2.16 "The Rapes of Graff"

Aired Mar 29, 2006


Neptune High – English class: Mrs. Murphy announces that the class will be taking part in an essay competition run by Woody Goodman. The subject is freedom. The winner gets a week-long internship with Woody and a chance to stand with him, on live TV, when they demolish Old Shark stadium.

Neptune High – corridor: Veronica remarks to Logan that he should be able to write a good essay on freedom now that his case has been dismissed. She asks how Hannah took the news that Logan wouldn't be seeing her anymore. Logan reveals he hasn't told her, and Veronica isn't impressed. He leaves, and Wallace walks over, reading a pamphlet. They discuss the upcoming weekend tour of Hearst College. Wallace is hoping to get a scholarship there and is excited to visit, while Veronica would be happier if it was on the other side of the country. She agrees to go with him, but only because it gets her a day off school.

Neptune High – eating area/parking lot: People high five Logan as he comes out of the school. Hannah raises her hand but he ignores her. She congratulates him on the case dismissal and says that she talked the janitor into opening Logan's locker for her to put a cake in it. Logan is quiet and distant as she talks. Hannah says the girls on her track team are jealous because she is going sailing with a hot senior at the weekend and they are going to Rustlers Ranch. Logan stops and says they can't see each other anymore. Hannah thinks he is joking and refuses to accept it's the truth as Logan walks away.

Hearst College – front of building: The tour guide introduces himself as Dean and informs them that they will be playing a getting to know you game. He tells them to pair up, and Veronica and Wallace join together. He then says they can't know their partner, and Wallace eagerly spots a pretty girl – leaving Veronica alone. Dean pairs up with her and tells the group they have to tell each other two truths and a lie and guess which is the lie. They finish playing their game and when someone joins the group. Dean suggests they pair up, and Veronica turns to find Troy Vandergraff. Dean asks if they know each other, and Veronica says she doesn't know him at all. Troy and Veronica play the game, as Troy tries to convince her he has changed and is no longer a bad boy. Veronica says it's all water under the bridge and leaves.

Neptune High – corridor: Logan opens his locker to find the ‘get out of jail free' cake from Hannah. Dick joins him and reveals that he broke up with Madison, after she left him for an older and more mature man. He says that he and Logan should party all weekend.

Hearst College – party: Veronica gets cornered by a guy who is telling her what score she would get if someone slept with her. The fact she is a natural blonde, cute, and sassy earns her a grand total of 210 points. He asks her to sleep with him, and she in return throws his beer over her. He picks up another drink to throw on her, and she knocks it over him again. He grabs her arm angrily and she looks annoyed when Troy appears, demanding he lets her go. He punches Troy in the face, knocking him to the floor. Veronica helps him up before Troy is approached by a pretty girl. She asks if he wants a beer, but he offers to get one for her, and they disappear.

Hearst College – corridor at the party: Wallace says he will like it at Hearst, then asks if she is weirded out because Troy is there. She says she isn't, and then Dean appears. They discuss the merits of college parties, and Veronica jokes the guy dissed Pride and Prejudice, so she had to throw a beer on him. Veronica says she is all colleged out, and Dean says he will see them the next day. Wallace comments on Troy and the girl making out before leaving the party. As Veronica goes to leave herself, she spots the guy from before chatting up another unwilling girl. She casually tasers him as she walks past.

Neptune Grand – corridor/room: Keith is receiving directions from someone on a phone and asks why he couldn't open the door himself. He lets himself in, only to reveal Cliff handcuffed to a bed. Cliff explains he was at an OB/GYN convention, as they are the most sued medical profession, and he uses it to give his card out. He met a woman at the bar and took her to the hotel, only for her to handcuff him and steal his briefcase.

Mars house: Veronica is woken up by the telephone ringing and, after protesting, she goes to answer it. The voicemail has picked up, and Troy desperately asks her to answer the phone, which she does. She seems shocked at what he says.

Sheriff's office: Troy tells Veronica that the girl he was with the night before, named Stacy, was date raped. Lamb interjects to say that when roofies are used to knock the victim out and her hair gets shaved off, they drop the ‘date' part.

Sheriff's office – corridor: Veronica asks why they think he did it. He explains that people saw him leaving with her and that he was the last guy she remembered seeing. His hair and fibres were all over her room, and the clothes he was wearing the night before had just been washed. Veronica asks if it is any wonder they suspect him, and Troy protests that they were having ‘PG-13' fun, when she got sick. He helped her into bed and went to the laundrette to clean his clothes, as he didn't have any others with him. Veronica agrees to help him, but if she decides he did it, she will help them nail him to the wall. Troy says he got trouble from a guy who was hitting on her earlier in the evening, and mentions he was wearing a Pi sweatshirt.

Mars Investigations: Keith says Daphne, the woman Cliff was with, registered under a false name and credit card. He puts a security tape into a video player, and Cliff comments he must be on good terms with the security people. Keith said they got pretty tight when Veronica and Duncan were dating. Keith asks what was in the briefcase and Cliff tells him of numerous cases, an address book, keys, an Elle magazine, and Logan's murder files. They fast forward past Cliff and the woman on the screen and get to a part later on, when Lamb, a woman, and Daphne are in the elevator together. Daphne leaves the elevator, and Lamb and the woman begin to get hot and heavy. Veronica enters the office and stops in shock. She says the girl is someone she goes to school with - Madison Sinclair.

Pi Sigma frat house: Veronica looks through the pictures on the wall to find the guy that was hitting on her the night before is called Andrew Barnsdale and the long-haired guy that wasn't happy with Troy is named Gordon Peters. A frat guy, who introduces himself as Chip, tells her she can only be in the house by invite. She asks if Gordon is around and he tells her he is in hospital – he needed to have his stomach pumped after consuming too much vodka the night before.

Hearst College – outside the English department: Dean is continuing his tour. Veronica approaches Troy, who is sitting apart from the group, after getting fed up with the looks he was receiving for being the suspect. She tells him it couldn't have been Gordon that raped Stacy; he was in hospital all night. Veronica says she needs something more to go on, and he replies that he left his name and number on her message board – and it would have been very logical to do that if he had just raped her. Veronica says she will check, and Troy asks if she could just trust that it's there. She states again that she'll check the board.

Neptune Grand – Logan's room: Dick and Logan are sitting on the sofa playing a violent video game. Logan pauses it, picks up a beer, and comments it isn't much of a party. Dick says he is off women, and they have videogames and beer – they don't need anything else. Dick finds the cake Hannah baked and cuts into it, only to a find a file in it. Logan repeats they are life takers and heart breakers and he doesn't care – but he doesn't look very happy. He then proceeds to down a bottle of beer.

Hearst College – outside Stacy's room: Veronica finds Troy's name and number on the board, almost half covered by CCC in a circle. The door opens and Stacy steps out, wearing a hat. She asks Veronica if she wants something, and Veronica says no and goes to leave, but she turns and introducing herself, mentioning she was at the party. Stacy sarcastically suggests it was the best party ever and asks Veronica how her rape was. She wonders if Veronica is dropping off pamphlets, but Veronica says a pamphlet won't cover it. She says that it will suck, and then it will suck a little less – with an underlying amount of emotion behind her words. She goes to leave when Stacy asks if they caught the guy. Veronica says they are trying to get the facts straight, and Stacy gets upset – saying she knows who did it. She takes off her hat and says she just wants some biblical justice. Stacy spots a package by her door and opens it to reveal a box of hair. Veronica is disgusted. Stacy then says it isn't her hair. A girl comes rushing out of another room and asks why Veronica is there – as she was at the party with Troy and is there trying to help him.

Wig shop: Veronica comments that this performance should clinch her Emmy nomination, before she goes up to the lady at the counter to says she is looking for someone. She tells the lady the girls head would have been completely shaved, and the lady understands, thinking the girl had chemotherapy. The woman says there was a girl about a month ago, and Veronica asks for her name. This raises the woman's suspicions, so Veronica launches into an emotional story, complete with dramatic background music, about how the girl had left home after giving up on life – scared and alone – and she thinks that she is sparing them the pain, but they don't know what name she is using, or if she is safe. Finally, she says the girl is her sister. The lady flips the book shut and says that she is sorry, but the girl was Hawaiian. Veronica drops the act and quickly leaves.

Hearst College – Dean's room: Veronica asks Dean where she would find the Hawaiian students. He tells her they have a lunch group at the student union. As she goes to leave, she spots a board with CL on it. Dean explains it's a Pi Sigma score and the rumour is their full score board is in their basement. The pledges need to have sex with girls with a certain amount of points, or they will be punished by having their head shaved.

Sheriff's office: Keith asks Lamb if he has time for a question. He hands Lamb a photo of Daphne, but Lamb denies knowing her. Keith and Cliff hand him another of Lamb and Daphne in the elevator together, so Lamb says she asked him the time, and he told her. Finally, they give him a photo of Lamb and Madison. Lamb declares she is eighteen, therefore legal. Keith jokes it sounds like a swell campaign for the next election – giving him a leaflet with ‘18 – It's Legal!' on it. Lamb tells them that Daphne is an escort that he busted a few times.

Pi Sigma frat house: Wallace is being given a tour, pretending he wants to pledge the next year. As the guy showing him around goes into the next room, Wallace quickly unlocks a window, and Veronica climbs in. She heads down to the basement and finds the board – and quickly starts taking pictures. She is annoyed to find her own picture on there, under a guy named Birddog. She notes a guy named Ice Man with three hundred points – the same score Stacy got. Ice Man and another guy stumble across her, and she accuses Ice Man of raping Stacy. The other guy says that Ice Man got the points for nailing the dean's wife. Veronica realises the other guy is Gordon, now with short hair. Gordon says Stacy is a tease who was coming on to him all night before leaving with someone else. Birddog joins them, revealed to be the guy hitting on Veronica at the party. She says he's lying about the 240 points he got from sleeping with her – and he reminds her it was 210. She screws up the picture and throws it at him, saying he undercounted the sassy.

Hearst - lunch area: Veronica approaches the Hawaiian students and spots a girl with pink hair. She walks over and asks her where she got her wig from. The girl, deeply offended, says it is her own hair. Just as Veronica turns to leave, a girl quietly suggests a place on Pacific. Veronica waits for the girl to part from the group, before asking to talk to her about a girl that was raped and had her head shaved.

Hearst - classroom: Stacy walks up to the Dean of Student Affairs, asking about the message she got saying there was more information. Veronica walks in with Dawn, the girl with the wig. Veronica says it couldn't have been Troy. Dawn reveals she was raped and had her hair shaved as well, as she removes the wig. Veronica continues, saying that Troy was on the other side of the country when Dawn was raped. Stacy asks about the hair and Veronica tells her that Gordon Peters did it, because he was bitter for not scoring with her. Veronica hands the picture of the score board to the Dean, saying she probably doesn't want that to end up in the brochure.

Hearst – outside: The tour concludes and Wallace walks over to Veronica, saying he wants to go to Hearst. She admits it may be half good. Troy joins them – saying the charges have been dropped and he thanks her. He says she is a good friend and Veronica replies she is an acquaintance with reservations. Dean walks over to tell them the news; the Pi Sigmas got a semester probation – no mixers, parties, or sports. Wallace jokes that she has already made enemies, so next year, if she attends, she will be right at home.

Pi Sigma frat house: Stacy asks Gordon if he wants his hair back. He says no, so she throws it up into the ceiling fan, sending the hair flying around the room. She hurries out, her dog in tow.

Neptune High – parking lot: Logan tells Hannah he started seeing her so her father would drop the testimony. She says she figured and asks him if he wants her to forgive him. He says he does, and she nods.

Mars house: When Veronica arrives home, Keith tries to push her into her room. There is a knock at the door, and Veronica answers. She informs Keith his hooker is there, before doing as he asked and going into her room. The escort steps in and Cliff appears, saying he wants to ask her some questions. Keith asked why she took the briefcase and where it went. She says a guy offered her triple rates to take it, but she doesn't know his name. She gave him the suitcase and he split. Cliff said she had done a good job, he thought it was all real. She replies that only the welts were real.

Neptune Grand – Logan's room: Hannah and Logan make out on the sofa, cut with scenes of someone going up in an elevator. They arrive at the pent suite and begin to walk towards the door as Logan begins to unbutton Hannah's jeans. Her father bursts in and makes Hannah get dressed. Dr Griffith says he and Logan have a deal. Logan says they had a deal; they don't now and he can't stop them from seeing each other. Dr Griffith says otherwise, and drags Hannah out.

Mars house: Keith tries to convince Veronica to go to Hearst, but she wants to get far away from Neptune. Veronica looks at the essay information, and she asks what Keith knows about plastic explosives. Keith replies construction, mining and demolition. Veronica repeats demolition.

Neptune High – outdoor cafeteria: Wallace informs Veronica he got the scholarship to Hearst. Logan asks Hannah's friends where she is, and they tell him she has been sent away to a boarding school in Vermont.

Old Shark Stadium: Veronica, complete with pink outfit and dumb-girl voice, asks questions about the demolition to a construction worker. He says they use C4 – and Veronica realises it's the same stuff in Terrance's hanger. Just then, the construction worker calls to a man named Danny. She looks up to see Danny Boyd working. He recognizes her, as Veronica wonders if it is a coincidence he works there – or whether she should add the Fitzpatrick's to the list of people that could have framed Terrance – or crashed the bus.


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