2.21 "Happy Go Lucky"

Aired May 02, 2006


court: Aaron Echolls is on the stand. He explains that he was People magazine's sexiest man alive in 1987. If he wanted to do a movie, it got made. But then he started getting cast as the father to people who didn't know who he was. Then Lilly Kane entered the picture and saw him as someone who hung the moon. The defense attorney, Ethan Lavoie, points out Lilly was sixteen and dating his son. Aaron says he didn't claim it was right, but it was powerful. Mr. Lavoie asks if Aaron ever slept with Lilly, and Aaron denies he did. Veronica, who is watching, looks at Keith incredulously. Aaron continues, saying that Lilly and he fooled around a little, but he never had intercourse with her. Logan looks down, shaking his head. Mr. Lavoie states that he ended the relationship with Lilly the day she died. Aaron says that Lilly went to his house, wanting attention. Aaron told her it was over, and she stormed out. It wasn't until she had left that he realized she had taken his Oscar. Aaron followed her to the house, and she got enraged and threw an ashtray at him. Duncan came out the house; he was enraged and was screaming at Lilly about Aaron as if Aaron wasn't there. He says he shouldn't have left her there, but even as crazy as Duncan was acting, Aaron wouldn't have imagined anything could have happened. The prosecution objects, and Mr. Lavoie asks Aaron if that was the last time he saw Lilly. Aaron says it was the last time he saw her alive.

outside the court: Veronica and Keith walk out of the court. Aaron's fans are lined up, holding up banners. Veronica angrily says that if you are handsome and famous, it's okay to lie under oath. Keith points out that the Oscar with Duncan's hair on it will create doubt, so it is all down to the tapes. They have to believe Veronica and Logan saw Aaron having sex with Lilly on them, and then they will convict. Keith stops Veronica and tells her she must keep her cool on the stand; they will try everything to rile her. Veronica jokes she is unrileable and easygoing. Keith asks if she wants to go over her testimony with the lawyers again. Veronica said that what she wants more than anything in the world is to be there when they announce the verdict, to see the smirk wiped from his face when he realizes he will never be free again.

Neptune High: outside: Veronica is working at a table when Gia puts a box of cupcakes in front of her in thanks for saving her life. Veronica thanks her but says she has to get back to work. Gia said she knew she would be mad, after the stuff with their dads. Veronica says she isn't but she has to study. Gia asks her to study for the health final together at her house tomorrow. Veronica agrees. Gia leaves, and Wallace and Jackie sit down. Wallace asks where the cupcakes are from, and Veronica flippantly says she saved someone's life but has to study. Wallace says he can cruise through the last week of school. He already has his scholarship, and his grades are fine. Veronica asks if he wants her to cry. She has to ace every test and hope Angie Dahl does badly on one, and even that doesn't guarantee the Kane scholarship. She asks them if they know how long she has wanted to go to Stanford, and Wallace says since middle school. Elementary, my dear Wallace, Veronica replies, happy she got to say the expression she had thought up. Jackie says it's funny Veronica is working so hard to go to Stanford, when Wallace, Keith and Mac will all be in Neptune. Wallace points out Jackie herself is leaving for Paris. Jackie asks him if he sees a ticket in her hand, and Wallace is happy to hear she might not be going quite yet. Jackie says she needs a drink to go with the cupcakes and leaves to get one. Wallace is about to speak to Veronica when she hushes him, still trying to study. He points to Weevil standing at the end of the table. Weevil asks if she has a minute, and reluctantly, Veronica walks with him. He explains his grandma really wants him to graduate, but he needs a B on his algebra test. Veronica says she really wishes she could help, but she's struggling to do her own studying. Disappointed, he leaves. Veronica begins to walk back to her table when a gunshot rings out in the air. Students begin to duck and scream as Veronica stares in horror. Lucky jumps onto a table, firing in the air. Veronica sees Gia frozen and pushes her to the ground behind a table. Lucky begins to rant, saying they are like animals, and someone has to clear up their mess. He says it won't be him: he got fired. He says he's good enough to serve in Iraq, but not to clean up at Neptune High. He asks where his girl Gia is, and Gia gasps and begins to cry. Jackie pulls out her cell phone and begins to dial when Lucky notices. He asks her who she is calling, and she says no one. He begins to get angry, pointing the gun at her as she cries. He tells her not to cry when Wallace jumps up and wrestles Lucky to the ground. The gun skids away as they fight, until Lucky pushes Wallace off and grabs the gun, pointing it at him. Veronica looks on in fear as he aims and then pulls the trigger. She gasps and looks terrified until Wallace pats down himself, realizing there's no blood. Lucky says "surprise" and begins to laugh maniacally, until there is a second gunshot. Lucky drops to the floor, revealing security standing behind him.

outside the Sheriff's office: Woody makes a statement to the press about Lucky. He says Lucky was mentally disturbed and just got back from Iraq. He confirms his gun was filled with blanks. A reporter asks what his relationship was like with him, and Woody says he didn't really have one. He explains Lucky was a bat boy for the Sharks in his teens, but they had to let him go when other players complained about his performance.

Mars' apartment: Veronica and Keith watch Woody on the news. Veronica jokes that his eyes are turning brown. Keith says he wants to put Veronica in a giant hamster ball, but Veronica notes that no one likes a blonde in a hamster ball. Keith says he got into Lucky's apartment, and Lucky had sent a bunch of emails to Woody, from different accounts. They all had attachments, but they were deleted. Keith says he wants to go to Woody's to get the emails from Woody's server. Keith says he has the password: he looked over Woody's shoulder once when he was logging on, and Woody has a Sharks dinner the next day, so the coast will be clear. Veronica tells him that actually, Gia will be there, studying with her, so if he gives her the password, she can do it. Keith is reluctant but tells her the password is "Mr Goodwood." Veronica notes she won't touch his keyboard.

hospital: Jackie excitedly tells her dad of Wallace's heroic behaviour. Terrence isn't happy, saying he should have been there to protect her. Jackie tells him her life is the best it's ever been.

jail: Logan visits his father in jail. Aaron points out that if Logan says he destroyed the tapes, he will be arrested for destroying state evidence. Aaron acts concerned, and Logan sarcastically says it's like Aaron cares and thanks him for the advice as he leaves.

Neptune High: Cassidy is standing, looking at his car. "Amber is a bitch" is keyed across the door. Veronica asks who Amber is, and Cassidy says he doesn't know. Veronica jokes that Amber won't know that she's a bitch. Cassidy gets annoyed, pointing out how much it will cost him to repair. The boy next to Cassidy enthusiastically greets Veronica. She replies, obviously without a clue to who he is. He says he's Hart, and hasn't said a thing, making a lock and key sign with his hands. Veronica still without a clue, says good for him. Veronica tells Cassidy she thinks she knows someone who can help him.

The Goodman's house: Gia complains that finals are stupid and wants to take a break. Veronica has other ideas and wants to do a practice test online. She pretends her computer has crashed and asks if they have any spare computers. Gia tells her to use the one in the guest room. Veronica logs on and goes through Woody's emails, forwarding the ones she has on her list as being from Lucky to Keith. She spots another with the title ‘kill incorporation or else.' She clicks on the attachment and it begins to play. Two voices are talking about Woody, talking about what Woody did to them. They call him sick and a pervert and say they were just kids. Veronica begins to forward it to Keith but gets nervous and types his name wrong. She manages to get it right, and it begins to send. The door slowly opens, and Woody asks her what she is doing. Veronica says Gia said she could use it, as her laptop died. Veronica begins to carefully close down the emails, still waiting for the attachment to send. Woody begins to walk towards her. It confirms the email has been sent, and she closes it totally. Woody asks how the practice test went, and asks if she's as smart as she thinks she is. Veronica says she hopes so before saying she better get back to Gia. Gia has gone when she reaches the table, and she begins to pack her stuff quickly. Gia comes out of the kitchen with ice cream and asks where Veronica is going. Woody steps out the doorway, watching them. Veronica explains she gets headaches, and she can feel one coming on. Woody says that it's the computer screen, all the squinting. Veronica thanks them and leaves quickly.

Mars' apartment: Veronica and her dad listen to the recording. They note one of the boys says "three of us," but there are only two voices on the tape. Keith says there are gaps in the recording — someone was edited out. Veronica asks about Lucky's emails, whether there is anything about him being molested on them. She offers to look at them, but Keith says she has a big day tomorrow.

the court: Veronica swears in on the Bible. Mr. Lavoie says that Veronica finds wealth and fame attractive. The prosecution objects. He points out that Duncan and Logan fit that description. He says that Lilly Kane was her best friend; she looked up to her and emulated her. Veronica says she did to a degree. Mr. Lavoie accuses her of propositioning Aaron over the tapes of him kissing Lilly. Veronica sarcastically says it was naked kissing, with Aaronon top of Lilly, gyrating. Mr. Lavoie says she found the tapes but told Aaron he had to earn them back. Veronica says she never said that. She didn't proposition him — he hid in the back seat of her car. Mr. Lavoie asks how old she is, and she says she's eighteen. He goes on to say that she is currently undergoing treatment for a sexually transmitted disease. The prosecution objects, but the judge allows it. Veronica says she completed the treatment. Veronica, now off the stand, walks over to Keith, and he asks her if she's okay. She says she is. He reiterates that she's okay, and she says she's fine. Lamb, standing nearby, looks smug. Sacks hurries over and tells Lamb the judge wants to see him. Mr. Lobo, who owns the Seven Rivers Casino, is in the room with Judge Ferris. He tells Lamb he realized he was with Terrence Cook at the time of the crash. Lamb points out that the jury will find out about his dealings. Mr. Lobo says they might believe his corporate attorney or his chief financial officer, who were also with him.

Neptune High: Cassidy sits with Weevil, trying to teach him algebra. Weevil is getting stressed at Cassidy's teaching methods, and Cassidy tries to explain using a patronizing method. Mac, sitting nearby, explains it in another way that makes Weevil happier. He asks her to teach him, and she says she will, as long as he'll still fix Cassidy's car. Cassidy and Mac exchange a smile.

Mars Investigations: Keith tries to reach Rick Pickett on the phone but isn't having any luck. He asks Veronica to fly to NYU and find him, to see if he was one of the boys Woody molested. Veronica says she doesn't fly coach. Keith says there were only two other bat boys. One is backpacking through Europe, and the other two are at college. Veronica admits she isn't having any more luck with Lucky's emails. Keith takes it from her and begins to jokingly read out a line. Veronica realizes that Lucky is talking about leaving Woody presents, and he called the bombs in Iraq presents. Keith grabs his coat and leaves quickly.

Woody Goodman's office: Keith bursts in, asking to talk to Woody. Woody sends the woman in his office out. Keith tells him he needs to evacuate his home and call the police to comb the place for bombs, which he suspects are there from reading Woody's emails. Woody points out Lucky is dead, then realizes Veronica got his emails. Woody says that most adults don't have their children doing espionage for them. Keith shoots back that most adults keep their hands of other people's children. Woody's demeanour changes, as he tells Keith to leave. He stands up and tells Keith he will ruin him and ruin his family if Keith uncovers this "slander." Keith says he isn't a fifteen-year-old boy and Woody doesn't scare him.

the Cook house: Jackie and Wallace are planning a meal when Terrence arrives home and surprises them. He tells Jackie he is a free man and explains a witness came forward and verified he didn't make a phone call at the time of the crash. The doorbell rings, and Jackie goes to answer it to find Mr. Lobo. Terrence follows her, and Mr. Lobo suggests Jackie leave them to it. Mr. Lobo asks if Terrence is going to thank him and when he will repay him. Terrence says as soon as he gets in his feet he will. Mr. Lobo points out that it is well-known Terrence fixed the game, so he isn't going to be getting any sponsorship deals. He wants Terrence to go and work for him until his debt is paid off.

Neptune High: Veronica walks towards Logan. She says they have had a week of forced smiles and the occasional hey, but now it's down to business as usual. Veronica's voice over makes a flippant remark about their epic love. She asks Logan if he has been to any good murder trials recently. He says he has, and she gives a very gripping testimony. Veronica asks if Lucky ever mentioned Woody Goodman and the time he spent on the Sharks.

Logan's flashback: Lucky is scrubbing his feet with bleach, in a shower, while wearing a catcher's mask. Logan says he needs a keg for a party. Lucky says they are doing something to him.

Neptune High: Veronica reiterates he was wearing a catcher's mask. Logan says he used to wear it when they went into "battle."

the court: Keith explains what happened the night Veronica found the tapes. She was late home, so he went the route she would have gone and found her car, and then Aaron jumped him. Mr. Lavoie explains Aaron's side of the story. Veronica lost control of the car, and she and Aaron knocked on the door of the nearest house, asked the man to call a tow truck, and waited on the porch. Keith turned up, caught Veronica in a compromising position and began to fight with Aaron. He says that this version has been confirmed by the owner of the house. The prosecution objects, saying the owner has disappeared and never answered his subpoena. Mr. Lavoie asks if Veronica has ever lied to him. Keith says she has done so before. He asks if they are close, and Keith says they are. Mr. Lavoie asks whether he expects Veronica to tell him big issues. Mr. Lavoie asks if he knew Veronica had been caught breaking into the Manning's home. Keith said he didn't. Lavoie then asks if Keith knew that Veronica had been named in Deputy D'Amato's disciplinary file, after she manipulated him into the records room when he was on duty. Keith begins to get angry. Mr. Lavoie says that Keith's report into the missing tapes said Logan destroyed them. He suggests that Veronica manipulated Leo in a way that pretty, young girls manage to manipulate older men into giving Logan the tapes. She knew the tapes didn't show what she wanted them to show so she convinced one "boyfriend" to give them to another "boyfriend" to help yet another "boyfriend." Keith yanks Mr. Lavoie towards him and tells him to cut out the air quotes. Keith is sent off the stand.

Neptune High: Mac and Cassidy continue to try and teach Weevil. He is getting angry as Mac marks his work as wrong. Cassidy points out she didn't explain something well, and they snark at each other. Weevil tells them to go and work out their aggression in a coat room and come back when they are done. Mac and Cassidy giggle at each other.

Mars' apartment: Veronica arrives home and tells Keith she did a little digging, without breaking any laws or putting herself in danger — she was at school. Her dad points out it isn't amusing, and she agrees. He asks what she found out, and she says that Logan found Lucky in the janitor's closet in only jeans and a catcher's mask and was scrubbing his feet with bleach. Keith pulls up the surveillance tape from Woody's house and points out the painting behind the table has a catcher's mask on it. He calls Inga and is talking to her as Veronica watches the tape. She notes the way it scanned along the wall with the pictures of the baseball teams, and pauses it on a Little League team called the Sharks. She calls her dad over and tells him that Peter and Marcos, who died in the bus crash, are on the picture.

Woody's house: Police and the bomb squad surround Woody's house. Lamb walks over to Woody and his family who are in their night things. Woody asks how long it will take, and Lamb tells them they found a bomb under his car.

the Cook's house: Terrence, dressed in a smart white suit, goes into the kitchen. Jackie points out he had a late night, and Terrence tells her he was working. He dodges her question and says he can't have any time off when she asks when they will be celebrating. She says it's fine, they aren't pressed for time as she decided not to go to Paris, at least for a semester. Terrence says he doesn't think it's a good idea, as he will be working non-stop. She says she doesn't mind, but he insists she goes to France. She looks away, upset.

Sheriff's department: Lamb listens to the tape Veronica and Keith brought in. Keith says the voices are Peter and Marcos. Veronica puts in she verified the voices with Peter's favorite teacher, and she had some recordings of Marcos. Keith says Woody molested them, and they were going to come forward, so he put a bomb on the bus to kill them. Lamb says sarcastically that Woody then put a phone-activated bomb on his own car. Lamb says Keith was right — Lucky planted the car bomb. Lamb points out Lucky blew off work the day of the crash. Keith says that Lucky wasn't responsible for the bus crash. Lamb says that his theory is that Keith wants him to arrest the mayor and make himself a laughingstock. Keith begins to shout, asking if Lamb's ego is so big he can take the murder of eight people and make it about him. He points out that if he doesn't act on it, Lamb won't be a laughingstock; he'll be the guy that let a child molester and murderer get away.

the court: Logan is on the stand. He describes the tapes, clearly saying Aaron and Lilly were having sex. He says Aaron smiled at the camera at one point. The prosecution asks if he is sure they were having sex, and he says he is. Mr. Lavoie points out that Logan destroyed the tapes, which is a federal offense. He then asks if Loan was granted immunity if he gave his testimony, and Logan confirms he was. Logan and Aaron exchange glances.

Neptune High: Weevil sits yawning in class, about to take his test. He touches his cross and begins the exam.

Sheriff's department: A lady comes in with two children and an article about the body at Shark's Field having been identified as Thumper. She says the night he was killed, her boys saw someone attack him. Lamb asks them to look at some pictures.

Neptune High: A teacher marks Weevil's exam as Weevil hovers nearby anxiously. She hands it to him and he's very happy to see he got a B.

Sheriff's department: The kids go through a book of previous arrests and point out Weevil. Lamb looks smug until Keith rushes in with a piece of paper. Keith tells him Lucky was in a padded cell in a hospital the day of the crash. Lamb calls Sacks over to pick Woody up. Sacks tells them they reached a verdict on Aaron's trial.

Neptune High: Veronica stands outside a classroom, concentrating on studying before her final test. Wallace walks over, happy he finished his last exam. Veronica asks if he decided to celebrate by torturing her. She adds that her future depends on her final exam. Wallace says he has to go clean out his locker then says that she has to enjoy this moment because this is as nostalgic as he gets. She looks up properly, and he tells her that it was worth getting taped to a flagpole and that he'll miss her. Veronica looks touched before adding, "and my stupid-ass face?" They both laugh, and Wallace says he has to go pick up his stuff then his lady so they can go celebrate. He turns and calls back to her, saying the conversation never happened. Veronica walks into the exam. Veronica sits at her desk and then notices Wallace clearing out his locker out the door. She half smiles, and then looks sad as the teacher closes the door. Her phone vibrates, and she sees her dad has sent her a text message saying the verdict is it. After some time of a clear debate going on in her head, she picks up her bag and leaves.

Cook's house: Wallace knocks on the door, and Terrence answers. He asks for Jackie, and Terrence tells him she left for Paris. He gives Wallace a letter Jackie wrote him.

The court: Lamb crouches next to Keith, and Keith asks him if they have Woody in custody yet. Lamb tells him Woody has gone in his private jet, and there is no flight plan. The judge tells them to all rise, and Lamb leaves Keith's side as they all stand. They sit and the judge asks the foreman if the jury has reached a verdict, and she confirms she has. On the count of murder, in the second degree: not guilty. The fans cheer as Veronica looks stunned. The foreman continues; on the count of aggravated assault: not guilty. On the count of sex with a minor: not guilty. Veronica looks shattered as Mr. Lavoie and Aaron hug in celebration. Logan looks stunned, and Veronica cries. Aaron turns and gives Veronica a smug look as she looks down, completely devastated.


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