2.17 "Plan B"

Aired Apr 05, 2006


Sadie Hawkins never had it as bad as our girls at the annual dance. Mac and Jane get dumped, Jackie gets propositioned and Veronica...

When Weevil reminisces about the good times with Felix (you know, before all the anger, pain, fear, and aggression), he decides to get help from Veronica in proving Thumper killed him. It's not enough.

As Junior Deputy Mayor Logan gets a parking space, it turns out Woody might be renting the downstairs flat (and I don't mean that literally) when he gets sent a recording of his home (at least it's better than The Phantom Menace), which he insists Keith investigate and then insists he drop. What a prick.

Yelling at Molly in frustration is no substitute for justice, so Weevil, getting insufficient legitimate evidence against Thumper, sets him up for stealing from the Fitzpatricks (at least he didn't try to invade Paris) who tape him to a urinal in Shark stadium (though luckily do not sing the Kia-Ora advert). When Logan pushes the plunger down, Thumper says goodbye to life. Weevil goes to confession and looks like he needs a pint of the black stuff.


Important Parts

  • Mac tells Veronica that she is worried because Cassidy hasn't tried anything with her beyond kissing. When Mac tries to talk to him about it, and mentions that she spoke to Veronica, he gets upset and offended and he breaks up with her.

  • Wallace still has feelings for Jackie. He goes with Jane to the dance but kisses Jackie. He and Jane break up after he admits he initiated the kiss. Jackie tells Wallace they can't be together because she is trying to get rid of her reputation as a man-eating bitch.

  • Logan wins the essay contest and becomes an intern for Woody Goodman. He finds a DVD that shows someone videotaping inside the Goodman house without the family's knowledge.

  • Keith investigates this for Woody, but when Keith discovers that it was filmed in November, Woody asks him to drop it, claiming the gardener did it. He is anxious to get the DVD back. Keith returns it to him, but has made a copy.

  • Weevil tells Veronica that he beat up Curly, who said he didn't cause the bus crash, but knows who did. Weevil is convinced that Thumper killed Felix. He gets Veronica to help him prove it. Weevil and Veronica bug Molly and hear Liam tell her that if her father wasn't in jail, he would have killed Felix himself.

  • Logan and Veronica find the real witness to the murder. He wouldn't come forward before, because he was afraid of the PCH bikers. Veronica talks to his wife, who convinces him to tell Lamb. He tells Lamb that he saw one biker kill another. The bike he identifies is Thumper's. Lamb issues a warrant for his arrest.

  • Weevil knocks Thumper out and takes his drug money. The Fitzpatricks are angry with him, especially when the money turns up on his bike. Not sure about the details of this part.

  • Danny and Liam tie Thumper up in a bathroom which turns out to be a bathroom in the old Shark Stadium. Logan pushes the detonator which demolishes the stadium.


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