2.20 "Look Who's Stalking"

Aired Apr 25, 2006


Doctor's surgery: The doctor informs Veronica she has chlamydia. Veronica says she hasn't had any symptoms. The doctor says that isn't uncommon and asks if she has been sexually active in the past year or so. Veronica says there was one boy, but they were safe. The doctor tells her to take a course of antibiotics and leaves.

Neptune High: hallway: Veronica walks over to her locker where Jackie and Wallace are standing, acting very couple-y. Veronica tells them to get a room in Australia, and Wallace informs her they are practicing for the prom. Jackie tells Veronica they gave into the prom, with the dress, tux, dinner, and limo. Mac comes over to interrupt, complaining about Butters and his plans for prom. Veronica protests that she didn't know Butters was going to go through with it, and Mac tells her she is going to fill her pockets with rocks, grab Veronica's ankles and jump off a mountain. Just then, there is an announcement over the speakers saying that due to a significant amount of alcohol violations on the senior trip, prom has been cancelled. Mac punches the air, exclaiming prayers do work.

Mars' apartment: Keith answers the phone and speaks to Woody, who asks Keith to go to him straight away.

The Camelot: Keith goes into Woody's room. There is a dark haired girl unconscious on the bed, and Woody isn't fully dressed. Woody tells Keith it isn't what it looks like. Woody explains she is with the incorporation campaign, they had a few drinks, and she must have mixed hers with pills. Woody asks Keith to help him take care of it; he doesn't want it on the news. Keith tells him he will take her to the hospital and be discreet, but it isn't the sort of thing he normally does. Keith carries her out to his car and Woody tells Keith he owes him big time.

Neptune High: classroom: Gia sits down next to Veronica and asks Veronica if she has ever been stalked because she wants some tips. Veronica suggests Gia should dance in front of her window in her underwear, and if she is in an internet chat room and he asks to meet up, she should do it in an abandoned railroad car. Gia explains she wants tips for catching her stalker, because she keeps seeing someone following her around in a nondescript car. Veronica asks if there is any reason anyone would want to follow her and Gia tells her she did karaoke the other week and sang Can't Get You Out Of My Head. She dedicated it to what she thought was a table of cute boys, but turned out to be Pan High geeks – and possibly potential stalkers. Gia asks Veronica to do some PI stuff and Veronica agrees, joking that Gia is the daughter of the most powerful man in town.

Mars Investigations: Keith arrives at the office and looks through a pile of drawings of a man. He glances up and spots a woman sitting in his office. When he asks if there is anything he can help her with, Kendall stands up and tells him he should really keep his office locked. She asks for her hard drive back, as her friend saw Keith take it from her apartment. Keith points out her friend is Liam, a drug dealer that tried to shoot him. Kendall tells him there was an intruder in her house and Liam feared for his life. Keith asks if Mr. Casablancas knew about her having own place, her jail time, and her real identity. Kendall says that if the hard drive reappears on Friday, she won't press charges. She gives him a package to send it back in, all ready filled in so it doesn't leave a paper trail. Veronica walks in just as Kendall is leaving and, after some snarking, Kendall walks out the room. Keith asks Veronica what the doctor said and Veronica dryly remarks he got his money's worth. Keith asks what she means, and Veronica quickly says the stethoscope was freezing, but she's fine. She asks to borrow the remote cameras for a school project and Keith tells her he doesn't believe that's the reason. Veronica explains that a girl she knows thinks she is being stalked, and Keith says he liked the first answer better. Keith says Veronica can earn it, by mailing out the pictures he was looking at earlier to everyone on their business contact sheet. The picture is of the man who set up the theft of Cliff's briefcase, and, as Veronica points out, his heart as well. Keith says Cliff hasn't stopped going on about it ever since.

Veronica's bedroom: Veronica and Gia look at the images from the cameras Veronica put on her roof. Veronica zooms in on the car that has been following Gia outside her house and searches on the PI database for the car number plate. The database shows the car is registered to Leonardo D'Amato. Veronica tells Gia she used to date him.

Neptune High: hallway: Veronica rushes to catch up with Logan, and he comments on the fact she looks like she would rather be making out with a broken bottle. She corrects him by informing him that her face is the ‘I'd rather by spelunking' look. Veronica asks him if he knew if Duncan had slept with anyone other than Meg. Logan says he knows of another girl. She was blonde, petite and smelled of marshmallows and promises. Veronica points out that 'Promises' is the name of her perfume. Logan asks why she wants to know, and Veronica tells him it's for a college application. Logan clarifies he didn't know of anyone other than her and Meg. Veronica tells him she will miss these moments, as they are both leaving school. Logan tells her they should savor their remaining moments and she should come to Alterna-Prom. Veronica hints she wants Jackie and Wallace invited, and Logan agrees, telling her she can bring anyone she wants. She says she'll think about it.

Java the Hut: Leo, drinking coffee with Veronica, tells her he has gone into private security. He asks her how her love life is going, and she replies terrible. She asks him and he also replies terrible, just as Gia walks up. Veronica asks him if that is why he's started stalking Gia. Leo tells them it's personal security: Woody hired him to follow Gia to keep her safe, possibly because there was some kind of threat. Leo asks if that is all she wanted to see him for, and when she agrees, he tells her he is kind of disappointed and leaves. Gia says she wonders if it's because of the thing with Veronica's dad, and shows her a newspaper of Keith carrying the woman to the car at The Camelot after she drunk too much.

Woody Goodman's office: Keith storms into Woody's office and demands to know why Woody blamed him in the paper, saying Keith plied the staffer with alcohol. Woody closes the door and says he didn't know the manager had a camera. He apologizes and says there is a lot hanging on the incorporation bid. Keith points out that he is voting against incorporation.

Mars' apartment: Veronica opens the door to Gia, who tells her she has spoken to her dad and Woody said that the security is normal election precautions, and he drop it now he knows it creeps her out. But when Gia got home, she found a DVD of a soccer game, focusing on Gia and her brother, Rodney.

Neptune High: Veronica puts the DVD into a school computer and pauses it on a woman with a camera. Veronica points out that the woman would have got the person taping Gia on her camera, so Gia getting the tape from her would be helpful.

Mars Investigations: Keith gives his side of the story to a reporter, saying it's off the record and that he didn't take advantage of the girl. The reporter suggests Keith tells his side on the record, as Woody is trying to pin it all on him. Keith tells him to talk to the staffer girl to back him up. The reporter informs him she checked herself out before being treated and now can't be found.

Neptune High: outdoor eating area: Wallace and Jackie sit together. Wallace tries to convince Jackie to go to a batting cage, now that prom has been cancelled. He thinks it would be romantic, but she isn't having any of it. Jackie says she wants to wear her dress, so he has to think formal. Wallace suggests they go to the batting cage that afternoon instead, and Jackie tells him that she is going to see her father. Wallace asks how it is going, and she says it's strange but great for her. it's the best they have ever been between them, and it's the first time one of her parents has actually had time for her. Veronica arrives and sits down, saying she has news. The rich kids are throwing a private Alterna-Prom. Wallace and Jackie seem happy about the news. Mac suddenly snatches the invitation out of Jackie's hand, saying she hopes Butters hasn't heard anything about it. Corny, who has been listening on the next table, joins them, taking the invitation.

Neptune Hospital: Keith sits with Terrance, until he wakes up. Keith asks what he was doing breaking into the Dumas family home. Terrance explains that Leslie was writing a tell-all about how he threw the game. He was worried her parents would find it. Keith points out breaking-in wasn't the best idea. Terrance says he's innocent, and if the story got out, he would be ruined. Jackie arrives with magazines and gossip for her father, and Keith leaves them to it.

Veronica's bedroom: Gia arrives with the tape from the woman. Veronica plays it and they find the man, standing in a letterman jacket, filming them. He suddenly disappears, and they rewind the tape to find a red truck disappeared as well, meaning it must belong to him.

Mars' apartment: Keith looks for the morning paper, but Veronica has already bought it in. She tells him she read a story yesterday about him getting a girl drunk, but she read otherwise this morning. She tells him to enjoy his headlines; she is off to vote. Keith notes an article on incorporation and, alongside it, his story of what really happened with the woman.

Voting booth: Veronica looks over her voting slip, for voting on incorporation. She asks herself, should she vote for Neptune consolidating their wealth at the expense of the poor? She votes for no.

Neptune High: Logan asks Dick who he is taking to Alterna-Prom. Dick tells him he considered a lot of chicks, before deciding to go alone, as it is supposed to be alternative, and he would have a pick of women there. Logan points out Dick was shot down, and Dick tells him it's like a conspiracy. Logan says it's a good job they are graduating; Dick has hit the point where every girl knows him. Dick raises his hand and says bring on the sorority girls. Corny runs up and asks if he should bring dessert. Logan looks annoyed.

Neptune High: Veronica searches for red pick-ups in the parking lot, but can't find it. She says it doesn't mean much, as the rich students swap their cars often. Gia walks over and Veronica tells her she can only find one red pick-up on the list, and it belongs to a girl. Gia says she doesn't care; she read the article in the paper by Keith, and she's angry at the Marses for spreading lies about her dad. Veronica points out Keith just told them he didn't get the woman drunk, but Gia throws the paper on the floor and storms off.

Mars' apartment: Keith sits watching the news, where they are announcing there will be no incorporation. Veronica arrives home and shows Keith the DVD Gia received. Keith then shows her the DVD Woody was sent, explaining about the case he was working on. Woody hired him, saying an anti-incorporation guy crossed the line, but when they figured out it was before the incorporation, he demanded it back and blamed the gardener. Keith points out that Woody is scared of something and lying about it. He tells Veronica to leave the tape with him and stay away from the case, because it's more than an obsessed school kid. She agrees.

Neptune High: Veronica folds the pictures of the guy that set up Cliff's briefcase being stolen and puts them into envelopes. Mr. Wu tells her that if she wanted to do clerical business, she should have signed up for "Clerical Hall". Logan arrives, and sits down next to Veronica, after being told off by Mr. Wu for being late. Logan points out to Veronica that's what happens when you never get laid. She says he should invite Mr. Wu to his bitching party. Logan says, speaking of his party, a funny thing happened — Corny seemed to know about it, even though Logan didn't invite him. He asks how many losers are now coming to his party. Veronica points out he said invite whoever, but Logan tells her he didn't mean it. He asks what she's doing, and she says some work stuff for her dad. He stares at the picture and Veronica queries him. He says he looks like the man that his father shared a cell with.

Hospital: Jackie and Terrance look through magazines, looking for a prom dress for Jackie. Terrance says he thought prom was cancelled, and she says they are going to a replacement prom, with the dinner amd limo, and Wallace got a tux. Terrance warns her to be careful with Wallace. Jackie says she learned the birds and bees the hard way. She says she really likes Wallace and then points out that he is trying to get her fatherly advice. She says they both know she is leaving for Paris, so there are no illusions, which is kind of nice.

Neptune High: Veronica says she has been trying to wait for Gia to finish her article, even though it is getting really late, so she can walk out with her. She goes over to Gia and says she is leaving and Gia snaps that she is really busy. Veronica voices over that she is giving up, as she can't strangle Gia. She leaves the classroom and walks past Lucky. They say hello to each other and she leaves the school. She almost reaches her car when she notices a red pick-up parked in the Maintenance spot. She phones Keith and leaves him a message, telling him the truck is the janitor's, and Gia is in the building with him. She waits fifteen minutes before heading inside. She finds Gia in Lucky's office. Lucky tells her about Iraq, and shows her a scar he got from a roadside bomb. He is acting strangely, jumping and making loud noises. Veronica waves outside of the door, trying to get Gia's attention. Gia says to Lucky that she should do a human interest piece on him for the Navigator. Lucky agrees and says he wants to show her something. Veronica waves even more wildly and Gia looks up, before asking what Veronica wants. Veronica grudgingly steps into the office, and Lucky says she's just in time and begins rummaging through his stuff. Veronica whispers to Gia he's the stalker as Lucky pulls out a large knife. He tells them he got it from an Iraq corpse. He waves it in their faces, and they back up in fear. Lucky laughs and tells Gia he knows her dad, a second before Keith tackles him to the ground. Veronica rushes over as Keith handcuffs him and takes the knife. Keith asks him why he's been stalking Gia and Lucky screams that 'he' deserved it. Lamb bursts through with a gun and tells Keith to get off Lucky. Lamb asks if Keith has evidence to backup what Lucky said and Keith says he practically confessed and if they got him in a room for an hour… Lamb says it's a law enforcement issue. Keith tells Veronica she should head to her party, pulls out some handcuffs, and handcuffs himself to Lucky. He throws the key into a drain.

Neptune Grand: Dick walks into the elevator, already with a crowd of people in it, with a large bottle of beer on his shoulder. Madison steps in with a pink sparkly dress, tiara, and a white, fluffy stole around her shoulders. The door dings and Veronica hurries on, with Jackie, Wallace, Mac and Butters in tow. Veronica turns to Mac and begins to say that Mac really does look… Mac interrupts her and tells Veronica not to distract her; she's plotting how to kill Veronica and make it look like an accident. The door begins to close when Corny hurries on in a top hat and fake-tux shirt. The doors close. Madison grits her teeth and says it's the longest elevator ride ever. Butters says they should wait for the space elevator. Everyone turns to look at him with what the hell looks, as he begins to explain it will go right to space. Mac comments it still won't be as long as this elevator ride. The doors open and Madison and Mac step out together, saying "thank god" at the same time.

The hotel room is full of dancing people, with a large disco ball and DJ. Logan, in a white tux, stands and greets people as they enter. He tells Dick to make senior memories, and Dick points out it is why he bought the party pig on his shoulder. He spots a girl, but she rushes off. Dick sticks the tube from the keg into his mouth. Logan greets Wallace and Jackie. Butters begins showing off his dance moves, and Mac hurries off to get a drink. Veronica, in a short dark dress with a belt, steps up and tells Logan that Mac just had dinner on a pirate ship. Logan laughs and she walks off. He turns and stares after her, before whistling appreciatively.

Sheriff's department: Keith and Lucky sit in a cell together, still handcuffed. Keith presses him to tell him what Woody has done. Did he do something to him? Someone he knows? Lamb arrives with a bunch of keys, and tries them. Lamb says "what are you looking at, Nutjob?" and Keith tells him to cut Lucky some slack. Lamb says he wasn't talking to Lucky and leaves, as Lucky laughs. Lucky says he thinks Lamb doesn't like Keith.

Neptune Grand: Jackie and Wallace sway together. Butters tells Mac he isn't stupid, he knows it's weird to force someone to go to prom together. Mac asks why he did it, and he tells her he wanted to be true to himself — he is weird, and so's Mac. He quickly points out that's a compliment and she tells him he is really, really weird. Veronica gives Mac a thumbs up and Mac narrows her eyes at him as she begins to dance with Butters again.

Madison gets herself a drink, as Dick tells her they will never see each other again after this year, which is a really long time. Madison says she won't sleep with him, and Dick says they could fool around in the bathroom for old times sake. Veronica jumps in, telling Dick to leave Madison alone — she doesn't want to have to call the law, because she heard the law really comes down hard. Madison points out that Veronica is there alone, since Duncan ran away. Veronica begins to not-subtly rib Madison about dating Lamb, by asking her if she means like, he took it on the lam, because she can't imagine what that's like, and can Madison? Veronica says she would think you would just want to close your eyes and pray for it all to be over, because you'd have the cops crawling all over you. Madison quickly leaves when she spots Gia, and Dick looks confused. He asks Veronica what the chances are off Veronica and him hooking up and Veronica tells him a googolplex-to-one. Dick seems excited, and says he will send a bartender over to check back in with her later. He spots Shelly and wonders off. Veronica notices Madison just gave Gia and drink and rushes over to save her from drinking it. (See "A Trip to the Dentist.") Gia thanks her for rescuing her at school, and she apologises for what she said about Keith. Veronica tells her he's been called worse, as she spots Wallace and Jackie kissing outside the door. Veronica calls to them to get a room, and Wallace tells them they have. Wallace tells Veronica he is leaving it to her to represent the lower middle class at the prom. Veronica says they can't leave her there, and Jackie says she can't control herself. They back out the room, all over each other.

Veronica rolls her eyes and turns to walks further into the room. Logan spots her and points out she is alone again. She replies "naturally", and he says he knows the feeling. She points out he could have the pick of the bimbos at his own party. There is a pause, and Veronica comments that she really likes the song — "I Hear The Bells" by Mike Doughty. She sits down on a bench, and Logan joins her, saying he's surprised. He thought she saw through people better than that, and bimbos aren't his thing anymore. Veronica asks what is he like now, and he jokingly replies tortured, ever since he had his heart broken. Veronica says that Hannah really did do a number on him, and he says that she knows he isn't talking about Hannah. Veronica looks shocked. Logan continues, saying he thought their story was epic. Veronica asks in what way and he says spanning years and continents, lives ruined and blood shed. They stare at each other for a long moment before he says that summer is almost here, and they won't see each other, then she'll leave town and it will all be over. Veronica goes to interrupt, before he tells her with tears in his eyes that he is really sorry about last summer, and if he could do it over… Veronica points out that relationships aren't supposed to be that hard and Logan tells her no one writes songs about the ones that come easy. He puts his hand on her face and she breathes deeply, looking away. He gently pulls her towards him and they are about to kiss when she jumps away, saying she has to go. Logan stares after her.

Neptune Grand: hotel room: Wallace and Jackie get to it in another room they got for the night.

Sheriff's department: Keith continues to try and get Lucky to tell him about Woody. He asks why he wants to scare him; is it because he's no fan of his policies? Lucky says that people always talk about Woody as a great guy: he's the mayor and makes great burgers — but they don't know who he really is. Keith asks who he really is and Lucky leans in to whisper when Lamb bursts in again, telling Keith he might want to apologise to Sacks who spent an evening with his hand down the drain. Keith pleads for a couple more minutes but Lamb tells him Lucky got bail. Keith asks who paid it and he tells him Mr. Manning. Keith clarifies it's Mr. Manning, Meg Manning's father, and Lamb nods. Lamb says that Mr. Manning must have a soft spot for weirdos.

Mars' apartment: Keith brings the papers in and Veronica emerges from her room, fully dressed. Keith points out it can't have been that wild a party if she is up this early. She says the party was… whatever, before she leaves. Keith looks through the paper and finds an article exposing Terrance for throwing the game.

Hospital: Jackie spots the article, looks disappointed, before she goes in to see her dad with a bright smile.

Neptune Grand: Veronica heads out of the elevator and reaches Logan's door. She goes to knock, but turns away then closes her eyes, clearly nervous. She knocks and then is about to leave again when she hears a noise and turns back. Logan opens the door dressed only in pants, and his hair messy. He mumbles a hello. Veronica says that she is sorry for running out last night, but she was overwhelmed and needed to collect her thoughts and think about what he said. Logan looks confused and begins to interrupt her when Veronica quickly tells him to let her say what she has to say. She says she doesn't want to lose him from her life either. She's not saying she is ready to dive back into anything but after graduation she'd like to make a point to see each other and see where that takes them. She smiles and says she remembers what he said about their relationship being epic. She looks back at him and he is still staring at her blankly. Logan leans forward onto the door, looking upset. There is a pause, before Veronica says "oh, god" quietly, realizing he doesn't remember the conversation. Looking pained, Logan tells her last night was kind of a blur. Veronica looks down and then freezes as she hears Kendall call out, asking if it is their room service. Kendall appears next to Logan, sliding her arms around his waist. Kendall points out that no, it's just Veronica Mars, and it's a disappointment. Veronica's eyes begin to fill with tears. Logan glances at Veronica, before looking down, appearing gutted. Kendall says to Logan that they should go and get him cleaned up and walks back into the hotel room. He quickly says, that whatever he said… Veronica turns and begins to walk away, as he says that she should know… Veronica interrupts and tells him to stop. She reaches the elevator and stabs at the button, her head down. She steps into the elevator and turns to face Logan, looking away, unable to meet his eye. As the door begins to close, she looks him straight in the eye with a devastated expression.


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