2.18 "I Am God"

Aired Apr 11, 2006


Veronica's dream: Veronica is on the school bus. She's drawing a picture of nine graves with a grim reaper over it. She's looking at Meg, Betina, and Peter, who all have their eyes closed and are soaking wet. Meg is in the clothes she was wearing the day the bus crashed, Peter is in a sparkly rainbow top, and Betina is wearing a top saying I ♥ Dick Casablancas.

Neptune High: Classroom: A teacher gives Veronica a piece of paper and tells her the school counselor would like to see her. Veronica doesn't look happy.

Rebecca James's office: Rebecca reminds Veronica she has been caught sleeping in class and has been reprimanded three times for wearing headphones. Veronica explains that the teacher is reading a novel aloud with a bad English accent. Rebecca then says she was caught ripping down another student's poster, and the student wants her photos back. Rebecca asks if Veronica wants to talk about it, and Veronica jokes that Jennifer Love Hewitt will be more qualified, what with being the Ghost Whisperer. Veronica asks whether Rebecca sees the people that died in the bus crash, and Rebecca says she doesn't. Veronica confirms she doesn't either, but she dreams about them every time she closes her eyes, as if they want to tell her something. She goes through the victims, handing back the photos of them that she stole from the poster. Cervando — the academically-inclined PCHer. Betina — Dick's secret lover, called Poor White Trash at Neptune High. Rhonda — the only thing she knows about her is that she left her friend Michelle a phone message before she died. Marcos — of "Ahoy Matey's" fame (Veronica has been listening to old broadcasts of the radio show non-stop; hence, the headphones). Peter — a gay student who posted the details of his unrequited love on the website "Neptune's Pirate S.H.I.P." Finally — Meg. She asks Rebecca what she knows about a janitor at the school called Lucky because Meg had a lot to say about him.

Veronica's dream: Veronica is once again on the bus, underwater with fish swimming past. Meg is sitting a few seats in front of her wearing a "Baby on Board" t-shirt. Veronica asks Meg about Lucky, her parent's friend from church and Neptune High Alumn. They had him over for dinner, and he talked about the Bible and his recent tour in Iraq — and how he got hit with shrapnel, but Meg thought he was creepy. Meg accuses Veronica of reading her e-mails. She says Lizzie gave Duncan her files, and they contain personal, intimate details of her life. She then remembers she is dead and notes that to Veronica, that means she has no privacy. Veronica reminds Meg she is just trying to help. Meg goes on to tell Veronica that her parents thought Lucky was a saint because he sang hymns with his eyes closed and helped her father move an air conditioner once, but he is just a janitor that buys beer for people like Logan to hang on to his glory days.

Rebecca James' office: Rebecca asks when the dreams started and Veronica tells her it was a few days ago. Michelle Thompson set up a booth because she is trying to raise money for the bus crash victims to buy a yearbook spread. Veronica says Rebecca should be talking to Michelle because she seems like the crazy one.

Neptune High: hallway: Michelle tells Veronica she has raised $200, and if they raise enough, she might be able to buy an audio chip that plays the people on the bus laughing and happy. The pictures Veronica gave Rebecca are up on a poster behind them.

Rebecca James' office: Rebecca asks what Michelle meant by the victims laughing. Veronica tells her Rhonda left a message for Michelle just as she was going off the cliff. However, she also left a second one on Michelle's home phone before that.

Neptune High: classroom: Veronica listens to the message. Rhonda is saying that she can't believe Michelle is missing this, as Dick Casablancas's voice can clearly be heard speaking to Betina lewdly. Michelle asks Veronica if she heard her friend Meg, and Veronica replies that she didn't, but she did hear someone she knows, and this is disturbing because he wasn't on the bus.

Rebecca James' office: Rebecca reiterates that Veronica heard Dick's voice on the bus, even though there was no possible way he could have been there. She asks if Veronica has told her father, and Veronica says it's funny Rebecca should ask.

Veronica's dream: Veronica is sitting on the bus, once again underwater. Rhonda walks past on the phone to Michelle, having the conversation Veronica heard on Michelle's cell phone. There is a loud crash and the screeching of breaks, as Veronica squeezes her eyes shut.

Veronica's bedroom: Veronica wakes up yelling no as Keith rushes into her room. She tells him she had a bad dream again, and Keith jokingly asks if she watched House of Wax again because Paris Hilton gives Veronica nightmares. Keith spots the pictures on her bed and remarks that it isn't the best bedtime reading. Veronica gives Keith a CD from the CD player on the bus, saying Betina played the messages from Dick to everyone on the bus. Keith asks her how she got it and Veronica admits she sneaked onto the bus but says he can't say anything because he did it first. Veronica then demands to know why Keith didn't tell her about the drawing, and Keith reminds her he was on the bus for a minute before the security guard interrupted, so he didn't see any drawing. She hands him a picture of the drawing on the back of a bus seat. It says "I am God," with nine graves surrounding it. Veronica thinks the person that drew it could possibly have been responsible for the bus crash because the bus was brand-new and there was no other graffiti. Keith points out that there are nine tombstones, but only eight people died. Veronica says she thinks the person that did it wasn't expecting her to get off the bus.

Rebecca James' office: Rebecca asks to see the art work. Veronica shows her and says that one of the kids on the bus drew that, and she needs to find out who.

Neptune High: hallway: Logan is standing at his locker, and Veronica comes up behind him, kneeing him lightly in the back of the legs and causing him to fall slightly off-balance. Veronica says she doesn't know what compelled her to do that, and Logan says it's because she's five. She says she is a little punchy because she hasn't been sleeping, and Logan jokes that she is kept awake with thoughts of him. Veronica asks if he knows a guy named Lucky, one of the night janitors at Neptune. He says he does: his name is Tommy Dohanic. Veronica asks why he is called Lucky, and Logan explains that he graduated but dropped out of college. He then signed up for the Army Rangers and was sent to Iraq, where he was shot, but only in the butt, so it could have been worse. Logan points out Veronica has actually met him before.

Logan's flashback: A shot of the Xterra, and Logan and Veronica are inside making out heavily on the backseat. Just as they begin to lie down with Veronica on top...

Neptune High: hallway: Veronica breaks in to ask if the story actually has a point. Logan asks her to let him finish, looking like he is enjoying the memory.

Logan's flashback: Back to the car, they are still making out passionately when Lucky knocks on the window with Dick by his side trying to see into the car. Veronica sarcastically says they have an audience. Logan sits up, pulling Veronica close to him as he lets the window down. Lucky says that Logan has had enough face sucking and they have things to do. Logan jokes that Lucky is on a tight schedule of smoking pot and playing Halo. Lucky says that the ball is in their court, and someone has to pay. Veronica doesn't look happy. Lucky tells Logan he has ninety seconds left, but Logan replies that he will be there when he's there. He rolls up the window back up.

Neptune High: hallway: Veronica asks him to remind her again why they broke up. Logan tells her she thought the grass was greener with the other guy. Or Logan was too man for her. Or she was too much man. As he watches her walk away, he has a little smile on his lips.

Mr. Wu's classroom: Logan and Dick are sitting next to each other in class. Mr. Wu announces he has a new class project. Whoever wins will get an A and be excused from the end-of-year GPA-killing final test. They have to drop an egg from a tall height, and those who build the contraption that best protects it, wins. After Dick puts in a few comments, Mr. Wu decides to put the class in pairs alphabetically. Dick, to be separated from Logan, gets put with Angie, and Logan is paired with Wallace. Angie tells Dick to stay out of her way; she needs to be excused from the final exam. Wallace moves next to Logan, and Logan asks how much effort they need to put in. Wallace says he just doesn't want to flunk, because if he does, his Hearst scholarship will be taken away from him.

Neptune High: eating area: Veronica is sitting at a table with her laptop in front of her. A fish is replacing the normal apple logo. She beckons Dick over, but he jokes that just because she wiggles her finger, doesn't mean he will come. She smirks and writes "I know who you did last summer" on her laptop, then turns it so he can see. He hurries over. She plays his phone message to Betina, and he slams her laptop shut. When she asks for information about Betina, he denies knowing her. He eventually tells her that everyone stumbles a few rungs down the food chain sometimes, just like Veronica did with Leo. He says you don't need the prettiest horse, just one that will allow you to ride bareback. Veronica looks disgusted as she asks him if he ever thought that was a little dangerous. Dick says he isn't stupid — she was on the Pill. He says he doesn't hear Betina complaining, and Veronica points out she is dead, and not to mention, she was playing his messages on the bus back from Shark Field, so she wasn't happy; she was a woman scorned. Dick says he gave her a gift that day, a Shark's premium gift pack. Veronica points out he didn't win them when they raffled them off, but he admits he saw the gay kid that won them toss them into the trash. He thought Betina would like them, or she could sell them for the money.

Neptune High: hallway: Veronica thinks she spots Keith in the crowd, and she calls him but gets no answer. She looks back to see Betina's friend Maureen has arrived at her locker. Veronica introduces herself and says that she is helping Michelle with the yearbook tribute. Maureen says she already gave the good pictures to Michelle. Veronica asks if there were any poems, artwork, or anything personal she could put in there. When Maureen says no, Veronica casually asks if there is anyone she could talk to about it, like a boyfriend. Maureen says Betina didn't have a boyfriend. Veronica seems surprised, saying she saw her with Dick Casablancas once. Maureen says Dick is the bastard child of Satan and treated Betina like a hooker. She admits Betina let him treat her badly, but as her friend, she is allowed to blame it all on Dick. She says Dick was Betina's ideal guy — rich and completely indifferent to her. Maureen then says the joke would have been on Dick though. Betina was desperately trying to get pregnant by him so she could shout it from the rooftops.

Veronica's dream: Veronica is once again drawing the graves. Betina asks what's with the t-shirts, asking if Veronica uses them to keep them straight in her head. Peter complains about his PVC rhinestone rainbow top, which isn't at all straight. Meg, sitting near the front of the bus says she has important information, as Peter says they all do. Veronica is crying as Betina announces that it is time for the bus to crash.

Neptune High: classroom: Veronica jumps awake as Captain Krunk's voice, a.k.a. Marcos's voice, is announcing the "cock of the walk" on the recording of the Ahoy Matey's radio show, which Veronica is listening to on her iPod.

Neptune Grand: Logan's room: Wallace is finishing padding their egg box, as Logan comments that they will pass if the egg survives four feet. Logan holds up a tape measure as Wallace drops the box. He opens it to find the egg whole. Wallace begins to pack up to go home when there is a knock at the door. Room service has brought Logan a buffalo burger, and Logan tips him. Wallace says it must be nice, and Logan jokes not for the buffalo. Logan then comments that Wallace doesn't seem to like him much, and Wallace tells him the last time they actually talked, Logan was bashing Veronica's headlights in with a crowbar. Logan responds that it was foreplay, as there is another knock at the door and a woman comes in with pillows. Logan introduces his fluffer with a smirk.

Mars apartment: Keith is sorting through the mail as Veronica lets herself in. Veronica asks if she saw him at school, and Keith suggests she was hallucinating. Veronica says he's wearing the same outfit, also his dating uniform. She asks if he is seeing Ms. James again. Keith ignores her, holding up an envelope addressed to Veronica from Stanford University. Veronica comments that it is small for an acceptance letter, and Keith tells her, no matter what it says, he's proud of her. She opens it slowly and begins to read. She has been accepted to Stanford. She stops reading and jumps up and down excitedly, before hugging Keith.

Principal Clemmons' office: Veronica and Angie sit in front of Mr. Clemmons. He tells them there has been an error on the class rankings, which only affects the two of them that remain in the running for the Kane Scholarship. Angie took a college class over the summer, so she should have been awarded a 5-point A not a 4-point A, which has pushed Angie above Veronica in the GPA rankings. Angie tells Veronica she could have taken the class because it was open to anyone, and Veronica asks how much the course cost. Angie smugly asks how should she know.

Rebecca James' office: Rebecca says she doesn't think Angie is as bad as Veronica is making her out to be. Veronica says it's the story of her life; she gets five minutes of thinking her dreams might come true before some rich kid slaps reality back into her. Rebecca asks about her dreams, and Veronica tells her she is still having them, and she hasn't been able to figure out who drew the picture. She then says her dad seems happy, and Veronica presses Rebecca into telling her that she hasn't started dating Keith again.

Neptune High: hallway: Veronica and Wallace walk down the corridor as Veronica tells him about Angie. Wallace says there is nothing about Veronica that says second place. Veronica rants that Angie's parents convinced the school board that her bought grades were worth more than Veronica's earned grades. Wallace says she needs to work through it — the lowest point of the ebb is the turn of the tide. Veronica yawns as she tells him not to quote. She apologizes, telling him she is having a Mexican standoff with the Sandman, but the Sandman is winning. They spot the large poster back up on the wall. A massive bus with wings and a halo in the sky with ‘We'll Never Forget' written above. Pictures of the six students that died are underneath. Wallace tells her that when he dies, he wants her to raise money for a spread in Vibe. Veronica says she thought she e-mailed him to tell him he was never allowed to die. He points out that the most innocent looking girl, Rhonda, was hell on wheels. She and her sister were always in Clemmons' office in trouble; anything to keep to the the PWT stereotype. Veronica asks if she fits the Pretty Young Thing stereotype and Wallace laughs, correcting her to PWT — Poor White Trash. Veronica asks him to point out Rhonda's sister to him after school.

A coffee place: A woman goes through the positive points of the First Name Basis service compared to all the other dating services while sitting with Keith. She says she wasn't disappointed when Keith walked up and hopes he wasn't with her. He looks bemused at her ramblings.

Neptune High: classroom: Mr. Wu enters and tells Angie she has a gift from her parents that is obviously more important than his class. She leaves to see what it is. Mr. Wu picks Logan and Wallace to show their project, and Wallace is just about to drop the egg when Angie screams and bursts through the door with a bunch of balloons, proclaiming she got into Stanford. People give her half-hearted congratulations. Dick tells her she can be roommates with Veronica Mars, and that's a pillow fight he would like to see. Angie unhappily repeats that Veronica got into Stanford, and Wallace proudly confirms she did. Angie bitchily says that she guesses someone has to do the football team. The class laughs as Wallace looks annoyed. Logan is also not laughing. Mr. Wu announces that Wallace and Logan got a passing grade, but he suspects they won't aim higher tomorrow. Dick jokes that he heard all the college girls shower together, and perhaps she and Veronica can soap each others backs. Angie puts up her hand and tells Mr. Wu that Dick is being inappropriate and didn't help on their project. Mr. Wu asks Dick to fetch their project. He goes to look at them, but he can't pick theirs out, so Mr. Wu puts Dick in summer school. As the class pack up to leave, Logan tells Angie she single-handedly fulfils the bitch quota at Stanford. She tells him to enjoy trade school.

Neptune High: hallway: Wallace tells Logan if Logan doesn't mind, he wants to work on the project some more. Logan tells Wallace to come by later, he'll help out.

Neptune High: parking lot: A trashy-looking girl walks along. She has blonde wavy hair, a bright pink top with a multitude of gold chains, big gold hoops, and white pants. She gets into a flashy car, and Wallace tells Veronica she's Rhonda's sister. Veronica asks whether he is sure there is a P before the WT. Wallace confirms she is — she offered to make out with him for cigarette money last year. Veronica walks over, and asks her about her car. Veronica asks how it handles, and Rhonda's sister, Natalie, replies that it is better than the bus, as she reverses. Veronica goes back to Wallace, remarking that you can take the girl out of the trash, but not the trash out of the girl. She calls Keith and tells him she is thinking about some great advice he gave her — follow the money. She asks him to check the financial records of the families of the children that died on the bus crash. He agrees, but says he is in the middle of an important meeting.

Coffee place: Keith puts his phone away, and the woman in front of him tells him he reminds her of George from Seinfeld. She says Keith has a lot of unrealized potential. She says he needs to make more of an effort, use cologne, go the gym, get new clothes, and invest in a hair transplant.

Neptune Grand: Logan's room: Wallace animatedly discusses their science project, until Logan takes away his espresso. Wallace says that he knows why he is helping out Veronica — he wants her to get to go to Stanford. He knows that if they beat Angie, Veronica will have a better chance at winning the Kane scholarship. He asks Logan why he is helping. Logan replies it isn't for Veronica but for the spirit of competition. Wallace laughs, clearly not believing him. Logan tells Wallace to chill while he goes to the bathroom, and he throws him a remote control as he leaves the room. Wallace flicks through the TV until he finds the Tinseltown Diaries episode about Aaron Echolls. He watches for a moment, until Logan pops back in to tell him they show it twice a day, it being their highest rated episode.

Mars apartment: Veronica asks Keith if he has anything for her. Keith replies the love in his heart, chili on the stove...and he ran the reports she wanted. He tells her none of the families made any money on the insurance — they just got enough to cover the funeral — while he puts some chili into bowls. However, Rhonda's family won a separate lawsuit with a two million dollar payout. Woody Goodman paid them in secret after they found a finger in their food at Woody's Burgers. Veronica looks disgusted and drops her spoon.

Clemmons' office: Veronica lets herself into the office with her set of keys. Her voiceover says she is looking for the dead classmates' permanent files to see if there is anything helpful in them. She finds the files as she hears someone at the door. She hides in the closet, and Mr. Clemmons and Keith enter the office. They speak about the case Keith is working on. Students keep being diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder, which means they are section 11-23, by the same doctor. The teachers have to offer them deadline extensions, make-up tests, and unlimited time of tests. Keith says he hopes to have something for him soon and goes to get his coat from the closet. He spots Veronica, who hands him his coat. He remarks that it's his all right, and it sounds like he's talking about the coat. But he's also talking about Veronica.

Coffee place: A woman tells Keith that she was one of the ones wanting to run him out of town after he accused Jake Kane, but after she found out the truth, she voted in the last election. Keith says he carried the pity vote and then asks about her. She says she works as an office manager for a local doctor.

Neptune High: Veronica tells us Peter had what he called yellow fever, which is being attracted to someone of Asian decent. He was hot for a teacher, and his permanent record spoke of an incident with Mr. Wu. Veronica goes into Mr. Wu's classroom and asks him for a donation for the students on the bus. He agrees to donate, saying he meant to do it earlier. She says she was a friend of Peter's and asks if Mr. Wu misses him. Mr. Wu agrees that as a bright student he does, but not in the way he thinks Veronica is implying. Veronica says that Peter was gearing up for the outing of all outings and asks if could it be Mr. Wu. Mr. Wu replies that not all well-dressed, articulate, detail-orientated men are gay. Many are just Asian. He tells her he knew Peter had feelings for him. Peter told him when he ran into him at a gay bar, where Mr. Wu was celebrating a cousin's birthday. He also explained the whole incident to Mr. Clemmons at the time. Veronica admits it is none of her business, but before she leaves, she asks if Peter had any hobbies like drawing. Mr. Wu says that he thought Veronica was a friend of Peter's.

Veronica's dream: Veronica is on the bus with Peter. Disco music is playing and colored lights flash. Peter plays with a baseball before asking if Veronica believes Mr. Wu. She says she does, but if Mr. Wu was gay, she doesn't think it would qualify as the outing of all outings. Peter laughs and says that Veronica thinks she knows him because she read his internet postings. Veronica replies that she read every line about eighty times, so she knows him like the back of her hand. She raises her hand to find Veronica Mars written on it, just like it was written on Curly Moran's when he washed up dead on a beach. She looks shocked. Peter informs her that she is asking the wrong questions. He thinks she should be asking why Peter was on the bus in the first place. Why would he be interested in going to a baseball stadium?

Neptune High: outdoors: Veronica says one PCHer died in the crash, Cervando. He had a GPA of 3.8, and his average trips to the principle's office every week was 3.2, including a visit during summer school for pushing Cassidy Casablancas against a wall and threatening him. She sits down next to Cassidy, where he is working. She asks him about the incident.

Cassidy's flashback: classroom: Cassidy sits listening to Cervando telling a story about how he got his new jeans. He is talking about a pool game with Liam Fitzpatrick and his cousin. Liam thought he was doing well, but Cervando won and purchased $200 jeans. Dick appears at the door and squirts water at his jeans with a water gun. The teacher closes the door on him.

Neptune High: outdoors: Cassidy says Cervando was normally a cool guy for a PCHers, but the next day he was on the warpath. There was bleach in Dick's gun.

Cassidy's flashback: classroom: Cervando storms into the classroom and shoves Cassidy against the wall. He demands Cassidy gets him a new pair of jeans and gives him a piece of paper with the size, color, and style on them. Cassidy protests that he didn't do anything, it was Dick. Cervando says he doesn't care. Mr. Clemmons catches them and demands that Cervando come with him.

Neptune High: outdoors: Cassidy tells Veronica that people evening the score with him, Dick's little brother, is the story of his life. He packs his books and leaves.

Clemmons' office: Keith gives Clemmons a recording of the doctor offering to diagnose Veronica with General Anxiety Disorder for $1000. Clemmons asks how he got it, and Keith replies painfully, he had to kiss a lot of toads before he found the general medical office manager.

Neptune High: outdoors: Students in Mr. Wu's class are dropping their egg projects. Angie's egg survives the drop, and Wallace and Logan are the only students left. Wallace climbs the ladder to twelve feet and drops the egg holder. It bounces on the ground and flips over. Mr. Wu holds up an intact egg, and they smile. He turns the egg around to reveal a crack on the other side — Angie won. Wallace and Logan look disappointed.

Neptune High: hallway: Angie and a friend walk down the corridor, Angie holding her golden egg trophy. Her friend asks if she is ready for Ms. Murphy's Crime and Punishment exam, and Angie says that she was up all night preparing for the egg drop, so she hasn't studied, but she can request an extension with her General Anxiety Disorder. They laugh and walk off. Veronica walks behind them, looking very tired, distracted, and still listening to Ahoy Matey's recordings. She goes around the corner and runs straight into Logan. He pulls back and asks if he is still keeping her up at night, and then says she looks like Steve Buscemi. Veronica sarcastically tells him that he is such a catch, how could Hannah have kept herself away? Logan walks away without comment. Wallace, who overheard, tells Veronica she should cut Logan some slack sometimes. Veronica is stunned and looks in confusion at Logan walking away and then at Wallace.

Clemmons' office: Mr. Clemmons announces over the PA system that due to recent abuses, people will no longer get special exemptions.

Neptune High: classroom: Angie sits at her desk reading a magazine. Mrs Murphy slaps down the test in front of her with barely restrained glee.

Neptune High: classroom: Veronica is fighting sleep and losing, still listening to her headphones. Mr. Wu calls on Veronica to answer something on the board because she is sleeping through class. She goes to the board and begins to solve it.

Veronica's dream: Cervando, in his bleach-splattered jeans, asks Veronica how she got home the day of the crash. Veronica is still solving the equation on the bus window. She tells him Weevil took her home. Cervando asks whether she thinks that it was weird that the bomb didn't kill them. It killed the driver, but it was the bus crashing onto the rocks that killed the rest. He points out that neither killed him; he drowned. He takes the chalk from Veronica and starts drawing on the classroom chalkboard. He says that if a person wanted to just take out the bus driver, they could have done it anywhere along, but they had to do it at exactly the right point to make the bus go off the cliff. This means they would have to have been close enough to see where they were. He draws a circle at the front of the bus and says the culprit is bald. Veronica realizes he thinks that it was Weevil. Cervando replies, "I am God." Veronica asks him to repeat it, which he does slowly.

Neptune High: classroom: Veronica has written "I AM GOD" across the board and the students are laughing loudly. She looks horrified as she turns to face them. A song loudly plays, the lyrics saying, "I am God."

Neptune High: classroom: Veronica jerks awake with a gasp. The song still plays on Ahoy Matey's, which she is listening to. The students around her laugh. She goes over to a computer and types in "I am God" on a website called Music On Tap. A CD cover pops up, with the song by a band called The Wannabes. The cover art is the nine graves with grim reaper over it that was drawn on the back of the seat.

Rebecca James' office: Rebecca asks her to confirm that the artwork was just an album cover. Veronica says it is, and asks if they are done with their sessions. Rebecca asks if Veronica thinks she is done being haunted, and Veronica tiredly says she better be.

Mars apartment: Veronica is asleep on the sofa but wakes up as Keith comes home. He says he was thinking about the advice he gave Veronica about following the money. Keith continues to say the money wasn't on the bus but was following behind in the limo. Veronica suggests whoever crashed the bus was counting on someone on the limo being on it. Keith nods and tells her that Richard Casablancas took out an insurance policy on his sons three days after marrying Kendall. Dick and Cassidy are worth more dead than alive.

Veronica's dream: Veronica sits looking at the artwork on the bus, which this time is flying in the sky, not underwater. Marcos asks if she is disappointed that the artwork wasn't a suicide thing, but from a song he liked. He says it must have been comforting for Veronica, thinking the crash was meant for someone else for a while so that she didn't have to blame herself. He tells her they died because of her. He holds up a drawing he did and asks Veronica if she thinks he's got what it takes for art school. The bus plummets towards the ground as a cell phone begins to ring. Marcos hands it to Veronica, saying it's for her. Betina stands behind him, once again on the phone to Michelle. The camera pans next to Veronica onto an open bag. Two baseballs are visible, along with the C4 explosives. The phone stops ringing as Veronica looks at them. The phone starts ringing again shrilly, and she looks startled. She continues to stare at the ringing phone as the scene fades.


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