2.17 "Plan B"

Aired Apr 05, 2006


Neptune High: English class: Mrs. Murphy announces that Logan has won the internship to work for Woody Goodman. She puts his winning essay on the wall, and Veronica flips through it. She heads over to Logan, who is surrounded by girls congratulating him. She begins to quote his essay, and Logan jokes that he thought she was going to ask him to the Sadie Hawkins dance. She points out he stole his essay from Easy Rider — which he made her watch over the summer.

Neptune High: eating area: Weevil comes out of the school and looks over at the PCHer table.

Neptune High: eating area flashback: Weevil, Felix, Thumper, Hector, and other PCHers sit at the same lunch table. Weevil admits he only wants to finish school for his grandmother. Felix says he wants to go to trucking school, get married, and have children. Weevil jokes that Felix has to get a girlfriend that he keeps longer than a weekend first. Felix looks uncomfortable.

Neptune High: eating area: Veronica, Wallace, and Jane sit at a table. Jane talks about the dance. Veronica says she will be going to the dance alone, to take photographs of the couples. Weevil gives a head-tilt to Veronica, and she goes over. He asks for her help, but Veronica says she needs money to keep listening. Weevil plays on her curiosity for answers, and she gives in. Weevil tells her that Thumper killed Felix, but he needs proof. However, Thumper has a video of him beating Curly Moran. He tells her all his boys got anonymous calls, not just him, saying Curly set up the bus crash to take out Cervando for hustling Liam Fitzpatrick out of a few grand.

The Road Hog flashback: Weevil kicks Curly as he protests that he didn't send the bus over the cliff. The PCHers surround them. Thumper is filming until a car parked nearby suddenly turns its lights and engine on. They all make a break for it.

Neptune High: outside: Veronica asks why Weevil beat Curly when he didn't think he had anything to do with the crash. Weevil tells her he saved his life by doing it — the PCHers wanted to kill him. Veronica asks if her name was on Curly's hand when Weevil was beating him, but Weevil just mocks her. Weevil finally tells her it can go two ways — he can handle Thumper his way or Veronica can help him bring Thumper to justice legally.

Neptune High: study hall: Wallace asks Jackie how her dad is, and she tells him he's off suicide watch, but as soon as he is better, he will be transferred to prison. Wallace then asks how she is coping alone in her house, and she tells him she spent most of her childhood alone; her mother was chasing wealthy men after her modeling career ended. Wallace says they should hang out sometime, but they get interrupted by Mr. Wu.

Neptune High: corridor: Cassidy and Mac walk down the corridor, and he stops to look at the Sadie Hawkins dance banner. He jokingly pursuades Mac to ask him. He goes on to say if the dance isn't good, they can leave early and go for pizza. Mac looks perplexed.

Neptune High: outdoors: Veronica catches up with Logan to ask him for a favor as he heads over to Woody Goodman's office. She asks him to tell her everything he remembers about the night Felix was killed. He tells her the man that made the call on the bridge was Mexican and drove a San Diego seafood truck. Logan adds he should recognize him if he saw him again.

Woody Goodman's office: Woody is on the phone with a mystery caller. He is talking about Father Fitzpatrick blowing the situation out of proportion. He says there will be more law enforcement and house prices will go back up. There is a knock at the door, and his secretary tells him his intern is here. Woody asks her to get some press over as it will be a good photo opportunity. He steps out of his office and looks shocked to find Logan. He cancels the photo request. After Logan is jokingly sworn in, he tries to leave to fire Lamb. Woody tells him he has introduced an incorporation plan, and he wants Logan to sort the mail into pro/anti incorporation piles. Keith comes into the office and is also surprised to find Logan before he goes into Woody's office. Woody asks him to drop all of his other cases to free Terrence from the murder charges. Logan interrupts. He shows them a DVD that was among the mail. It is footage of inside Woody Goodman's house. The recording shows the house as Woody and Gia sit at the table eating. The camera pans along the wall over photographs of the Little League team Woody coaches. Woody asks Keith to look into it.

Outside Seafood Company: Logan and Veronica are on a stakeout, looking out for the guy on the bridge. Veronica asks if he has heard from Hannah, and Logan says he hasn't. Veronica jokes that when they ship his girlfriends away, he is officially a bad boy, and they high five. Logan spots the man, and they go over to talk to him. The guy says that he has a wife and child, and the PCHers drive along his road, so he isn't going to come forward. He says that Logan, being rich and white, was likely to get away with it anyway, and he points out he stopped them from beating Logan up, therefore saving his life.

Neptune High: parking lot: Veronica tells Weevil the witness is useless. He suggests using Molly Fitzpatrick. The Fitzpatricks used their plastic surgeon, and Thumper was working for them, so the orders must have come from him. He tells Veronica Molly was dating Felix, and if the Fitzpatricks found out, they would have killed them both. Veronica suggests they did in fact find out, but Weevil thinks they were told of Felix and Molly's relationship.

Neptune High: corridor: Mac walks over to Veronica and apologizes in advance for the conversation they are about to have. She asks for Veronica's advice because she has been dating Cassidy for four months, but they haven't got further than kissing. Veronica admits it is weird, but she says that it's possibly not bad.

Neptune high: eating area: Weevil plants a yellow truck in front of Molly. He tells her this was going to be her future, but her family killed Felix. She says her family wasn't on the bridge. It was either the PCHers or Logan, but she doesn't care who it was, because they're equally bad. Weevil points out the key witness, Dr. Griffith, was under her uncle's thumb. Weevil says loving her cost Felix his life, but she doesn't seem to give a damn. Molly protests that she did love him, but Weevil screams that he loved him and that he is the only one that cares enough to keep on trying to find Felix's killer.

Neptune High: study hall: Jackie and Wallace sit together. Wallace admires another girl in a tight sweater before complimenting Jackie. A group of boys push around a mentally disabled boy named Charlie in the background, hissing for him to ask her. Jackie stops the conversation with Wallace, walks over to Charlie, and asks him to the dance.

Woody Goodman's office: Logan is generally looking around the office when he comes across an ink stamp with Woody's signature on it. He stamps it onto a piece of paper and pockets it. Woody knocks on the door, and they go to a gym. Logan is acting as spotter as Woody bench presses. They talk about the demolition. Logan helps him put the bar back up that Woody was pressing. Woody admires Logan's arm muscles, squeezing them for a little too long. He asks Logan if he has luck with the ladies as Logan looks uncomfortable. Logan says he does with the ones who survive.

The River Styx: Molly plays with the truck on the bar. Liam asks her for a beer as he and Danny play pool. Liam asks what's wrong with Molly, because she has been acting weird. She says she is annoyed that Logan got away with murder. She asks why Dr. Griffith lied, and Liam gets angry, asking why she cares. Liam demands that she doesn't pine over Felix, after all the things he said about her. He says Felix didn't care about her; she was his whore.

Veronica's bedroom: Weevil and Veronica sit listening to the conversation taking place as Liam continues. He says Molly should be glad Felix is dead and that if her dad wasn't in jail, he would have done it himself.

Mars' apartment: Veronica asks if Weevil wants to take it to Lamb; Thumper might decide to show the video of Weevil beating Curly. Weevil says it is worth it for Thumper to get punished. Veronica points out that it seems like Felix got killed for bragging about his love life, and Weevil tells her Thumper made it up. It was the best way to get Liam angry enough to lose his head. Keith comes in through the front door, and Veronica tells him they are studying for a history exam.

Sheriff's office: Veronica and Weevil are shown into Lamb's office. Lamb enters, complaining his parking space was taken, and Sachs tells him they got a letter that the Deputy Commissioner needed it. Veronica gives him the tape, but Lamb says it was illegally obtained, so it's useless. Veronica says they have done all the policework for him, but Lamb rejects it again. Veronica and Weevil leave his office, and Weevil says it's time for plan B. Veronica asks for a few more hours, but Weevil doesn't want to wait.

Woody's office: Keith enters with the disk to show Woody. He points out that it is dark outside on the recording, but only 5:30pm, meaning it was shot in November or December, long before Woody went public with the incorporation, therefore there must be another reason people want to rattle him. Woody says he will think about it.

The Sadie Hawkins Dance: Jackie waits for Charlie to arrive, then gets Veronica to take their photo. The camera pans to Logan and Gia who are at the ticket booth, both at the dance alone.

St Mary's church: Thumper arrives on his motorcycle. As he walks towards the church, someone jumps out, pressing a cloth over his mouth. As they step into the curb, the scene lights up revealing two young children watching from the back of a van. Weevil takes a brown package from an unconscious Thumper and leaves.

The Sadie Hawkins Dance: Cassidy and Mac dance together as Cassidy chats. Mac says he should be quiet because she's having a moment. Wallace and Jane also dance, and she tells him her mother gave her the "sex talk." Wallace's attention is on Jackie. Gia continues to babble to Logan as he gets more and more annoyed. Veronica walks past them, listening briefly before taking some photographs. Jackie and Charlie dance until his mother interrupts to take him home. Jackie walks out, and Wallace makes an excuse to Jane before following Jackie. Wallace catches up with Jackie, and they talk, until he suddenly kisses her. Jackie pushes him away. Wallace asks if she has feelings for him, but Jackie tells him that the girl he is trying to make her is the girl she is trying not to be. Wallace goes back into the dance where he is met by an upset Jane. Her friend saw them kissing, and she wants to go home. He apologizes but doesn't refute Jane's assumption that Jackie initiated the kiss. Jane calms down and stays.

Neptune High: outside: Mac and Cassidy leave, Cassidy enthusing over the dance. Mac suggests they go back to his place, and Cassidy tells her Dick is there. Mac points out if they go to his room, Dick won't be there. They kiss, and Mac can see how uncomfortable he is, so she says they can go for pizza instead. Cassidy mumbles again about his brother, walking away and leaving Mac looking upset.

The Sadie Hawkins Dance: Gia continues to talk to Logan. She says he uses anger and sarcasm to stop people getting close to him. Logan admits he does but says that it doesn't always work. Veronica walks over with the money from the photographs. Gia asks him to tell her honestly what he thinks about her, and just as Logan is about to do so, Veronica grabs his hand, commanding him to dance with her. They walk over to the dance floor as "Sway" plays. Logan sarcastically remarks he has dreamed of the moment, but "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" was always featured. Veronica ignores him and wraps her arms around his neck, and they begin to dance. At first, Veronica looks everywhere but at Logan, but they finally look into each other's eyes as the lights dim.

The River Styx: Thumper desperately tells Liam that someone knocked him out and stole the money as he went into St Mary's to make the drop off. Liam points out Thumper looks fine for someone who was knocked out. Danny comes into the room with the money he found on Thumper's bike. Thumper looks scared.

Neptune High: corridor: Jackie and Jane pass in the corridor before Jane calls back to Jackie. Jane says she used to think everyone was wrong about her. Jackie looks uncomfortable.

Bathroom: Thumper protests that Weevil is setting him up as Danny and Liam chain him to a urinal. They duct tape his mouth and leave.

Mars Investigations: Woody enters the office and tells Keith he has good news — it was the gardener that took the video. Woody's wife fired him a few months back. He asks for the DVD back because he promised the gardener he would get it. Keith gives him the DVD back, but when Woody leaves, he continues to watch a saved copy on his computer. The man from the bridge enters the office where Veronica is sitting and tells her it was a smart move, talking to his wife.

Sheriff's office: Lamb reiterates that the man saw one PCHer stab another then put the knife in Logan's hand. He asks if the witness could identify the PCHer, and the witness admits that he couldn't, but the killer drove away on a red motorcycle with a black spider on the side. Lamb says he knows the bike and issues a warrant for Thumper.

Neptune High: eating area: Jane and Wallace are sitting together. Jane notices him looking at Jackie sitting alone, and Jane says Jackie brings it on herself. Wallace admits that Jackie didn't kiss him — he kissed her, and she didn't do anything to make it happen. He confesses he still has feelings for her. He walks over to Jackie and tells her he broke up with Jane. She rejects him, saying that Jane is one of the sweetest girls in the school, and if Wallace sits with her, it will prove she is the bitch that broke them up.

Neptune High: eating area: Mac and Cassidy eat lunch together. Mac puts down her tray and asks if it's because Cassidy isn't attracted to her that he won't go further in their relationship. She says she is nervous as well, and she feels like she doesn't know what she is doing either. Cassidy begins to get agitated at the implication that he doesn't know what he is doing, and then Mac lets slip she has spoken to Veronica about them, much to his disgust. Mac tells him she wanted to make sure she wasn't doing anything wrong, and Cassidy says she wasn't, until then. He leaves, wishing her luck in getting laid. Mac looks stunned.

Basement: A construction worker is looking around and comes across Thumper's chained-up bike.

Shark Stadium: People are sitting, waiting for the ceremony to begin. Gia and Logan are sitting next to each other in hardhats. Gia is once again babbling as Logan looks pained. The construction worker tells Woody about the bike. Woody asks if anyone is inside, and the worker says they have done a walk-through and blown the horn. He says it will take twenty to thirty minutes to get the bike out, so Woody concedes that someone will be losing a motorcycle.

Mars' apartment: Veronica calls to Keith that they are about to blow the stadium up as Woody makes his speech on the television.

Shark Stadium: Logan takes a look back at the stadium, smiling for the cameras. He pushes the plunger down.

Bathroom: Thumper remains chained to the urinal. He looks up in confusion when he hears a loud noise.

Mars' apartment: The stadium collapses in on itself on the television as Veronica and Keith watch.

St Mary's Church: Weevil is sitting in a confessional box. He says he has sinned, and it has been a long time since his last confession. The camera pans to Father Fitzpatrick sitting in darkness in the adjoining box. Some children laugh creepily as the screen fades entirely to black.


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