2.20 "Look Who's Stalking"

Aired Apr 25, 2006


Senior Prom: a time to make memories that last a lifetime. Until it's cancelled, that is, but it's Logan to the rescue with a party in his penthouse and Dick to the "rescue" with offers of a party in his pants. And you'd think Logan would know better, but an invitation to Veronica gets extended to the local riffraff. Or at least, the 09er idea of riffraff. ('Sup, Wallace?) Meanwhile, a stalker video delivered to Gia won't be going in her scrapbook, but Veronica nails Lucky as the perp with a little help from Keith. Woody's incorporation initiative won't be one for the history books when it's voted down, but Woody's escapades with a hooker are front page news. Oh, and Veronica's got chlamydia. Ah, the memories.


Important Parts

  • Veronica has chlamydia. She asks Logan if Duncan ever slept with anyone besides her and Meg. Logan isn't aware of any others.

  • Kendall comes to Keith and asks for her hard drive back.

  • Keith asks Veronica to send a sketch of a man's face to all of their contacts, to see if anyone can find him. He is the one who hired the escort to steal Cliff's briefcase. Later, Logan tells Veronica that he thinks the man looks like the person Aaron shared a prison cell with.

  • Woody calls Keith because a campaign staffer that he took to a hotel room at the Camelot passed out in the bed. Keith helps Woody by bringing her to the hospital. Keith is caught on camera and makes the newspaper headlines. Woody doesn't admit to anything, but instead accuses Keith of using alcohol to question her. Keith tells the newspaper his story. The news comes out on the day of the vote about the incorporation. Plans to incorporate are voted down.

  • Gia has a stalker and comes to Veronica for help. Veronica discovers that Leo D'Amato was the one following Gia. Leo tells Veronica that he was hired to protect her. Woody tells Gia that this was for the election. Keith shows Veronica the other video, saying that this means Woody is lying and is scared about something.

  • The man video-taping Gia turns out to be Lucky. He is talking to Gia and is acting very creepy. He pulls out a large knife that he got when fighting in Iraq and then is tackled by Keith. Lamb comes to arrest Lucky, but won't let Keith help. Keith is interested in Lucky's motive to get back at Woody. Keith handcuffs himself to Lucky and throws the key down the sink. In jail, Lucky almost confides in Keith twice, but they're interrupted by Lamb. Lucky is bailed out by Mr. Manning.

  • Jackie is finally getting to spend quality time with her dad while he's in the hospital. Terrence throwing the playoff game is published in the paper.

  • Wallace and Jackie are going to the prom together. Mac has to go with Butters. Unfortunately, the administration cancelled the prom because of too many alcohol infrigements on the senior class trip.

  • Logan throws an Alterna-Prom and invites Veronica to come and bring whoever she wants. Wallace and Jackie attend. They leave the prom and get a room in the hotel. Dick isn't getting any action from any girls. Veronica blatantly hints to Madison that she knows about her and Lamb.

  • Logan, while drunk, tells Veronica that she is the one who broke his heart. He says they'll never see each other again after this year and that their relationship is epic. He tries to kiss her, but Veronica leaves.

  • She comes to his room to apologize the next day and say that they should see each other in the summer and see what happens. But Logan doesn't remember what he said, and Kendall is in his room. Veronica leaves, crying.


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