2.19 "Nevermind the Buttocks"

Aired Apr 18, 2006


There's a bit of Anarchy in the HS this week, as Veronica is hired to find the driver of a green Barracuda that ran over a student's dog. Veronica finds more than she expected when Gia says that a person in that car mooned her right before the bus crash. Keith has a new Sub-Mission as he investigates Kendall's background and finds that not only is she a Liar, but she has No Feelings and is Pretty Vacant. His investigation (and life) is almost cut short by Liam Fitzpatrick (who's only stopped by Veronica, who took the bullets out of his sex pistol), who in turn has some Problems of his own: Weevil blackmails him into leaving the PCHers alone, and it looks like Weevil might actually be getting some Holidays in the Sun. Duncan might not be, however, since Lilly's supposed murder weapon was found: Aaron's Oscar trophy with both Lilly's blood and Duncan's hair on it. God Save the Donut!


Important Parts

  • Wallace still likes Jackie and finally convinces her that they should be together as long as she's around. She will be attending college in Paris.

  • A student hires Veronica to find out who killed his dog in a hit and run. The car was a green Barracuda. Gia says she saw that car when she was in the limo, just before the bus crashed. Veronica traces the car to Liam Fitzpatrick's grandma. There is a gun in the glove compartment.

  • Weevil tells Veronica that he was following the bus because Cervando had been bragging about hustling Liam Fitzpatrick, so Weevil was watching out for him.

  • Hector asks Weevil for help because the Fitzpatricks are abusing and torturing them as their drug pushers. Weevil gets the photocopy of the paddle Veronica took from Thumper's locker. They find out that it's a list of famous people who are on drugs, and the Fitzpatricks wouldn't want that information to go public. Weevil tells Liam that as soon as anything happens to him, that information will be published. The bikers want Weevil back, but he doesn't accept.

  • In the insurance policy, Kendall is the beneficiary of a sum of eight figures if Dick and Cassidy both die at the same time.

  • The real Kendall Shiflett was killed in a car crash during high school. Priscilla Banks was driving. She took on Kendall Shiflett's identity, since she wanted to get rid of her prison record.

  • Keith investigates Kendall's secret house and takes her hard drive. In it, he finds emails between Kendall and one of the Fitzpatricks who was her partner. She took the fall for him, and so the family owes her big.

  • New owners of the Kane's home find Aaron's Oscar buried by the pool. In addition to Lilly's blood, Duncan's hair was found on it.


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