded like: "I'm smarter than you." Hear the difference?

    Cassidy: You don't really believe that.

    Mac: Then why'd I get it tattooed on my hip?

    Cassidy: Well, if this is what you need to do to feel better about yourself...

    Mac: If I get you an A, will you shiv him?

    Weevil: Hey, I got an idea: how 'bout you two geniuses go work out your aggression in some coat room, and then come back here and teach me algebra, huh?

  • Wallace: I just took my last high school test ever. Done. Over. I'm outta here.

    Veronica: And you decided to celebrate by torturing me?

    Wallace: Whatta you got? One more?

    Veronica: Nothing like having your future rest on how much you know about the ascendency rules of Babylon.

    Wallace: Well, I gotta go clean out my locker.

    Veronica: You got that salmon I left in there for you, right?

    Wallace: You better enjoy this, 'cause this is as nostalgic as I get. I just wanted to say...it was worth getting taped to a pole.


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